VIDEO: Jones talks about how he has improved and what he learned from Scales

LB Reakwon Jones talks to The Herald-Times’ Mike Miller about spring football and what he has learned from Tegray Scales.


  1. I hope what he learned from Scales makes him play as well as Scales. He has talent and IU needs him to play as well as Scales. According to coach Allen he is hustling and getting to the ball this Spring so I hope he continues this in Summer and Fall. IU needs LBs like Scales and Covington for the defense to be as good or better than last year. It sure sounds like the new S&C coaches are motivating players to excel like they are in the weight room.

    IU has very good young players and very good ones coming in this Fall. Head is already getting mentioned as playing well enough to play in the Fall season. It will be interesting to see how they play in the Spring game. I hope the young players and the older guys can pull together and win games instead of playing close to the “big boys”. Surprise everyone guys and shock the football world.

    1. I’m certain the push from the from the DL this season will be prominent and more consistent than last year. That aggression should offer cover and support for the LB’s to get familiar with their game legs. As I’ve stated in the last couple of 3 months I expect big things from this D this year.

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