Tronti plans to transfer from Indiana

Indiana lost a quarterback on Sunday evening.

Redshirt freshman Nick Tronti announced he plans to transfer from IU, thinning what had become a crowded position room for the Hoosiers.

Tronti, a former Mr. Football winner in Florida, was named Indiana’s offensive scout team player of the year in 2017 after a standout high school career that saw him pass for 72 touchdowns and rush for 20 more at Ponte Vedra High School.

But the dual-threat quarterback wasn’t in the mix to challenge for IU’s open starting job this spring, a competition that almost exclusively featured rising redshirt sophomore Peyton Ramsey and true freshman Michael Penix. Soon, Arizona graduate transfer Brandon Dawkins will join IU’s competition at quarterback.

Now, Tronti is looking for a new start.

“I am forever grateful to Indiana University, Coach (Tom) Allen, Coach (Nick) Sheridan, and Coach (Mike) DeBord for giving me an opportunity to compete with the best in college football,” Tronti wrote in a message posted on Twitter. “I will always be thankful for the experiences and lessons that I learned while I was in Bloomington.

“However, I will be transferring from Indiana University. I am now exploring all of my options to continue to chase my football dreams. Coach Allen has already moved Indiana football in the right direction, and he will continue to do so in the future. I wish him and the entire IU football program the best.”

Indiana later confirmed Tronti’s planned departure with a statement from Allen.

“We would like to thank Nick for all of his hard work,” Allen said. “He has represented our program in a first-class manner on and off the field. We appreciate everything he has done for Indiana University and the football program, and we wish him the very best in the future.”

Undrafted Hoosiers find NFL homes

Several former IU players latched on with NFL teams on Sunday.

Among them, defensive end Robert McCray signed with the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent. Defensive end Greg Gooch received a rookie minicamp invite from the Kansas City Chiefs, while kicker Griffin Oakes received a rookie minicamp invite from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


  1. Not surprising he knew Penix is the QB of the future Ramsey is decent if he stuck behind 3 QB’s then go where you have the chance to play

  2. Bad roster management? The label was attempted to be hung on Wilson. I’ll keep my eye on this kid. He’ll shine somewhere.

    1. We’ll have to judge that in hindsight after things do or do not fall into place. Coach Allen still has three seemingly viable quarterbacks. Coach Wilson found himself in a situation where he had none.

      You are always going to be accused of bad roster management when you end up without a quarterback.

    2. I agree about Tronti. I think he’ll find a soft spot to land. We’d have been delighted to have a big strong kid with an impressive Florida pedigree like him one the roster when Zander was being thrown to the wolves.

  3. Pretty clear that staff didn’t see Tronti having a starting qb future or they wouldn’t have gone after Penix and grad transfer and either not athletic enough or not interested in playing another position. Good luck to the young man. He made a very classy announcement.

  4. The one problem with undervalued or the so called diamonds in the rough, is they don’t always pan out. Unfortunately, this is going to be one of those cases and I think everyone saw it coming. Probably should have been suspect when the Florida Mr. Football doesn’t wind up at any of the 3 Florida blue blood programs nor at any of the second tier Florida schools. I think his coming was based more on friendship with the Allen family than IU being the best place for his QB capabilities, but I believe they wanted to give him the chance. Nothing wrong with than if you didn’t pass over anything better to do it.

    Obviously, the young man still wants to play QB instead of changing positions to better fit his skills at the college level. It always holds true on players, they may dominate at a lower level but it doesn’t translate to the next level. We see it happen going from HS to college and college to pro. How many Heisman winners have flopped at the next level? Same holds true with great HS players not able to make the jump to the next level.

    All in all the young man did handle his departure statement with a great deal of class and that say something more important that whether or not he has college QB capability.

  5. Typical move for IU fb. Yes, Qb position crowded with trying to get at least to average talent level by big ten/major league standards. So the question is; is it all that crowded with really good talent at QB position? Or though better…is it crowded with bodies at QB position (though improved) by major league standards? I think it is not all that crowded especially if you have one injury etc. Now, though not surprised IU is already one down at QB position from where it was a month ago…. Or any hype that Tronti got was just fluffy and wishing because he lived in Florida.

