IUWBB: Hoosiers advance to WNIT’s Round of 16

Indiana advanced to the third round of the WNIT on Sunday with a 74-54 win over Milwaukee at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 17 points. Jaelynn Penn added 16 points. Amanda Cahill (12), Bendu Yeaney (12) and Kym Royster (10) also finished in double figures. IU will play in-state rival Purdue on Thursday at 2 p.m. 7 p.m. at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

IU used a 17-0 run in the second quarter to build a comfortable 42-24 lead at half. Milwaukee trailed just 22-21 with 6:10 left in the period, but the Panthers did not score another point until a 3-pointer by Lizzie Odegard with 1:19 left in the half.

In the first quarter, the Hoosiers were stalled by six turnovers, despite a 7-of-14 effort from the field. IU led 16-15 head into the second period, led by six points from freshman Jaelynn Penn.

One of the momentum-shifting plays of the second quarter was a 3-pointer by Amanda Cahill with 5:32 remaining to make it 26-21. IU built on that with two consecutive post baskets by junior Kym Royster to push it to 31-21. The Hoosiers could have possibly had an even bigger lead at half if it wasn’t for a 12-of-22 effort from the free throw line.

On the other hand, Milwaukee committed nine of its 13 first-half turnovers in the second quarter. That got the Hoosiers moving in transition, especially Tyra Buss, who scored 11 of her 13 first-half points in the period. Penn finished the first half with eight. Cahill had a round stat line of five points, five rebounds and four assists at the break. Royster and freshman Linsey Marchese each had six points.

At the half, the Hoosiers were hitting 56 percent from the field. Milwaukee shot 30.8 percent.

IU continued to cruise from that point on, leading by as many as 24 points in the third quarter. A couple of 3-pointers reduced the Hoosiers’ advantage to 54-36 with 3:37 remaining in the period. IU led XX-XX heading into the final period.


  1. IU started out very sluggish in the first quarter because of the 6 turnovers but, outscored Milwaukee 26-9 in a very good second quarter to take control of the game. Amanda Cahill had a very good stat line of 12 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 blocks. Tyra Buss had another terrific all around game with 17 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 7 steals. All five starters were in double figures and we had very solid play off the bench by Warthen, Marchese, and Wickware. Marchese especially stood out with 6 points and 4 rebounds in 14 minutes of play. This is the second game in a row that IU has shot over 50% from the field. We had a very good crowd of over 2,900 who was very into the game.
    I am really apprehensive of having to play Purdue again this year. It is very difficult to beat a team twice in one season let alone 3 times. Jon, just wondering if the game time in the article is correct? Surely we don’t play Purdue at 2PM as the article states? Just wondering?? Go Hoosiers!!

  2. IU was sleep-walking in the 1st , thankfully they woke up in the second. I too am apprehensive about playing PU a third time ,, you know what they say. Good luck to the Hoosiers!

  3. IU ladies beat a pretty good team at home. At this point IU ladies are at home and Purdue ladies have gotten two road wins . I think IU ladies are a little better, however they will have to do a three beat. Marchase’s play is huge in this tournament. IU ladies by 7.

  4. T.B. is probably a tired player realizing her time left . She should be getting a little rest recently between games. Can she lay her emotions aside (stay focused an and be mentally tough have one more wind left in her for one more game/s? Other players are in same situation, however T.B. has shouldered so much of the burden for the IU ladies.

  5. I am personally excited to see Wickware, Marchese, and Warthen coming on so well in the NIT. The NIT has the potential to really set us up well for next year.
    Purdue fans are worried that they don’t have the bigs to match up to ours, and with Marchese and Royster tag-teaming so well, I think they’re right.

  6. Totally off topic, but I have to note that Felisha Legette-Jack (fired from IU) just coached her Buffalo team into the Sweet 16.
    And, the Ohio State just women got drilled by the Central Michigan Chippewas.
    That puts both teams from the MAC conference (NCAA 4-0) into the Sweet 16, while the Big10 (NCAA 4-6) has exactly zero.
    No particular point to be made, except that the NCAA women’s tournament has its own set of unexpected results this year.

  7. Nat– Interesting stuff to say the least. Something I noted in the Milw. game , we were up 22 pts at the time but we were doing a poor job of blocking out as I watched players come flying in from 10 feet out to get O REBs. Not something to be passed off lightly and Im sure it was addressed when the staff watched the film. Always something to work on.

  8. Six B1G teams went to NCAA and six are gone nobody even making it to sweet sixteen. Buffalo and Central. Mich. are great stories. At least 3 B1G teams made it to nit sweet sixteen[how sweet].

  9. Steve W,
    I thought we simply let our guard down in several different areas when we got the big lead and just sort of coasted towards the end of the game.
    That’s why I was hoping some of the subs would get more playing time so they could gain experience.
    I felt like Wickware and Warthen brought energy and had a lot to do with us having that huge second quarter burst.

  10. Nat- As you may remember Brie started the season off well hitting shots but then she seemed to start making too many mistakes and the coaching staff lost faith in her, perhaps she got a bit of a raw deal, she can help this team if they let her. But leaving her on the bench then bring her in when the starters get in foul trouble of course she wont be on her game. It takes repitition. The coaches talked about her defense but she can give offense too as she demonstrated early on.

