Juan Harris announces plan to transfer

Juan Harris will transfer from Indiana.

In a message posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday, the redshirt freshman defensive tackle announced he will be moving on from IU.

“First I want to thank Coach (Tom) Allen and Coach (Mark) Hagen for giving me the opportunity to receive a top tier education and football experience at Indiana University,” Harris wrote. “… Unfortunately, things didn’t work out because of health issues with the medical staff. I am gratefully (appreciative) for the belief this university had in me, but I must move on to a university where I could continue my football career, education and growth. Again, I thank you for all you done for me but I must go on.”

The 6-foot-3, 357-pound Harris received a medical redshirt after missing IU’s final nine games in 2017 due to an injury.

Harris went back and forth during the recruiting process, committing and decommitting with IU before ultimately choosing the Hoosiers for a second time in November 2016. He also committed and decommitted from Iowa three times prior to engaging with Indiana.

Harris was considered a four-star prospect in high school.

An IU football spokesperson confirmed Harris has left the team.

“Juan is no longer with the program and we wish him the very best moving forward,” the spokesperson said.


  1. I am sorry to hear he is gone because he showed real potential in the short time he was able to play. I do have some question about his issues with the medical staff especially with the issues former players have had. I hope the issue is with them being too cautious and Harris didn’t like being off the field. I wish Harris the best and hope he solves his commitment issues. When IU got him I worried how long he would last and it was less than one year.

    1. What are these “mythical” issues with the medical staff? The medical staff is there to provide top flight professional advice and counsel for injuries. IU has and does excel at that! All of the “issues” I have heard of were with former coaches.

      1. I wasn’t saying the fault was with the medical staff just that another player bringing up issues with them can’t just be ignored. I was glad when the investigation in the past put the problem with the coaches and not the doctors but in today’s environment accusations can’t be ignored. As I have found out more on this, it is clear Harris just threw that comment in and he had problems where players on the team didn’t want him around any more.

  2. Always bet on past history being indicative of future results. You’ll be $ ahead. Harris proves it correct again.

      1. Chet if I demonized him so be it. I stand solidly behind what I posted. His history reveals glaringly what his future holds. I put nothing positive in my post because I see nothing positive about him to post about.

    1. Maybe, Maybe not. Depends on what the real back story is to this issue. A negative disruptive presence in the locker room is never a good thing, if it be the case. On the other hand, the medical issue popping up again is cause for concern. That part needs to be thoroughly vetted by a reputable authority. Results may not be public due to privacy concerns, but it needs some light shined on it.

  3. Back story? He had an injury and was a medical RS for most of his Frosh season. Vet what? Typical 21st century society. He cries wolf, so everyone else does. He needs to figure out how to deal with life instead of always running away looking for someone to preen his feathers.

    1. Your statement would be a reasonable assumption based on what we have been led by news reports to believe. However, due to the issues which were previously alleged regarding the program, it would be wise to make sure there are no grounds to complain about the medical treatment. Failure to follow up is how scandals develop. I can think of a certain school on the other side of the river from New Albany that probably wishes they had followed up on a few things. If there is nothing to it, then there is nothing to it. In today’s world you can’t take the risk of not being sure there is nothing to it. That is why it would be wise to thoroughly vet the allegation regarding medical treatment.

  4. Hungry for better news than IU Football? The Donner Party saw the rescue wagons approaching today….Stay tuned to HSR for updates!

  5. Think of the similarities (Donner Party, that is) to IU Football…

    -Progress is slow as wagons in snow
    -Didn’t bring enough goods to fill many bowls
    -Stuck and nobody shows up or cares
    -Longing for some pigskin to chew on
    -The losses keep piling up
    -A back or a great arm would be a tasty addition

  6. HC, you do yourself a disservice with such comments. You don’t know the young man or the relevant facts surrounding his decision. Once again you post comments as if you alone know the truth. On top of that, your comments imply that this young man’s decision offends you (“because I see nothing positive about him to post about.”) So let me get this straight; you know virtually nothing about this kid but you don’t see anything positive about him? WOW! You have no idea if Harris “cried wolf” or if he has a legitimate complaint! And if he has legitimate concerns about IU football’s medical staff, or the way they treated him, that is an issue that may need to be vetted. I’ll bet you dimes to dollars that Fred Glass has, is or will be looking into the young man’s comment about the medical staff. Do your community a favor and make sure you never serve on a jury for either a civil or criminal trial.

    1. Podunk, I’ll do and say Exactly as I damn well please. The positive about this whole shooting match is this kid will no longer be in the IU athletic departments hair. Believe me the worst of him hasn’t shown yet.

      1. By the way I’ve already served my time on a jury(which a blog isn’t). I’m proud of what I offered. All 4 times.

  7. I found out from someone with connections to the coaching staff that Harris was lazy and unwilling to work hard. The medical staff told him he couldn’t return to the field with his shoulder injury and he disagrees, wants to go to another school. Size was always an issue with him and he didn’t work very hard at losing any weight. Reading between the lines he wouldn’t accept no from anyone and therefore wants to transfer. It would be better for him if he would accept the advice the staff has given him and figures out he doesn’t know everything.

  8. Like I stated nothing positive about him to post about. His history is his future. Glad IU only had a 1 1/2 yr. wasted on him.

  9. So I guess it is now acceptable to denigrate a 19 or 20-year old young man because he chooses to leave IU. Posting anonymous comments about people on the internet sure makes for a better society.

  10. IU has had a few jc players come out of Iowa so maybe it is a good move for the young man. Since I live in Iowa I will be interested in hearing how he is doing.

  11. V13 – Just read your post from yesterday and glad you cleared things up. When I first read that Harris was leaving because of “health issues with the medical staff”, I immediately thought that the medical staff wouldn’t let him play due to injury, and that he didn’t agree with that assessment. I was surprised when several posters implied that they were concerned that the medical staff was forcing Harris to play when he thought he wasn’t ready. No way that’s going to happen after the issues with Wilson!
    Hoosier Clarion – I agree with you about nothing positive to post. The odds of Harris sticking with IU or any program were slim and none after the debacle of his recruiting saga. If he sticks it out at a JC for a year or two, whatever major program, if any, that finally offers him will be taking a big chance. More than likely, he’ll end up at some podunk school hoping that he can still get a shot at the pros which is highly unlikely.

    1. Ranger,
      I think the reason some of us were concerned with the medical issue being raised is the article was not very clear in that regard. V13’s post certainly shed more light on the issue. However, there has to be a certain amount of caution when it comes to medical issues and IUFB. I personally do not believe any problems similar to what was alleged under Wilson will reappear again at IU.

      Sadly, I believe this player has and continues to make career moves which unless he is fortunate enough to find a mentor who can get through to him, will end in disappointment.

  12. Did his tackling ever put a dent into a stat sheet?…. said Richard Dent.

  13. This whole thread is suspect. A lot of gab from people who, I have to assume, don’t have any first-hand knowledge on what happened, didn’t happen, what someone was thinking and others were saying.

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