  6. It was a fluff and hype for Tronti, no way was this kid every a Big Ten quarterback. I’ll put it out their Tom Allen or Mike Debord mislead this kid into thinking he was a Big Ten quarterback, because they had one (Peyton Ramsey) quarterbacks on the roster, once Richard Lagow was gone. This kid was giving a 3-star rating and had never been to any “CAMPS” and the Indiana staff and fans, though they had found this diamond in the rough, that no other college recruited but Charlotte and Arizona (needs a running back for a quarterback systems) and we the fan brought into the hype. Being that this was Florida – Mr. Football, a state everyone on here regards as one of the BEST state to recruit football players from, the hype of every college in Florida recruiting this kid would have been off the chart if he had the talent to play at the P-5 level. Okay everyone give me the Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen story, this kid just did not have that type of talent, maybe for Indiana football fans and staff.

  7. With the surprise recruitment of Penix and the grad transfer from Arizona, Tronti goes from the possible number two, with some playing time, to the fourth quarterback, now his decision now is to find a excellent Junior College or sit out a year.

  8. Tronti has handled himself with class and dignity which showed even in his letter to announce his transfer. It is sad it didn’t work out for him at IU but it does open up another scholarship and position for 2019. I hope the staff can follow up Penix recruitment with another really good DT- QB. Falling to 4th string QB even behind a walk-on clearly told Tronti where he stood if he wanted to get back on the field.

  9. Tronti probably not a good fit for a Big Ten school but probably will be a good mid-major quarterback. If Ramsey loses to Dawkins this year and Penix next year, he likely transfers as well. That’s not poor recruiting or roster management or whatever- just kids with talent wanting to get on the field. Kids don’t go to IU with dreams of winning a national championship, they go for playing time. IU recruited more talent than could get on the field so someone had to move on.

  10. 123, good point especially about why players come to IU. I hope the time comes when they come to IU to win championships and stick around to earn their spot in the rotation. Our RB room is getting crowded along and I hope other positions get crowded with top players. People that try to blame IU for transfers ignore players at OSU [RB and OLman recently, with Alabama losing an OT] and other top programs that transfer once they get passed on the depth chart.

  11. Tronti’s decision to transfer does not mean Allen or DeBord mislead him or that they are guilty of bad roster management. It simply means that Tronti wants to give himself an opportunity to play within the next two years. Things change, and people develop at different paces. Maybe Tronti peaked in HS and just is not going to get much better? He was given an opportunity, which relative to the other opportunities he had to choose from at the time, was his best bet. It did not work out for him, so he’s moving on. No harm – no foul, and I wish him the best.

    I was watching the Clemson Spring game on TV. The commentators discussed that four of the quarterbacks on Clemson’s roster were HS All Americans and 5-star-recruits coming out of HS. Obviously, only one or two of those guys is going to get significant playing time over the next couple of seasons. The consensus was that two or three of the QBs on Clemson’s current roster would transfer and become starters for about 80% of all other Power-five conference teams in the country. And next years Clemson will bring in two more 5-star studs to compete for the QB job. That’s how you build National Championship football teams. Does that mean Clemson’s coaching staff is guilty of deceiving recruits or bad roster management? Hardly. Those kids knew what they were up against when they signed their LOIs. Through intense competition, one of those guys will emerge as the best for Clemson’s offense, and the others will have a choice to make. No one is entitled to be the starting quarterback at any school. The beauty of sports is that it is the ultimate meritocracy.

  12. podunker, I stick by my claim…Allen or Debord mislead (not deceive) Tronti into believing that he was a Big Ten starting quarterback…no other power 5 school envision Tronti as a starting quarterback. Yes, the kid has class and the kid has some talent and yes, he probably could run Debord offense. But at the present time, Tronti is not and was not ready for Big Ten football.

  13. Sort of fun to go back and read the comments made on Scoop when Tronti committed….And…wow…was that old thread difficult to find. Google searches are impossible with HSR these days(and I’m renowned for internet archeology).
    I did find the remains of some very excited attitudes and expectations at the site…which many would now probably prefer to stay unearthed. The portal to the old tomb of comments shall follow…Beware, there are also rather disturbing poses of gleeful paragraphs seemingly petrified in time under the hot ashes of hype from a vesuvius eruption. It’s a beautiful tomb of undisturbed Hoosier Football fantasy and hope. Respect it and don’t disturb anything….not even the hieroglyphics near the entrance of the Pharaoh Clarion’s comment tomb fully discussing quarterback gods.
    And heed this WARNING: Some believe simply rereading the comments opens the ‘Book of the Dead Football Comments’. YOU MUSTN’T READ FROM THE BOOK!….of the dead football comments! Horrible figures and ghosts with sheepish grins await those who read from the BOOK of Dead Hoosier Football Comments! Not recommended….but if you must, here is the portal:

  14. IU had no QB recruits committed when coach Allen took over and we only had two on the roster for the 2017 season. Taking a successful Florida QB who ranked second to Tebows HS records didn’t require misleading Tronti to come to IU. If Tronti didn’t come to IU, we would have been left very depleted at QB with a JC QB, a 2 star QB, and walk-ons. Tronti saw IU as an opportunity to show that he could compete unfortunately it didn’t work that way.

