Crean named new Georgia coach

On the first day of last year’s NCAA Tournament, Tom Crean lost his job at Indiana.

On Thursday, the opening day of this year’s tournament, Crean accepted his next job at Georgia.

The former IU coach was officially named the next coach at Georgia on Thursday night, taking over a program searching for relevance in the Southeastern Conference.

“I am honored and humbled to join the University of Georgia family,” Crean said in a statement. “I am sincerely grateful to President Morehead and (athletic director) Greg McGarity for an incredible opportunity. Make no mistake, this is a basketball program inside of a great university that can compete for championships doing it the right way. We will work diligently and with great energy to make everyone associated with the University of Georgia very proud of our efforts. We’re going to need everyone in the Bulldog Nation to help us to create the energy and excitement that will take Georgia to the highest levels of success.”

Crean went 166-135 in nine seasons at IU, rebuilding the Hoosiers in the wake of NCAA sanctions incurred by his predecessor, Kelvin Sampson. Crean’s Indiana teams made three Sweet 16 appearances and won two Big Ten regular season titles, with Crean receiving conference coach of the year honors in 2016. Inconsistency, however, ultimately ended his tenure in Bloomington last March when Indiana finished 18-16 and lost its National Invitation Tournament opener at Georgia Tech.

Crean, who has no ties to the Southeast, spent the 2017-18 college basketball season as an analyst for ESPN.

“Tom Crean is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball over the past two decades,” McGarity said in a statement. “His teams have consistently been participants in postseason play, and his players have been extremely successful in the classroom. He’s going to be a great fit for the University of Georgia. I’m extremely excited to have him leading Georgia Basketball into the future and to welcome his family into the Bulldog Nation.”

Georgia was searching for a splash hire, and Crean was the school’s second choice. Earlier this week, former Ohio State coach Thad Matta turned down the Bulldogs.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Crean agreed to a six-year deal that will pay him $3.2 million annually. With those terms, it appears IU’s financial responsibility to Crean is now over.

Per Crean’s contract with Indiana, if the coach finds comparable employment elsewhere, IU’s buyout obligation is offset and reduced dollar-for-dollar based on his salary at his next job.

Georgia went to its only Final Four in program history in 1983, and has made only two appearances in the Sweet 16. The Bulldogs have played in three NCAA Tournaments since 2008.


  1. Really tired of the comments that give Coach Crean no credit as if he accomplished nothing in his years at IU. One thing for sure, the Crean era proved that Indiana has just as many unreasonable fans as other major programs. I appreciate his efforts and accomplishments, like many others I was ready to move on, but I can feel that way and still appreciate him. Hoosier nation can respect what Tom did and still be fully supportive of Archie. Good luck Tom!

    1. …and what he didn’t do positively is own recruiting in the state of Indiana…originally recruiting was supposedly his forte…which is solely the topic of my short, focused, targeted and unbiased posts…

  2. All of the Tom Crean supporters, now have a chance to switch schools and root for Georgia and they have an excellent football team and you can look forward to playing in January. You won’t have to complain about I U Football anymore.

  3. I know it is only a matter of time before H4H weighs in on this development, so I will go ahead and get my two cents worth in on the matter. While I was somewhat reluctant to go with the early calls for TC to be fired, in the end it became obviously necessary. My reluctance was due to the situation TC inherited coming to IU. I cannot think of any scenario among college basketball’s top tier programs ever being worse than what TC walked into.

    Being willing to take on the unmitigated disaster which was IU basketball and turn it around deserved significant credit. There were a lot of name coaches who said thanks but no thanks to the mess. I know there were some unproven coaches who wanted the challenge, but only TC stepped up to take on the rather brutal situation. Sadly, the turnaround was short lived due to significant deficiencies in TC’s coaching approach.

    What I would warn the Crean critics of is something I feared all along if TC were ever dismissed, finding a talent hotbed. Whether any posters to this site realize it or not, there is a large pool of basketball talent in the south. It was good enough for Denny Crum to win two national championships at Louisville based on a talent pipeline from just one southern state. Lest anyone forget possibly the greatest collegiate basketball team of all time (1976 Indiana Hoosiers), came within an eyelash of losing to Wimp Sanderson’s Alabama team in the tournament. Only team to seriously challenge the ’76 team, and IU could have easily lost that one and I hadn’t forgot about the TC to Alabama rumors a few years ago.

    My biggest fear for Hoosier nation in regards to TC has been the Joe B. Hall effect, should he land at another school. Especially a southern school with lower expectations. Remember TC like Joe B Hall at Kentucky was somewhat limited in coaching prowess, but Joe B finally recruited a team so talented they won it all despite Joe B. The embarrassment to Hoosier nation would be significant should a fired former coach win a title before IU could win one.

    Not saying TC will ever pull something like this off, may even fail at Georgia as well. Thing which needs to be remembered is sometimes you don’t have to be good, just lucky.

    PS It took me so long to write this epistle, H4H may still beat me to the punch!

