IU to host Marquette in Gavitt Games

Indiana will host Marquette in this season’s Gavitt Tipoff Games, marking the third year the Hoosiers will participate in the yearly matchup between Big Ten and Big East programs.

The game will be played on Wednesday, Nov. 14 at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

It will be the 10th all-time meeting between the schools, with IU holding a 7-2 advantage in the series. IU and Marquette last met in the championship game of the 2001 Great Alaska Shootout, a 50-49 victory for the Golden Eagles.

Scheduled through the 2022 season, the Gavitt Tipoff Games will be played on consecutive days during the first full week of the regular season. Each Big Ten team will take part a minimum of four times, while each Big East team will participate a minimum of six times. IU defeated Creighton in Bloomington in 2015 before losing at Seton Hall this past season.

The full Gavitt schedule is below:

Tuesday, Nov. 13
Wisconsin at Xavier
Georgetown at Illinois

Wednesday, Nov. 14
Michigan at Villanova
Seton Hall at Nebraska
Marquette at Indiana

Thursday, Nov. 15
Penn State at DePaul
Ohio State at Creighton

Friday, Nov. 16
St. John’s at Rutgers


  1. Vic driving the 500 pace car, Kinda neat. Next they will have him singing “Back Home Again”. Continues to do IU well. (sorry HH).

    1. Harv,
      Real quickly I’ll say that the headlines surrounding this Romeo thing have been misleading. The only news from the Washington Post is that adidas outbid other shoes companies for Romeo’s AAU team in hopes of keeping him in the adidas fold for college. More to the point, Rick Pitino told adidas to pony up in hopes of landing him before the crap hit the fan. Pitino likely also blames IU for the stripper allegations.

      1. Kravitz is still around? I offered to continue taking the Indy Star if they would delete his articles before delivering the paper. Been a number of years w/out that paper now. Seems I remember him yelling at the Colts to fire Dungy, than get rid of Payton and was down on Crean. In other words he just makes noise.

  2. Didn’t the ‘Pony’ shoe company used to sell basketball shoes? “Pony up” would have worked so well in today’s college sports environment. Spud did the Pony’s….and he could get “up.” Now wait a Manute, Harv…..Are you attempting to make some leap that star players are lining their pockets with shoe company cash? What sort of Webb are you attempting to spin here…? You’re full of Bol….and bull. Pony up! lol.

    You must admit, Kravitz was pretty brutal in his last paragraph(in his mockery of the family preacher).

  3. They lost me at “according to Rick Pitino.”

    Did they confirm that with Rudy Giuliani?

  4. But the AAU team started by Romeo’s dad was entirely funded by Adidas….? There is a bit of a contradiction with all the ‘humble this’…and ‘humble that’ portrayed by the family(and the preacher) for a young star remaining loyal to Indiana h.s. ball and all the principles of humility that went along with the whole unnecessary stage show. I’m delighted we have him in a Hoosier uniform, but can’t we just be honest….? Decisions are mostly about the cash. It ain’t about candy stripes….and it ain’t about Indiana. We need to get the shoe company pimps out of the process. And get rid of the NCAA ‘one and done’ requirement. Let them get all the cash they need straight up(rather than ‘pony up’) and simply forget the forced college experience….Who needs all this pimping? Does college basketball need it? It’s in the shoes.

    1. …tell us how you would turn the Adidas offer down so the young players could play in white gym shorts, T-shirts and street sneaks…ya right…they’d have you trained at the end of their leash begging for treats…

  5. So, let’s take a leap here and assume Romeo’s dad works with high risk kids.

    So, Adidas says, “We will contribute to your work with high risk youths if you will keep this in mind when Romeo selects a school.”

    That is probably the only way this goes down as no one is putting anything on paper.

    Tell me again how this is terrible .