    Now with a second year of recruiting IU has a former power 5 QB, a 4 star QB offered by TN and FL, and last year’s starting QB one the roster. Don’t forget we also have Indiana’s Mr Football that may play a limited role at QB and we are in far better shape than this staff was left with when taking over the program. I hope the future QB commitments improve the QB room even more and get IU to a B1G East level of QBs.

  15. vesuvius13, you are correct, they did not have any QB recruits committed. But they did have a full quarterback room (Austin King (transfer), Danny Cameron (kicked off team), Peyton Ramsey (RS) and Richard Lagow), not a great bunch of quarterbacks and not the type of quarterback Coach Allen and Coach Debord was looking for to run Coach Debord offense. So the IU staff ran out and recruited and mislead (a low 2* quarterback – that no other Power 5 university was recruiting) Florida – Mr Football into believing that he had an opportunity to be the quarterback at Indiana. Nothing wrong with recruiting Tronti, it just that the staff mislead him…..As I stated when he was being recruited that Tronti would make a good safety at Indiana.

    1. 79,
      When you make an accusation of “mislead,” you better be prepared to back it up with fact. I know you tried to make your accusation somewhat innocuous by saying “(not deceive),” but when you use such terminology in a vindictive manner or not, it still conveys a message. You are either trying to say in a roundabout way that TA & Debord were deceptive in their recruiting practices, or they were making promises they could not keep, or they are incompetent. Let’s remember one thing, Tronti was known by the Allen family from their time in Florida. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the younger Allen had a great deal to do with Tronti coming to IU.

      Could we not just as easily say that Tronti was receiving few if any P5 offers and TA offered him a chance to compete? There may not have been any ill intent or carelessness involved, but rather a chance for a very good athlete to have a shot. Unfortunately, though he was a very good HS QB, it became very evident he would not be able to elevate his game to the college level. This could easily be said of the previously mentioned Tim Tebow. He had a very good college carrier but it did not translate into the NFL very well.

      How anyone can twist what may have been a goodwill gesture into something untoward apparently without fact, is irresponsible. If you have fact, put it out there. I do not see Tronti making any statements to support your supposition. If he felt slighted by his experience at IU it may or may not come out in the future. For now we need to take him at his word and believe this situation was no different than any other situation where a program is trying to upgrade in all areas. If as a player you it takes, you ride up with the wave. If you don’t you have some decisions about your future to make. Nick Tronti did.

      1. Meant to say if as a player you have what it takes, you ride up with the wave.

      2. Personally, I’m of the opinion that, if a program such as IU could recruit Florida’s Mr. Football, who put up up Tebow numbers while winning a 5A championship, we should jump at the chance. The fact that we have several quarterbacks who seem to have a superior skill set should be seen as a good thing.

        How on Earth can someone spin the fact the a kid with a resume like Tronti could not compete with other quarterbacks on the roster is a bad thing is laughable. We should count our blessings that that is the case.

        If Tronti had been on the roster a while back is there any chance Zander would have been tossed to the lions? Sometimes it’s all about timing.

        1. Chet, I agree with you about recruiting a player like Tronti. I was one hoping IU got a real diamond that others missed based on his production in HS. I was watching the NFL network and we saw N.O. with Drew Brees. I told my wife that is what IU needs to do; hit on a QB many missed on like PU did with Brees. I was hoping Tronti would turn out to be IU’s Brees but I am happy IU has QBs that kept him down the depth chart heading into the 2018 season.

  16. Many high schools in Indy have populations of 4000-5000 students. Their senior graduation classes are bigger than the total student population numbers where Tronti attended. Tront’s graduation class was probably around 400 students. He competed at the 5-A level.

