VIDEO: Penn pours in career-high 25 points in WNIT win

Freshman Jaelynn Penn talks to the media about going 6-0 and winning it all for Tyra Buss and Amanda Cahill.


  1. What a sweetheart of a freshman. She is one of those players that has a high ability level to expect the ceiling from. J.P. has physical and mental capacity that is going to continue to grow and get better and better and better.

  2. Penn has grown so much thru this season to where she is now . She has grown at all levels to where now the confidence level for her is sky high. Earlier in the season you had to milk and squeeze to get her to say anything plus you had to strain your ears to hear her and Im thinking that was all just a lack of her confidence in herself. As Cahill mentioned she is no longer a freshman but an upper classman at all levels. You go J.P.— Go Hoosiers!

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