Hoosiers collapse in 76-69 loss to Rutgers

NEW YORK — Barefoot and crestfallen, Collin Hartman sat at his locker inside the Indiana locker room on Thursday and tried to make sense of what comes next.

The fifth-year senior dutifully answered each question lobbed his way, his voice humming above the silence of an otherwise mostly-quiet room, while also acknowledging that it was hard to pinpoint solutions from within the haze of a surprising defeat.

“I’m just kind of flabbergasted that we’re not playing tomorrow,” Hartman said.

Indeed, a 76-69 loss to No. 14 Rutgers ended sixth-seeded Indiana’s trip to the Big Ten Tournament after merely one game. The Hoosiers blew an early 16-point lead, unraveling in ways that they haven’t since seemingly finding traction at the beginning of February.

A sense of finality followed the ugly affair, a notion that this season of wild swings, and fits and starts had finally met its end on the grand stage of Madison Square Garden.

Indiana (16-15) arrived in New York aiming at the very least to solidify its resume for a National Invitation Tournament bid. It left wrestling with the likelihood that it didn’t do enough to ensure postseason possibilities beyond this week’s trip East.

For IU, it’s NIT or bust. The Hoosiers won’t accept a bid to an even lower-tier tournament. Right now, Indiana’s postseason hopes appear busted.

“I would be surprised,” Indiana coach Archie Miller said, essentially pronouncing his first season at the helm dead on arrival. “I would be surprised if there’s postseason on the horizon for us, even with a sixth-place finish in the Big Ten, I would be surprised.

“If something came along the line we would be really excited because I think this team likes to play with one another and they’re a group that’s worked hard to improve, and as improved as any team I’ve been around to be honest with you in terms of where we started and finished. I’d be surprised and if they threw one our way, I’m sure we’d be ready but I would be surprised.”

From a supercharged liftoff to an utter collapse, Indiana’s latest conference tournament appearance fizzled out faster than predicted.

After IU took a 24-8 lead on a pair of free throws by Freddie McSwain at the 8:09 mark of the first half, Rutgers (15-18) punched back by outscoring Indiana 32-10 over the the next 13-plus minutes spanning both halves.

Blame turnovers, poor shot selection, unconnected defense and guards that just couldn’t get the job done.

It was all enough to undo the Hoosiers’ hopes to keep playing.

“We didn’t do a good enough job of keeping our foot on the gas once we had them down in that type of situation,” senior guard Robert Johnson said. “They responded and we never did.”

That’s true, to a point.

IU briefly climbed back to tie the game at 46-all midway through the second half, but on Rutgers’ ensuing trip down the floor, Eugene Omoruyi put the Scarlet Knights back in front by converting a three-point play.

Rutgers wouldn’t trail again.

Yes, IU found some life late in the contest, but it couldn’t match baskets with stops. At the same time, Corey Sanders was in the process of erupting for a game-high 28 points.

Rutgers shot 68 percent from the field in the second half, getting to the rim with authority. The Scarlet Knights score 40 points in the paint, while asserting themselves as the aggressors.

“I thought the tougher team won tonight,” Miller said. “At this time of year, you don’t expect to have that happen, but we just didn’t get the job done in enough areas and we didn’t respont like we have been responding when we needed to.”

As the Hoosiers’ guard play ripped apart, they committed five turnovers over the final six minutes of the opening half. It was a disappointing turn over events after Indiana steadied itself across the month of February, while displaying a penchant for grinding out games even as things went wrong.

On Thursday, that was not to be.

Indiana received the usual steady production from Juwan Morgan, even as Rutgers established that it wouldn’t let him catch the ball. Morgan finished with 15 points and nine rebounds, but didn’t have enough help around him.

Johnson posted 12 points, but did so while shooting 4-for-16 from the field. Meanwhile, Aljami Durham added 10 points — each of which came at the free throw line.

But on this night, the Hoosiers needed more — more production, more stops, more toughness. Those things were not to be found in IU’s reserve.

