IUWBB: Hoosiers take WNIT title with 65-57 win over Virginia Tech

Indiana claimed its first WNIT championship Saturday with a 65-57 win over Virginia Tech at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Tyra Buss (16 points) and Bendu Yeaney (14) led the Hoosiers. Amanda Cahill (12) and Jaelynn Penn (10) also hit double figures on the day. This was the Hoosiers’ 15th win in 17 games. IU (23-14) tied the program-record mark for wins in a season, which was set last year.

It was a shaky start for both teams, as the Hoosiers were 2-of-8 from the field, and the Hokies 1-of-9, heading into the first media timeout with 4:55 left in the first quarter. But the Hoosiers had a 7-4 lead. IU was able to take a 17-13 advantage into the second quarter, forcing six turnovers for the Hokies.

Cahill scored her first bucket of the game midway through the second quarter to make it 25-22, IU. The Hoosiers built their lead slightly on a post bucket by junior Kym Royster, followed by a Buss layup to make it 33-24. IU went into the half up 36-27 following a three-point play by Cahill.

At the break, Buss had a game-high 10 points on 4-of-13 shooting. Penn had eight points, and Cahill and Royster had five points apiece. IU was 44 percent from the field, while the Hokies were 34.5 percent, including 2-of-10 from 3-point range.

Buss didn’t score in the third quarter, and that’s when the Hokies made a charge. It was 44-43, Virginia Tech, heading into the fourth quarter following a 3 by Regan Magarity. But the Hoosiers made another push with back-to-back 3-pointers by Bendu Yeaney and Amanda Cahill to make it 55-48 with 3:46 left.

Those two long-distance shots were big, especially since the Hoosiers were 0-of-13 from 3 at that point.

Down the stretch, Virginia Tech found itself in a position where it had to foul, and Cahill helped close it out. The senior forward hit two free throws with 31 seconds left to make it 63-56.


  1. Took 40 minutes to get from SR 37 to my seat. 13,000 + attendance was pretty cool. First few minutes little passing, whoever got the ball took the shot. Coach took care of that during first timeout. Nice end to the season for the program. I think this NIT run will be more beneficial for the program than whatever would have occurred in the NCAA tourney. If Notre Dame is able to win the NCAA and with IUs NIT Championship, women’s BB in the state of Indiana should be looking attractive to recruits.

  2. It seems like I keep saying the same thing in my last 4 posts but, again what can you say about the crowd. Who would ever imagine that we would have 13,007 in the stands. Tyra Buss said during the post game interview that she had always hopped that there would be a time that we would have fans in the balcony, well, today that hope came to fruition! The crowd was as loud as any you would ever hope to hear. The Virginia Tech coach made the statement during his post game interview that he played in Assembly Hall for James Madison against a Bobby Knight team and it was louder today than when he played here. That is quite a compliment. Something I will never forget was during the IU introductions when the lights are out the cell phones that lit up the place, it was special! There were undoubtedly thousands of fans here that had never been to a women’s game before, I only hope that they will come back next year and support this team?
    We won the game again with great defense that caused 17 Tech turnovers. We held Tech to 35% shooting for the game. We only turned the ball over 7 times which was great! It was a somewhat ugly game because of the gritty defense both teams played but, who can complain when you win a championship?
    It would probably be easy for some of the naysayers that sort of follow the program to say that winning the NIT was not a big deal since it wasn’t the national tournament but, just ask the 13,000 people who were in the stands about that and ask the team what they think? My guess would be that you best not say anything to those girls about what they accomplished today and if it doesn’t mean anything to them? Go Hoosiers!!

    1. I was living in Bloomington when the men’s team won the NIT over Purdue. It was a VERY big deal…and that was after watching it on television. While I’m sure the opponent being Purdue played a role but the celebration was as crazy as thenone after the ’76 championship.

      The performance, and improvement, of the women’s team this season was amazing.

  3. The stars got into the right alignment this season for T.Buss, A. Cahill and company, T.Moren and staff. This was an incredible achievement due to the leadership and hard teamwork in the IU ladies basketball program that captured the hearts of fans. The stars are shinning brightly on the IU ladies.

  4. I love it for the young girls in the stands.
    They may not grow up to be college basketball players, but it sure does my heart good to see young girls in the stands looking up to young women on the court who possess the character of this year’s team.
    What a great day to be an IU women’s basketball fan!
    So proud of all of them, and can’t wait for next season.

