VIDEO: Allen with the media after the Hoosiers’ spring game

Coach Allen fields questions from reporters after the Cream and Crimson game.


  1. It is always tough to say how good a team is in a scrimmage game. There are too many missing starters and the starters on the field are split up. No teams I saw in Spring games SEC, ACC, and B1G looked real sharp but you could see players that stood out. IU had the same flashes from players and the OL, LBs and DL look solid while the secondary looked very good.

    Coach Allen seems to think IU accomplished what they need to do this Spring. The players looked faster and more athletic on the field which has me wondering how much better the players will look by the Fall.

  2. Which brings me to the point of why have the spring scrimmage game anyway? Spring game is just a glorified scrimmage game. To many football programs are afraid of injuries. Most and including Indiana should follow the lead of Illinois Lovie Smith, cancel the spring football game altogether and just have spring practice. Seem like Fred Glass and the Indiana administration might enjoy saving this small amount of money. Allen is know different from every other coach or program, I have never heard a coach acknowledge that they did not accomplish what they what at the end of spring football camp.

    1. It’s marketing. There will be numerous stories written about the scrimmage and, barring the weather, a couple hours on television.

      In April.

      Otherwise, no on would have given a thought to Hoosier football yesterday.

      You can’t buy that kind of advertising. At least we can’t.

  3. Agree Marketing to kinda keep interest to let everyone know that fb is still around. Teams such as IU still have the same old challenges to deal with and overcome.

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