Instead, the Hoosiers retreated to the spacious locker room of the New York Knicks and posted up at their temporary stalls. There were blank faces and eyes fixed to the floor. In the moments after the defeat went final, there was also a shockwave sent through the roster that this season finally seemed over.

“We’re in limbo,” Hartman said. “We’re just sitting in limbo not knowing what the next step is. It’s weird, that’s for sure.”


  1. This is a senior class who I am looking forward to just disappearing. They showed no heart, zero leadership and just let Rutgers out will them. Rutgers. The University of New Jersey, who had a stadium the size of a high school gym, out toughed them. They had no answer.

    Archie, you were trying to mold turds. Only so much you can do. Hopefully out of this mulch pile, the seeds of the return of Indiana basketball sprouts.

  2. I wonder if Green will be back next year… I can’t imagine he gets any run once Phil shows up and Durham has an off-season to hit the weights…

    Never seen a dude struggle so much to make a uncontested perimeter pass.

  3. I will say it one last time regarding this year’s team. It was dysfunctional due to it have so many ill fitting parts. In other programs some of the parts might have flourished, but that is a big maybe. Unfortunately this year was the price you pay for past mistakes and then making the radical corrective change in basketball philosophy as Coach Miller is attempting to accomplish. It may take a few years to get this program back to where it should be. A lot of damage has been done to IUBB over the last 20 years. It is a testament to Archie Miller’s coaching ability that he got as much out of this team as he did.

    I too, am wondering if there will be a transfer or two in the off season. The new guys coming in have been recruited to play Miller ball, not Crean ball as all of the current roster. I suspect one or two of the potential returning roster may come to the realization they are not cut out for the way Archie Miller coaches the game and move on. It’s very obvious if the new guys play anywhere near the level expected, some of the current roster will see very little playing time compared to this year. The question begs, if this be the case, Archie will have another slot or two to fill and with or without Romeo Langford. What would you do with another one or two scholarships beyond the current two available?

  4. I don’t think we’ll lose anyone even if Romeo comes to Bloomington it won’t change the calculation. Coach Miller needs guards. Green is a combo G. Phinesse will make a big difference.

    1. I think there is every probability you may be right on this HC. Still not sure if there will be some leave. I too think Phinesse being a true point guard will make a huge difference. One thing to remember though, unless he turns out to be a prodigy, he will also have a learning curve. In recent history, as good as Yogi ultimately turned out to be, his Freshman year was up and down. Even with a very good roster around him.

  5. Coach Miller is now be able to move forward and get out to the various state high school games to watch his recruits and possible recruits in their games and get a Big Break from the daily grind of this year’s team. It’s on to the future of I U Basketball .

  6. …also as bad the Hoosiers need a really good PG they need an even better shooting guard(a 2 guard)(a Romeo). AD and DG at the 2 would benefit in multiples with a good PG moving the ball and not handling PG duties so many minutes themselves. But yet be available with some PG experience to offer help. I also see a more conventional offense next season; Davis at the 5, Morgan(4), Smith(3) and 2 G’s as a starting line-up. IU needs to keep their G’s on the roster.

  7. Ugly game to watch. Nothing else to say. Love IU and Loved to watch Archie. Good basketball mind. The defense reminds me of
    how Bob Knights teams played.

  8. We need everything…We need a dominant big more than anything else.
    Morgan is a garbage shot maker/creator. He’s blue collar to the core. On premier teams like Duke, UK, Kansas, Arizona… he would be role player or back-up option.

    Once you have a premier guy in the middle, other recruits(especially perimeter players) gain confidence in coming to your program. We had an opportunity with Zeller for some magical things. We simply didn’t have a coach to make it happen.

    Anyone blabbering of pain watching this team has simply no understanding of the missing pieces. The real pain is when you have the talent and it is wasted. Pain is watching teams with enough talent to be playing in Final Fours look straitjacketed and stumped at Sweet 16’s.

