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By the numbers
5 Years since Indiana last held two Big Ten opponents under 50 points. The Hoosiers allowed just 46 points to Northwestern and 43 to Rutgers this year, matching the 2012-13 team. Prior to that, IU last accomplished the feat in 2002-03.
9 Years since Indiana last failed to score at least 90 points in a regular-season game, and eight years since IU last failed to score 100 points. The Hoosiers’ high mark for the 2017-18 season was 87.
29.8 Points per game will depart via the graduation of seniors Robert Johnson, Josh Newkirk, Freddie McSwain, Collin Hartman and Tim Priller, leaving 42.1 points per game remaining.

RoJo tracker
Barring a surprise NIT bid, Robert Johnson will leave Indiana 21st all time in scoring with 1,413 points, just behind Ray Tolbert and just ahead of Kirk Haston.
Johnson will also finish fourth all-time in made 3s with 239, and he finishes fourth with 118 career games started, three behind Jordan Hulls.

Women will wait
The NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament will not hold its selection show until Monday night, at which point Indiana will find out whether the season continues in the NCAA or WNIT.
The Hoosiers are not currently in the field according to any of the major bracketology sites, but have improved into the next four out at

Recruit watch
Damezi Anderson, 6-7, F, South Bend (Riley), 2018:
Was named the Northern Indiana Conference MVP on Wednesday after scoring 26 points in South Bend Riley’s 98-58 win over South Bend Adams in the sectional championship game last Saturday. Plays Saturday at noon against Lake Central in the Michigan City Regional.
Jake Forrester, 6-9, F, Harrisburg, Pa., 2018: No stats. Season over.
Jerome Hunter, 6-7, G/F, Pickerington, Ohio, 2018: Provided 17 points in Pickerington North’s 71-27 win over West in the sectional last Saturday, then had 18 points in a season-ending 61-58 loss to Mt. Vernon Wednesday. Was also named Division I Central District Co-Player of the Year on Wednesday, averaging 21 points per game for the season.
Rob Phinisee, 5-11, PG, Lafayette (McCutcheon), 2018: Career ended with a 60-50 loss to Zionsville in the sectional final on Saturday but had 33 points in the loss to surpass 2,000 points for his career.

Grace Berger, 6-0, G, Louisville, Ky., 2018:
Posted 16 points and three assists in season-ending 55-52 loss to Manual in Seventh Region Championship game.
Aleksa Gulbe, 6-3, F, Riga, Latvia, 2018: No stats available.
Chanel Wilson, 5-6, PG, Powder Springs, Ga., 2018: Suffered second ACL tear in as many years in the second round of the state tournament, and McEachern had its streak of four straight state titles stopped in the semifinals last Saturday.
Jorie Allen, 6-0, F, Bedford North Lawrence, 2019: Season over.
Arielle Wisne, 6-5, C, Thornton, Colo., 2019: Finished with two points, six rebounds and one block in Horizon’s 57-43 loss to Regis Jesuit in the state quarterfinals last Saturday.


  1. Another way of saying IU men’s basketball is insignificant. I guess that is the reason IU spring football is getting a lot of (yawn) blog headlines. IU baseball should be getting more attention. IU ladies basketball is significant.

    1. Agree. Yawn. I don’t agree that the other programs are significant. Maybe significant to those at IU who passionately enjoy other sports on the Bloomington campus…involving both men’s and women’s programs.

      But in the world of national significance, we all know there are only two major avenues for national relevance: Division One Men’s Basketball & BCS College Football.

      Indiana is not relevant on the biggest stages of college sports…..and that’s failure from the top with a capital ‘t.’ Not relevant in the era of Crean while nine other Midwestern programs went to a collective 23 Elite
      Eights and numerous Final Fours(and surely more this season).
      Never relevant in football.
      Irrelevant dollars and time lost on a carrousel of substandard coaches and an overrated athletic director who was hired by the fired men’s basketball coach.
      It’s called ‘How to Fumble Major Attention Sports’ 101.

    1. This will be a little setback for Chanel but it will give her an extra year for the Medical Redshirt sher will receive. I liked the evaluation ESPN gave her: Jet-quick, athletic floor-leader, handles basketball, pushes termpo and distributes in transition game. Sounds a lot like Tyra but a couple inches shorter.

      1. The down side for IU is Chanel Wilson having to redshirt leaves Ali Patberg as the only true point guard on the roster, just like Tyra this year.

