VIDEO: DeBord and Westbrook on Ramsey’s spring start

Offensive Coordinator Mike DeBord and wide receiver Nick Westbrook talk about sophomore QB Peyton Ramsey.


  1. As Cam Cameron always said about most of his players “they are getting better and better.” Last year’s experience shows what you have in P.R. I am sure he will be improved with his ability limitations that will always make it a struggle in big ten. Tronti? I don’t expect much there either.

  2. I don’t know about much of a struggle Ramsey will have in the B1G as he showed in games, especially in the UM game, and this Spring he is accurate and can move the chains. The offense won’t be about big bombs like in the past but as Tom Brady showed at UM the passing game can be very effective without a big arm. Throwing 35 yd passes are effective especially if defenses start crowding the LOS.

    Tronti we don’t know about other than his success in Florida HS football and scout team winner seven times. I still like how he impressed even a former NFL star who coached against him in the Florida state championship. Penix definely has a stronger arm and athletic ability to go with it, so the competition will push each of them to improve into a B1G QB. IU is going after higher rated QBs for 2019 so we will have to see if they can land one with this class.

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