    Teams are rarely built into champions via the premier wings or guards…Heads(recruits and media) begin to turn when you get an elite player for the paint. We’ve had dozens of top post players leave this state in the past 15 years(we’ve also witnessed a choice few play for other programs in the state).
    We landed one out of dozens of misses. Unfortunately, our one shot to do something special was squelched by incompetence from the bench and the manipulating influences of mega cash awaiting in the NBA shortening his stay.

    Romeo won’t take us to the promise land. Bryant as a senior with Justin Smith, Romeo, and a couple consistent shooters? Maybe.
    Cody with a Trey Burke..or a Gary Harris? Yup. Point guards, shooters, and wonderful wings , …and “upside” guys won’t bring you banners without a premier stud in the middle.

    Archie is wonderful at teaching defense and valuing the fundamentals…But the days of winning championships with blue collar guys and a dusting of flash here and there is gone. We’ve probably had as many views of Halley’s Comet as witnessing truly premier post players in candy stripes.

  9. I think Archie would also agree that last night was not one of his more stellar coaching nights. He rolled the dice to not call a timeout before Rutgers confidence and ‘run’ turned into its gigantic run/shift before halftime.

    The guards were too shuffled…The backcourt never had a singular leader to sink or swim. The attempts to feed the post by going over the top of bigger defenders failed far too many times. He wished offense upon a Morgan 4″ shy of it working against a quick and long Rutgers front. His team did not look prepared mentally.
    I wonder if all the press surrounding the allegations against his brother became a bit of drain on Archie’s focus…..? It is his brother after all. Our guys just looked a bit mentally down …and simply going through the motions. There was even a bit of ‘weaves to somewhere’ turning into ‘weaves to nowhere.’ Nobody wanted to own the game…including the coach. It’s one thing to own the game at podiums…It’s another to own it in the moment. Rutgers owned it. I felt Rutgers owning it even when they were 16 points down. Hoosier didn’t have the right energy or swagger. That is on the coach.

  10. I listened to this game as I was looking forward to watching IU Purdue.

    Just watched the tape.

    I hope they ALL leave! What a sorry bunch of individuals. That was not a Team and they certainly deserved to lose. Up big, and then players start taking shots like they are in the HPER building working on their game. # 3 has an attitude that I cannot stand, snarled at Archie one time.

    Get rid of them ALL (and I include that sourpuss Juwan Morgan, who should immediately go to the G League and learn what it’s like to have to really play hard).

    NOT a good product.

    Double Down said it best in the first post.

  11. No one’s going to like admitting it, but our locquacious leader-in-posts (H4H) (the only one who can consistently quiet the cacaphonous cabal) had it right when he said he worried about this game.

    No, he’s not laconic, but he was correct when he noted this one was problematic.

    A hugely unlikeable group of individuals all season long.

    I hope they all transfer or move on. Either that or get entirely different attitudes.

  12. I’m personally glad the year is over. I think it’s pretty clear we won’t be winning an NCAA let alone an NIT. This was a year we just had to go through the process. By the time these kids learned how Archie was going to play and how it would win games it was just too late. 16-15 isn’t great, but we did have our starting center injured for the BIG 10 season. There were probably 5-9 games we could of pulled off that would of made this an NCAA team and we would have a lot of hype surrounding the program, but we didn’t.

    Next year we only return 3 guys coached by Crean…Davis, Morgan, and Green and all of them seemed to eventually buy in to millers style eventually to varying degrees. Starting in the offseason we are doing things Millers way. He kept everyone together to get through this season, but now he’s had time to see his roster in action. He knows what he needs. He knows who can play. He isn’t going to loose this bad again.