    1. My 5th grade granddaughter was with me for the Wednesday game. She sent two friends a clip of the IU team introduction, who forwarded it to some of their friends. By the halftime seven 5th and 6th graders wanted to play BB at IU. None had ever attended a BB game or played bb. One said she could bounce a ball. Maybe little potential but alot of interest.

  5. What a great day, for IU players, for IU fans . This will be remembered because its never been done before and IU will raise another banner . The crowd itself is another story, I would never believe so many would come out this season to see an IU womens game 13,000 , just amazing. I have to admit doubt was beginning to creep in by the end of the 3rd quarter and IU was down. The lack of being able to hit any 3’s was hurting us. Finally the 3 by Bendu followed by the 3 by Amanda and we were back on top and fighting hard, the rest is history. This was so much fun this season watching this team grow up and that is exactly what happened and why we were able to win this championship. I love this team as so many others do. Looking forward to the hanging of the banner.

  6. 8 wins and 12 loses (thinking of goal to finish anywhere above 1 game above 500) (I was way wrong in being short sited)…to 23 wins and 14 loses against excellent quality competition that includes NIT championship. McRobbie, Glass and administration better take care of T.Moren and IU ladies basketball program (as they demonstrated for NIT).

  7. Buss and Cahill are class acts. They have worked extremely hard for four years, and persevered in the face of the turmoil that affected the program. They are great role models, and they deserve the happiness that comes with this success. I am very happy for these two young women and their teammates.

  8. Prediction fulfilled. Never a doubt on my part. It’s amazing what a little faith and belief can accomplish. Great job IUWBB!!!! You are all champions forever.
    Keep on keepin on.

  9. I figured the championship would be at somewhat of a neutral site. Guess the organizers figure there wouldn’t be much attendance/interest anywhere other than one of the two team’s home arena.
    Were all our NIT games played in Assembly…? That’s more home cookin’ than you could ask for at the University of Betty Crocker.

    1. Is that a dig at the WNIT champs? What sort of sick, brow beaten person are you? Go hide back under the rock you came out of. Why not congratulations? And by the way, a simple perusal of the Hoosier Sports Report will quickly show you that all of the games were played at S.S. Assembly Hall. Geez, give the ladies some credit. You strike me as one of those smug, wise acres in life who are always quick to point out the faults of others, etc.. Exactly what amazing accomplishments do you have in life? BTW, I am proud of my two advanced degrees from Indiana University, which have served me well in life. And very proud of Indiana University. Final note: way to go Ladies! The real Hoosier fans, not the curmudgeons of the world, are extremely proud of you!!

    2. H4H,

      While I am not a particular fan of tournament games being played at anywhere other than neutral sites, practicality also played a role in how this tournament is structured. This being said, I would not take anything away from IUWBB because of how the tournament is structured. They had a very good year and a great building block for the future of the program. As for home cooking, the worst I ever saw was the UCLA dynasty back in the day.

      The men’s NCAA BB tournament was only a round of 16 in those days. UCLA always had the number 1 seed and played in the Western Regional. Did I mention they played the Western Regional in those years at Pauley Pavilion, UCLA’s home court? A guaranteed lock for UCLA to the final 4 every year. Wonder how many championships they would have without the two round head start on everyone else?

      1. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament hasn’t had a 16 team format since 1952, long before UCLA’s run.

        Seeding of teams did not start until 1978.

        Pauley has been an NCAA tournament venue 3 times. UCLA was among the teams twice, 1969 and 1973. They DID win titles those years.

        1. My mistake on the number of seeds, memory is getting fuzzy on some of the stuff that long ago. You are correct on the ’52 being the last year for 16 seeds. I believe if memory serves the number was increased to something like 25 teams through ’74, then to 32 in ’75.

          As for Pauley, it has been used 5 times for the Western Regional, but as you said 3 times in the Wooden era. Things start to run together over the years. Had to go back and look, I was confusing the Final 4 being held at LA Memorial in ’68 and ’72 with Pauley. Still a hefty advantage for UCLA to have the so many tournament sites during that era in their backyard.

          1. If I’m not mistaken the Michael Jordan led UNC title team did not play a game outside of North Carolina until the Final Four.

