1. T.B. just has a good life. T.B., A.C., T.M. and IU was a heavenly match. This was fitting to a self-actualized college student/athlete career.

  2. The girl is silky smooth on the basketball court….Tyra Ty-rantula!

    Oh, Richmond Spiders…What could have been…, what could have been?

  3. Tyra is too pretty, too small, too average on 3-point and FG %, for the Pros. But if ever given the chance, her drive, determination, indomitable will to excell, and leadership will reward her team with great results! Give her the Ball and enjoy!

    1. I don’t think that her looks have anything to do with it. Skylar diggins and Elena delle Donne are both good looking. I think it has more to do with the crazy deep amount of talent the wnba has at tyras position..if she was a big it would be a different story. There are so many talented guards and when I watched the film from the USA basketball u23 camp I wasn’t overly impressed. She seemed very timid and didn’t play with the confidence im used to seeing her playing with. I just dont think she is a pro player. Plenty of great mens college players never make the league..in wbb it’s about 10X as hard. Part of me wonders if she has been offered spots but not accepted because they are signing people I have never heard of at this point.

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