    Call it what you want, but Grant Gelon found out last year if you can’t play or aren’t going to play Millers style with toughness you need to find a new home. This is going to be a big time college basketball program and not a charity. Outside of Davis, Morgan, Smith, McRoberts, Thompson, Hunter, Forrester, Anderson, and Phinisee ain’t nobody safe. Scholarships are renewable yearly and I think Miller will plug in the pieces he needs to see he doesn’t go 16-15 next year. This will be an interesting offseason. He’s out looking at a juco from Vincennes already. Our incoming freshman class is 5 deep with out a potential 1 and done at this point in time. What we probably need is some tough minded experienced grad transfers, jucos, or talented 1 and done kids to balance out this class. Davis, Morgan, and Smith are a great group to build around. I think there is no question Phinisee is your starting point guard from day one. Hunter and Anderson have been recruited as big guards / combo wings. Redshirt Thompson and freshman Forrester add much needed depth and size. If we have an opportunity to fill in up to 5 spots this could be a really special group. Langford would absolutely kill it on next years squad. I could see both Durham and Green returning, but I don’t see it as a lock. McRoberts may get a scholarship too…he probably deserves one, but I think that will come down to what type of kid we could potentially add. This FBI deal and coaches getting fired could really shake up the spring time recruiting. Look for Miller to put IU in a position to win big next year.

  13. We’ll get em next year sounds like a lot of football talk. Truth be told, nobody knows. We will see.

  14. Unless you plan on putting a uniform on Archie, you better damn find a leader who’s not a coach. I don’t know the committed recruits well enough to know if it’s in any of their DNA. This bunch never had one. They get 19 F’s! for leadership.

    My late old man always had a favorite expression….(often directed at me when I believed I was riding pine on a football team due to not being part of a small clique all friends of the starting qb..who also happened to be the coach’s son). “You either got it, or you don’t.”

    And today…? I still see far too many cliques in sports. You’re wrong, dad. Coaches, for all the money they are paid, are still at the mercy of cliques. They are at the mercy of agents, draft projections, seniority undeserved, fans political leanings, athletic directors, former players exerting influence from the NBA. I have rarely seen such a powerless, high paying, job as that of a college head basketball coach. You best like enjoying kissing ass…because it takes far more precedent than coaching ever will.

    Basketball is in decline….It is corrupt to the core. It is in bed with a mass media protecting their own bottom line and favoring a small sector of the manufactured names to be “star” programs/players. The game has never been as shallow in sophistication nor as narcissistic in its abuses.

  15. Man up, Sean Miller. How would Bob Knight react to administrators/AD making him sit out a game before allowed a carefully crafted statement?

    If you had any gonads, you would have walked away. You would have sued the university for damaging your reputation via their one game expulsion. You were kicked out of school for a week….Now you look weak.
    Arizona never had your back…nor were they willing to believe in the deepest reserves of loyalty and heart that you were innocent. They needed to lock you in a room and maneuver…You have staked your claim again, but you can no longer build a sturdy foundation of truth on a swamp.

  16. This loss pissed away any hopes of getting Romeo….what little hope we did have. Archie is as responsible as the players….love how all the hate goes to the players because you assume Archie is a God.

    1. That makes nonsense whatsoever. Do you think recruits are looking for teams that don’t need them? ‘Yeah, that team is loaded at my position. That’s where I’m gonna go.’

      If anything, that performance increased the likelihood of Romeo coming to Bloomington.

  17. Hope you’re right, Chet. But that level of uninspired flatness from a team can’t help as a final recruitment memory. Are there loaded teams? A few. But all top teams have turnover and guys bolting for the NBA. There’s hardly a team in the nation that Romeo wouldn’t fit in a starting role. And I doubt there’s a coach in the nation who wouldn’t gently cajole a name off a returning roster slot to find a space for Romeo.
    Bottom Line: I don’t see how uninspired play in an elimination game does anything for recruiting. When will the candy stripes ever get backbone or swagger back? We may need to find the next AJ Moye …We need heart pumping through the cream and crimson again.

