IUWBB: Buss not selected in WNBA draft

Indiana’s Tyra Buss will have to go the undrafted route to make her WNBA dream a reality.

Buss, the 5-foot-8 guard, was not selected in Thursday night’s draft, but the door is still left open for the Hoosiers’ star to make a WNBA rookie camp or play overseas. The same goes for senior forward Amanda Cahill.

Buss was looking to become the Hoosiers’ first draft pick since Jori Davis, who was selected 33rd overall by the Indiana Fever in 2011. Only three Hoosiers have been drafted into the league, including Jill Chapman (No. 21 overall pick) in 2002 and Quacy Barnes (No. 22) in 1998.

Buss finished her career at IU as the program’s leader in points (2,364), assists (574), steals (293) and free throws made/attempted. She also ranks second in the Hoosier record book in 3-pointers made (203). Her 763 points as a senior were the most scored by an IU women’s basketball player in a single season.

Buss combined with Cahill to total 82 wins as a class, which is also a program record. Their final win came in the 2018 WNIT final over Virginia Tech, the program’s first championship in the tournament.

Four Big Ten players were selected Thursday. The Indiana Fever took Ohio State’s Kelsey Mitchell (No. 2 overall) and Stephanie Mavunga (No. 14). Both have regional ties, because Mitchell is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mavunga is from Brownsburg. The Phoenix Mercury took Rutgers’ Tyler Scaife (No. 20) and the Minnesota Lynx selected Minnesota’s Carlie Wagner with the last pick (No. 36) of the draft.


  1. Wow folks…. I’m absolutely shellshocked over this rather unfortunate turn of events which have most likely caused Tyra to experience a mixture of feelings and thoughts which normally creep into a player’s heart and mind following an unpleasant experience such as the one in which we’re discussing at the present time. Anyhow, I really hope that she’s not feeling so down on herself right now that she might even start to seriously began to contemplate possibly giving up trying to go pro or what not because she’s definitely a good enough player to compete in the WNBA regardless of the final results of the draft ultimately unveiling a dismal outcome in her case.

  2. Tyra will be fine , she had only a slight chance of the 3rd round, very slight. Tyra and Amanda will both do well overseas I have no doubts. Im sure they will do well wherever their road leads them.

  3. I love your optimism but here’s the thing..It’s clear o me that neither one of you have ever followed the wnba. Theres a lot of good players in college that don’t make it to the NBA, and it’s even more competitive on the women’s side. Last year, tori jankoska was in the top ten if the draft, even made the final roster for the sky. Then the season started. 2 games in she was cut after hardly seeing the floor because all the overseas players returned and she was never on the roster again. There’s not enough roster spots for these teams to keep players. It doesn’t help that tyra is 5’6 on a good day and didn’t put a very impressive showing at the team USA U23 camp. She will have to play overseas to prove she can run with these wnba players. In a way this is a good thing because the buss family loves the “naysayers” storyline that they fabricated after she didn’t get enough high major offers. Good luck to her

  4. The opportunity for women players to earn good money is much greater overseas than in the WNBA. Tyra can be a top earner over there and stash away a nice nest egg while playing the game she loves. She will be successful in whatever she chooses to do.

  5. I love Tyra Buss as a player and as a role model! I hope that she continues to pursue her dream of being a women’s professional basketball player! If the Fever ever adds her as a roster player, I will buy tickets, and I won’t be alone! The WNBA definitely needs more fans for their excellent product!

  6. T.B. is not a good but Great example of individual Self -Actualization supported by T.Moren. T.B. has been and is very blessed.

  7. Although I very rarely agree with Hoosierfan, he is right on in his assessment of Tyra’s chances of playing in the WNBA. Everything that everyone says on here about Tyra is correct, she was a great collage player and a tremendous role model for up and coming college athletes. But, the truth is the WNBA is a tremendously physical league that as tough as Tyra is, is simply beyond her skill set. Her being as small as she is and not nearly as athletic as most guards in the league is truely detrimental to her chances. Swartzie, SteveW and Hoosierfan are correct in their assessment that her chances are much greater overseas! There is money to be made over there and if she wants to continue her basketball career, that is her best bet. Tyra and Amanda will always be very special to all Hoosier women’s fans for helping turn our program around under coach Moren. The future is incredibly bright thanks to those two very special girls and rightfully so. Good luck to them in their future endeavors!