  10. The turn around season wins vs losses represented more than NIT championship. IU ladies had some excellent road wins plus a nuetral site win during last 15 games of season before NIT tournament began. They were probably one of if not the hottest team in NIT, thus earned somewhat at least the home court advantage. Included were teams that got into March Madness plus March Madness bubble teams plus beating Purdue ladies 3 times.

  11. This team was awesome. So many times they could have mailed it in but they didn’t. Instead they just kept improving. Coach Moren is the real deal. Anytime you can turn around in season is just impressive. Great job ladies. Great season

  12. Harvard, for God’s sake stay off the women’s posts. You are pathetic! Stick to your constant criticism of the men’s programs where some people think you are cute. You being a so called IU fan brings us all down? What these women have done this year is remarkable to say the least. Praise them, they do not deserve your pathetic criticism.

  13. Purdue’s AD has proven to get out the checkbook to grab coaching talent on the rise…Doesn’t Moren have Purdon’t roots?
    Just sayin’….She’s now a hot commodity and her alma mater will likely start calling. I’m all for Fred equaling her salary to Crean’s 3 million/yr to keep her in Bloomington. What’s “pathetic” is how much less a great IU women’s coach gets paid than a terrible men’s coach.

    1. Jeremy, thanks for the information about Moren’s contract. Well Harvard, you just can’t help yourself can you? You just need to continue to stir the pot? Oh yee of little faith. Please just stick to your opinions about the men’s programs and leave our team alone. Let us enjoy our team.

    2. Thanks bvance. It took me a minute to find you also because you were not in your normal seats.

  14. bvance, I know you and your wife attended the women’s final 4 and championship game in Columbus. What a tremendous game that was Monday night. Hope you enjoyed yourself! I would say that you had quite a weekend seeing the NCAA final 4 and then seeing our Hoosiers win the WNIT. Can’t wait until next year to see you guys. Go Hoosiers!!

    1. The championship game was amazing.
      It looked like it was going to be a blowout for awhile as ND was shooting like crap, and had a feeling of deja vu as they hit a couple of 3 pt baskets right at the end to close the gap.
      I also am looking forward to seeing all of you in October!

      Go IU!

  15. IU home court got IU going for the 1981 men’s national championship as they played two games on their home court. That was one reason I picked them to win it all in a contest I won. Haven’t won much since then.

  16. Having the WNIT games at a neutral sites wouldn’t produce the necessary revenue to cover the game expenses, empty seats don’t generate revenue. No TV money until the final game. If Virginia Tech had played TCU in Bloomington, how many fans do you think would be in attendance. My wildest guess would be less than 1300, not 13,007.

  17. I suppose its nice to be recognized in the coaches poll at #28 with 25 votes, not sure to who though. Cant imagine it meaning much to any of the players at this point. To me its more of a slap in the face though as they should have moved into the top 25. At least they were ahead of Minn. and Mich. who had only 9 pts and 11 pts respectively in the coaches.

  18. Jeff Sagarin has a column he calls “recent.”
    It shows IU as 18th in the country.
    Who would have looked forward to playing us in the last half of the season?
    Absolutely amazing finish.
    I would think next year will resemble this one in terms of continued improvement throughout the season.
    Will take a while for Patberg and Wise to contribute at their level of ability, but it will happen.

  19. After losing Buss and Cahill it will take time to re-establish chemistry assuming Patberg will take over pt guard duties. We will gain some size at pt but lose some with Wise replacing Cahill. Not sure about the durability of Patberg. She had the ACL at ND in practice before her freshman season and the sickness in her sophomore season. Luckily she obtained the medical waiver and will get 3 years for us. Patberg was classed as a 5 star player 13th overall according to espn in her class. Should be interesting to watch next season unfold and hopefully the chemistry will be as good as this year.

  20. Again, IU ladies are kinda in holding pattern trying not to lose what has been gained. In terms of rankings for ladies basketball you have the top 20 to 25 or so teams (IU ladies probably border that). However, from there you have another approximately 40 to 50 teams that could fluctuate anywhere in that area of rankings depending on the time of year and circumstances. IU ladies are included in that group. IU ladies had a very solid successful year that was very fun to watch develop. Not yet, but somewhere down the line in the not to distant future IU ladies can be dominant enough to legitimately claim a consistent top 10 to 20 ranking. That means being at top of big ten because for the most part big ten ladies basketball is an average major college basketball conference at best.

