Cream and Crimson game moved to Mellencamp Pavilion, closed to public

Inclement weather is necessitating an unfortunate change to this year’s annual Cream and Crimson game.

With thunderstorms in Saturday’s forecast, Indiana will now stage its annual spring game inside Mellencamp Pavilion. The game is no longer open to the public.

“We made this decision to ensure the safety of our fans,” IU said in a statement. “We look forward to seeing you at Memorial Stadium this fall.”


  1. That’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to hearing some of the firsthand perspectives from regular posters attending the game.

  2. I have to cancel my trip but I understand the reasoning. I don’t like to anticipate weather unless a hurricane has hit and we know rain will happen. Too many times snow doesn’t develop despite call for 6 or more inches or rain doesn’t happen despite calling for 80% chance of rain. I will get over the disappointment but if the noon to 3:00 time frame is relatively clear it will be a major disappointment.

  3. The Hawaii/Arizona sunshine guy Dawkins isn’t on campus yet, but it does get rainy cold in the Midwest during football season. Wimps.

    1. The problem is not the rain but thunderstorms. Standard procedures for the possibility of lightning strikes. Very dangerous in an open stadium and difficult to get everyone to safety quickly. One can only can only assume they had a significant amount of weather forecasting calling for a high probability of lightning.

      1. I think the other issue is safety for the players. This game means little in the overall picture.

  4. thinkaboutit is on target. Any of you who have coached football in the past few years knows about the lightning guidelines most states have put in place. They are pretty clear and pretty specific. If lightning is determined to be withing a certain distance you must clear the field for X amount of time. During that time there can be no visible lightning in the area.

    I don’t know your forecast but, if they were pretty certain there would be lightning, they are playing the odds.

  5. I think they blew the forecast…Looks pretty damn nice in Indy at the moment.

    Secondly, it probably costs more to put on this contest(insurance, security, hired hands at parking and game) than the miniscule dollar amounts generated by low level interest from a fan base rarely even 50% filling regular season games.

    Very convenient to use a safety excuse to save some cost….Most terrible weather blows in without lengthy warning. At any given date in April thru June a storm can blossom within minutes. Fans are told to take best cover available and players are removed from the field when radar indicates a very near and approaching dangerous storm cell. If you are going to “weather” games, you’d have no games. This was Fred saving a buck.

    1. Any thunderstorms in Bloomington? The sun is shining in Indy…It’s about 80 degrees and simply beautiful. Bottom is supposed to fall out tomorrow, but today is gorgeous.

  6. Low reward, high risk. I’m pissed because I was hyped about evaluating the contrast between 2017 and the possibilities of 2018. But I would have made the same call. It was a no brainer.

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