Hoosiers run out of gas against Terps #iuwbb

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana University women’s basketball was bidding to do something on Friday night that no one else has done in the past three years — beat Maryland in the Big Ten Tournament.

The Hoosiers’ feat was made extra difficult by being just over 21 hours removed from Thursday’s quadruple overtime victory against Michigan State.

Though IU was willing, the Hoosiers’ bodies proved too weak in a 67-54 loss to No. 17 and second-seeded Maryland at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament.

“I would never say this in front of our kids,” IU coach Teri Moren said postgame with a furtive glance toward the door through which seniors Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill had just exited. “It just looked like down the stretch we ran out of — we were running on low octane, and we didn’t talk about that at all. We didn’t want to feel like that was going to be our excuse for why our shots weren’t falling or we weren’t getting stops. But I thought you could tell, especially with these two kids (Buss and Cahill), that fatigue was finally setting in.”

The final margin was the largest of the night, and the score was not indicative of just how close and competitive the game was.

But Indiana shot just 3-of-14 from 3 and 39.2 percent from the field (20-of-54) overall, numbers that hit their low point in the fourth quarter when the Hoosiers (17-14) were just 4-of-15 from the field and 2-of-8 from 3. Almost every single one of those misses came up short.

“We just wanted to keep telling ourselves that we weren’t tired, that that wasn’t an excuse for how we were going to do during the game,” said Buss, who finished with 13 points, 11 in the second half. “… We just wanted our bench bringing us energy, our fans were bringing us energy, so we can’t use that as an excuse. Yeah, we were a little fatigued maybe, especially towards the end, just because of the minutes that we logged last night, but like I said, we can’t use that as an excuse.”

For a brief moment in that fourth quarter, it seemed like Buss and the Hoosiers just might get their second wind long enough to pull the upset and keep their NCAA hopes alive.

Maryland (24-6), the three-time defending tournament champs, took an eight-point lead at 54-46, and after the media time out, Buss drilled a corner 3 as Cahill was shoved to the floor setting the screen. Cahill made the ensuing two free throws for a five-point play to cut the deficit to 54-51.

A drought of three and a half minutes followed for IU, while Maryland stretched the lead to nine, and the damage was done.

In the first half, IU seemed to pick up where it left off against Michigan State in a nip-and-tuck affair where neither side built a lead of more than four points. Nine turnovers didn’t help the Hoosier cause.

Helping to overcome that was Cahill, who poured in 38 points on Thursday night and scored 11 of her team-high 17 points in the first half on Friday. However, she also picked up three fouls in the first half, the last coming moments after a 3 that tied the game at 25 as Maryland took a 29-27 lead to the locker room.

Cahill played the entire second half without picking up another foul, but fatigue still began to show for Indiana late in the third quarter when the Hoosiers went 3:40 without a field goal and missed their last five shots from the field as Maryland took a 48-40 lead.

Included in the Terps’ run was their first two made 3s of the game, both by point guard Channise Lewis.

Between the inability to get stops or make shots, the net result of playing 60 minutes the night before took its toll, even if the Hoosiers didn’t want to admit it.

“We gave ourselves a chance,” Moren said. “Just like I said, I think we ran out of gas, and that’s not a built-in excuse, and I would never say that in front of my kids, so don’t print that. But I think we ran out of gas. We looked like it. We looked like we were tired at the end.”


  1. Playing a game and a half yesterday was quite a hurdle to overcome.

    I hope the Hoosiers continue this great season.

  2. When Buss stepped to the free throw line half way through the 3rd quarter and left both shots short, it was very evident that the legs were gone. It was a shame we had to face a fresh team with tired lags but, it is what it is. Any IU fan that thinks any less of this team for their effort tonight is not a true fan. This team has shown great effort and determination over the last 4 weeks. They have pulled together behind incredible leadership of 2 terrific seniors. I truely believe that this team will be playing home games in the WNIT. This will give us another opportunity to see this team play. This is not a bad thing. Go Hoosiers!

  3. It was a great effort on those oh so tired legs. Kept the game close for a long time , but free throws and 3s were coming up short and off target. Im very proud of this team and hope they do well in the wnit.

  4. Love the spirit and grit of Tyra & Amanda. We will miss them for sure next year. Hopefully Ali & Brenna can step right in & be as effective. I’m sure the offense will look a little different but they are 2 very good players also. Love to see this team HOST several NIT games so we get to watch our 2 girls play some more GREAT BASKETBALL.

  5. Fred Glass, are you listening?
    We need as many home NIT games again this year as possible.
    Thanks for your response! 🙂

  6. IU women lost the Maryland game at the end of regulation (especially after 4 hard ot’s) vs. MSU. IU ladies played and competed hung in for a half. On the other side Maryland mind set play hard and IU l

  7. IU women will fatigue. That is the result of giving up a 13 point lead against MSU instead of winning in regulation. It was going to be a challenge against Maryland anyway without going 4 ot’s the night before. However, going 9 wins and 2 losses over last 11 games against big ten opponents was really pretty remarkable improvement. I think IU ladies would be a very hard out in NIT.

    Where does ladies basketball big ten conference rank compared to other conferences around the country? Is it somewhat average among the top 8 conferences or lack in a little eliteness?

    1. They would probably be ranked 4th after the SEC, ACC, and the Pac12. Lots of space between the Big Ten and the 8th best conference.

