VIDEO: Moren on the crowd, the rivalry and the parity in women’s basketball

Coach Teri Moren fields questions from the media after Indiana beat Purdue for the third time this season and knocked the Boilers out of WNIT.


  1. I liked what Moren was talking about wanting to get the best kids in the state and previouslyly “we weren’t even an option” very true statement. PU is currently getting those. Harris and Traylor currently will be going there. Getting Jorie Allen to come here is a win, the only in-state player Im aware of and I know she is good as Ive seen her in person more than once..
    Jeremy and Jon – isnt it time for another vid from you guys. You may have had something to do with getting more people in the hall. Awesome crowd for that game.

  2. Loved the crowd. Seamed like more than the 5,564 people but we’ll take it. Would love to see our seniors back for one more year but looking forward to next year already. Great WIN. GO HOOSIERS!!!!!!

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