        1. I would do ‘downside’ as one word….but that’s just me. I’m always a downside.

        2. If Wilson had grown tall enough to play center, would she be Chanel No. 5?

        3. And I failed to mention that horrible man, Jeff Meyer, at Michigan….Have I ever talked about him before?

      2. Chanel wilson isn’t a couple inches shorter than buss..buss is 5’8 in her dreams… buss is 5’6 and a little change. Wilson won’t ever suit up for IU imo

  2. Robert Johnson will leave Indiana 21st all time in scoring with 1,413 points

    You didn’t put points per game…I’ll estimate. 4 years x 30 games/yr = 120 total games
    1413/120 = 12 points per game(approx 12×12=144).

    Conclusion: 30-12= 18 = total remaining ppg. lost with the departure of Josh Newkirk, Freddie McSwain, Collin Hartman and Tim Priller. Johnson accounts for 40% (12/30) of the scoring output lost for all seniors.

  3. Chanel Wilson is a jet quick guard probably quicker than Tyra, but now she waits a year . As for Ali as a true point guard, ESPN had her as #1 at SG and #13 overall in her class but yes she will be the point guard. Bendu Yeaney also was the pt for her high school team and Grace brings the ball up a lot for her team. Adjustments could be made.

  4. Bracket Projections – Women’s Basketball (2017-2018)

    1 Baylor(31-1) Big 12
    16 CSU Bakersfield(16-12) Western Athletic
    8 Syracuse(22-8) Atlantic Coast
    9 Dayton(23-6) Atlantic 10
    5 Iowa(24-7) Big Ten
    12 Quinnipiac(27-5) Metro Atlantic Athletic
    4 South Florida(26-7) American Athletic
    13 W. Kentucky(22-8) Conference USA
    6 Missouri(24-7) Southeastern
    11 Indiana(17-14) Big Ten
    3 Texas(26-6) Big 12
    14 UC Davis(25-5) Big West
    7 Oklahoma(16-14) Big 12
    10 Cent. Michigan(25-4) Mid-American
    2 Mississippi St.(32-1) Southeastern
    15 St. Francis (PA)(22-9) Northeast

  5. I recently watched an earlier season game in which Grace Berger’s team playes Mercer county. Grace gives the impression of a very good bball player efficient, easy going, fierce competitor. At the end of this game I saw a different person, an inner fiery explosion which I didnt expect. On a game ending contraversial call Grace gave a big arm wave at the official for the call. The surprising thing no tech was called and probably should have been.

  6. I don’t know Steve, doesn’t sound like a lot to get to concerned about? Sounds like a player that has a very competitive spirit. I’ll take Grace any day. Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Mike c== I think maybe you misread my meaning. The girl has a fiery attitude that doesnt show at first, which I happen to like.

  8. What a strange weekend. Watched 4 or 5 former IU players during the conference tourney. See 2 former IU coaches make the NCAA tourney. Top that off with an additional 2 former IU coaches at a ESPN round table talking.

  9. NIT – lost any interest & could care less on the men’s side. IU women played hard and deserve an invite. Exciting potential for the women.

  10. How about some posters answering to reality?

    Facts are in: Big Ten basketball this year sucked. Sucked hard. Just like I said. 4 bids. That’s pathetic. Ohio State, Michigan State, Purdue and Harvard’s favorite team.

    That’s it. That’s an absolutely horrendous year for a fourteen team conference. Our conference champion has a 3 seed.

    Facts are in. Big Ten was awful this year. Purdue did get a really nice draw though. Just hope one of these teams can make a run.

    Weak sauce.

    ::Cue the nonsense about media/east coast bias against the conference that held their tournament in Madison Square Garden this year:::

    1. Our homely men’s team…is to basketball pedigree as what Dan “Danke Schön” Dakich is to handsome on prime time.
      I wonder if Putin is meddling into the ‘Eastern Promises’ of college basketball’s brackets? Big, big money…big Eastern banking…Big $$$ sports network ESPN taking in bigger $$$ in advertising contracts. And then we have the paid off tools who aided in marring Indiana hoops for decades(Tommy “The Situation Fixer” Crean and Dan “Danke Schön” Dakich); now the lowlife Hoosier hit men for EBSN(formerly ESPN)…paid extra love and protection to dismiss Indiana and spin for the Eastern Bloc Sports Network (EBSN)?