  6. The manner in which you phrased the above sounds far slimier than anything I was saying or suggesting. Anything a person does in their heart to help disadvantaged kids sounds so artificial when juxtaposed with “keep us in mind” while we write the check.
    1. The story was covered by Indy Star and some national outlets. It may end up being covered more. The main point is that I was surprised that there was utter silence from the hometown paper and its website. With FBI probes and everything else under the sun going on around shoe company scumbags, it’s sort of a current topic in college basketball.
    2. Pimping kids and their parents with dollars to create a forced college experiences does nothing for the concept of ‘student athlete.’ The priority is the cash and not the education. How many examples of this do you need?
    College basketball has become a joke. Throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at rock stars with a round ball before they hit puberty sure sounds like its working to me. I merely suggest to pimp ’em straight up via all the money the NBA can throw at their preachers and their parents….without the forced college experience as part of the deal. Pimp ’em with hookers and shoe deals to rival an Imelda Marcos shoe museum.
    Eliminate the mandatory one year of college requirement before entering the NBA and most of this goes away. Why have it? Why need it …when most of these rock stars will make 20 million/yr. on their first NBA contract?
    We don’t know the details or the discussions between Adidas and the Langford family. Personally, I’d prefer Romeo’s father nearly extorting money from companies that make their glorious shoes in Chinese labor camps before anything approaching the creepy crawly scenario you describe. I take no moral high ground on this….because what moral high ground can shoe companies hold when all the shoes are basically made in labor camp prisons? Yeah, tennis shoe companies and “high risk” kids…..? That’s a laughable suggestion for the 10 cents per day they offer in a communist torture factory while they chain children to sewing machines.

  7. I’d like to be in the immediate vicinity when Kravitz and Romeo’s father see each other again. I would not blame Mr. Langford for punching Kravitz it the mouth. You attack a man’s integrity in public, you deserve to get your butt kicked in public. Kravitz proved that he is a lazy, cowardly hypocrite by “going after” a man who he will not need to depend on to do his job in the future and who does not have the resources to defend himself in the media. He’s made a living off of college and pro sports for decades but expresses contempt for money influencing college sports? And while he was on his high horse, why not go after the NBA for creating this mess with their one-and-done rule, or the feckless and corrupt NCAA who are incapable of punishing the real cheaters? And to use a proven scumbag as a source for a “story” about “dirty” money influencing college recruiting? Well, that’s just too rich!

    If it’s not illegal, then what’s the problem? Is Kravitz suggesting that laws should be passed preventing shoe companies from giving money to support amateur athletic programs? is he suggesting that IU should forgo the money Adidas pays the university? Isn’t Kravitz part of the media circus that has made amateur youth basketball so popular in our culture? It’s a hyper-competitive world, and you do everything you can within the rules to win. I have no problem with the fact that Archie seems to know how to play that game while abiding by the rules.

  8. Kravitz is a twat… the only time he makes headlines is when he questions people’s integrity. From what I can tell he’s never had a good reason for doing it other than to put his own name in the spotlight… Talk about “C-A-S-H” and “murky waters”. Twat.

  9. Geoff-
    Glad you surfaced…Since Joanna Gaines’s is a family friend, I think you should know something. Joanne is either an alien or she owns a time machine!
    Joanne had a hit song in 1977!..under the alias Yvonne Elliman. Song was HUGE during my college years.
    Now think of Romeo singing the hit tune to Hoosier fans….


    Pass it around your twatter account.

      1. Cool side note…Are you familiar with Clapton’s ‘I Shot the Sheriff’…? Yvonne Elliman sung back-up for Clapton before her disco career was launched.
        Look for her with the maracas….

        She really has had quite the life…Born in Hawaii(Japanese mom and Irish father). Discovered in London by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber…Performed in the original ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in London for 3 years…before moving to New York City.
        Her disco hit, ‘If I Can’t Have You,’ part of the original soundtrack for ‘Saturday Night Fever.’

  10. Oh, and I’m going to give my IU Hoosier recruiting update. Women’s signee Mackenzie Holmes has been attending some of my team’s games recently to support a friend of hers. She seems like a very nice, extremely down to earth individual. Just a normal part of her peer group and not a planet with a bunch of satellites orbiting around her.

  11. Everything gone so quiet out there all you can hear is the crickets. Guess everyone holding their breath waiting on JM’s decision.

  12. Sports….Who needs it?

    Bunch of old goats on here with nothin’ better to do than to vicariously relive their glory days of college.

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