  21. In NCAA women’s basketball, it seems like there are the top six teams and then there are all the other teams. Unlike Men’s basketball, no team ranked below below 10 has a chance to beat any of the top six teams. While the progress has been amazing and the quality of women’s basketball within the top six teams is excellent, NCAA women’s basketball is far from achieving the parity and competition that would make all but the final four games exciting. Just having UConn lose in the semi-finals two years in a row makes the women’s tournament all that much more interesting to everyone other than Husky fans. I’m optimistic that IU’s finish this year will allow the program to take major steps forward in the years to come. And if so, maybe having 13,000-plus fans watching them play in Assembly Hall will become the norm and not the exception.

    1. My late mother in law was a season ticket holder for Tennessee women’s basketball during the Pat Summit glory years. I attended a number of games with her as well as men’s games.

      The women’s games were always a sellout and the stands packed. I don’t know about the ticket sales for the men’s games but their weren’t many butts in the seats.

  22. Dont think I will ever forget the look on IU players faces after the nit win. The beaming faces of joy and sometimes a few tears of happiness. On a day when the seniors didnt have their best day the freshmen stepped up and gave the needed support to pull out the win. The freshmen were happy of course for the win, but more than anything it was about sending those senior leaders out with championship. Im thinking that is what gives them the ultimate satisfaction in the end. As Bendu professed in the presser it was the work ethics demonstrated from the leaders that was and is passed on. It will now be up to others to carry on that work ethic to any new recruits that join the fold. The standard has now been set. It is time for the program to move an even higher level. Go IU!

  23. 2018 ACC tournament
    #1 Seed Louisville 83, National Champion Notre Dame 81
    #1 Seed Louisville 83, Virginia Tech 81

    WNIT championship
    IU 65 Virginia Tech 57

    Think about that for a minute IU fans

  24. If it’s like the men’s, conference tournaments are pretty much seen as meaningless and redundant.
    And were the teams 100% and playing their full rosters at the ACC tournament?

    Do you have any scores from the regular season match-ups to expand or provide more of a sample set promoting such conclusions?

    1. That’s ridiculous.

      Sure, RMK didn’t like them an Indiana always sucks but conference tournaments are a huge deal at most schools. The most popular annual sporting event on the eastern seaboard is the ACC basketball tournament. There is no other event in the conversation.

      1. I don’t care about the eastern seaboard. Are there sounds on the eastern seaboard …because it sounds like “see, I’m bored.”
        Must have been Delany and his “eastern see bored” mentality that forced a tightened Big 10 schedule down our throats. No concern for the student-athlete. Most teams play about 16-18 regular season conference games …A tournament at the end of it all is pointless and redundant. No concern for the athlete.
        If you really must have the tournament to satisfy the greed factor, then shorten up the regular season. Play a bit more out-of-conference. Give the fans fewer and better games rather than cupcakes and redundancy. I do like the ACC/BIG 10 challenge….
        But more is better…More tournaments….More blue ribbons for everyone(as in the ‘new and improved’ Indiana H.S. class basketball)…More meaningless bowls(
        What’s the new bowl count? 50?). More ….more….more. NBA seasons that seem to never end. What’s the result…Many of the superstars aren’t playing because their bodies can’t take the grind…or coaches sit them out near the end of the regular season and the fans holding tickets get screwed because the superstar is sitting out and resting for the upcoming playoffs. More…more…more. It was a nice disco era song.

  25. Uhh Mr Price, The above comment appears to be meaningless and redundant. Is there nothing you can do to stop the 3rd grade comments when he disagrees with someone who is attempting to have a rational conversation? IS there a point to his questions besides intimidation? ?????

  26. It’s not redundant.
    The only tournament that truly matters is the NCAA tournament. Everything else (like the many dozens of meaningless football bowls) is done for extra dollars with little concern for the health of an athlete.
    If you’re already a high seed, why on earth do you care about overextending your players in a conference tournament? It may be an outside shot for a bubble team/low seed ….but it’s very rare that happens. These extra games press athletes truly more than necessary after what is already a taxing season full of conference games. It’s all about greed.

    Expand the NCAA tournament field and do away with conference tournaments. More teams…and still fewer games than the demands being made on the STUDENT-athlete….rather than the ATHLETE-student.
    I would have loved to see the IU ladies in the Big Dance next year. It would certainly not be redundant.

