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By the numbers
Straight games in double figures by freshman Justin Smith, the first time that has occurred in his career. Shooting 68 percent from the field in that span.
9 More turnovers than assists for IU at Nebraska, the Hoosiers’ worst assist-to-turnover ratio since a 10:18 ratio against Fort Wayne.
14 Minutes played by Freddie McSwain Jr. at Nebraska, his fewest since logging just 13 minutes at Illinois on Jan. 24.

RoJo tracker
Not content to just continue penciling his name into the career records at Indiana, senior guard Robert Johnson put himself in good company atop the single-game list with nine made 3s at Iowa, matching the record previously set by Rod Wilmont against Northwestern in 2007 and Matt Roth against Ohio State in 2009.

Meanwhile, Johnson has now moved past Andrae Patterson into 23rd place on the all-time scoring list at Indiana with 1,384 career points. Johnson is now just 17 points behind Jimmy Rayl for 22nd and 22 points behind Kirk Haston for 21st.

Johnson remains fourth all-time in made 3-pointers with 234, 17 behind Jordan Hulls for third, so he’ll likely need another game of nine 3s or something close to it in order to close that gap.

Women on the bubble?
The IU women’s basketball team is on a historic win streak, having won eight straight Big Ten games for only the second time in program history and first time since the 1982-83 team also won eight straight on the way to a Big Ten title.

The current Hoosiers (16-12, 9-6 Big Ten) have gone from not making the WNIT to putting their name into consideration for the NCAA Tournament. Tuesday’s win at Minnesota bumped Indiana’s RPI (ratings percentage index) from No. 60 to No. 52, and another victory on the road Saturday at Iowa (No. 21) would move the Hoosiers into the top 50.

Recruit watch
Damezi Anderson, 6-7, F, South Bend (Riley), 2018:
Team-high 21 points paced a 78-25 win at New Prairie last Friday that clinched the NIC title, then added 15 points on Saturday in a 69-52 win over South Bend Adams.
Jake Forrester, 6-9, F, Harrisburg, Pa., 2018: No stats available from Westtown’s 72-55 win over Shipley in the Pennsylvania Independent Schools state quarterfinals. Semifinals are Friday against Hill School.
Jerome Hunter, 6-7, G/F, Pickerington, Ohio, 2018: His game-high 18 points helped Pickerington North bounce back from a two-game losing streak with a 79-57 win at Grove City last Friday.
Rob Phinisee, 5-11, PG, Lafayette (McCutcheon), 2018: Wrapped up the North Central Conference title with 34 points in a 70-58 win over Muncie Central last Friday, then had 24 points and five assists in a 58-46 win at Indianapolis Arlington on Saturday.

Grace Berger, 6-0, G, Louisville, Ky., 2018:
Was named as one of 18 finalists for Kentucky Miss Basketball as the Player of the Year in the 7th Region. Had 24 points, six rebounds and five steals in a 75-58 win over Scott County last Wednesday.
Aleksa Gulbe, 6-3, F, Riga, Latvia, 2018: No stats available.
Chanel Wilson, 5-6, PG, Powder Springs, Ga., 2018: Scored 13 points as four-time defending state champ McEachern opened defense of its title with a 71-18 win over Etowah last Friday.
Jorie Allen, 6-0, F, Bedford North Lawrence, 2019: Delivered 18 points and eight rebounds in BNL’s 66-55 loss to Warren Central at the 4A semistate last Saturday.
Arielle Wisne, 6-5, C, Thornton, Colo., 2019: Had four points, four rebounds and two blocks in a 69-45 win over Rocky Mountain last Thursday. Opens state tournament play Friday with a rematch against Rocky Mountain.


  1. I U Women’s Basketball, Minnesota must be a hard place to travel to in the Winter Season, I haven’t seen any game posting here, or even film clips at the I U Athletics. I thought. your web sight had a reporter covering I U Women’s basketball. As the old saying goes,” A day late, and a dollar short”, applies here , the Minnesota Game was played Tuesday Night.

    1. Agree… women’s team is red hot but crickets here on what was a huge win on the road. 8 in a row yet men’s loss gets top billing.

  2. That’s because this very good IU Women’s team gets a maximum of 5,200 people to show up at their home games in spite of the fact that IU students get in free. Like football, Hoosier fans just don’t care much about IU Women’s Basketball. Shame on us.

    I think Archie should make his guards watch the game tapes of the IU women’s team to show them how to play without making stupid turnovers. Tyra Buss, regardless of her gender, is an excellent example of how a guard should play the game. And she’s a lot of fun to watch too!

  3. Puuuuhhhhleeeeeze. In the category of ‘Stupid Turnovers,’ Archie’s teams will be a footnote compared to Crean’s entire library named in their honor.

  4. Crean’s teams made so many turnovers that they stole the giggle from the Pillsbury Doughboy…

    And scheduling…? Betty Crocker is buying the rights for our award-winning cupcake recipe.

  5. Turnovers? The Pillsbury Doughboy became suicidal after watching a Crean team. No reason to live….No reason to compete. We committed 20 before he could say “crescent roll.”