  4. First of all, regardless of who or who didn’t want the IU job (for those who felt they already had a better situation) please, it is laughable to the insanely max to think that anyone (all coaches) including T.C. stepped up to the IU job or any major coaching job due to THE MONEY AND PERKS THEY GET FOR DOING SOMETHING THEY SO CALLED LOVE TO DO. That includes all major college coaching in the major men’s sports. What else are they going to do? Become a policeman, fireman, construction worker, school teacher, retail sales person, banker making between 50,000 to a 100,000 thousand a year for most of them. Those that would make more than a couple hundred thousand would be the exception. Mens coaches and the like in major sports in major programs don’t step up to nothing. Rather, they are living their dream. It is a great gig if you can get one or more of them.

  5. Did anyone else see the Arizona players (“Bears”) standing idly by in the tunnel watching the end of the preceding game? When I saw that I said to myself, “What Coach would allow his players to stand there like that?” But of course it was rhetorical questioning, as I knew the answer. Sean Miller! And what a beating Arizona took from Buffalo! Good gosh, I’ve always thought Arizona did not know how to play Basketball, but that was really instructive.

    1. Arizona deserves heaping amounts of criticism for how they played last night, but this is a rather odd criticism. I’ve seen many many teams over the years watch the preceding game from the tunnel. In fact, Duke was doing it yesterday. What should they be doing?

      They didn’t look like they could play basketball yesterday, but you “always thought Arizona did not know how to play basketball”? That’s ridiculous.

  6. ROCK ..the Arizona players MUST know something because 2 of them turned the “after game” presser into “IM going Pro” Presser…what coach wants that done to them? The bottom of their sneakers hadn’t even cooled off from the game

  7. For me, it’s time to be gracious to Tom Crean. His time at Indiana is long over as we’ve completed our journey around the sun since the day he was fired. He’s got a new job. We have a better captain at the helm and a bright future ahead. Wish Tom the best.

    Also, his buyout is over–I don’t think they’ve posted to details on his contract yet, but he’s probably making more that his annual buyout clause. So the whole, “we can’t afford to fire Crean,” which was never true, is officially over.

  8. “You learn more from failure than you do from success.” Tom Crean got fired from a great job last year. That firing represented his greatest professional failure. Since then he has spent a lot of time meeting with and studying successful leaders and coaches in business, basketball and other sports (reference recent Sports Illustrated article). He studied the winners, what they do, how they do it and why they do what they do. Clearly he spent a lot of time reflecting on his time at IU and analyzing his own performance. I believe he has learned a lot during the last year, recognized some of his faults and weaknesses and reaffirmed some of his strengths. If that process was sincere and he was truly introspective, my guess is that he will be a better coach going forward. That does not mean Georgia will be winning NCAA Basketball Championships any time soon, but I’ll bet they will be a significantly improved basketball program as a result of Crean’s coaching and leadership. The key factor will be the relationship created between Crean and Georgia’s AD and Administration, and the support the University gives him. Obviously, Georgia is a football school, and as a result it’s Athletic Department is loaded with cash. Given the basketball program’s history of losing (kind of like IU Football) Crean will benefit from Bulldogs fans’ low expectations, and that’s a huge advantage for Crean. Georgia basketball has no where to go but up, and as someone stated above, there is a lot of basketball talent in the southeast.

    I still don’t understand why certain people within the Hoosier Nation perpetuate the hate toward Crean? He’s long gone from IU and he’s not coming back. But the Crean-haters can’t let go of their animosity, and can’t resist continuing to attack the man. That’s really messed up! Crean was not a great basketball coach, but by all accounts he was a good and decent man. The net affect of Crean’s time at IU was positive, not negative. Compared to the condition IU basketball was in when he was hired, Crean did a good job resurrecting the program. Obviously, that wasn’t enough for the Hoosier Nation, but it’s not like Crean destroyed the program! Ironically, there appears to be more Crean-haters spewing their bile today than there were Sampson-haters a year after IU fired that cheater. And if you’re still hating on Crean, you need to take a serious look in the mirror and determine the source of your chronic anger. Crean is a good and decent man who did many good and generous things for many people in the Hoosier Nation, never seeking recognition for his many good deeds. Obviously, Crean has moved on. His critics and the hard core Crean-haters should do the same. “The best revenge is to live well.”

  9. Good post Double Down, and I agree with your comments. Yes, Fred Glass is probably the second happiest man in American about the news of Crean getting hired by Georgia, because Glass and his Athletic budget are now off the hook for the $1 million annual severance (less whatever ESPN would have paid him) IU was required to pay Crean for the next three years (does anyone think Glass will devote that $1 million a year to the football coaching compensation budget?). Crean’s new compensation package at Georgia is $3.2 million per year. Only time will tell if Archie is a better coach than Crean, but obviously Archie is a better fit for the Hoosier Nation. But if, after the next four years, Archie turns out to be the carbon copy of his older brother (can’t get his teams to the final four, gets blown out in the first round with the best player in college basketball on the floor), Archie will replace Crean as the target for those haters living within the Hoosier Nation. And if by some miracle, Crean is able to lead Georgia to the final four, the Crean-haters will choke on the mountains of crow they will be forced to eat.