    1. “Some people are so narrow minded they can look through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time”. Zig Ziglar

      1. Then according to H4H, the NCAA tournament is redundant? After all, he says” these extra games press athletes truly more than necessary after what is already a taxing season full of conference games?” H4H just drones on basically criticizing the women’s team’s accomplishment. There is nothing else going on in IU sports so he has to , as Steven A. Smith would say “bloviate” about the women’s glory? Good God Harvard, please give it up. Perhaps you should go to the spring football practice so you have something else to criticize? Leave the women alone, you are starting to come across as a chauvinist pig!

      2. Zig should learn to use a narrow hyphen. Nobody’s perfect.

        “Failure is an event, not a person.”-Zig Ziglar

        … as in the NIT.

      3. Let me help you out…

        Isn’t Harvard the last person on the planet who should be talking about redundancy? His existence on this blog is beyond redundant. He dines on a vocabulary consisting of Tom Crean and Mitch McGary…Throw in a bit of Jeff Meyer and Joyce Meyer as his salt and pepper.
        Yes, Harvard…There’s Red Grange…Red Skelton …Red Buttons…Red Auerbach. …and Red Undant Harvard!

  27. I have become physically ill now that Harvard has inundated us with his curious intellect on our women’s posts! He is obviously way to intelligent for us mere women’s fans to appreciate. Yes Harvard, you can continue to poo poo our women’s team’s success in the WNIT as if it didn’t happen and has no consequence? But, as I stated before, go tell the 13,007 rabid IU fans who showed up for the championship game that it was inconsequential and see what they say? Your rambling on in the last para-graph speaking of yourself in 3rd person is beyond belief? You have certainly come off the rails to say the least. I plead with you one last time, leave our girls alone, they don’t deserve your pathetic rambling quotes about their accomplishment at the end of the season! If you would have been present in Assembly Hall at the end of that game and witnessed the smiles on those girls faces you would be ashamed of yourself, but, the more I think about that I am wrong. You are way to full of yourself to consider our players feelings, which has been exhibited in your postings. That goes without saying! Go Hoosiers!!

  28. There’s really nothing more therapeutic than insulting oneself in written form…I feel much better now. Oh, hell…Let’s try one more…

    Hey Harvard…A burned down clothing factory ruins less threads! …or
    Harvard made a very good point when he sharpened his pencil! …or
    You’ve worn the letters off your keyboard and it’s now as satisfyingly blank as your ideas!

  29. I do not understand why someone would come on here to knock the IU women’s team success.
    Using the logic that a few people here have been using, the football team should decline any invitation to any bowl game that would not win them the national championship, and any win in a lesser bowl game is completely meaningless, no matter that it would indicate that the program is moving in a positive direction, no matter that any type of post season play not only gives the program more national exposure, but also gives younger players valuable extra playing time and experience.

    So sure, we didn’t win the NCAA tournament.
    But to discount the women’s efforts to win the NIT because the games were played at home and calling it redundant is disrespectful to the effort of the women on the team.

    H4H, if you feel that strongly about how meaningless and redundant the NIT championship is, why don’t you say so to either Tyra Buss, Amanda Cahill, or any of the other players on the team and see what they think?

    How many games did you watch this season?
    Did you watch them push through their struggles early on in the season and then grow to be able to defeat teams that would have beaten them, in some cases quite easily, during their tournament run?
    H4H, I doubt you watched more than a game or two of theirs all year.
    So please, while you are entitled to your opinion, do not disparage the success of this team and the work they put forward throughout this season.

    1. Any resemblence between him an an IU fan is purely coincidental. Anyone who hasn’t figured out that he loathes anything Hoosier simply hasn’t been paying attention. He admits he’s not an alumni. I doubt there is any Bloomington connection at all.

      You should keep that in mind if you choose to read his posts.

  30. Just watched the video of the WNIT Championship game early this AM. The Hall was rockin and for good reason. The 2 Seniors will be missed but lots to offer next year of the underclassmen I saw play. Coach Moren has it going on.

  31. He admits he’s not an alumni.

    Do you want to show me where that statement on here occurred?