  18. The NCAA scandals could give IU options as players leave other teams. You can bet Archie is going to keep looking for players. . IU has a decent recruiting class coming in, but not a great one. Personally, I don’t think Green, Durham and Moore are good enough to be starters or reliable contributors and they may all leave. Davis is a plodder that wouldn’t start for the best teams. McRoberts needs to come off the bench. He should not be a starter. They need a solid big man and a take-charge point guard. Romeo is not coming to IU as he wants to contend for a NCAA title. I still think IU will be vastly improved next year, but Archie still needs to add some other players. Should be interesting.

      1. The only school on his list that’s likely to compete for a national title is Kansas. Vandy likely couldn’t win a state title.

  19. On Archie Miller:
    “Patience is not something a lot of fans have,” Knight said. “But this kid (Miller) is going to do a good job. Why? Because he can coach. Most of the coaches I’ve known, can’t coach. You folks are going to appreciate him, but it ain’t gonna happen in a year.”

    On the FBI probe:
    “If you can’t do it within the rules, why do it? That’s the problem right now.
    “Coaches aren’t dealing with the NBA, they’re dealing with the FBI. Which is a little bit different than the NBA. I’m all for the FBI.”

    Bob Knight @ Bloomington South High School, 2/28/18

  20. I disagree, Chet. I think that miserable performance killed any hope of Romeo coming to Bloomington, for the reason that anyone watching could see that this is one dysfunctional group of players that loath each other. AFTER Johnson and Greene showed they were enhancing any possible pro career with heat checks/selfish shots after the Team got up big, there was no one on the team that could get the Team to rally around and ‘get back to doing things right’. It’s a lousy group to be with and no quality recruit would want to be with them (for one year). Quality recruits MAY want to come to I.U. knowing this bunch is going to be on the bench, but why go against them in practice??? (Unless they all transfer).

    Bad Turbulence has a valid point: Archie coached this game miserably (as well). Yes, he did sit that grouse # 3 after he snarled at the Coach (that’s good!) but late in the game he attacked the one player who the team has a chance of rallying around (Freddie). As for Juwan, I’ve rarely seen such a dour persona. Yes, Juwan, you SHOULD be getting paid. Go G League right away!!! Don’t risk injury. Go pro and grow …perhaps you’ll be a bench player in the NBA (not a bad thing to aspire to at all, you will get rich doing so and have a wonderful time).

    And I’ll state it: It was cowardly for our players to avoid a rematch with Purdue. I think that was at the heart of having no heart. They did not want to be crushed by a TEAM (and Purdue is F U N to watch this year!)

    1. That’s a lot of speculation that I’m guessing you don’t have anything concrete to base it on. I’ve never heard any reports of animosity such as you describe. Could you point me in a direction as to where to find them?

      Please don’t say something glib like, “Just look at them play.” I’d really like to read the same reports you seem to have read on the subject.

      As far as Romeo…we’ll see. He’s from my neck of the woods and the people I know who attend the games seem to think Indiana has a good shot.

    2. Rock-
      Did Juwan make a statement about deserving to be paid for his college basketball services?

      Do you really think Purdue is fun to watch? I actually don’t think they’ll even get to the Sweet 16.. In all honesty, I think they’ll lose in their opening March Madness contest. Any team with quickness will expose them in the middle.

      I believe Michigan to be the most dangerous team in March Madness.

      Elated that Ohio State was knocked out of NYC. I was far more pissed to let Dakich have his moment of rubbing more mud in our Hoosier faces after our season finale loss at Assembly…..than our loss to Rutgers in the redundant “tournament” farce going on in NYC. So glad I don’t have to see more shots of Dan…and Andrew…or hear Raftery blabbering about Dan stopping Michael…and the rest of the sarcasmfest that only serves to mock Indiana and least talented dimwit to ever put on a Hoosier uniform for Knight.

      Holtmann sure doesn’t look like the best thing since sliced bread against Pat Chambers. OSU has peaked. Adios amigos.

