VIDEO: 4 fun questions with some football freshmen

Thomas Allen talks about his father, Caleb Jones on waking up early, Juwan Burgess on the Florida-to-Indiana pipeline and Peyton Hendershot on hoops.

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  1. It was a fun interview and I really like Burgess talking about getting more Florida players to IU. It is clear that Coach Allen has a different atmosphere with IU football and I think it will improve the program. If recruits will look at the new approach to S&C and see the results it should start helping to bring in higher rated recruits. It will be fun to see Burgess, Jones, Hendershot, and Allen on the field this year. I hope Hendrshot is a player like PSU’s last TE except be a bettger blocker. Hendershots athletic ability will help him as a receiver and he could be a real match-up problem for defenses.
    Burgess is one of the best recruits IU has had and I hope he can show that on the field this year. Jones with his size and feet could be a major contributor on the OL this year. If he can earn that spot it would give IU two OTs [along with Cronk] that are very good for two years together. Allen will be needed in some role this year. I would like to see more physical development from him before the season. He is right that he has to separate his roles – one at practice and a different at home. It can’t always be easy but he does have an advantage being a coach’s son with his knowledge of the defense.

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