      Meanwhile …Where is UNC after 15 years of academic cheating? Hookers can shutdown Louisville…but 15 years of cheating? Who cares. The Eastern Bloc just keeps on invading the free basketball world with their meddling and agenda. College basketball’s Eastern Bloc version of Donald Trump…is Joe Lunardi. “No collusion…No collusion proven. No collusion with Jim Delany..or UNC .” By the way, those aren’t toupees on Don and Joe. Those are patchy taxidermy fashion statements….courtesy of a red fox and a black flying squirrel….shot with an AK-47 hunting gun.

      1. Go Kelvin and the Houston Cougars!
        Go Devin Davis!
        Go Max Montana!
        Go Ambi-Stan Robinson!
        Go Kyle Guy!
        Go to all Indiana kids foolishly ignored, given up on, ousted as irredeemable in character, or simply ignored and never recruited by Indiana and Crean.

        No collusion…and no comb required!

        1. To add to Harvard’s list of former Hoosiers, Mike Davis is in the tournament as coach at Texas Southern and Mike Roberts is an assistant coach at UNC-Greensboro.

          1. I mentioned Davis the other day….but good catch.

            Also, we have former Hoosier coach, Jeff Meyer(a.k.a. America’s Most Wanted Program Wrecker), continuing to be part of the dancing at Michigan.

            There’s you homework assignment, Jeremy. Find all Hoosiers playing in the NCAA tournament (Include those born in Indiana, played h.s. ball in Indiana, from Indiana and playing on an Indiana college team other than IU, or originally a h.s. baller/resident and moved to play at an academy outside of Indiana..and now a D-1 college player).
            Your assignment is due by 5:00 pm tomorrow.

  11. SteveW, You are correct, I misunderstood what you were saying, my bad. I agree, we could use more players with a fiery approach! More power to her. My kind of player. Leadership on next year’s team will be essential. I would hope that Patberg & Wise provide what we need? Go Hoosiers!!

  12. MikeC,
    Put another way, can Patberg and Pittsburgh replace ponytail and pigtail?
    Tall order, but I LOVE their team buy-in. 🙂
    And, I think this year’s freshmen can be less tentative next year.
    Will the NIT !

  13. Mike–I dont know how much you have watched Brenna Wise but she is a natural leader and will provide that. As an example she was captain of her Pittsburg team as a sophomore. Beyond that we will find out.

  14. Creme’s bracketology has Neb. in ,, realtimerpi has indiana in instead of neb. Tonight we will find out who knows their stuff.

  15. I would be absolutely SHOCKED if IU were to make it? Still hoping for some WNIT home games. SteveW, I have seen some videos of Wise, she is very, very good. Really looking forward to seeing her play. I think she will be a smaller version of Cahill. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 4 Big 10 teams in the WNIT.

  16. Per New Albany Basketball Twitter Romeo’s decision will come between, April 13-April 30th, and will be made in New Albany(High School some other location)

  17. A friend just posted a picture of her brother, who has MS and is confined to a wheelchair, chilling with Romeo after a Regional game in Seymour. The other players had already gone to the locker room.

    Sure hope he comes to IU.

    1. Sounds like his parents have done a heck of a job with Romeo. Sounds like a really grounded kid. Family seems to be an opposite of the Ball family.

  18. Lol, to quote Stanley Kubrick, Dan Dakitch can eat the peanuts out of my party dish. Might have gotten that one wrong.

    Anyway, Steve Alford sucks. Glad we didn’t get this peanut dish. Love the player, dislike the coach. Hate the nepotism from someone and others who should know better.

    Lost to an 1,800 student school in southeastern New York State. And don’t start with the whining about losing Ball #2. He isn’t Lance Armstrong. He had the PAC 12’s leading scorer, and the #1 player from Indiana. Lost the play in game to round of 64.

    Related to Indiana: in year 5 of the Archie Miller were, his entire squad must get have an aneurysm to accept this level of mediocrity.

    1. losing Ball #2. He isn’t Lance Armstrong.

      OMG…That was funny. Best one of 2018. Nuts, wish I would have thought of it.
      Lance is an expert in eating crow.

  19. Alford had it made in Albuquerque. Expectations with him leading the Lobos matched his coaching success capabilities. Grass is always greener.

    1. Yep. Never try to be happier than happy. He was king of ABQ.

      He thought he could be happier.