    Those who apologized for Crean achieved the lowest bar imaginable to being an IU fan….and were certainly not paying attention. I single-handedly prevailed via sarcasm and mockery to have any images of Indiana Basketball removed from his personal twitter handle which was being used to merely promote his holier-than-thou(ness). You people should thank me for bringing basketball back to where basketball belonged.
    Teri Moren could have done a far more adequate job with the men’s team. Hell, she probably could have taken Cody & Co. to Final Four….My guess is that she would have recruited Indiana far better as well. And the end of the day, there is a bit of resentment for the women getting it. If only the fans of Moren could have drifted to over to view a men’s game or two…Surely, they would have noticed the constants sabotaging the program: the horrific turnovers; the clueless team defense; the insulting cue cards held up by assistant coaches made to look like bigger fools than the ‘Fool in Chief’; the abandonment of solid statewide recruiting; the favoritism of raw athleticism(that wouldn’t mature until far too late for IU Basketball to gain any headway) over savvy skills and ready top talent….etc, etc, etc..

    I stand in envy of the women’s program…along with utter frustration at the apologists who allowed our men’s program to remain stuck in inadequacies (many who have the gall and shallowness to attack my loyalty and fandom while they were the true sabotage artists via their efforts to support outside agendas and pious behavior over the improvement that could have been available with strong leaders for our men’s basketball program).

  32. Just took a look at Charlie Creme’s new “way too early” poll. IU does not appear even in his top 30. I can understand that the loss of Buss and Cahill would make anyone apprehensive, but what that also does is plant a Big Fat Chip on the shoulders of Patberg and Wise. Time will tell.

  33. SteveW, did you notice there was only 1 Big 10 team mentioned in his top 25? Iowa was the team, I believe Minnesota and Nebraska were in the next 5? Doesn’t say much for our conference. I would anticipate a bit of a resurgence for the Big 10 next year because there were very few seniors in the conference this past year. Get this; Illinois had 2, we had 2, Iowa had 1, Maryland had 2, Michigan had 2, Michigan St. had 3 (1 starter), Minnesota had 3, Nebraska had 3 (1 starter), Northwestern had 2 (no starters), Penn St. has everyone back, Purdue had 1, Rutgers had 3 (1 starter), Wisconsin had 2 and Ohio St. is the most damaged by graduation losing 5 seniors which are 4 starters and the first sub off the bench. With this being said, the conference should be stronger next year due to low graduation numbers. It will be interesting to see how Ohio St. will compete with basically a whole new lineup? One thing to note about the Buckeyes, Kevin McGuff is a GREAT recruiter so I am sure they will be competitive but, not the power they have been lately. Hopefully with our added transfers (Ali Patberg & Brenna Wise)and another 5 star recruit (Grace Berger) coming in we will be very competitive as well? Go Hoosiers!!

  34. MikeC, I agree with you that our conference will be better. I think the 2 US ladies will definitely help especially if Chanel Wilson can be ready for the Big Ten season. I haven’t heard anything about the girl from Latvia except she has some size. I, like H4H, amnot an IU Alumni but I am a LIFE member of the Alumi Assoc. and have been an IU fan since 1953. I have season tickets for Football and Men’s and Womens Basketball. I did not go to College but I have loved IU for a very long time. I also am looking forward to next year for all IU winter sports and especially Womens Basketball. GO HOOSIERS!!!!

    1. You are also not dismissive of the achievements of the Hoosiers. I imagine the majority of Hoosier fans did not graduate from IU. That’s likely of most large state universities. They also don’t run down the Hoosiers every time they post. Some are here merely to run down IU at every opportunity while raving about their real favorite programs.

      As far as I have read all IU fans are welcome here. Those who wear it as a mask get called on it.

    2. hoosierguy-
      Never in the history of this blog did I claim to have not graduated from IU.
      Chet is the only perpetrator of such a lie. Only a small man with insecurities would make such a claim.
      He has nothing to back it up. It’s simply never been offered as fact here.

      I will be the first to admit that there have been times in recent history in which I am disappointed in my alma mater. The vilification and blanket judgements of all who wore the Hoosier uniform during the Sampson witch hunt is one of those times. In my honest opinion, they were far uglier times than most in our history.
      Because I hold such an opinion is the reason many here still resent my presence.