    1. iuhoosier,
      A few quick takeaways — 1) this was just one agent, there are many more with likely similar files; 2) it’s a little underwhelming really, in that half of the names/schools are related only to buying a meal and other than the few meals with coaches, there isn’t much to tie the agent and programs together; 3) what it really speaks to is the widespread culture of corruption from agents to shoe companies to coaches to player and parents, all of which the NCAA is apparently incapable of policing.

      1. All these high profile recruits have iPhones…GPS tracking could tell where they’ve been…what they’ve been…and who they’ve been meeting. The Supreme court is currently ruling on a case using satellite imagery connecting the dots to phone GPS systems/records to link a suspected criminal to the site of the crime/crimes. Maybe it’s been ruled on…and in appeal? Not really sure.

        Bottom Line: There is really no corruption or crime that can escape today’s habits and today’s technology. They can find these NCAA bandits and corrupt coaches/boosters/corrupt agents faster than you can say lickety-split. This isn’t a question of ‘if’ they have their criminals…This is a question of when their evidence will be completed/compiled and ready for assembling the names for allegations/future convictions.
        Once on a trail, the technology is going to smell out the perpetrators just a bit faster than a hound dog.

        My alibi against any suspicion of any crime is in an active IPS address always live. linked, logged on Scoop….lol. Unless typing is a crime, I’m good.

      2. Miles Bridges

        An expense report by Dawkins showed Bridges’ mother, Cynthia, allegedly received a $400 advance through an ATM withdrawal on May 3, 2016. Dawkins lists lunch with Bridges’ parents that same day totaling $70.05. The documents also allege Dawkins had dinner with Michigan State coach Tom Izzo.

        Not sure how much more Izzo can survive the numerous sicknesses intersecting his program….(the broken down culture and upper echelon dismissals at MSU, the many allegations and filings of sexual assaults committed by former players, and the current FBI probe hovering around his biggest star player).

  6. As the FBI releases more info appears agents/players are being named. Would that allow schools and coaches off the hook? The old “I didn’t know about it”. Will the named players sit out during the tourney? Can’t see that happen. N/C has another pile of s___ to dodge. Michigan State not looking good. Guess we need to thank CTC and IU athletics for a clean program, but would signing a 5 Star or two put us into the same bucket as Ky, N/C, Duke, Kansas, M/S & Louisville. Puts the NCAA and selection committee in an interesting position.

    1. Historically, the FBI releases info that will result in actions that will further their investigations. I’m betting this is just a shot across the bow to get the attention of some people.

      Much like in other investigations, there’s a good chance people are gonna start flipping to save their butts.

  7. Well, that must be how we got Priller to come to Bloomington.

    So, Condoleeza Rice has been hired to clean up this mess? Words fail me.

    1. Chet I don’t think it would make much difference who was on the committee. If I remember right it’s only established the last 6 months. They’re only going to meet a handful of times and I think I read that isn’t even eyeball to eyeball. They’re going to do it by Skype, video conference, teleconference or some other tech method. There’s no power in this committee. Nothing’s going to happen. It’s a visual for Emmert. Powerless. Smoke and mirrors. You and I could accomplish more in a hotel suite over a weekend.

      1. Window dressing.

        It’s an interesting situation, though. The FBI can subpeona, etc., and make people sweat. They can actually get things done.

        On the other hand the NCAA is toothless. Like you said, it likely doesn’t matter who is on the committee. There was probably an exchange that went something like, “We need some authority figure with a recognizable name. Who is available?”

        Another thing is…the FBI likely doesn’t give a rat’s ass about NCAA violations. They are looking for felons.

        1. The talking heads on ESPN are sure attempting to trivialize it all….Can’t imagine why. Sure, Miles Bridges is going to meet with an agent…, Izzo is subsequently going to meet with the agent ….and Bridges will select MSU based on a lunch meal provided. Who are they accusing of being naive?

          Do any of us really believe suitcases of cash were not provided….? There are certain names and institutions the powers that be will go to no end to protect and preserve reputations.
          Indiana, Bobby, and Kelvin have never been in such privileged categories of the untouchable. The Establishment talking heads are beyond snakes with no shame.

          Let the fallout begin…or not.

          1. And if we can burn based on a water bottle, a backpack, and a few 3-way calls..then why and the hell shouldn’t a program burn over a few hundred bucks or a lunch meal to a recruit? I thought cheating was cheating…whether $25.00 or $25,000? Sure was the theory with Indiana. Hypocrites.

  8. Sounds like a good time for the not as many wins programs that play by the rules have leadership to try and capitalize on the hypocrisy of major wins programs. Of course it would require near death sentences being handed out to programs like N.C. and Louisville. (the heck with stripping wins and championships. You can’t rewrite history to make it look like something was done or feel good).
    Also ladies basketball could capitalize if they are running clean honest programs as it appears….by universities promotion of watching basketball with integrity.

