Langford sets announcement date

Romeo Langford’s recruitment is well into the home stretch.

Now, the New Albany star has an announcement date in mind.

Langford will announce his decision on April 30 at 7 p.m. inside the New Albany High School gym. The public is invited to attend.

247 Sports first reported Langford’s plan, which was later confirmed to The Herald-Times by his father, Tim.

Langford, the highest-rated uncommitted recruit in the 2018 class, will choose between three finalists: Indiana, Vanderbilt and Kansas.


  1. It’s “everything hinges on Zeller” all over again.

    Speaking of getting “everything”….I just read UK just got two 2018 5-star recruits from Georgia to commit to their program (6-10 “small” forward EJ Montgomery and 6-3 point guard Ashton Hagans). Wow….The rich just keep getting richer. I still don’t know why we can’t get any consideration from these late deciders. Both these guys from Georgia looking right past their home state program now headed up by one of the top coaches in the country too!

    We need Romeo real bad….If he doesn’t come to Indiana it could just feel like we got hit by a Mack truck.

  2. New Albany was our arch rival in high school. That is IU country. Few people in southern Indiana could give a rat’s ass about Purdue and Notre Dame may as well be on the moon.

    Lot’s of guys from Jeffersonville, the New Albany rival, have made an impact in IU basketball…most good, a couple not so much. Nearby Silver Creek produced Steve Green. Lots of young men from the area left their mark with the Hoosiers.

    New Albany has not produced an Indiana player of any significance. They haven’t sent basketball player to Bloomington since 1955. I have never heard of any of the 5 IU bench warmers they produced in the past 100+ years.

    I wonder if Romeo has ever considered that he would be the first New Albany Bulldog to have any impact on Indiana basketball?

  3. To me it seems by now he should be showing a little more love toward IU. IU is just not a destination for enough 5 stars and even not enough border line 4 and 5 as in 87+ 4 stars. Sure, it would be great if Romeo came to IU. However, he should want and love to come to IU even more than IU would love to get him. I guess beggars (IU) can’t be choosers.

      1. Chester you spoke a mouthful in both posts. I think I live in IU country where I’m at up Nort but every time I get south of Bedford I recognize the Cream & Crimson culture in spots like Jasper, Salem and Tell City. Even a great deal of it across the river as you know better than me.

  4. Just a thought for what it is worth. The event will be open to the public which means it will likely be packed with IU supporters. Are you going to announce for any other school than IU in that atmosphere?

  5. My point; as good as Langford is (and others) it should be an honor for him to go to whichever college he chooses rather than more of an honor for college to get him. I feel that way about all recruits and their respective colleges they go to (not just Langford and his situation). Times have changed. It just seems ass backwards.

    1. “Fansided” is now the new source for quality sports journalism…? That article was very poorly written…The first paragraphs were a mess. Most on this blog are better writers(outside of me).

      Fansided ‘About’ page:

      Patrick AllenVP Content & Strategy

      Patrick has been with FanSided since 2009. Today, he heads content operations from FanSided’s editorial headquarters in Chicago. He is a proud Ohian. Go Buckeyes.</blockquote

      Wonder how Alford did against the Buckeyes during his playing days…?

  6. Not really any good recruits lost as in like a 6’10” 4.5 star by waiting on Langford. More like maybe losing a good 3 star and who cares.

  7. It kills me how in some people’s minds the fate of IU basketball now resides in the hands of an 18 year old kid who is probably going to be a one-and-done. Speaking of the illustrious one-and-done model, exactly how many “one-and-done” lead teams have won the NCAA championship? By my counting, it would Syracuse 2003, Kentucky 2012, and Duke 2015. It’s not a bad model, but it is also not terrifically successful. Sure, Kentucky and Duke get listed at the start of every season as one of the favorites to win it all.

    BTW, it’s funny how other Big10 programs get touted as being superior to IU’s program. Yep, IU has been pitching a goose egg for a long time in terms of a national championship. But so has the Big10: since Indiana in 1987, the Big10 list of national champions reads: Michigan 1989, Michigan State 2000. Yep, of the past 18 champions, no Big10. In that span, 6 second places (including Indiana in 2002), but no championships. How about regular league Big10 championships? Indiana in 2013 and 2016.

    And what is the worth of IU basketball in terms of a franchise value? Oh, year in and year out only in the top 5 of the nation. So for all you IU nay sayers, while I feel your pain, it’s not as if the IU program is in the toilet. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    So what is the measuring stick of ultimate success these days for IU? A Final Four appearance, or an actual championship? Personally, I prefer an actual championship. And it most likely will be a few years until IU has the horses for a true run at a national championship. In my opinion we have a head coach who can get IU there. Patience people…..

    1. Read the article above on Alford. They have put out the numbers and he has posted the second worst results of any UCLA coach in the post Wooden era. Only Walt Hazzard did worse.

      At least we didn’t get saddled with Steve. Many Hoosiers would have clung to him for a long time no matter how had the results. There would likely have been a lot of controversy when he was inevitably fired.

      The Hoosiers are gonna be fine.

      1. Gotta believe the coaches at UCLA in the 7-10 years following Wooden were sorta still riding the wave of momentum and dominance.

        If Wikipedia is correct, both Walt Hazzard and Steve Lavin have lower win percentages(.621 and .650 respectively) than Alford @ .672.

        In March 2003, following UCLA’s first losing season (10–19) in 55 years, Lavin was fired(courtesy: wikipedia).