    Florida has 8 h.s. football class designations. Tebow was in a 4-A school at the time of their state title in 2005. Obviously, very talented kids can come out of smaller programs….but you have to take statements of “record-breaking” numbers with a grain of salt based on level and size/breadth of h.s. competition. When there are 8 class divisions for Florida h.s. football, some accolades may be a bit “misleading” due to the scope of talent a young man is up against. You may break records at a 5-A or 4-A program …or end up holding a clipboard if you were in a 7-A or 8-A program.
    The 2-star designation for Tronti possibly centered around the level/class of h.s. competition?

  17. And though IU Football participates in the Big Ten, we’ve always been a 1-A college program(if 8-A would be programs like Clemson, Penn State, Alabama, ND, OSU, etc).
    Tronti’s fit was just fine for a 1-A college program. It’s sort of amazing we get the quality we do…especially considering the low numbers in our stands and the amount of national limelight a recruit will get. To get a transfer who was once starting at Arizona is a gift from the gods. It’s akin to Romeo signing with IUPUI.

  18. NO…..I have no proof….the only people that know if Tronti was mislead is himself and the Indiana coaching staff….But, I stick by my saying. Indiana was low on quarterbacks as previously stated and they needed a quarterback in the recruiting class and they went looking for any quarterback they could get!!!! Most of the people on this blog, tried to hide this kid lack of talent and lack of recruiting stars by saying he had not been to any “Recruiting Camps” when all you had to do was look at the kids recruiting tape (his highlight film) and see that something was missing (talent) something. That is why no other power 5 school was recruiting this kid. Yes, this kid did put up Tebow type numbers, maybe in the right offensive systems (Urban Meyers) and tons of other talent around him, he would be a Power 5 quarterback (game manager in college football). Maybe we the fan mislead ourselves into thinking he was the next Indiana starting quarterback, believing why on earth would Florida – Mr Football come to Indiana to play football.

  19. In more IU news today, Kayton Samuels a defensive tackle grad transfer from Syracuse has been accepted to IU for the 2018 season. He started seven games last year and we will have to see how he performs in the B1G.

  20. How to respond to such a position. “NO….I have no proof…….but I stick with my saying.” Well, that statement speaks for itself, so I’ll move on.

    Let’s review what we knew about Tronti when he signed with IU. 1) he was Mr. Football in Florida, a football-talent-rich state. 2) he put up great numbers and lead his team deep into the playoffs, 3) he was a 2-star rated QB who did not attend many FB camps. 4) Aside from IU offering him late, he had one other offer from Charleston, which is not a Power-five conference team.

    Now let’s review what has happened since Tronti signed with IU. 1) Tronti redshirted for a year and got experience running IU’s scout team offense. 2) he was recognized by Allen and staff for his outstanding contribution while running the scout team’s offense. 3) three quality quarterbacks have been recruited since Tronti signed with IU, placing 4 other QB’s on the depth chart. Two QBs are older and more experienced and two are younger.

    We can safety assume that Tronti was going to be fourth or maybe even fifth on IU’s QB depth chart, making it highly unlikely that he was going to see the field as a quarterback this season. And without getting game-experience this season, it would be unlikely that he’d have the opportunity to move up on that depth chart next fall. So, with the writing on the wall, he chose to transfer, which appears to have been a good decision for both him and for IU.

    Where is there any evidence that Tronti was mislead by Allen, DeBord or anyone else? If making him an offer and giving him an opportunity was misleading, than you can say that every player who receives an offer from any university is being mislead. Or is this one of those ex post facto rules that retroactively changes the consequences of actions that took place before the rules were established? I can see it now. From this day forward, when players choose to transfer from IU, IU’s coaches are automatically guilty of misleading that player. The proof of their guilt is that the player transferred, therefore he must have been mislead.

    1. One of my kids got a single D1 offer. Two years later he was competing in the NCAA Championships. I guess if he wasn’t successful we should have complained about being ‘mislead’.

  21. IU’s former women’s soccer coach told my daughter that she was the only goal-keeper he was recruiting for that next class. Two weeks later it was announced that he singed the Canadian U-18 National Team’s goal-keeper after recruiting her for over a year. That’s not “misleading,” that’s just a flat out lie. Arizona’s coach simply told her, “we like you, we want you on the team, and you’ll have to compete for playing time.” No promises, no guarantees, no BS, just an opportunity. She started every game for two seasons until a back injury ended her soccer career.