      1. I honestly don’t see the issue IU fans have with Dan Dakich. Ive listened to every show for the last few months and I haven’t heard him say one thing that wasn’t bluntly honest about IU basketball. His comments on last Friday’s show about IU are posted on his website and I invite everyone to listen to that. Indiana basketball isn’t about candy striped pants. It’s about stepping up not stepping back. It’s about playing hard and tough even though your not the most talented player. I personally agree with that. I don’t see it at IU right now. The guy is proud of his son. I would be too if I were him. He averages 20 minutes a game on a team going to the NCAA tournament. No player on our team the last two years can say that. IU is soft. IU fans don’t like hearing the truth, and that’s why we haven’t been to a final 4 in 16 years. Time wake up people. He made another EXCELLENT point…it’s been 31 years since our last national championship in 1987. Think about that. What if our history from 1969-1987 (31 years) was the same as the last 31 years since 1987. No final four in 1973. No 75-1 record or undefeated champion in 1976. No Isaiah Thomas NCAA champion in 1981. No 1987 champion. No 8 big ten championships. Imagine if from 1969-1987 all IU did was win 6 big ten championships and 2 final 4 runs. That’s the reality we’ve lived in for 31 years. We have become just another school. MSU has won 9 big tens, won 5 big ten tournaments went to 7 final 4’s where they played for 2 NCAA titles and won 1. Ohio state has won 7 big ten championships 5 big 10 tournaments and been to 3 final 4s and played for 1 championship. Wisconsin has been in 3 final 4s playing for 1 NCAA championship, won 3 big 10 tournaments, and 4 big 10s. Illinois 2 big ten tournaments, 5 big tens, 2 final fours and won 1 championship. Michigan 2 big tens, 2 big ten tournaments, 4 final 4’s played for 3 championships won 1. Purdue 6 big tens, 1 big ten tournament, 0 final fours.

        Michigan and Ohio state have had some mentioned accomplishments vacated.

        Last 31 years out of the 6 top programs listed we rank:
        Big ten tournament: 5th

        Big ten championships: tied for 3rd

        Final 4s: 4th

        Ncaa title game: tied for 3rd

        Ncaa champions: tied for 3rd

        1. …..and Dakich believed Tom Crean was wrongfully treated and shouldn’t have been fired.

          ….and he’s made comments about Archie Miller not being a great hire. I believe the exact quote was the following: “This was IU’s worst hire since me.”

          He has been a destructive force against IU since his release from the program. He holds grudges against Knight and grudges against the program. It’s no surprise how he hoped we’d be hung with Crean for 10 more years without Elite 8 or Final Four trips. You can’t be anything but bitter against IU if you defended the lack of in-state recruiting and inept coaching of the last regime.

          It’s fine to proud and support your son…But everything Dakich supports is also in the backdrop of snide against his alma mater(as noted by the above comments/quotes). By being such a cynical and undermining tool, he does his son no favors.

    3. I see no correlation to that slant. Watch Vandy play just once and you’ll see some poor BB. Nope, IU is no more disadvantaged position with RL after this game then they were before the tip. In fact has to be seeing his addition to IU raising his national profile. Hell a majority of fans don’t know what state or town Vandy is located and very possibly what conference it competes in. What a platform to project from. Flip a coin, KU or IU. With a lean to the home state.

      1. The problem is Langford doesn’t want the attention. Having him sign autographs for hours after a game is ridiculous. He’s a kid. Let him be a kid. All the attention he would get at IU is probably more of a negative than a positive. No one game is going to sway him one way or another for any team. Vandy finished in the basement of the SEC. All of the schools have been mentioned to some degree in these FBI reports. I think a big part of why he is waiting is to see where this FBI thing goes. I would too. I also think he is evaluating Millers coaching because he has no sample from IU until now. I also think committing elsewhere other than IU would generate a lot of negativity throughout his final highschool career. He can go to Vandy and be under the radar playing with agood friend. He can go to Kansas and be another 5 star kid at Kansas. If he goes to IU he will have to deal with a constant focus and attention that has taken up most of his highschool life.

