IU denies Patrick a spot at Pro Day

Camion Patrick wants to participate in Indiana’s NFL Pro Day next month.

But IU won’t allow him to do so, claiming a medical disqualification.

Since taking a medical hardship waiver last summer, forgoing his final year of eligibility at Indiana, the former Hoosier receiver and running back is eager to give football another try.

Patrick thought he would be able to join his former teammates when they work out for NFL team personnel in Bloomington on April 3. But after Indiana’s policy denied him the opportunity to return for pro day, Patrick is left planning his next step.

“We wish Camion the best moving forward,” said Jeff Keag, IU’s senior assistant athletic director for media relations. “But our current policy is that any student-athlete who’s been medically disqualified is not eligible to participate in any events on the athletics campus.”

Patrick, however, feels like the opportunity would have been vital to the resumption of his football career.

“I would have loved to attend Pro Day at IU, going back up there with all my boys,” Patrick told The Herald-Times. “I was excited to get back with them and work out one last time.”

By the looks of it, that won’t happen.

Once dubbed the best player on Indiana’s team by former coach Kevin Wilson, Patrick was granted a medical hardship waiver in July that effectively ended his playing career for the Hoosiers.

By taking the waiver, Patrick forfeited his playing eligibility at IU, but retained his athletic scholarship. He was later charged in connection with a July stabbing death in his home state of Tennessee, but those charges were dropped in November.

Since then, Patrick has sought to pick up and move forward with his career.

Although the medical disqualification rule is IU’s current policy regarding pro days, it has not always been the case.

An ankle injury caused former Indiana running back Darius Willis to become a medical non-participant in 2011, but Willis later returned to Indiana’s campus to participate in IU’s 2013 Pro Day.

Without the ability to work out for the full assortment of NFL observers at IU’s pro day, Patrick would have to stage his own workout in Tennessee.

When healthy, Patrick dazzled behind the scenes at Indiana. But a series of events prevented him from fully showcasing his talents in an IU uniform.

Academic issues kept Patrick off the field during the 2015 season, but he performed well enough in practice to earn IU’s offensive scout team player of the year honors as a receiver and running back.

With former Indiana running back Jordan Howard on course to pursue his NFL career after the 2015 season, the Hoosiers moved Patrick to running back late that year. Patrick’s exploits at both positions prompted high praise from Wilson.

“The best player on the football team is Camion Patrick,” Wilson said after Indiana’s 2015 win at Purdue. “You haven’t seen him yet. He’s really good.”

Although a spring 2016 ACL injury further delayed his IU debut, Patrick recovered in time to appear in 10 of IU’s final 11 games that fall. He played primarily at receiver to lessen the wear and tear on his knee and caught six passes for 154 yards, including a dazzling 40-yard touchdown grab at Rutgers. He also carried the ball four times for 10 yards, grinding for a goal-line score at Michigan.

But Patrick also suffered a shoulder injury late in the 2016 season that prevented him from returning to the team at full strength for the 2017 campaign and received the medical waiver.

Now, he’s looking to give the game his latest and best shot.


  1. Never saw a bureaucrat that didn’t love hiding behind red tape while puffing out his chest. With the precedent already set by Willis this seems so easily satisfied. Common sense and academia are to often water and oil. How stupid.

    1. I agree, the precedent has been set. Only thing I can think of is the dropped criminal charges. If so, then this is transparently a public perception move. Not a sound basis for denial of the request.

  2. Oh well thats life it aint like he cant get a decent agent that can set up personal workouts with teams theres always a way to be seen by scouts

  3. Back to class basketball in Indiana. Reality vs. fake news. Warren Central legitimate state champion with Carmel legitimate runner up in what was a tradition. Then you have an equivalent to maybe a semi state afternoon game winner, a regional champ, and a sectional champ in what was a tradition.

  4. I hope someone at IU steps up to override this decision. HC is right about hiding behind red tape instead of deciding to make a humane decision. Patrick can get a personal tryout but it isn’t the same as trying out with players he worked with and played with. Come on IU don’t add another hurdle to his life.

  5. Allen is nothing more than a cheerleader and yes man. He is more like Lynch than Wilson. Grow a pair and let the kid go to the event. You only get so many chances and he is a long shot anyway.

  6. I’m sorry, but this just seems petty to me.
    IU athletics will take in over one hundred million dollars this year, and yet can’t see their way clear to help some poor kid, who did his best here at IU, to get a shot in the pros.

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