Bragging rights, spoils ‘at steak’ in spring game

Either way, Tom Allen gets steak.

Brandon Shelby, Mike Hart and the rest of the Hoosiers will have to work for theirs.

Steak dinners are on the line once again for the winners of Saturday’s annual Cream and Crimson Game. Shelby, who is coaching the Cream side, and Hart, the coach of the Crimson, both like their steaks done medium to medium-well.

If Crimson wins, Hart wants his meal personally delivered by Shelby.

If Cream wins, Shelby has other ideas.

“At the end of the day, I don’t want to look at his mug,” Shelby said. “I’ll probably get somebody else (to serve me). … The good thing about it is that he lives a couple of doors down from me, so he’ll have to hear me giving him crap all summer. It’s fun. It’s a great time. A great way to end spring.”

That is, unless you’re one the losing squad, in which case, you’re resigned to hot dogs and beans.

“I’m in (the steak group), regardless,” Allen said. “I’ll be a non-biased individual, able to root for both sides, then eat with whoever wins.”

The Crimson team might have a slight advantage on the field.

It begins in the secondary, with hybrid safety Marcelino Ball, safety Jonathan Crawford and corners A’Shon Riggins and Raheem Layne, among others, roaming the defensive backfield. The Crimson also picked up left guard Wes Martin, defensive end Nile Sykes, receiver Luke Timian and quarterback Peyton Ramsey.

Cream will counter with its own defensive standout in linebacker Reakwon Jones, one of the most improved players of the spring. Shelby’s Cream team also has corner Andre Brown, receiver Whop Philyor and quarterback Michael Penix.

“It should be good,” Allen said. “I think the teams are pretty balanced. It’s the spring, so you don’t have your full roster here. You’re not as deep as you will be in the fall. … So I’m anxious to see how it all turns out. But when there’s a steak dinner on the line, and the pride that comes from receiving it and not having to serve it, I think that’s really the bigger issue.”