        1. Or, Romeo could pull a shocker, and pick an entirely different program than one on his list. UCLA? OSU? …..And don’t rule out Criminalpari. The UK coach is always in the mix..whether on a list or not. Terrence Jones was basically in a Washington Husky uniform when he flipped to UK. UK is the ‘Land of One-and-Done’….and it is close to Romeo’s home.

          Personally, I don’t care where he goes. Everything hinges on Cody didn’t even get us to an Elite Eight. I would imagine that one year of ‘Everything hinges on Romeo’ would likely be more hype than results.
          If we could land 2 or 3 Romeos like UK …or Duke every season, I might be more optimistic regarding the overall impact to the program.

          The best way to land Romeo would be if Archie could find a premier big man real fast…..via transfer or uncommitted. I don’t know if there are any left on the uncommitted recruiting lists.

        2. Meh. The New Albany/Jeffersonville/Floyd Central/Seymour/Louisville (when they play in southern Indiana) programs still pack in over 5,000 people to all their games. He is used to it.

          If he went to Vandy he’d be playing in front of smaller and MUCH less enthusiastic crowds than he did in high school.

      2. Why is there so much hate toward Vanderbilt? If they are so inconsequential, our piling on to such a fact puts us in the same league…if not lower. Again, more insecurity from Hoosier Nation. Same insecurity that enabled a windbag who couldn’t coach to hold onto his job far too long via feeding into outdated and tired self-infatuations(slogans, reunions, “it’s Indiana” malarkey, villain chasing, etc, etc).
        Is it Bryce Drew? Is there something there that causes an issue? Romeo has them on his list for a reason. Not sure what attacking any of his top choices says to Romeo. I guess it says he’s stupid for even placing them into consideration.

  21. So many comments above I agree with. Glad the season is over. They don’t deserve to play in the post-season, and why risk injuries. I think maybe the players wanted the season to be over. I mean really, what were they playing for? They were not going to win the Big tourney, and its hard to get up for the NIT.

    I was not impressed with the job Archie did last night. He’s a very good coach, but everybody has bad days. Yesterday was one of Archie’s.

    Funny how two people can evaluate the same scenario and draw two completely different conclusions (regarding Romeo). My guess is he’ll come to IU because it’s close to home. 2nd guess, he’ll go to Kansas to chase a title. Regardless, he’s a one and done, or two and done at best.

    A couple of IU players need to transfer, and Archie needs to be ready to fill their spots will better talent, including grad transfers. Smart guards, shooters and big men wanted. There’s a limit to how much coaching can improve a player’s skills. Archie needs more and better talent.

    It was painful watching IU play this season, and it was actually worse than I anticipated..

    1. There’s a limit to how much coaching can improve a player’s skills.

      But there was never a limit to how much Crean’s lack of coaching could stymie a team…..The last nine years will forever remain the most painful era of wasted talent and wasted opportunity for Indiana Basketball.

  22. I don’t think Miller had a bad night. With a full seasons seasoning under their belts he wanted to see if they sink or swim. He’ll use that games performance, lacking clutch play making, as a point of emphasis for the whole off season to drive home the improvement he will demand. That’s good coaching. Like someone said above, they weren’t going to win the NCAA, NIT or BTT this year.

  23. Too many comments from “fair weather fans”. You all have a very short memory; the ONE Achilles heel this team had ALL year raised its ugly head last night; and it wouldn’t have mattered if Davis was on the court or not. Some said “This is the WORST shooting team in IU history” and they proved that again last night. As inconsistent as guard play has been all year any coach would have focused on taking the guard out. With poor shooting ,easy to take Juwan out of the game , as far as effectiveness. Next year Race Thompson and 4 other freshman bring flexibility, and length and HOPEFULLY some shooting skills. I have 2 questions..any idea on what the status is of Clifton Moore? and #2 what abilities does Vijay Blackmon bring?

    1. I hope the best for Vijay but I also understand that those who are paid to make these kind of assessments do not think he is a D1 talent.

      There is no reason to assume he will be any more special than any other walk on.

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