VIDEO: Allen talks about what he’s seen thus far and running with the team

Coach Allen fields questions from the media after Thursday’s spring practice.


  1. No one comments to these video posts ’cause no one can hear the darn questions except the person being interviewed. Does the person who posts these even play it back before putting it up here? Speak into the microphone, Mr. Interviewer! Duh. Complete waste of time for everyone. Let Allen get back to work and stop bothering him if this is the result.

    1. davis I could not agree more. I do not remember the last time I tried to even listen to 1 of these. Besides I read much faster than thoughts can be spoken. But no doubt machines are replacing labor because it is less work than writing. In my time I’ve seen lots loaf their way out of a job.

  2. I have the same complaint about the question in most of these videos especially ones at a press conference with multiple media in attendance.

  3. I don’t have a problem with a video accompanying a story. If I want to spend the time with the video (rare) it’s cool that the guys imbedded it.

    But, I certainly appreciate the sentiment regarding posting a video INSTEAD of an article.

  4. Yeah, HC, most people do and that’s why people invented writing (or at least one of the reasons). I hadn’t bothered to listen to any of these in quite some time and made the same gripe way back then. Loafing is right. ANY SCOOP POOH-BAHS PAYING ATTENTION? Stop wasting coaches’ time, players’ time, and your staff’s time with these. NO ONE IS VIEWING!!!

    1. Hey Davis,
      If you don’t want to watch, don’t. Personally, I’d rather read a story than watch a press conference, too, but not everybody feels that way. It’s not wasting the coaches’ or players’ time, because these are press conferences they’re having anyway. We just have somebody holding a camera to record it.

  5. …and therein lies the genesis of the post by davis …modern day journalism…the volume of the audio is not a consideration…view it or not just don’t complain…somebody else’s fault providing for video over writing…
    No Q why print media is in trouble today.
    davis, you are now “Davis”.

  6. Hmm . . . Am I being outed, HC? I kind of like my new identity with the upper case “D,” but probably couldn’t figure out how to change my handle. Anyway, I’m usually called “Hey, you, get back to work.”

    Mr. Price: You are nevertheless wasting the time of whomever you send to wave microphone-less cameras around, and also the time of saps like us who actually expect some result from the efforts of the camera-wavers. Do the camera-wavers know that the Scoop apparently cares not that you are wasting their time sending them out on these missions? I’ve wasted enough time on this, maybe I’ll tune in sometime around the year 2525 (Zager and Evans, Broadcast Music, Inc., 1969) and see whether anything’s changed.

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