  9. With all the Big Name programs named in the article, you must wonder, if the NCAA would rather protect their big cash machine, then give any idea of running a clean men’s basketball program? Too many big elites to put your foot down on and take corrective action. Could be like the NC. Ruling, all the students had access to these classes, so don’t take any action. The NCAA could come to the conclusion that every school had a the chance to cheat and didn’t take advantage of the situation for their schools. Big Money has a way to try explain their situation away the actual truth.

    1. Yup…It’s the basis of all corruption afforded by the few with thick checkbooks who can pay the highest priced lawyers to tunnel them the largest loophole to escape the walls of decency and fairness. Meanwhile, we pay the taxes and the price for common good of society they refuse to believe or honor. And then we get the same people who have constructed the loopholes for the privileged owning the media outlets to defuse and temper what should be outrage. Welcome to America …now a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch merged with Amazon…merged with Walmart…merged with CBS…..merged with Exxon…merged with ESPN(formerly the NCAA)…merged with Whole Foods…merged with Sea World….merged with Payless Shoes.

  10. The “scholarship” should be as sacred to the ideals of excellence in college participation as the Constitution to the ideals of liberty.

    If you cannot uphold the integrity of a scholarship, there is no such thing as a college athlete. If the system pf college athletics is so corrupted as to not keep the money and “gifts”(or paid hookers) out of the game, then remove the scholarship from the system of rewards.
    There is no damn way a person who has been handed mafia corporate money to play under the guise of student-athlete “scholarship” should be allowed to walk the same halls of a student-(non)athlete who has busted their asses and their parents bank accounts to earn academic “scholarship.”

    If the corruption cannot be broken in college athletics, then merely allow the wars of corrupt money to find the highest bidder without the “scholarship” designation. No 17-year-old basking in the comforts of corruption and repugnant behavior should ever have “scholarship athlete” in front of his/her name.
    Let it be known to the world how and why they are at the institution. Let it be known it has nothing to do with academics or decency…or pursuits to improve any sliver of a mind equal to a wallet.

  11. If IU and the leaders of our basketball program were not part of this list of hooligans and cheaters now in the FBI probe, I can only conclude all my conspiracy theories of an Establishment are correct. If we were not bribing/contracting(?) top players to participate at IU(via Adidas dollars, hookers, etc), it unveils a real possibility that our leaders were corrupted/bribed to not do what they knew everyone else was doing to gain unfair NCAA/recruiting advantages. And they must have had damn good incentive to remain quiet in such a universally known corrupt system all on the inside knew existed.
    Nobody could be so blind or naive to leave us so powerless to compete on equal terms. With so many “big names” being unveiled today participating in such corrupt systems, there are no other answers imaginable or reasonable as to our absence. Why weren’t we calling it out….and why weren’t we participating knowing full well that this level of widespread behavior would either result in the dissolution of college basketball or a slap on one giant wrist? We certainly couldn’t be so naive as to believe the former(dissolution) would result.

  12. Greed and money (power, fame, narcissism) is a root to evil. For some the “scholarship” being sacred is laughable hahaha! as they want paid beyond scholarship and in big ways once you get on that slippery slope. Instead all coaches pay, college administration pay, ncaa pay, professors pay etc (like many areas towards the top of the high undeserved salary scale in our society) need to be greatly DECREASED (put sports in perspective) and spread the money across the board to lower the cost of all students to go to college. Of course it won’t happen until the end.

  13. But it’s called “capitalism,” t. That’s the greed sword they fall on until the end.
    The reality? The game has been fixed for a long time.

    Fine, pay them. Just don’t call them “scholarship” athletes…or student-athletes. Call them employees….with hookers.

  14. Yes, it has been going on for a long time even by those who are in charge via hearty freakish salaries for all if one is able to reach a certain rung on the ladder.

  15. I’m sure that it would not eliminate the problem entirely, but by allowing adults to pursue their chosen profession, that of a professional basketball player, without that ridiculous “one-and-done” rule imposed by the NBA, a very large part of this problem, at least in college basketball, would evaporate overnight! You get the top 10 to 15 basketball talents coming out of High School every year going direct to the NBA, you would eliminate much of this corruption. The incentive to cheat would be reduced significantly. In addition to that, the other tactic that would need to be deployed is to impose extremely harsh penalties on anyone found guilty of being involved in such corruption. Coaches, schools, agents, shoe-company representatives; BOOM! In addition to any criminal punishment that may be applied (i.e., jail time), by extremely harsh I mean that the coaches found guilty of these corrupt practices would be banned for life from coaching in college and their school gets the “death penalty” for that sport, shutting it down for a minimum of five years. If these cheaters want to use money to corrupt the sport, than you use money, or the threat of losing huge amounts of it, to combat the behavior. There’s a way to clean a lot of this corruption up if the people in positions of power have a spine. But I suspect that they will make a lot of noise for a while, say ‘shame-shame”, etc., make examples out of few people, and then quietly allow things to go back to the way they’ve been for decades. Remember, UCLA basketball was one of the most corrupt programs in the history of college sports starting back in the 60’s!

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