1. Watching this Rutgers game is like watching two different IU teams play. The IU team that played the first 14 minutes of the first half is a different team than the one that has played since. Same old same old. Bad guard play that lead to really stupid turnovers that lead to easy lay-ups. This is PAINFUL to watch!

  2. IU may yet win this game in spite of themselves. I’ll say one thing for these guys, they don’t quit.

  3. This team is just so weak mentally. There is just no basketball IQ. This has to be killing Archie. He was a point guard for goodness sake. Our guard play is just plain dumb. I shouldn’t have eaten at Cracker Barrel tonight. I left more than three tees a lot. Ha ha

  4. I was looking to see the re-match against Purdue, but this powerhouse (Rutgers) got in the way.

    This was as miserable a season as I’ve ever watched an I.U. Basketball Team play.

    These guys started out looking as though they didn’t know who each other were, and end it falling to the #14 seed (Rutgers) who previously had only won 3 games in the Big Ten.

    The only positive aspect of this season is that Romeo could think “Hey, if I throw my chances in with these guys I’m going to have a great time and possibly go to the Final Four!”

  5. The Age old Problem for this years team came back with a Vengeance. Poor Guard play including shooting. If the Guards don’t score Morgan and frontline doesn’t get ANYTHING to score. Thanks Colin for all you have done but its time to retire and allow your Body to heal ..you have played courageously your entire career at IU. Josh I’m glad your career is over…move along; BUT if you cant shoot from outside at any distance the defense just packs in and NOTHING happens.

  6. What a complete mess, made possible by relaxing after being on the verge of blowing this team out in the first 8 min. After that it was all Rutgers. I give them credit. They turned up the heat, shots started going in from everywhere & we self-destructed. Simple as that.

    I’d like to see our record this year when shooting 24 3’s. And for the life of me, at this point, why Newkirk, Hartman & Durham think the can them 30+ games in. Best thing that happened to us was Durham getting fouled on 2 of them & drilling 6 FTs.

    We simply did not match the physical play inside & when the 3s are falling, it’s all about the paint. And we lost that battle.

  7. Archie’s biggest dilemma tonight might just be who to send to the press conference. Morgan had 15 & 9, so I guess you have to send him in.

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