VIDEO: Jackson-Davis talks about the atmosphere at the Seymour Regional and his father

Center Grove’s Tracye Jackson-Davis after Center Grove beat Evansville North, 69-44, to advance to the championship game against Romeo Langford and New Albany.


  1. Possibly the most important thing about landing Langford would be momentum.

    With Langford we will compete for a big ten title. We finished tied for 6th with out him and the one thing we lacked is the one sure thing he can offer: scoring. Purdue, Michigan, Michigan state, Ohio state, Nebraska, and Penn state finished ahead of us. 5 kids are projected in the draft bridges, Jackson, Carr, bates diop, and Wagner. Purdue looses 4 seniors who all played. Nebraska looses 4 seniors. Michigan state looses 2 seniors. Michigan looses 3 seniors. Ohio state looses 2. Penn state looses 2. IU looses 5 seniors, but our recruiting class seems likely to match or exceed the production we got from our seniors.

    If Archie can get next years team rolling early IU will be a much more attractive school to attend for recruits. We will more than likely need to replace Langford after one year and Morgan’s spot. 2 starting positions. Hurt, Watford, Brooks, and Jackson-Davis are all 5* kids on our radar. 2019-2020 could shape up to be an amazing year, but 2018-2019 is going to be extremely important to get there.

    With Roy Williams and Coach K nearing retirement Archie has an opportunity to build IU into a powerhouse. Crean had the opportunity with Zeller and “the movement”, but busted big time. If we can consistently get 1-2 of the states top 4 kids yearly we will be in good shape. Mix that in with making IU a destination spot or our states 1 and dones and IU could develop into the strongest program in the nation.

    1. Andifthisandbut… It’s been the Hoosier word of the day for far too long.

      Mike Davis …Coaching in the NCAA tournament.
      Kelvin Sampson ..Coaching U. of Houston in NCAA tournament. On CBS today vs. Cincinnati.
      Devin Davis…Playing in NCAA tournament for Sampson and U. of Houston. Playing today on CBS.
      Max Hoetzel (a.k.a. Max Montana)…Playing in the NCAA tournament for San Diego St..
      Stan Robinson…Playing in NCAA tournament for Rhode Island.

      How to get to the NCAA tournament? Leave Indiana…or get kicked out of Indiana.

      If we get zero consideration for the Big Dance while sub .500 teams from other supposed “power conferences” are garnering serious consideration as tournament teams…? I’d say it’s time for Indiana to leave the Big Ten. Join the Big East. …or the SEC….or the Big 12….or simply become an independent. See how well the Big Ten network and the conference does minus the school with 5 banners. It’s time for the dog to start wagging the tail…of East Coast Establishment running the conference(Delany)…and East Coast biases of talking heads on ESPN(Bilas) and bracketology experts(Joe “Black Squirrel Toupee” Lunardi) always dismissing the strength of Indiana and the “power” in the conference. If you can’t beat ’em, then join them…or simply go independent.

      1. The Big East would be a wonderful fit for Indiana…We get to establish more of a rivalry with Butler…Xavier, Villanova, Seton Hall, Providence. All great programs. But would they have us? We are sorta yesteryear’s news. 30 years and counting since a banner. 15 since a Final Four. Yesterday is long gone. Time for fresh faces and a fresh start….and a fresh new conference…(if they’ll take these raggedy candy stripes lost their prestige and lore..and their power to bring crowds and viewership).

        1. Sorry…Any school with three or more banners should never be out of the ‘Big Dance.’ Outside of a season of going 2-18, we’ve earned lifetime membership. We should take our money elsewhere.
          Can we just expand the field to 96(Knight was a strong advocate for expansion)….? Greatest positive if nearly 1/3 all Division One schools get an invite? Lunardi is out of work. No bubbles…or not enough for anyone to care…or for Lunardi’s big mouth and big pencil eraser to manipulate results and influence committee rooms.
          Send him a case of “Mr. Bubble” after his ‘final four’ minutes of limelight has lost all its suds.

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