11 Hoosiers will participate in Pro Day

Indiana’s roster for next week’s NFL Pro Day is set.

Scouts and team personnel will be able to check out 11 Hoosiers when IU hosts its annual Pro Day on April 3. The list includes:

WR Simmie Cobbs
LB Chris Covington
S Chase Dutra
CB Rashard Fant
S Tony Fields
DL Greg Gooch
QB Richard Lagow
DL Robert McCray
K Griffin Oakes
LB Tegray Scales
TE Ian Thomas

Former Hoosier RB/WR Camion Patrick, whose request to participate at IU Pro Day was denied, will test on April 5 at Clinton (Tenn.) High School.


  1. Come on Fred remember Darius Willis. Lawyers love precedent. It offers cover so coveted by folks in jurisprudence. Camion Patrick has been nothing but loyal respectful to IU. *OPTICS *OPTICS *OPTICS Make it an even dozen. Let him participate in the “Golden Age of IU Athletics” for the last time. All 12 have the skills, talent and earned the opportunity through hard work.

  2. Yes HC, I agree. By refusing Camion the opportunity to participate, Fred and IU are coming across as petty.

    Not to sound cruel, but does anyone think Dutra and/or Legow have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting drafted or picked up as a free agent? Can’t blame them for wanting to participate, but I’m surprised that they would invest the time and effort required to prepare to participate in an NFL Pro Day. I appreciate Dutra’s contribution to IU Football over the years, but I don’t see him having the physical tools (size or speed) necessary to play in the NFL. As for Legow, while he’s got the size and arm strength coveted by the NFL, he lost his job to a redshirt freshman last season. Regardless, I wish them all the best of luck.

  3. With all the fundamental changes to the game that the NFL is implementing as a result of the severe and real chances for permanent brain damage any participant, it will likely soon be flag football…..possibly played in a zero gravity chamber on the moon.
    Can’t lead with your helmet…Can’t lower your helmet…No helmet to helmet. If you’re a running back, you must be looking straight ahead so your helmet/head has more chances of getting snapped back during impact…..Because a broken neck is far better than a concussion. What a mess. And with how much time it will take to review each and every questionable hit? Want to block five hours out of your day to watch a football game?

    Here’s a better idea…In an effort to protect the brain….(of the television viewer who has obviously already experienced a certain amount of brain trauma due to an irrational desire to watch five hours of replay performed by a team of zebras), we have decided to “Just say no” to drugs and football.

  4. Friend A: “You’re a film major and you’re taking some speech and acting classes too..? Noticed you also have a heavy concentration in high tech audio visual and editing? Cool. Are you thinking of Hollywood…? Career in movies? Film editing?

    Friend B: “No…I’m thinking of becoming an NFL official.”

  5. Camion Patrick…? The most hyped athlete in the history of ‘no show.’ I must have missed the five minutes he was on the field after the three years of hype on forums that pegged him to be the next Jim Brown…..Sure his name isn’t Chameleon Patrick…and he was just blending into the artificial green grass while compiling Hall of Fame rushing yards?
    How can a guy be from Tennessee when nobody ever Big Tennessaw him on the field? Vincent Price was more clearly identified in the ‘Invisible Man’ than Patrick in a Hoosier uniform.

  6. I’m guessing there is a backstory that we will never hear that would explain why he was not allowed to participate. They might be doing him a favor by not explaining their reasoning.

  7. Again not a big deal you people are making a mountain out of a mole hill if hes good enough someone will sign there are 2 spring leagues startin next year if he plays well he will be signed move on good lord

  8. Agree…HT keeps mentioning the dude. The guy hardly played. Let him do his own thing. He’s about as relevant as Hanner Perea.
    Remember how Dustin and the gang made Hanner out to be the next ‘Hakeem the Dream’…? Good lord, indeed. When the journalist crowd fails in their predictions and crystal balls to make megastars out of dudes who crashed and burned, they keep wanting to make it relevant.
    If we were winning in March Madness…or had a football team somewhat competitive with the upper echelon of the conference, these crystal ball stories would look even sillier….But it’s all we got. All we got is Tom Crean’s next career move, stories of scorned or overlooked Hoosiers, or women’s NIT. Yippee.
    Can the drop find a lower basement floor…?

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