  10. Anyone with 1/2 a memory knows the negative was and still is much greater for Kelvin Sanctions than for Crean. Except for the ‘poster king’. I’d bet mega $ Crean recognizes 0 failures of his body of work at IU. But he will be less criticized and get along better at a FB school.

  11. If Crean’s success at Georgia is realized, it is mutually exclusive from where the state of the program was at Indiana before he was fired. Crean did some good things here, but he also did a number of things that led the program being put in a position where it could no longer compete at an elite level consistently enough. A clean slate at Georgia may remove some of those issues.

    Wish him the best. Definitely rooting for him to take down Coach Cal twice a year. Wonder if Cal will refuse to play on the road in Athens now. 😉

  12. Good for him i like Tom Crean the unreasonable hate for him with people who make comments through this site it will always be the same repetitive nonsense i get tired of hearing about recruiting indiana its a load of nonsense lets say he did and he still didnt win then what? lets be honest here people its been 31 years since a title has been won this isnt 1987 i could care less about that crap winning is number one dont care if he came from Antarctica does Duke fans care if the players came from north carolina how about Gonzaga?this state is the only one i feel that is stuck in a perpetual time warp

  13. I don’t believe any IU fan can appreciate the level of destitution that was in place with IU Basketball when Crean was hired by IU, and just how steep a climb it was going to be to return it to elite status. A lot of good coaches passed on taking the job in spite of some excellent compensation offered by IU at the time. Crean did not get the BB program back to where we all wanted it to be, but too many people to this day attack him as if he was the problem, instead of blaming the many others, Sampson just one among many, who took the program to its knees. I also believe the style Crean’s teams played rubbed a lot of Hoosier basketball purists the wrong way. He did not emphasize team defense and appeared not to be able to coach it. He liked up-tempo offenses instead of requiring his players to make a minimum number of passes before a shot was taken. His continuous hyperactive behavior on the sidelines drove people crazy. But the bottom line is he did not beat Syracuse and advance past the Sweet 16 with his best roster. That was the unforgivable sin that Tom Crean committed! Forget that his point guard was a true freshman, that his shooting guard had an injured shoulder, and his 6’11” forward/center got mugged throughout the entire game. His team lost when the Hoosier nation expected them to win, and Crean was doomed from that point on.

    1. Podunker,
      I think there are both anti-Crean and pro-Crean folks that would agree with you about not winning enough being the simple problem, starting with Syracuse. However, I couldn’t disagree more. The problem is the hyperactive sideline demeanor was indicative of the manic approach behind the scenes. The 2013 team should’ve been the start of building a contender year in and year out, but instead IU missed the NCAAs two of the next four years and recruiting was headed the wrong direction, along with the defense. Losing to Syracuse was no surprise. Those things happen, ask Virginia or even Kansas before Mario Chalmers finally led them to a national championship. If you put yourself in position to reach the final four or win a national title often enough, you eventually will. That wasn’t happening with Crean, and Dwyane Wade wasn’t walking through that door.

      1. Agreed. It wasn’t just that he didn’t win consistently, it was that they were rarely in a position to win consistently. This years team was lacking in shooters but Crean once put together a team that couldn’t hit a layup. He followed that with a team that couldn’t grab a rebound. None of his teams could stop anyone from scoring.

        There just wasn’t any hope that things were getting better. He was able to bundle his enthusiasm with the Indiana name and bring in enough players that upsets were always possible. Indiana winning shouldn’t be an upset.

  14. Well, I sure got shown. Last week I claimed it was laughable for the SEC to get 8 bids to the NCAA Tournament to be awarded to teams with dismal records. I was duly informed by those who know better that the depth of SEC talent far exceeded that of the Big Ten.

    Well, here I am…hat in hand. Despite only having 8 bids to work with the mighty SEC advanced as many teams to the Sweet Sixteen as the lowly Big Ten. To be fair, the Big Ten never received the ass whippings at the hands of lower seeds that has become expected in tournament contests for SEC teams. In fact, the Big Ten teams very nearly swept the tourney and advanced all four teams who received bids.

    Bravo. Maintaining such a storied tradition makes the game better for us all.

    Obviously, I was mistaken. Watching your regular season champions lose by 30 to a lower seed is what SEC basketball is all about.

    1. Chet,

      Sorry man, this makes no sense. Transference doesn’t work here. The NCAA selection committee uses a certain criteria and they’re consistent with it. No one was arguing from preference. It’s very clear: If Big Ten schools want to go to the Tom Crean school of scheduling, then when their mediocre seasons come to roost, they’ll find themselves on the outside looking in.

      You’re selectively cherry picking. An SEC school destroyed the reigning national champions yesterday too. The ACC’s champion was sent home on the worst loss in the history of the tournament. No one is arguing that the ACC stinks.

      B1G had two teams sneak into the Sweet 16 by a hair (they were both supposed to win), and Michigan State got embarrassed by play in Syracuse. The Big Ten hasn’t performed all that well.

      Sorry, Penn State and Nebraska deserved to be left out. Big Ten schools need to stop eating cupcakes in the non conference season of they want to get the nod in March.

