ESPN to air Knight doc on new subscription service

ESPN’s new 30 for 30 documentary on the final years of Bob Knight’s Indiana coaching career will air on April 12.

But you’ll need to subscribe to the network’s new streaming service to watch it.

ESPN will soon launch ESPN+, a subscription streaming channel that can be accessed with a $4.99 monthly fee. According to an ESPN release, the channel will offer live events, on-demand content and original programming not available on ESPN’s linear TV or digital networks.

Scheduled to launch on April 12, ESPN+ will be the only platform where viewers can access the network’s full library of 30 for 30 documentaries.

Per the release, ESPN bills “The Last Days of Knight” as a, “previously untold behind-the-scenes story of CNN’s investigation into why high school All-Americans were leaving Indiana University men’s basketball coach Bob Knight’s program, and the subsequent fallout after the story broke.”

Here’s the trailer:


  1. I have ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU. No way they get another penny from me. With college bb over I have no use for any of them. I suppose if they give me $4.95 I might watch it. Guess we’ll never see Knight covering bb for them after this.

  2. Put me down for a “no”. I’ve forgotten more about Bob Knight than the Entertainment Sports Production Network will ever know.

  3. Establishment Slimy Pipsqueaks Network.

    I could also care less what they have on Knight…outside of the 15 years of fake classes he allowed his athletes to put on fraudulent transcripts….and the hookers he provided to get Uwe Blab to finally commit…and the 100 grand he offered Isiah’s mom to put him in candy stripes. I already know all about that stuff….

  4. Who shot Kennedy, who shot JR, Chapaquiddic drowning, etc, etc, etc. The only reason anyone would watch this is to critique what is left out. Those who are a little older and those who were around know as much or more than what will be presented.

  5. What moron made the decision to produce this story? No wonder why ESPN is going down the tubes.

  6. I don’t want to pay for more ESPN, but I have to admit, I’m curious to see this. Might spring for it just to check it out…

    This all happened during my time at IU. Never got out of the 2nd round. I had some very close friends with ties to the hoops team and I have an idea of what was happening. Would love to see what this doc says about it.

  7. behind-the-scenes story of CNN’s investigation into why high school All-Americans were leaving Indiana University men’s basketball coach Bob Knight’s program

    Will this include the final recruiting class inherited by Mike Davis that went to a Final Four? Wasn’t Jeffries a McDonald’s All-American and top NBA draft pick?
    All of those from that final recruiting class never have a bad word to say about Knight.
    Davis may have done some of the legwork, but they all came to play for ‘The General.’

  8. are you actually going to believe or disbelieve accuracy (like shooting the 3 ball), be nuetral, or same o same o, or who cares? No matter what is presented. And the truth is distorted that is known to older folks to the point the whole program idea is an air ball. It doesn’t even touch the rim.

  9. I’m beginning to wonder if Double Down is the frat rat who had his arm grabbed…

    1. Because the teenage student who was assaulted was the person at fault, not the 60 something year old man. Kids! He should have had more self control. Didn’t he realize who he was dealing with?

      Got it.

  10. I don’t believe I ever said it was right….I’m sure the ugliest deeds and greatest abuses(including repetitive verbal and power varieties) are never going to be on an ESPN special. Knight brings ratings…Seems like they should have just a bit bigger fish to fry these days. Mass shootings once a week…? Any commentary from top sports execs? Nope. Untouchable subject.
    Or..maybe have a special on coaches and mature professionals who drink and drive…? Nobody’s arm gets grabbed. Just teenagers and families die.

  11. Watched so called choking video several times. I never did see choking. Rather, just a grab around throat, but no choking involved.

  12. In college, one of my buddies was involved in the local political scene. They ran a campaign for a fella that was running against one of Knight’s incumbent buddies. We went to a rally/townhall where they “The General” was to give a speech. A woman in the audience asked a question about a policy he had (I don’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t provocative and the lady was probably in her mid-to-late 60’s). Instead of letting the candidate answer the question, Knight grabbed the mic and told her to sit down or go home and get back in the kitchen.

    The audience roared with delight.

    Talk about apologists.

    One can embrace and cheer his unmatchable coaching talent and awe in the beauty with which his teams played, yet also acknowledge the fact that he was a pretty lousy person with the temperment of a 6 yr old with hyperglycemia.

    But one has to pick a side, or the internet isn’t any fun.

    1. I can remember four players who were pretty high caliber players and high caliber kids who must have met the “lousy” version…

      Delray Brooks
      Luke Recker
      Jason Collier
      Neil Reed

      Very tragic that Reed and Collier passed away far too young. Some of you may remember that Recker was also involved in a horrific car accident after transferring to Arizona …(the head-on accident occurred near Durango, Colorado).

  13. Speaking of false narratives…

    Apparently Fred Glass is dropping mad cash on the hoops program.

    I keep being told that Fred is too cheap and does nothing to invest in Indiana Basketball and the athletic department. I hate numbers and facts.

    Indiana brings in more revenue than any B1G school. They’re valued 2nd highest in all of D-1 (behind our Blue nemisis).

  14. Whose telling you that, DD? Fred Glass is too cheap to invest in Football, not Basketball. The facts speak for themselves. Just look at IU’s spending on basketball and football relative to other Big Ten programs. Our basketball coach has been one of the highest paid coaches in the Big Ten and the country since Crean got hired ten years ago. IU’s football coaches have been the lowest or second lowest compensated football coaches in the Big Ten since forever. You need to put $4 million in an escrow account to cover Crean’s severance? No problem. But Fred wouldn’t think of paying a football coach anywhere near the Big Ten’s compensation midpoint.

  15. Thanks for the article, DD. I just read it and it confirms what I’ve been saying. To Fred Glass, IU is a basketball school, and football is almost an afterthought. It’s been that way for decades. I wonder if Fred’s priorities have prevented previous candidates for the football job to even consider interviewing for the job? The financial numbers the article provided were very interesting, and I’d love to see a similar analysis of IU’s spending on football. I’m almost certain that in relative terms, those numbers would be upside down.

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