  8. WNBA pay is pathetic.
    Pretty much all WNBA players have to also play overseas as well as in the WNBA just to make a living.
    Feel bad for Tyra and B, but being rejected by the WNBA is no big deal in the total scheme of things.
    They will both be fine, whatever they choose to do in life.

  9. Can someone tell me the procedure of banner raising . Would it happen before any games are played, the first non-conf., the first B1G game,, when.

  10. FAN– I also hope you are correct and that would be a good time to do it. Besides hoosier nation there will be recruit hopefuls in attendance , would make the event even more special on the womens side of things.

  11. Hope Fred Glass reads these comments. Love the Women’s game and like everyone knows now, Tyra and B are special. They deserved to have a lot more fans in attendance at IU games than we had. The last 3 0r 4 WNIT games attendance should be the regular attendance next year.

  12. Hoosierguy, I have been a women’s season ticket holder for over 25 years and it has always disturbed me plenty about our poor attendance. Especially during the Buss & Cahill era? I have mentioned on this website the last 3 years that there is no reason we shouldn’t be averaging over 5 or 6 thousand a game. I still don’t understand why our students don’t come out and support the women when you consider we have the largest men’s student season ticket attendance in the nation (over 9,000)? It doesn’t cost the students anything to see a women’s game, they just show their student ID and they are admitted free! I certainly don’t expect regular crowds over 13,000 but, as stated before, 5 or 6,000 should be expected. The last 4 years we averaged between 2,500 and 3,000 for a regular season game. It’s a real shame that Amanda & Tyra did not experience any more than that. Maybe after the WNIT experience we can get many more than that next year? We can only hope.

  13. I agree totally what has already been said about Tyra and B. Considering what they have done for the program they have been greatly disrespected by IU students. Most likely many among the 13,000 have never seen a womens game previously. The wnit was an event , a bandwagon affair if you will. Not just students but media,, ask Bob Kravitz who would never had been there without a title on the line. For us diehard women fans we want to think this will change next season and that the nit run will have gained more support, we can only hope. Go IU!!

    1. VO continues to be a great representative for IU. Had a monster game in the playoff win at Cleveland. Can’t help but reflect well on IU recruiting women and men.

      1. Yes, but as we have had it explained to us time and again, the Cavs weren’t really trying because they have no respect for the Pacers.

        Just saved him a comment.

        1. The Cavs are getting older and slower and basically a trainwreck of an organization. The trading of Kyrie for Isaiah Thomas was killer stupidity. What on earth would they be without LeBron? Even Michael Jordan had legit top talent around him.
          But much of the Cavs woes is the product of LeBron’s organizational control. Too much control often makes other stars feel unappreciated and irrelevant. Jordan was a far superior “team” player…and far better at managing the emotions of those he knew were imperative to the team’s success.

          I wouldn’t be shocked if the Cavs get swept by the Pacers. LeBron is ready to ditch Cleveland once again.
          The Sixers (along with their youth and inside game…e.g. “European style” ball) will pose much bigger match-up problems for the Pacers(if it gets to that point).

      2. It has no effect on recruiting……Why would it? Crean recruited him.
        Archie does not employ the strategy of giving a stage to athletes whose games will not mature until long after it’s any use for Indiana…or making runs at banners. That style of recruiting is only good for another asterisk on a narcissist’s resume while pretending to be a coach.

    2. Nobody ever said Indiana didn’t have the most gullible fans in the world…Simply say “It’s Indiana” and they’ll sign you to a 10-year deal and chant your name until eternity.
      I’m so thankful that Archie isn’t that sort of tool…

    1. Do you honestly believe the Cavs are a legit threat to 3/4 the teams in the playoffs? Even a depleted Boston team would likely give them all they could handle. It’s a trainwreck …..At least the city got their one title with LeBron.

  14. Lance Stephenson’s shenanigans with LeBron(along with his nearly trying to take LeBron’s head off) has been stealing much the headlines from Oladipo. I believe Lance is quite jealous of Oladipo. Oladipo continues to get shafted of attention by NBA narcissists and ball-hogging thugs. Hopefully, the coach of the Pacers is keen enough to not let Stephenson’s need for attention cost them a key game.

  15. Anyway…This thread should be about Buss and not Oladipo. For all the support you boys claim you want to give to the women’s program, you sure created a huge and unnecessary turnover on this thread.
    Maybe you should thinkaboutit…more carefully next time.

