VIDEO: Buss and Cahill on being made into bobble heads

Seniors Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill talk about what’s like to honored with a bobble head.


  1. Thank you ladies so much for your work and dedication to the program. It was awesome watching you both play throughout your Hoosier careers. I was fortunate enough to watch Tyra play in high school. Just a great competitor. One of the absolute best. Thank you!

  2. Indy Star February 12, 2014:
    Is IU Recruit Tyra Buss To Good Be True? No Tyra Buss is true.
    Indiana ladies 82
    Minnesota ladies 70
    Great team win @ Minnesota.
    Game featured turnovers (7 by T.B.), double double by Yeaney, outstanding play by Cahill, Warthen, Penn, Royster, Marchase, Wickware, and TB. 36 points and 7 assists (which means rest of team is catching the ball and finishing). = Team FIGHT, FOCUS, AND WOULDN BE DENIED, DETERMINATION, AND NEVER GAVE UP.

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