      1. Alabama. They went 20-16 and 8-10 in that conference that got completely exposed this weekend. The SEC champ was the only team to get exposed..only Kentucky and A&M escaped embarrassment. Their only legit non-conference game was Arizona and they lost.

        Yet…there they were.

          1. You know, we had this discussion last week after the bids were released and my parting comment was ‘we’ll see when they play the games.’

            We saw.

        1. Alabama was a bubble team with an RPI that was twice better than that of the nearest Big Ten “bubble team.” The RPI has it’s problems, but the committee uses it because it factors in SOS. In fact, the Big Ten’s Bubble teams weren’t even twice as high in the RPI as Alabama.

          And to show how deeply the tournament committee thought of Alabama’s long term prospects, they lined up against Villanova in Rnd 2. Got handled.

          1. I give.

            They still laid a massive egg as far as their on court performance. Auburn should drop the sport.

  15. DD, to be fair I think the margins are so much smaller. Land a couple good players and catch a team on an off night (I’m looking at you, Tar Heels) and…there you go.

  16. Arizona…FBI investigation. Destroyed by Buffalo. RPI…SOS…Quadrant?
    North Carolina…15 years of academic fraud. Destroyed by A&M. RPI…SOS…Quadrant?
    MSU…Miles Bridges named in FBI investigation. Pathetic upper management in athletics administration witnessed during unveiling of sexual assault within their gymnastic program. Upset by the last of the “last four in.” RPI…SOS…Quadrant?
    U. of Miami…Think we know their history. Hookers on yachts, etc, etc.

    You can throw all the RPI, SOS, quadrants, analytics, and whatever other BS Establishment reasons the committee didn’t love the Big Ten(a.k.a. A lot more of the Midwest) right out the window with the baby and the baby’s bath water.

    By the looks of all the cheaters/arrogant coaches/corrupted programs getting kicked in their baby teeth(along with any remaining humility in the game long lost), it appears a rather important someone overlooked is filling out a bracket….

    Heaven don’t like cheaters being referred to as a “favorite,” “blue blood,” “#1 seed,” or “giant”….

    Parity, my ass. Bracketology picks look like they came from a cracketology pipe.
    Put on your March Madness dancing sandals! Jesus (a.k.a. “The Desert Rambler”) filled out a bracket this year! Hell no Miller, Williams, Bennett, and Izzo! Hello Sister Jean!

  17. Sorry guys, I have not logged on in a couple of days, so I’m catching up here.

    I don’t disagree with any of the criticisms made about Crean’s coaching while he was at IU in the above posts. Clearly, he did not win consistently enough. Clearly, he did not consistently recruit enough of the best talent year after year. Clearly, his style and some of his mannerisms were not in line with the Hoosier Nation’s preferences. But first, we really don’t know how much the preceding 25 years contributed to Crean’s inability to consistently recruit enough of the best talent. And really, in the end, it really just boiled down to consistent recruiting 5-star talent. And even then, none of those shortcomings justify the continued demonization of an otherwise good man over a year after he was fired. More importantly, just like when, in the old days, Bob Knight grabbed the announcer’s microphone and admonished the fans in Assembly Hall to stop chanting “B.S., B.S.,….. B.S., B.S.” because “this is Indiana,” continuing to attack Crean twelve months after he was fired does nothing but sully the Hoosier Nation. Growing up watching IU BB games in Bloomington, I always thought Hoosier fans were the classiest, most knowledgeable, most passionate basketball fans in the country. I’d watch IU BB games at other venues and just shake my head at the collective classless and inappropriate behavior of the fans in those arenas. Who’d want to be associated with fans like some of those cretans? I was proud to be a Hoosier, win or lose, in part because of the way the Hoosier Nation behaved.

    To my knowledge, Crean has not uttered one negative word about IU since he was fired. And you know the temptation to do so must have been intense, if for no other reason than to defend his pride. But he has taken the high road and stayed on it, taking every opportunity in his media interviews to convey his well wishes to IU, to Archie, to the BB program, and to the Hoosier Nation. As the classiest college basketball fans in the country, we should all try do the same in return.

    1. Hoosier Nation? There’s really only one poster on here who routinely brings up Crean’s name. Most people have moved on, embraced Archie and see a much better opportunity for the program’s future.

      Hate to break it to you, but he will be brought up from time to time. He’s a part of our history, good and bad. People are going to discuss him from time to time. And since he ultimately fell short, and his manic personality didn’t make a whole lot of friends in Bloomington, his image will likely continue to take a few punches to the jaw every now and again. Crean made millions to coach at Indiana. People are entitled to criticize the job he did.

      1. And if you think the criticism is heavy here, you best look around at other forums….He’s more fun than Sarah Palin. When you are a pious blowbag, posturing yourself to be beyond flawless, you best expect to be scrutinized and called out on more than a few occasions. What is on Scoop is mild stuff.

        He got the Georgia job via another connection….He was never going to be hired without the help of old buddy Izzo. Do you really think guys like Calipari and Izzo wanted IU to have a competent coach who could recruit Indiana and drive those programs back to the irrelevance they belong?

  18. I gave no problem with the guy. He’s the coach of Georgia. What do I care about Georgia? No reason not to think he’s an improvement over what they had.

