1. This is a great thing for IUFB and I hope it encourages more donors to commit to the FB program helping move it into the national picture [top 25] before too long. There are many things putting IUFB on the upswing and I hope the momentum continues.

  2. That is outstanding and I commend him for his generosity. But I thought the FB facilities inside Memorial Stadium were already in the process of being built/upgraded into first class facilities as a result of the south end zone construction? When the caption below his phot speaks of “team area in Memorial Stadium,” is it talking about the locker room or something beyond just the locker room?

  3. Tallen’s gift will bring the players locker room up to speed with the other major football program with player’s lounge and other areas for the football team and game day facilities. The South End Zone Project will be used by all the I U athletic teams, for dining room, career counseling, treatment rooms and the new Hoosier Room location. The new Tallen area work can be started when the South End Zone is completed this summer and the players food service can be relocated in South End Zone.

  4. It’s a great story that a former IU FB player and Business School graduate made it big and is giving back to his school, but specifically the FB program. It was not easy getting through the business school for a regular student. Getting through it while the captain of the football team, with all the time and work that required, is impressive. Obviously, he’s a very successful man. It is especially good to know that he returns to IU, even though he is located in the San Francisco area. I loved the story he told about the last minutes of the game against BYU in the Holiday Bowl and Corso’s comments to the priest. Good stuff all the way around, and I hope it inspires more Hoosier alums and fans to donate what they can.

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