    1. I kinda agree with IU79. IU beyond a shadow of a doubt was QB shopping. In a supply consisting of slim pickings. Something I absolutely agree they should have been doing. I really have no thoughts on ‘misled’. I do advocate Tronti as a player in the B1G is probably more a Pro-style QB than Dual-threat. An evaluation I refuse to believe Allen and staff did not conclude before taking his commitment. They had a need, they had to have a body and after all their new commit was Florida Mr. Football. Then they got good fortune with Jones being fired in Knoxville and then even some more out in the desert. Immediately Tronti no longer fit in the Allen/DeBord offense. Tronti then made a good decision for himself and IU. It is big time Business in collegiate sports.

  22. It’s easy to be on the outside looking in and to speculate as to how and why a particular player chose to transfer. As a former college athlete who spent 4 years rowing on a men’s varsity crew team, a team that practiced 6 days a week all school year long, I can attest to the fact that not all student athletes are a good fit for a particular coach, coaching staff, and/or program. Some of the most talented rowers I have known didn’t see eye to eye with our coach. And several left our highly successful program. In fact I wasn’t enamored with the coach (and still feel the same) but so loved my teammates and the sheer satisfaction derived from rowing that I stuck it out.

    So speculate away without knowing the real story and sadly make sport of a young man’s decision. Point fingers and find fault with the coach, the program, and/or the athlete. Have a laugh or two or make one of your incredibly insightful comments or two at a young person’s expense. Whatever happened to some level of decorum, and simply wish a young man well and thank him for his time at IU? If people spent as much time analyzing sports and things they have no idea about, imagine how productive they might be in devoting the same amount of time and energy to something of value.

    My career Army Officer Father taught me a valuable lesson a long time ago in regards to opinions and point of bodily waste discharge: everyone’s got one.

  23. You’re sort of fulfilling the same prophecy as the one you condescend to in addressing your audience . You explain how we belittle and waste our time….as you belittle the belittler and waste your own.
    See how addicting it can become when you can’t even identify it in your own actions? It’s better than heroin….

  24. PJ Fleck tells players that he’s there to recruit them out of a job. That’s what happened to Tronti. His statement doesn’t read like a kid that feels he got a raw deal. Just a kid that realized he’d have to transfer if he wanted to play. IU had trouble recruiting a quarterback and took a chance on a 2 star kid with a boatload of records. Not the worst gamble ever. But not all gambles pay off. If Penix and Dawkins had passed on IU, Tronti is probably still on the team. But they didn’t and so now he isn’t.

  25. I absolutely agree with 123 & Po, if the coaching staff is doing it’s job this is exactly what happens. How many around here would have a problem if a member of the BB team decided to leave because they would not be playing due to Romeo’s arrival. I suspect all we would hear would be the crickets. It is very obvious the staff is doing everything they can to upgrade the talent level, especially at QB.

  26. Transfers happen to every team, look at OSU and the number they have this year in the OL and at QB, because as talent improves lesser players that want to see the field look for another team. OSU and Georgia both lost top rated QBs to transferring because they didn’t win the starting spot. Coaches should try to bring in better players and if some transfer as a result they can’t change human behavior that much. It would be nice if players stayed and competed working hard to improve but some times the talent difference is clear. It takes a player committed to a school to stay even when they won’t see the field.

  27. It’s nice that the Indiana Hoosiers is sort of like college football’s safety net….

    Just when you thought there was no room for you in a quality D-1 conference, disheartened thoughts turn positive as the coach cutting you says, “Have you tried Indiana?”

    It does have to be rather tough to be pushed off an Indiana Hoosiers football program that began as your last hope. Most animal shelters rarely reject the most rejected. We are supposed to be a Power Five safety net. We are supposed to be a home when there is no other home. When other programs demand winning seasons and pedigree, we provide a good home for the runts of the litter. It’s o.k. Runts and mutts are usually smarter. Well, that satisfies Northwestern….So who are we? Oh, crap…We’re not the Yellow Lab sent to the Michael Vick training camp…?

  28. When you use a mental illness to satisfy your vindictive tendencies, you unveil what I always knew you were. Narcissistic to the extreme and very short in stature.

      1. Gotta say I loved the ‘stature’ line as Harvey knows I’m a former Naval aviator.

        I’ll admit that Pappy Boyington, John Glenn, Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, and I are absolutely devastated by his comment about our height.

        BTW, my wife goes about six feet tall and I manage to deal with that, too.

  29. Tsao took your car keys a long time ago….He knew your gig and he nailed it with one descriptive.

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