  19. Criticizing Crean’s performance as a coach is fair game, trying to demonize and denigrate the man should be out of bounds for rational people. As for how good a job he did coaching at IU, we’ll have a much better idea five years from now.

    1. It took me about 5 games into this years B1G season to see Crean’s performance will be far below anything HC Miller establishes. Game optics highlight a better brand of ball.

  20. DD, I’ve alredy conceded the point on conferences but here is the thing about the RPI. It is based on preconceived notions. Call it a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Each team is initially assigned a value based on a subjective opinion. That is based on nothing quantifiable. If, on the initial RPI, every team in the Atlantic Ten was assigned the top spot on the index, with all things being equal, at the end of the season the conference members would end up with a high RPI because they played each other.

    I believe such preconceived notions affected the RPI ratings of the SEC this season. It happens to different conferences. The ACC had ridiculous RPIs for years based on nothing but television appeal and preseason expectations.

    1. Sure. That’s very true. But the Big Ten can remedy that by playing a tougher schedule. AM is fixing that problem for IU.

      When talking about 9-10-11-12 seeds, we’re really nitpicking. Of course we’re going to favor our preferred conferences. But I don’t think the “one and out” format in any particular year is proof of anything. Give 3 – 7 years of relative performance and there you go, conference strength plays out.

      Big Ten hasn’t had a champion since 2000 and before that? 1989. Yikes. Pac 12 hasn’t had one since Arizona in ’97. The Big East has had 4 since 2000.

      Maybe the Big Ten does a little stronger overall in the tournament sans bringing home the prize, but I have no idea how to find that info or what criteria to use.

  21. Take the high road? You mean like Crean did when he was hired? You must be joking. He never took the high road when he was hired. He never took it with Devin Davis or any kid that didn’t fit a level of holier than thou(ness) no one can live up to. He used the tradition and old prestige of his new lucky home, Indiana, to denigrate to extremes 18-year-old kids who made no more mistakes than most our own children have probably made in their early college days. He deserves every bit of mockery he gets….not just as a bad coach, but as a fraud of personality. He gets hired via family connections, collusion, and backdoor deals. Yet, he stands above as a superior human being in the face of anyone making a mistake.

    He’s the luckiest man on earth….And for being a pious blowbag who couldn’t control himself in being vicious to kids who made a few mistakes, I’ll never consider him to possess anything of the character found in any Hoosier I’ve ever known. He was the ultimate coward….and the ultimate piece of snide.
    He is the furthest thing from a true class act. Chasing Jeff Meyer five years after he took the IU job? Nothing but a carnival act. And he brought that carnival act because we had the history and tradition allowing the buffoon to get away with it.

    1. I hope discipline Miller institutes to neutralize bad behavior is at least as tough as Crean displayed. 3 or 4 after taming the out of control situation he inherited he got bit a couple of times, learned his lesson and toughened up on offenders. Just as it should be.

  22. Major sports…. from major head coaches (college and (pro coaches + mgt+players)) to athletic directors to college presidents to tv game announcers and commentators etc to committees involved are a bunch of sleaze balls living the American financial +perks dream.

  23. HC made a good point above when he referenced “a better brand of basketball.” While I respect anyone’s brand preferences, I don’t personally care about the “brand” of basketball IU plays. I care about the results, I care about IU winning (and playing within the rules). If, as it was before Bob Knight took over at IU, we get a coach whose brand of basketball is to run-and-gun (remember the “Hurrying Hoosiers?) with less emphasis on defense, and that brand of basketball wins games, Big Ten Championships and allows IU to go deep into NCAA tournament, why would anyone care about the brand of basketball IU played? So, if five years from now, IU men’s basketball has not won a Big Ten Championship or made it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tourney, will we still be saying that “Crean’s performance was far below anything HC Miller established?” By all accounts, I believe Archie is a better coach than Crean. I believe he will lead IU to higher levels of success than Crean did. But only time will tell. In the meantime, we need to remember that Archie’s brand of basketball maybe ideal for the majority of Hoosier fans, but it won’t save him from being fired if his teams don’t win games, Big Ten Championships and go deep in the NCAA Tourney. Winning (with integrity) trumps everything.

    1. “Hurryin'” was 1960….Everyone is athletic and hurryin’ now. You best be prepared to give a little resistance.

      Educate yourself…Read up on Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis….and all the great basketball talent that had to play for the ‘Hurryin’ Globetrotters’ in the 1950’s to early ’60’s…Why? Because most colleges weren’t recruiting or offering black athletes scholarships. Hell yes…Indiana was hurrying …because we were one of the few universities to begin to recruit and accept highly skilled black kids into our program.
      The ‘Big O’ still thought their was racism at Indiana…but that’s another tale.

      1. Did a bit more thorough research into the hurryin’ “brand” of 1953……Guards were actually guards back then! Not fast by today’s standards, but sharpshooters galore. I would also say they weren’t the best bunch at perimeter defense. No question, things were different in appearances and style.