  11. Steve W.
    We’re on exactly the same page when it comes to Wickware.
    Her enthusiasm, hustle, and a great team-first attitude are valuable assets.

  12. Seems to me more coverage of the women’s march through the NIT is indIcated. Not sure what increased coverage would be but if the men’s program was entering the NIT Sweet SIxteen pretty sure the coverage would be extensive. Maybe it’s happening in the paper. Kind of ironic that a newspaper site would use what seems to be more video presentations while most tv news use written accounts on the net. Back a couple of years, a transcription service was used in addition to the video. Guess the price for that service became too much.

  13. NIT? Come on, gang. The NIT is the tournament that give blue ribbons for simply participating. There’s only one relevant tournament in college basketball…

    Coverage should be ramped up when the men’s and women’s programs play in second weekend of the “Big Dance.” That, and only that, should be the IU standard. We would do better to ignore mediocrity rather than give it heavy coverage..and .thus apologizing for an athletic department delivering very substandard results for a “power conference” university.

  14. HFH–Thats fine for the men but the women do not have 5 Banners hanging in SSAH. Its a program on the rise being brought up from the lower depths and the lack of a backing from IU nation shows that. So go ahead and ramp it up and lets hang another banner.

  15. Well said SteveW, H4H just spouting off because he has nothing else to address. He feels lonely since Men’s basketball and football are out of season. And we all know how he likes to dominate those 2 sports with his interesting opinions on those issues. It’s a shame he has to be critical of the women when I doubt he has ever seen them play as us regulars have? Please Harvard, let us women’s fans enjoy our improving program which as SteveW stated is an ascending program at this time. Go Hoosiers!

  16. BTW Harvard, your criticism of the women’s team sounds petty to say the least. Let these girls revel in their somewhat limited glory as it happens. These girls work just as hard as the men do. I would think that a true IU fan would not refer to this team as you did. Were you just as critical of Bob Knight’t team that won the NIT when Butch Carter hit the game winning shot in the championship game years ago. I really thought you might have a little more class than you showed in your post?

    1. The closest I ever got to enjoying the women’s team was when their former coach, Curt Miller, joined in the ‘Because I’m Happy’ video by Pharrell Williams…He sure seemed like a lot of fun….Was he a good coach?The coach now seems very stuffy. Wasn’t she a big fan of Crean?
      Didn’t she give a rather sloppy farewell to the greatest coach the men’s program has ever known? Mediocrity always apologized for at IU…Doesn’t it get old knowing how everyone in the inner circles of IU Athletics slathers their cohorts to soften the truth of uninspiring results?

      Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
      Because I’m happy

      And to think we could have had Archie and Curt…. Miller & Miller Lite on his feet.

      1. Yes h4h, I’m HAPPY. I didn’t particularly care for Coach Moren the first year she was here but she has definitely grew on me. I love her style of Basketball and the defense is 100% better. They can actually guard someone. 4 of the 5 Freshmen have impressed me, so to me the recruiting has gotten much better. I was a Curt Miller fan also because he did recruit ladies who could shoot. Looking forward to tonight.

  17. IU ladies basketball is one of the best things going for IU, F. Glass and the gang. Coach T.Moren has brought this program from the depths of despair to being competitive in big ten with exception of a couple of teams which the ladies program is still pursuing. Before T.Moren IU ladies non conference schedule that those before her enjoyed including C.M. gauranteed IU ladies about 12 wins before big ten season started. T.Moren has strengthened pre big ten schedule not taking an easy way to wins. If she wanted she could have probably been close to undefeated during pre big ten schedule that would give her and program a few more wins for the season. T.Moren has improved schedule, players, team and program head over heals from where it was before her. IU ladies basketball program is one of the best things going at IU and T.Moren and staff have their eyes set on bigger future goals. A couple other things going well in terms of sports is the men’s baseball and Soccer programs. Of course the band and musical programs are good. I know there are other programs doing well also. HOWEVER, MEN’S BASKETBALL IS NOT ONE OF THEM. (maybe in the future, we will see).

  18. H4H, Curt Miller would still be here if it wasn’t for his indiscretions! Miller had a 12-0 pre-conference record one year playing terrible teams and then got blitzed in the conference because the team had not pre-pared properly because of the weak schedule. Just because you don’t like Moren’s “stiff” personality doesn’t mean she can’t coach? Her recruiting has proven she can get the job done! Her ability to bring 5 star Players into the program has been impressive, something previous coaches have not done. Jaylnn Penn, Ali Patberg and Grace Berger are legit 5 star players. We have never had one 5 star in the past let alone 3. We have people who post that she is a bad recruiter, they are simply not paying attention! H4H, you may appreciate Miller as a good dancer but, we like coaches who bring us wins! This team over the last 4 years has accumulated more wins that any other IU women’s 4 year period. Playing in the post season 3 of those years one being the NCAA tournament who be considered a success to my way of thinking? Lets see, wins are up, attendance is up, recruiting is much better, post season appearances are up, what is not to like? Harvard, continue to follow the other sports, we don’t need you to follow the women, we are doing fine. Coach Moren, keep up the good work! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. Were the indiscretions covered by Scoop? Was he making advances toward his players..or coaches? Do you have the gruesome details, or is it all just rumors? I don’t recall any stories posted to why he was actually fired…or why he resigned. I thought it was health reasons.