  35. Mike c.– Yes I did notice the one conf. team in the top 25 and Neb. and Minn in the next 5. Not sure about the Latvia girl and what she can give us, but it appears we will be smaller in the post. Although I wouldnt be surprised if Wise can play bigger than her 6′ size. I also wonder if we might have a transfer in our group and Im sure you know who I mean. There must be a few teams out there with some unhappy post players considering a transfer, maybe they will look our way with consideration of our Nit championship, hope so.

  36. SteveW, have no idea who you are referring to as a transfer? Are you speaking of a grad transfer who would be immediately available? And yes Steve, I agree about Wise, she was Pitt’s leading rebounder with almost double figures in that category. I am really looking forward to next year!

  37. Latvia girl should be a great addition. Royster, Marchase, and Latvia girl should be able to hold down center position plus give some variety in looks for next year….5 to 10 minutes for Latvia girl, 5 to10 minutes for Marchase and 20 to 30 minutes for Royster depending on game situations. The following year you now should have Marchase, Latvia girl, and Colorado girl and IU ladies just got bigger in the post…plus whoever else might come along. A positive is if they can play T.Moren and staff will coach post players well.

  38. T– I had forgotten about Holmes and did some research on her. She has some very impressive stats and comments from IU recruiting staff. She was an all-state pick as a sophomore, has received over 30 Div. 1 offers. IU staff told Briggs her club team coach that after recruiting all around the country they had Holmes rated as the #2 post player. Holmes avg 21.7 pts, 13.2 reb, 3.1steals, 5.1 blocks. IU’s coaching staff had been to over 20 firecracker games watching Holmes against top rated centers to back up their rating of Holmes, according to Briggs. Keep in mind this is only a verbal although there is a snapshot of Holmes in IU gear.

  39. Another comment that came in the article was that Wisne according to the IU staff would most likely redshirt as a freshman.

  40. SteveW, my bad, she has played so little this year, I had completely forgotten about her. I agree, I would be shocked if she returned next year?

  41. Steve and Mike,
    I need help big time.
    Who is “the Johnson girl” and who is “Wisne?”

  42. Should have done a little Googling before I asked such a dumb question.
    OK, Wisne is the Colorado girl.
    And “the Johnson girl” is Alexis Johnson.
    Alexsis, in my opinion, had a marvelous attitude and was the consummate team player. Really felt bad for her that she seldom got to play.

  43. Appears Moren has sent the message to Alexis , we dont know the whole story since we only got to see her in the game during mopup last minute play. She did the same to Maura Muensterman who I liked a lot . She was an indiana girl runner up miss basketball from mater dei . Those who remember Maura also know she won the 3pt shooting going away in hoosier hysteria and not Tyra Buss. If I sound pissed I am , think she didnt get a chance. But she did get in the game more than Alexis has.

  44. I wish we had seen more from Muensterman as well.
    Looking at her production, before injuries, at Belmont, she would have been a decent reserve player.
    I don’t know why Moren didn’t play her, but I do not think it was the end of the world that she left.

  45. Just throwing this out there, I read during Muensterman’s freshman year that the coaching staff thought she was a bit slow defensively to play the way they wanted to play? Don’t know if that was accurate or not considering we didn’t get to see her play that much? Bvance, I agree with you as to losing her really didn’t effect the team when you consider the team’s success over the last 4 years. The best 4 year period in IU women’s basketball history! One thing we must always remember, we as fans don’t see practice every day so we don’t know how the players are performing in practice? There are always things that we as fans don’t understand as far as the coach’s decision to play or not play certain players as for instance, the lack of playing time for Bri Wickware, which I have questioned all year long? But, I am not a coach and I don’t observe practice, so, coaches do what coaches do and I am sure they have legitimate reasons. Whatever the reasons are, the team has been incredibly successful during the Moren area so far. Keep up the good work coach. Go Hoosiers!!

  46. You hit the nail on the head MikeC. We as fans don’t know what goes on behind the scenes during workouts and practice. Attitude and a willingness to work hard is also a major factor. The world is full of talented failures.
    Wickware played great during her limited time in the WNIT. She came up huge on the defensive end more than once and made excellent decisions. You can tell that the game has slowed down for her and she is having a blast. She is long and very athletic and she will be a vital cog in next years machine.
    Fun facts …… After her 1st season J. Penn is ahead of where T. Buss was in points scored (400 to 362), fg% (.420 to .390), 3 pt% (.359 to .240), and ft% (.826 to .679). Some of Tyra’s records may not last long.