      His next stop will probably be somewhere cold and gray with a compass point in its name.

      1. St. Bonnie didn’t even make the finals of their own conference tourney. Davidson spanked them by 12 in the semis. Being in the play in game might have save the Bruins some real embarrassment.

        1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Davidson took down that “bait and tackle shop” …?
          I would love nothing more than to see UK and “Criminalpari” join UCLA in this year’s tournament version of “Blue Bloods’ Bloodbath 2018.”

          Maybe the FBI will release some recordings on the eve of Arizona’s first game….? …or maybe the moon will fall out of orbit tonight?

      2. Yep. Never try to be happier than happy.

        How true…how true.

        And never try to be crappier than crappenstance, said Tom Crean.

        I heard Crean is up for ESPN’s ‘Analyst of the Year.’ ….or was it “Anal Cyst of the Year”….?

  20. With Romeo Langford waiting until late April to make his announcement; anyone thinking he may be putting “feelers” out to go straight to NBA since he will have played 3 NATIONAL all-star games by time he “makes announcement”; and NBA draft would only be 2 months away???

    1. All Romeo this …and Romeo that.
      Romeo announcing when…? Romeo announcing where?
      Will this be dubbed as “Movement II?”
      Do I need some sturdier underwear?
      Romeo Langford Miller…meets Juliet Zeller Crean?
      Out from under the floorboards comes every desperate Hoosier and fortunetellers’ wet dream?
      Oh, the reflections…the reflections…The Reflections.

    2. Not an option. He still had to play somewhere for a year. One and done isn’t an NCAA rule, it’s an NBA rule.

  21. Heard some fascinating stuff about St. Bonaventure last night when listening to a sports talk radio show …They made it to a Final Four with Bob Lanier in 1970….but Lanier tore up his knee ligaments near the end of the game in the regional final. The Bonnies didn’t have Lanier going up against Jacksonville University(who had the ‘Player of the Year,’ Artis Gilmore) and were subsequently upset at the Final Four. Had they not lost Lanier, many believed they had a very legit shot at taking down UCLA at the finals. I guess last night’s game against UCLA was prescribed medicine for an upset 48 years in the making.
    They were also rocked by scandal in 2003 after doctoring transcripts of a junior college transfer. I guess the kid had only been in a vocational program and they signed off as if he had an academic transcript.
    The scandal went all the way to the top..The coach, AD, and president were all ousted. The chairman of the board of trustees ended up taking his own life.
    There’s always history….The ‘Selection Sunday’ committee appeared to have done their history studies homework for last night’s ‘play-in’ pairing…. But I’m not sure if manipulating the variables for a planned redemption is true redemption. Anyone who has “Indiana” history in their name/roots(other than the flawless genius at Duke) is always in the thoughts of those committee room Establishment tools. …and Alford was a nice hopeful bit of collateral damage to sweeten the tale of the Bonnies long road to redemption.

    1. I was watching the game last night next to a fella who’s dad played on the ’68 team. Knew a lot of the guys on that ’70 team. He was so happy last night.

      My dad grew up 30 min north of Olean, where St Bonny is. Snow lands in late Oct/early Nov and no one sees the ground until April/May. Not the most charming part of America, for sure. Really happy for those kids and that fan base. Another feather in March’s magic.

  22. Cool…What on earth possessed Bob Lanier to go there?
    And to think Lanier was going to get a shot to go against Artis Gilmore at the Final Four. Gilmore would later join some of my favorite Bulls players from the seventies. I think he arrived after Tom Borewinkle….I’ll never forget those guys. They were such a blast to watch…Sloan, “Stormin” Norman” VanLier…Chet “The Jet” Walker…Bob “Butterbean” Love.
    Lot of heartbreak against the powerhouse Lakers of Chamberlain, Gail Goodrich, Jerry West…etc. I’m getting quite old…and certainly more infantile with each passing decade.

    1. Artis played on a Kentucky Colonels team alongside Dan Issel, Louie Dampier, Darryl Carrier, and Goose Ligon. They were one of the best eam in pro basketball.

      Gilmore’s big rival was Jim McDaniel, a seven footer at Western Kentucky, who would also play for the Colonels in the twilight of his career.

      McDaniels bested Gilmore at the Big Dance and WKU made it to the Final Four but their trip would later be Caliparied from the record books.

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