  8. I personally don’t watch much of other conferences except its hard not to at least pay some attention to Conn, So. Carolina, Ga. Tech,Ga, & ND. I’m not sure what conferences they play in even. Most probably in SEC except Conn., I am pretty sure they are in the ACC. Pac 12 I know nothing about. I have a tough time when Purdue plays Ohio State because I hate O. S. as much as I hate Purdue. Can’t wait for next season to begin but hope the Women at least get to play in the NIT.

  9. Yes, currently kind of see the big ten conference as pretty average in ladies basketball. Just more athletic a little bigger and a little more physical scoring weapons with more ease at different positions in a variety of ways for several of the teams in several other conferences if big ten goes head to head with them.

  10. Concerning some other teams like Uconn and ND which used to be in the same conf. How I keep that straight in my mind now is ND and Louis. are in the ACC , but Uconn. is in the Amer. conf., beyond that I cant say , would have to look it up.

  11. Good effort against a very good and well rested Maryland squad. We finished Big Ten play going 9 – 2 over the last 11 games. With our 7th place finish, assuming the 6 teams ahead of us get NCAA bids, we will receive the B10 automatic bid for the WNIT. With an RPI in the fifties and a single digit SOS an at large bid for the WNIT is a lock if the automatic bid somehow doesn’t happen.
    A few weeks ago I predicted a strong regular season finish and a deep run in the WNIT. I now predict that we will win the WNIT.
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  12. Hoosierguy, South Carolina and Georgia are in the SEC. Georgia Tech and Notre Dame are in the ACC. As SteveW says, UConn is in the American Conference. Swartzie, I do believe in our girls but, not sure about us winning WNIT..? We can only hope.

  13. Im not sure about us winning the wnit either, but what it gives the team at least the younger players is a chance to become better, more experienced.

  14. I am not sure about winning NIT, however I think IU ladies may have a shot at NCAA MARCH Madness tournament over Purdue if 7 teams are taken.

  15. After watching Moren’s interview she still thinks IU should be considered. Also after wrapup of yesterdays games the discussion of 5 bubble teams had IU included, but like T mentioned may depend just on how the committee looks at it. Chances seem very slim to me.

  16. I agree with slim (maybe a little better than slim). However, slim is a chance. Swept Purdue, strong regular season finish, team development, beat MSU who beat PU, stayed with Maryland for a half in spite of 4 overtime win previous night, 15 seed? 9 and 2 at end of season plus a tournament win is pretty strong against quality opponents (not against lightweight teams like some teams (and not Indiana since T. Moren) schedule for pre conference.

  17. Rutgers, with a fabulous 7-9 record in the “Big10,” will have a better chance than we will because of their much higher “RPI.” (Really Poor Indicator).
    Rutgers won big early against some big name teams then basically fell apart at the end of the “Big10” season.
    Given the NCAA’s politics and strong belief in the sanctity of the RPI, I suspect Rutgers will get stronger consideration than IU will.
    I’d rather be in the NIT with a chance to win six games than in the NCAA tournament.
    GO IU!

  18. Reluctantly NatillIV, I agree with you. I would also like to play in the WNIT. It would selfishly (for me) give me another few times to see the 2 seniors play at home. This I would treasure very much. Go Hoosiers!

  19. Right now I guess Im wondering how the players are feeling. Would they feel more satisfied to make the ncaa play one game and maybe lose or would they prefer to maybe play multiple games in the also ran tourney, if they were not able to win that tourney I would have to believe they would have been satisfied or prefered to be in the other one.
    You be interested in the link I left on the trending post.

  20. I also note that Grace Berger was actually listed as 5′ 9″ as a freshman. Since recently she is listed as 6 ‘ 0″ I wonder if she is still growing. Not surprising since her dad is 6’ 4″.

  21. NatHill, unfortunately, that will not happen but, I do know that Grace is very, very good. She will be a huge asset for us. She will be a wing that will provide added depth probably behind Wise who is also very, very good. Can’t wait to see this team next year. I certainly believe we still will see our girls in the WNIT. Go Hoosiers!!!

  22. The real question, MikeC, is how much will the current freshmen be freed up when they are put in a position to have more required of them (code for not standing around waiting for Tyra and/or Amanda to score), and how much can we expect from next year’s freshmen as well?
    Let’s win the NIT first, then we’ll all worry about next year!

  23. I have been impressed with everything Ive seen with Grace Berger. She is a whirling dervish with basketball in her hands and Im not talking right at the rim either. She can create and has a solid pull up jumper, yes these were against high school players , just sayin. Im also big on Brenna Wise , she is a natural leader and a very good rebounder for size. The question I might have on Patberg is can she stay healthy and injury free which was her problem at ND. But even though she spent two years there because of the medical redshirt we get her for 3 yrs. From what was shown on the overseas trip Patberg and Wise worked really well together. I havent said it much on here but Ive told my brother all season that IU will be better next year as the freshmen will be experienced plus Wise and Patberg. There was too much put on Buss and Cahill from graduation and the young freshmen. So if Im wrong Im wrong , but thats my story. But now lets go out and win the wnit–Go IU.

  24. Steve W, I like the way you think.
    Now, let’s win the NIT and (hopefully) have the luxury of putting Amanda and Tyra on the bench once in a while so they can keep healthy and rested.
    This could be a very entertaining tournament for IU.

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