    2. ZERO people are disagreeing that if AM doesn’t perform up to the standards he was hired upon, will lose his job.

      EVERYONE else is saying that this brand of basketball is the kind that leads to better and more consistent results, which translates to deeper tournament runs, than what Crean produced. Crean’s teams needed to have a hot shooting night, or they’d lose. Every team has a bad shooting night every now and again. But teams that have a defensive mindset and know how to eek out scoring in the half-court, find ways to win when they’re ice cold. I never saw a Crean team win an ugly game where their shooters all went cold (maybe there are a few, but I don’t remember them–I just remember Wisconsin owning Crean thoroughly).

      So yes. Winning trumps everything. And this winning is something that a lot of us here feel is coming based on the way Archie coached this year and by the way he’s recruiting for the future of the program.

  24. Thus far early on has A.M. gotten any or enough Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky caliber recruits?

  25. OK, I’m able to admit I was wrong. The SEC is a superior conference and they proved it on neutral courts.

    Sure, the last two victims went down in flames. A&M got racehorsed by Michigan and Kentucky lost to a team that did not have its best player and fouled out the next best three but…that doesn’t really mean anything.

    I was wrong.

    1. Indeed, Penn State and Nebraska should have been in. You’re totally right. 😉

      A&M was a 7 seed. Kentucky was just a 5. They both overshot to get to where they were and lost just as they were seeded.

      No one is saying the conference is superior. The bubble teams within the ACC, Big 12 & SEC clearly scheduled better in the non-conference. If Big Ten wants to get more teams in, stop playing schools that would have lost to New Albany HS in the non-conference.

      The Big Ten got just as many teams into the tournament as they deserved.

      Nothing better than watching Coach Cal get sent home. The perpetual whine-face never stuck around to shake hands after the game. Stay classy Cal.

      1. Okay, I guess I’m not good at this. So, Kentucky is a 5 seed. In the first round they beat a 12 seed. Then they beat a 13 seed. Then they lost to a 9 seed.

        But, they ‘overshot to get where they were and lost as they were seeded’.

        I was under they impression that the lower seeds were the favorites. HALF the SEC team were eliminated by lower seeds. Their only win over a higher seed was an 9 seed beating an 8 seed.

        Kansas State was missing their only star caliber player and, due to fouls, finished a nip and tuck game with ONE starter remaining on the floor. Kansas State was barely a shadow of the team that entered the tournament. But they were good enough to lead UK wire to wire.

        The SEC completely screwed the pooch in this tournament. End of story. Now, they’re all gone.

        1. I transposed ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ as, in this case, higher is not as good. Half the SEC teams lost to ‘higher’ (not as good) teams and they only beat one ‘lower’ (better seeded) team in an 8 vs. 9 game.

          1. Correction, I forgot A&M upset UNC. So, the won half as many games against better seeds than they lost to worse seeds.

          2. The highly touted SEC, with their 8 tournament bids, finished the tournament 8-8. Half were eliminated by teams they were picked to beat.

            The Big Ten is 7-2 with two teams still playing.

            At the end of the day opinions don’t matter and it doesn’t matter how many bids you get if you can’t win the games and the other guys can.

        2. SEC did stink this year. Last year they went 11-5. Big Ten stunk last year and the year before they were even worse.

          The transitive property doesn’t work. Because Michigan (only Big Ten team left) is making a run this year, doesn’t vindicate Penn State or Nebraska from being left out.

      2. I think you’re missing the whole point here, guys. This is a wonderful year. All the cheaters are out. We still have one Cinderella in Loyola and a couple improbable/unexpected deep runs by Kansas State and Texas Tech.

        Michigan has once again proven a great formula for getting deep…Wagner has replaced McGary as the versatile spark plug and difficult man in middle to game plan against. Surround such a force with shooters and tough defense…and here they go again.

        And once again… the cream of good coaching rises to the top. It always does. An old stubborn thorn of a Knight disciple in Coach K forever remaining a force…and Chris Beard as the new “up and coming.” Both will give full credit in having the greatest teacher of the game when it counted most in their careers.

  26. Conference Midwest Elite just added Michigan and Loyola…..Very well could add Purdue tomorrow night.

    Current tally….
    10 different teams in Conference Midwest Elite with a collective 25 Elite Eight’s over the last decade of Crean (the last season was on Crean because of the lowly level of competitiveness he left the program).

    Conference Midwest Elite: 25
    Crean & IU: 0

    Bruce Weber’s K-State and the Loyola of Chicago Ramblers can now claim more tournament success than Crean during his charades at IU.

    Nice game by Mo Wagner tonight…But this is a night to celebrate the ramblin’ machine of the Ramblers. Way to go Loyola.

    1. H4H,
      You and the Crean haters have got to let the vendetta go, he’s been gone a year and it moving on to another coaching position. Sometimes things actually work out for the best. Let me give you a couple hypothetical scenarios:

      It’s the spring of the year 2037 and veteran Indiana Coach Archie Miller is cutting down the
      nets on his 5th national championship in a stellar carrier. On a side note over at Ohio State
      they are still fuming at not moving quickly enough to hire the former Dayton coach.

