VIDEO: Allen on the scrimmage, coaching his son and the quarterbacks

Coach Allen talks to the media after Saturday’s spring practice.


  1. It is good to hear how coach thinks about the team and how they are doing this Spring. It is clear coach Allen likes the athleticism of the team and understands that as young players they will make mistakes but can make up for it with their ability. I am looking forward to seeing them in the Spring game to see which players standout showing they have the chance to be a special player.

  2. v13, Could not agree more. Hope to see definitive positive steps in the passing offense and the systems of offense in general; + OL execution and QB development. I’m very optimistic about the D and ST’s.
    Have tentative plans with close friend to arrive Bloomington Friday. Attend the baseball game against Northwestern @ 6:00 PM. Paint the town red and be asleep by 10:30 PM. Breakfast @ 5:30 AM and rip roaring for the C&C game at noon. Back home around supper. To me that is a fulfilling IU weekend. Maybe see you there.

  3. What is the skinny on 2019 WC WR David Bell? I’ve read he is 6′ tall, I also read he is 6’4″ then in another read he is 180 lb. and another he is 200 lb. He’s recruited by everybody but would he seriously consider PUke as strongly as he would ND, OSU or other heavyweights?

  4. HC, I hope to see you at the Spring Game. I will have a spiral walking stick so speak up if you see me.

  5. HC, WC football and basketball roster have him listed at 6’4″ 190 while 247 sports has him at 6’2″ 185. My guess the 6’2″ is an old stat that hasn’t been updated yet but how accurate the high school rosters are is open to debate. I always used the physicals results for my rosters but many coaches exaggerate their players size. I had Wisconsin’s coaches tell me they never believed in sizes until they saw the player. They siad you wouldn’t believe how many 6’3″ or 6’4″ players weren’t even 6′ when they visited them.

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