VIDEO: Allen on the the team’s spring effort and the play of Penix

Coach Allen talks the media about practice and the play of his freshman quarterback, Michael Penix Jr. on Sunday afternoon.


  1. Have read several accounts at varying sites expounding how well IU FB players have responded, even visually so soon, to the new approach and methods of the S&C. All positive, every comment and opinion. Of course better performance is the goal but it will also boost confidence helping to win close contests.

  2. HC, I agree, the new system is causing big immprovements already and phyically the team will be much better this year. Whop did an interview saying he didn’t buy in right away but now sees what an improvement the program makes and it will scare the other teams. I want to see the speed results to see how much it improves speed. With the improvement in their bodies I will be shocked if speed doesn’t really improve for players.

    1. It all sounds great…but it’s not like we haven’t experienced window dressing on our football program for decades. I prefer to be stunned by a new and vastly improved product on the field this fall rather than receiving the usual “how it’s gonna be different this time around” speeches/presentations.

      Talent is the real equalizer. Maximizing every ounce of speed/strength/potential out of a 3-star…without popping/injecting PED’s? I’m all for it. I’m also all for Indiana belonging on the same talent level as the pedigree teams of the conference.

      Have any of you seen the award-winning documentary film, “Icarus?”….How deep into doping is college athletics? Whenever I see bodies quickly transformed(h.s./college/pro), my suspicions begin….
      Now I’m pretty convinced that two superstars from my high school years(a very long time ago) were likely doping. They were built like young men when they were in the 8th grade…(full sideburns, muscle definition, chest hair, etc). I was in the dark….We’re talking 1970’s …I wouldn’t be stunned if many parents are part of the push to be the “best”….and will do whatever it takes.

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