      Didn’t he end a pretty long drought in getting into postseason play? Did Moren inherit any of that momentum.

      You know what’s really criminal? I went to cbssports.com and they don’t even offer WNBA coverage on their website. I was attempting to look into Curt Miller’s level of success as a head WNBA coach.

      Do you ever listen to a radio show called Ferrall on the Bench…? I just happened to pick up on a discussion they were having about women’s college hoops and the WNBA last night. It was mentioned how ESPN’s website is the only site to get WNBA stories. They also expressed many opinions as to why the guys hosting the radio show have real difficulty getting into the women’s college game(particularly the NCAA tournament). Much of the discussion centered around having to be brain dead to watch UConn taking down team 100-27….78-38….89-33…etc, etc. They almost seem to believe the utter dominance of that program is hurting viewership and overall interest.
      If we struggle to get an invite into the NIT, how on earth ..or when on earth could a women’s IU team ever approach belonging on the same court as a team like UConn? So what’s the point? You have one or two teams that could stay within 20 against UConn. The rest of women’s college basketball is playing in a peewee league. And there looks to be no end in sight of such singular dominance by one program. Year after year, UConn is a bulldozer cutting a pathway through a delicate flowerbed. UConn is Division Only One vs. Division None to Compete. If’s far worse than any dominance Calipari has in men’s basketball recruiting. If you want a banner, you must attend UConn. Otherwise, you’re just playing your ass off for the leftovers and scraps to be a champ amongst the inferiors.

      1. To go just a bit further….The complete lack of parity in the women’s game(or the parity only existing amongst the majority of teams severely out of UConn’s individual level/league) is a great argument for paying college kids above the value of a scholarship to play for a particular university. Seems like the only potential means to lure the best of the best away from UConn is to allow full out bribery or big dollars paid to recruits to even the playing field/court. …..Or is UConn already doing this?

  19. T–Right On– Miller had the cream puff schedule just to get some wins and once the conf. started down the drain they went. Moren has turned the program around and defense is the way to go. More talent is needed in the Post area. More talented size is needed.

  20. T.Moren teams play defense or try their best on defensive end. To reach more lofty goals and take another leap will require more talented upgraded size in post area and talented size in all areas. I am interested in the overseas girl coming in. It at least could be a start.

  21. Know it’s 2 years away but, there is size on the way in 2019. 6’5”, 6’2’ and 6’1”. I to am curious about the foreign player. I do know one thing, most foreign players are incredibly fundamentally sound and most are very good 3 point shooters. Hope this is true of our player?

    1. MikeC,
      The player you’re talking about is Aleksa Gulbe from Latvia. And while European players are usually fundamental and good shooters, the question is whether she can deal with the speed and physicality here, especially in the post, or how long the adjustment will take. I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that, given the lack of video or information out there.

      1. Just yesterday I read about the 3rd verbal commit to our ladies from Maine, Mackenzie Holmes. Listed as 6’2″ with a wingspan of 6’5″. She averaged 21 points, 13.2 rebounds and 5.2 blocks per game in Maine’s largest class in the state. With Jorie Allen at 6’1″ Arielle Wisne at 6’5″ we may be getting some ladies to help us very well in the near future. GO HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. If a player is willing T.Moren will teach and coach a player up ro reach her potential and that includes players with size. As good as T.B. is she is the best example of that. However, A.C. is another great example.

  23. Harvard, did you say the same thing about UCLA when Wooden was coach years ago? It’s a real shame people don’t appreciate women’s basketball. John Wooden said before he died that the best basketball being played is the women’s game. He referred to the sound fundamental play in women’s basketball as being better than the men. If you don’t believe he said that, look it up! While you want to poo poo the women’s game, I can tell you one thing. The 5,536 people in the stands Thursday night when we beat Purdue seemed to enjoy the game a ton! To bad you weren’t there to enjoy it with them……

  24. Harvard, yes U-Conn is dominate in the women’s game just as UCLA was in the Wooden era. So, I ask you, what’s your point? Do you suggest that all other colleges give up women’s basketball? That seems to be what you are implying? Since you say, “What’s the point?” As all of us who compete in sports, the idea is the love of competing! If you compete and overcome, good for you, you have accomplished something. If you lose, you then turn the page and compete another day. You learn valuable lessons form competing and failing. On another day you may compete and win which is incredibly rewarding. That’s what competition is all about. So what’s your point, give in and quit? I don’t think so. You tell me, why did 5,536 IU fans come out Thursday night and scream their collective heads off to support these young ladies? Trust me, it was great to be there and be a part of this event. Fun was had by all except if you were wearing black & gold. You need to get out more often. It’s good to be a Hoosier fan, So I suppose you think women’s basketball is a waist of time since we can’t win the NCAA, hmmmm, interesting? Go Hoosiers!!

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