      In an alternate universe it is the spring of 2037 and veteran Ohio State Coach Archie Miller is
      cutting down the nets of his 5th national championship in a stellar carrier. While over in
      Hoosier land, there are wishing they had waited a couple years before firing there former
      coach Tom Crean. They had good relations with Coach Miller while at Dayton, but the fan
      base was so agitated they felt it necessary to terminate Coach Crean in the spring of 2015
      instead of the Spring of 2017.

      Only time will tell, but if Coach Miller has an extreme amount of success at IU, then one would have consider Coach Crean’s time at IU as a essential bridge over the 9 years from the Sampson Armageddon to the Miller era. I know there are plenty variables regarding the Crean hiring such as Billy Donovan’s availability and such. One will never know if another coach could have done better with the catastrophe Tom Crean inherited, but it is time to move on.

      1. thinkaboutit-

        I’m not letting those so easily off the hook for endlessly apologizing for a terrible coach. I’m not so naive as to know why he had so many in his camp who “would not let go” from supporting him. It had zero to do with building winning basketball at Indiana University. Those supporting such an unqualified buffoon were certainly in an alternative universe…. Are you old enough to recall the old television show from the seventies …called ‘Lost in Space?’ I think Netflix is bringing it back as a new series.

        And our athletic director(coincidentally hired by Crean) shouldn’t be so easily removed from his ineptitude(with the same agenda protectionism and ideologies as the old camp of Crean apologists) simply because he finally hired an available competent coach after 10 years of letting it rot as wrong.

        How can anyone not see how much we slipped over the Crean era….Rather than facing that truth, they can’t let go and admit how wrong they were.

        2010-2018 Elite Eight Appearances
        Conference Midwest Elite (UK, Louisville, Butler, OSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Xavier, Notre Dame, Loyola): 25
        Indiana: 0

        What a tragedy in apology. Now, even the University of Loyola-Chicago has more tournament bragging rights than Indiana over the miserable decade of Crean. It’s not time for me to let go. It’s time for most of you to apologize to true basketball fans for having such a misguided agenda in allowing it to happen.

        1. H4H,

          Your still missing the basic point. Yes, I do remember the series and my memory goes back many years before that time. Since you wanted to recall an old TV series, let me give you another. There was a BBC science documentary series aired in the 70’s and again a few decades later, I think the presenter was James Burke. The premise of the series was to go back and explore how various events both good and bad in the past brought about significant modern technology we now take for granted and consider indispensable.

          The point with the Crean era as with the development of the technological miracles we now use everyday was there were events every bit as bad and worse than what you lay at the feet of Tom Crean. Yet even the bad eventually lead to something very good. This is what I am saying, if the Miller tenure produces something extremely good for IU BB, then it could not have happened with out the bad occurring in the preceding coaching tenures. It may be frustrating, but a lot of folks were frustrated with Lou Watson’s handling of IU BB before he was replaced by one Bobby Knight. Not to mention, Coach Knight was hired by then AD Bill Orwig, who many years prior had been brought in to clean up a ncaa mess.

          If it hadn’t been for the ncaa problems, no Orwig and maybe no John Pont Rose Bowl or Bobby Knight and 3 national championships.

        2. Crean hired Glass is a “fairy tale”. He was 1 of 13 members on a search committee. They all had IU affiliation to the University. Crean holding the shortest term of IU affiliation. They offered a list of folks to be interviewed by the top brass of IU. C.M. Newton a former NCAA coach and AD was hired as adviser to the president about the candidates. These are the facts of that hiring process not the lame brained conspiracy by a Crean hater.

  27. I think everyone who ever played for Bill Self developed that step back J from the free throw line.

  28. To ad to thinkaboutit’s comment above, “let the vendetta go” for no other reason than because it’s boring. It’s monotonous, suggesting that people who perpetuate the vendetta a year after he was fired suffer from derangement.

  29. suggesting that people who perpetuate the vendetta a year after he was fired suffer from derangement.

    Hmmm? One year perpetuating a vendetta after a firing equal derangement. Wonder what telling a measly assistant he “wrecked the program” five years after a firing equals? And the person perpetuating such a vendetta is also making three million dollars per year as a consequence….Now there’s some real derangement for you miserable apologists.

    1. Harv,

      I was beginning to worry about you, took you a day and a half to respond to my last quip. For a moment I thought maybe you had decided to let bygones be bygones and look to the future instead of continually digging up the dead bones of the past. You have shown a cautious optimism as have most of us about the IU BB future. I think it is going to take all of Hoosier nation focusing on the positive prospects for the future of the program to dig it out of the nearly quarter century malaise it has found itself in.

      There is plenty of blame and places fingers could be pointed at, but what good will it do in moving the current program forward? The best thing for the current program is to give what appears to be very competent coaching all the support we can instead of wasting energy upon what once was.

      1. Harv has got to be on Crean’s payroll. He is the only person who can still drum up support for him.

          1. Chet & HC,

            Only thing which could possibly be more fun than your replies will be the response we get from H4H. Kind of reminds me of the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!”