    1. A little extra context for those numbers (being a math teacher, I love looking at statistics and analyzing data):
      Tyra’s freshmen year, we had Larryn Brooks as our lead scorer ahead of Tyra.
      I loved Larryn and thought she was a wonderful player, a great leader, and someone who really energized our fan base.
      But she was nowhere near the scorer that Tyra was this year. Larryn scored 11.8 points per game in her only year of playing with Tyra, while Tyra averaged 20.6 points per game this year.

      Teams were not focusing in on Larryn to prevent her from scoring the way then that teams focused on Tyra this year, which freed up Jaelynn for some better looks, which could be a reason for some of those higher percentages.
      We also played in 6 more games this year than in Tyra’s first, so that also makes a difference in the total points.

      All that being said, I think Jaelynn is going to be an amazing player for us and none of that was a knock on either player.
      I am really looking forward to having three more years of both her and Bendu to watch grow into even better players than they currently are.
      (Also interesting note: our average attendance this year would have been the game with the 3rd highest attendance in 2013-2014)

      1. Yes Larryn was our point guard when Tyra was a freshman and she was entertaining to watch on the offensive end of the floor. Not so much on the defensive end.
        The growth and improvement of both Tyra and Amanda over their four years was an absolute pleasure to watch and as an avid fan I will miss watching both of them compete.

        With that being said I predict that the team next season will be more successful than this past season. We will be 5 deep at guard and 6 deep in the front court. Trapping and pressing is now on the table. We will also be a bigger team (no offense Tyra) and become more athletic with the addition of Brenna Wise, Grace Berger, Ali Patberg, and Aleksa Gulbe . Brenna Wise was the team’s leading scorer as a sophomore her last season in the ACC at Pitt (14.3 ppg) and was a 90% (.895) ft shooter. She is a very savvy player and an intense competitor. Ali Patberg hasn’t scratched the surface yet of her potential. It won’t take her very long to get back into the flow. We all know the potential of Grace Berger and the size of Aleksa Gulbe can provide huge contributions if enough growth occurs by the conference schedule. Dr J & Bendu ………. the sky’s the limit at both ends of the court for them. Linsey Marchese is way ahead of where Jen Anderson was after her freshman season. Bre Wickware will play an important role and continue having a blast. And Kym Royster is going to have a monster season as a senior.
        I can’t wait to watch it unfold with all of you!
        Keep on keepin on.

        1. Most definitely!
          Anyone who isn’t excited about the future of this team has got to have some sort of bone to pick.

  47. Scwartzie, very interesting stats about Penn compared to Buss. Penn is going to be a REAL monster for us barring injury! I have told Rollie all year long that Penn and Bendo are the real deal and are going to be huge for us akin to Tyra & Amanda. Bendo will not be a huge stats freak but, her all around play will be huge! Fan, didn’t know that Johnson had knee issues, that may explain her inability to get minutes on the floor? Hopefully after surgery , we will see her real ability next year. This could be a good thing for our depth next year? Next year could be really interesting with added depth with a healthy Johnson, Ali and Brenna in the starting lineup and improved experience from Bendo & Jalynn and a much improved Lynsey backing a hopefully more consistent Kym. I hope to see Keyanna play the way she did during the WNIT. I do know that Grace Berger is going to add a new dimension at the wing and hopefully Chanel Wilson recovering from her latest surgery will add increased quickness and speed at the backup guard position. The biggest question will be, what can Aleksa Gulbe add to our post and wing positions? All in all, it looks like it could be a very exciting season. Go Hoosiers!

  48. Yes Penn and Bendu are the real deal , but all the freshmen that played have come a long way from the beginning of the year. I look for keyanna to be a real plus next season. It will be interesting to see how the team clicks next year after being so used to Buss and Cahill on the floor. Enter Patberg and Wise along with Berger. Have you considered the fact we may have 3 5 star players on the floor at the same time next season, at least at times. Go IU.

  49. The way I see it… Proven Committees in the B1G..

    Key .. At times..

    The rest we shall see…

  50. I would add Wickware .. At times..to the list, and I would like to see this comment section reach 100!
    Wish somebody would set up an IUWBB forum.

  51. Penn
    At least at beginning of season, hard for me to see a variation in this starting lineup.

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