    It’s a travesty the NBA did not select Buss. There must be some real politics involved in NBA Draft/selections.
    I would put her on any NBA roster in a heartbeat. Good luck to her ….

  16. Thanks Chet, a great read. Not a NBA fan, yesterday was the first one of the year. Nice to see Vic’s continued growth. Anyway to get the article into the New Albany paper?

  17. So much for this thread being about Buss. What terrible disrespect to a great team player from our women’s program.

  18. H4H, you do realize that you posted 5 comments in that thread about VO, more than anyone else.

    So why do you troll about showing a lack of respect when you commented more on that off topic post than anyone else?

  19. “H4H, you do realize that you posted 5 comments in that thread about VO, more than anyone else.
    So why do you troll about showing a lack of respect when you commented more on that off topic post than anyone else?”

    PERFECT response to H4H. Thank you!

    I repeat, Tyra and B will be just fine, WNBA or not.

  20. Stevie – You best review the thread and examine where four posts were basically intended to throw snide my way(on a thread I had yet to even make one comment). Neither Buss or Oladipo were really the object of the thoughts coming from the snide initiator.

    Like I said….Review how it went down….and may I give congrats to Buss once again!

      1. Chet & HC,

        I was really trying to resist saying this but ole H4H just makes it too easy to send him into Barney Fife/Donald Duck/Banty Rooster mode. All I did was merely comment that as VO’s stature continues to increase in the NBA, it can’t but help both the men’s and women’s BB programs at IU. Especially with VO being such a positive promoter of all things IUBB men and women. He could have easily distanced himself after TC was let go, but to VO’s credit he has stayed true to IUBB.

        Did I suspect there might be a chance that H4H would BF/DD/BR mode? Given the track record? Probably, but I was hoping it was an opportunity for everyone (including H4H) to agree on at least a few things regardless their opinions about VO and the past coaching regime. IU has a good women’s basketball team on the rise. IU men’s BB hopefully is on the verge of a return to prominence. IU has a former player who, like it or not, may be on the verge of NBA stardom. If VO does make it big in the NBA, his wholehearted support of IU athletics can’t be anything other than good PR for both programs and recruiting.

        If so, there may be a lot more great women’s players like Tyra Buss, in the future.

        1. Fact remains…Archie would never recruit a guy who is too raw on arrival to ever help the program. Troy Williams has yet to burst onto the scene…but it’s pretty much the same formula. As were the numerous failings at raw big men with their marvelous “wing spans”(Perea, Jobe, etc, etc, Michel, Jurkin, Bawa, etc, etc, too many to name).
          Archie is not attempting to be a future NBA star locator(a.k.a. Galileo with talent telescope). He’ll go after higher b-ball IQs and players with savvy now. Archie is coaching the college game to win….rather than coaching for future NBA winning picks.
          Buss was ready when she came to Indiana. Oladipo was more than athletically ready…but it wasn’t until post college and five years of NBA development (plus better coaching) that his game would offer more than the dumb “I told ya so” on Scoop having nothing to do with making IU Basketball any closer to banners.

          I’m a bigger fan of guys who live up to the hype they created. All of Crean’s saviors sold their drive to take Indiana back to elite stages of March(Elite Eights and Final Fours). They failed in living up to the hype THEY created because the dollars were simply more important. That’s fine. But let’s not make them out to be some sort of Indiana heroes or legends because they weren’t. Could have…should have …would have is their candy stripe history.

  21. BAM! ZING! KABOOM! CLANG! SLAM! ZAZAM! POW! …..Time to get to the bat cave and go some retro NOW!

    4guards says:
    April 14, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Zeller is the single most important recruit of the Tom Crean Era.

    Husky Tom says:
    April 14, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    If Zeller ends up being half as good as Mike Tisdale, I would be shocked and surprised. If that makes him “the single most important recruit of the Crean era,” then I am worried about the expectations of some of our fans.

    Didn’t ‘Wilt the Stilt‘ play a lot of barn ball….?

      1. Note to self…

        Target audience = More ‘Hee Haw’ + Fox News + John Deere videos.

        If I could only put the smell of sizzling bacon into a post….as a final hook.

  22. Here’s a bit more ‘Hee Haw’…

    Every JAMES HARDEN ANKLE BREAKER …should be accompanied by the signature hook line of this video.

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