      2. No, I responded rather quickly…and then I asked Jeremy to take it down. I’m sort of teetering back and forth on the preferred method to address the worst decade of basketball in Indiana history. Lately, I’ve been teetering toward the doctored images route for most of my Crean editorial.
        But let’s face facts, boys….He left our program lost in space. Loyola and Michigan in the Final Four….Crean couldn’t even win a Sweet 16 game in nine seasons at IU.
        When things are pathetic, you have many choices….I wish most of you would have been forward thinkers like myself rather than settling for someone so inferior at his job. I wanted to “move on” in year 4 of Crean(actually much earlier because I knew he was a fraud from Day 1)…..or maybe we should call it moving forward(much like many advocated getting rid of a horrible defensive coordinator on our football team before poor coaching moved to a point of insulting the fan base).
        I knew Crean was an insult to the fan base(at least those with one iota of an honest eye for quality basketball and a simple passing of the eye test). Now you want to move on? You’re not moving on. You’re simply too narcissistic to admit how you apologized for a terrible coach… I don’t even believe you were looking through your Hoosier rose-colored glasses when you refused to express honesty on just how horrific our teams were coached under his cue cards and aptitude for the game equaling a pop-up book. I have nothing to come to terms with. You were the people on his payroll for a decade while having your pathetic agendas to sterilize IU with righteousness and condescension at the cost(a very big cost) of a true competence foremost valued always the signature and the lore of Indiana Basketball.
        I’m forever delighted the fraud is gone….but my doctored images and responses are with full intention to mock those who lived in denial, refused to move when it was obvious it was never going to to get better under Crean, preferring to stick agendas in a sorry place functioning outside of quality basketball. Maybe teach yourselves to identify competency before you decide to teach me to drink from the water…..You should be more careful and wise to not drink the stagnant waters…as in the hoops buffoonery sold by the Medicine Man from Marquette.

          1. Anyone still clinging to IU Football on a homey hometown blog …needs to understand the real meaning of a dead horse beater.
            If IU Basketball is in a “quarter century of malaise” predating
            Crean then IU Football is a half century of mayonnaise…predating the rarely used molasses in the back of the cupboard.

            Getting IU Basketball right is nothing more than putting a qualified driver in a Penske car at the Indy 500. We have the track(the lore and tradition of McCracken). We have the equipment(the abundance of great talent found in Indiana and the Midwest).
            Getting IU Football right is putting all your hopes in a donkey at the Kentucky Derby. A dead horse comes out of the gate faster….

      3. ….to dig it out of the nearly quarter century malaise it has found itself in.

        Oh, and that’s the other thing….(I don’t include Chet in this), most of you apologists(or, maybe it’s something uglier) need to stop being so dismissive of a great Final Four/title game run under Mike Davis. I have great memories of the 2002-03 team…. They all played with an edge and grit…along with most playing far above their talents when the lights were brightest. Never intimidated by the moment. Took down a #1 Duke team after being down by 17 points in the first half.
        They should not be erased from history(acting as is we’ve done nothing in 25 years) simply because you want to dismiss Mike Davis of any notable success at IU ….If Crean would have made it to a championship game…I take that back..If Crean would have made it to an Elite Eight, Fred would have given him a lifetime extension(no Final Four required).
        No university erases a trip to a Final Four….You people should stop erasing the 2002-03 team. They didn’t have “We’re Back!” t-shirts…proving empty hype twitter preaching is often bigger than reality.

  30. Georgia…? Southeastern Conference. Now he wants to play Kentucky.

    How ironic if he’s soon playing a Vanderbilt team with a pair of fabulous Hoosiers…..Hope they beat the tar out of him. Makes me almost not care if Romeo picks Vandy….just to watch Hoosiers who Crean was inept at recruiting beating him silly.

  31. Wow…Now the former dean of MSU under investigation. Wonder who’s next? What a creepy place and a despicable university.

  32. Penn State exposed after how many years, MSU exposed after how many years. How many more out there. At this rate all who are guilty may be exposed after 500,000 years. Probably won’t matter before then.

  33. And what really happens when they do get exposed?
    -Raping children in locker rooms….Result: You’re back playing in bowl games in five years.
    -A trusted doctor sexually assaulting young gymnasts at MSU? Result: The big money programs at the university remain protected their cash generating abilities…
    -Fifteen years of fake classes for basketball and football ahtletes at UNC…? Result: A loophole saves them while a 3-way caller at Indiana is dubbed a “program wrecker.”
    Hookers for recruits at Louisville…? Result: No true cash hit their wallet…They’re simply asked to take down a piece of cloth from their rafters.
    Offering a recruit $100,000 to attend the University of Arizona….? Result: Do I really need to ask? We know the result..We have the history. Jaywalk and you’re going to prison…You’re not coaching for five years…Your program will be burned to the ground.
    Anything truly despicable that could result in a real hit to the dollars of universities that the media and corporate Establishment have real family ties and history? That’s going to be a slap on the wrist with a claim “everyone is doing it.” Everyone is cheating…Everyone is offering money to recruits…Everyone is sick and assaulting the vulnerable…and the impressionable. But make a 3-way call…? Scream!…Scream to the heavens! Tweet it to Joyce and Jesus! There is your program wrecker!!!

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