VIDEO: Coach Holmes compares and contrasts Langford and Bailey

Bloomington South boys’ basketball coach J.R. Holmes compares and contrasts the playing styles of Romeo Langord and Damon Bailey. Holmes coached against Damon Bailey and Bedford North Lawrence, while the Panthers fell in today’s Seymour Regional, 65-45, to New Albany.


  1. Men’s b-ball chatter already going into deep hibernation….Wow. Not even an NIT bid for our men’s program. To quote Don Fischer: “Indiana Basketball is in a world of hurt right now.” Might be time for Fred to move on…He’s had 10 years. We have very little momentum in our two major sports programs. He waited far too long to move on getting our basketball program back on the track. Our Hoosier fans deserve better than this….We’ve far too long been the objects of snickering and ridicule for our stagnancy in football.
    It makes it all the more painful to see our basketball program going down the same toilet. And all of our eggs seem to always be in one basket…as if one recruit gives an AD or a coach another 10 years guaranteed money. Are other major programs as insecure to make the appropriate changes at the top?

  2. Definitely an issue with administration. Coach Knight said it. Crean had issues with it. Wilson obviously had issues. Whoever at the top that hired Sampson had no clue about anything indiana basketball. What is going on here? If they really wanted to improve the football program they’d get a dump truck….fill it with money and dump it in the driveway of a competent coach. It’s not really that hard to figure out.

    Dakich spoke on this topic today how the administration is so scared to have another Bob Knight there. How can a program talk about how great Indiana is, yet want no association with there own kind especially their own kind associated with coach Knight. I really like Archie and I hold no ill will towards him over this season, but I will say trying an IU guy as a coach would of been interesting. Keith Smart. Mike Woodson. Randy Whitman. Dane Fife. Steve Alford. All these guys are coaches…did any of these guys get an interview or even a phone call? Coach Painter along with Brandon Brantley and Cuonzo Martin took over for Keady and they have had ups and downs, but have been able to maintain a winning culture at Purdue.

    IU has missed 2 consecutive NCAA tournaments. Coach Knight went to 15 straight NCAA tournaments before his dismissal. What has IU become? What will it end up being?

  3. I guess I should feel somewhat lucky to have seen and witnessed Final Fours and banners during the “glory years” spanning from Steve Downing to Alan Henderson….along with the last rather magical and unexpected run with Mike Davis at the helm(who, as I type, is having another very rare moment in the limelight on Sports Center). Happy for Davis…Seems like a decent man who keeps his nose to the grindstone without being pompous or exceedingly arrogant.

    It does often now feel that Indiana Basketball is simply living in the world of a mid-major not a mid-major. We have become Northwestern Basketball without the SAT scores.

    Heard Pitt is talking to Crean…He’s coming home, Dustin. Tom Crean is coming home….. (very few will get that reference but I sure enjoyed it nonetheless).

  4. Lol. Every person you mentioned is an absolute joke of a coach.

    The reason no one is commenting on Indiana men’s basketball is because of comments like this one.

    Archie is going to be fine and we’re going to screen shot this comment. Remembering when a real coach stepped onto campus past the nepotism supporters (a very vocal minority), and builds Indiana basketball back into FF contention.

    I have no idea how good smoking crack must be, but to openly advocate for Steve Alford one day after he got his butt handed to him by an 1,800 student school in southwest New York, takes a special kind of cognitive dissonance of epic proportions. And he’s the best coach of that bunch of mediocrities.

    Plenty of discussion around Indiana basketball on the interwebs. They just don’t come around “the Scoop” anymore.

    1. DD,

      I was about to say the same thing before you stepped up. I cannot understand this inane desire to look strictly to “IU guys,” for new coaches. With the exception of Branch McCracken IU followed that route with mixed results at best. The indisputable evidence for the greatest period of IU basketball success (McCracken years not withstanding), was when IU went outside the program to select Bob Knight. Had then AD Bill Orwig followed this path, neither Bob Knight or John Pont for that matter would have been hired. Interestingly enough, Bill Orwig, arguably the best AD IU every had, was a UM grad.

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