        The percentage differences in Ben Howland’s numbers isn’t much to notice at only .013 more wins than Alford (.685 compared to .672).

        The shoplifting incident in China certainly threw a wrench into the 2017-18 season. How much difference those players would have made(including Ball) is hard to say…

        1. Between 1976 and 2013 (so, no one is being compared to John Wooden), UCLA’s program win rate is .706. To bring his UCLA Basketball career record up to a level where he’s not actively making the program less successful (again, this is solely post Wooden, Alford is only being held against the standard of Ben Howland, Steve Lavin, Jim Harrick, Hazzard, Larry Farmer, Larry Brown, Gary Cunningham, and Gene Bartow), Alford would have to go roughly 32-5, better than he did during the season in which he had both Lonzo Ball and TJ Leaf.

          Let’s talk conference play. Alford’s teams have the worst regular season conference win rate (.611) of any UCLA coach since Wilbur Johns (Wooden’s immediate predecessor), worse than Steve Lavin (.635) and Walt Hazzard (.653). If you include conference tournaments, Lavin’s rate dips just below Alford’s, but either way Alford is among the worst in-conference coaches that UCLA has ever had.

          On the road in conference, Alford’s teams have a win rate of .422. I want to make sure that doesn’t slip by unnoticed; UCLA Basketball teams under Alford have lost more conference road games than they’ve won. That’s simply unheard of. No coach since 1948 has a win rate below .500. Every other coach since Johns has won more than they’ve lost on the road in conference.

          Without Ball and Leaf, his teams have won only a third of their conference road games. This is Alford’s Achilles’ Heel. When Alford complains about poor seeding in the Pac-12 or NCAA Tournaments, this is why. His teams lose to inferior conference foes on the road at an alarming rate.

          The Bruins finished 4th in the Pac-12 this year, giving Alford an average conference rank of 4.6 out of 12. No other coach since 1948 has averaged a lower conference finish, even adjusting for conference size. Additionally, Steve Alford has not won the conference in his first five years. The only other coach since 1948 not to win a conference title in his first five years was Larry Brown, who left after two years.

          1. You failed in your prediction that he would die a slow death in the Mountain West.
            He got a decent gig with a boatload of cash. Got some coverage with all the Ball family shenanigans. Success is such a rare thing in college basketball. Loyola goes to a Final Four and IU can’t get past a Sweet 16 during the last decade(many of those seasons with highly ranked teams…including a #1 ranking).
            I suppose bashing Alford is a form of easing the wounds of our own lackluster existence of late.
            There’s worse places to work than UCLA….Um, like Georgia?

            Alford certainly could stroke the ball..That’s all I really know. He helped considerably in bringing a banner to Indiana. Beyond that…there’s probably many better coaches….and probably many worse(like the one we just endured).

            Lastly, I think many dudes around his age are likely just jealous of his marvelous head of hair. And you have to admit, the guy barely looks in his early forties. He’s aged wonderfully.

            We’ll see how he does in 2018…He’s supposed to have a super-duper class of talent coming in.

          2. Speaking of good hair, the point guard Alford secured from LaPorte, Indiana looks pretty solid. Rivals ranks UCLA’s 2018 class as third best in the country just behind Duke and UK.
            How does he keep convincing top talent when he can’t coach? Must just be the beautiful sunshine and dangerously hot coeds of California.

          3. The Bruins finished 4th in the Pac-12 this year

            They actually finished in a 3-way tie for 3rd (UCLA, Stanford, and Utah all at 11-7)….and only one game behind USC(12-6). They took 2 out of 3 against Stanford and split with Utah. They defeated USC in both their meetings.
            Come on, Chet.

  8. Wherever Langford goes he wont be the savior for that school, especially if it is a one and done situation. In my mind he will find the next level to be more difficult for him than he expects. He will be taught a few lessons from other more experienced and maybe equally talented athletes .

  9. Reading the article on Alford made me smile. I predicted this would happen just after it was announced that UCLA had hired him. The reason is that UCLA fans are stuck living in the past. They believe UCLA basketball is still an elite program, but it has not been for decades. UCLA does not have the budget to lure the most accomplished basketball coaches go to UCLA. While recently upgraded, UCLA’s facilities have not been near the best for a long time. Fan support is not nearly as intense as it used to be (“wake me when we get to the final four”). UCLA has very high academic standards, and not just anyone, no matter how gifted an athlete they are, can get accepted into UCLA. And on top of that, expectations of the basketball coach are totally unrealistic! And then there’s UCLA’s social environment. Let’s just say UCLA does not enjoy a reputation as a “party school” or a fun place to go to college, and when they arrive on campus, athletes are surrounded by thousands of High School honor students and valedictorians. But UCLA’s fans and administrators are delusional and don’t consider how such factors affect their basketball program, and they don’t understand that the glory days of UCLA basketball were the result of enormous and systemic corruption and cheating. Just consider this: you’re a 5-star recruit and McDonald’s All American. Kentucky makes you an offer and so does UCLA. Unless you’re from So Cal, which school are you most likely to play for? UCLA fans are living in the past. They should ask themselves, “O.K., if we fire Alford, what head coach would be an obvious upgrade that will lead UCLA back to the promised land and win Championships?” Being an Arizona fan, I hope UCLA does fire Alford, which will, no matter who they hire, set the program back another couple of years.

  10. Being an Arizona fan, I hope UCLA does fire Alford, which will, no matter who they hire, set the program back another couple of years.

    Huh…? I thought you were an Indiana fan? Well, at least this explains your infatuation with Sean Miller.

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