IUWBB: Buss cut by WNBA’s Sun

Indiana guard Tyra Buss was waived by the Connecticut Sun on Tuesday.

Buss lasted about a week in the Sun’s training camp. The 5-foot-8 point guard signed with the WNBA club — coached and managed by former IU coach Curt Miller — on April 24 as an undrafted free agent.

Buss logged 3 minutes and 31 seconds of court time in the Sun’s preseason game Monday versus the Los Angeles Sparks. She was 0-of-2 from the field with a rebound.

Miller recruited Buss to IU but suddenly resigned in July 2014, the summer before Buss’ freshman year. Monday’s preseason contest was the first time Miller coached Buss in a game.

“Considering my history with Tyra, the decision to waive her was tough,” Miller said in a statement. “However, I shared with Tyra this isn’t the end but only the beginning of her pro career. She proved she could compete at this level in her eight practices and I was impressed how fast she connected in the locker room with our veterans. I am confident she will work hard to take her game to the next level.”

Buss knew her odds of making the Sun were long. Connecticut was awaiting the return of multiple players from seasons overseas when she was first brought into camp. Khadijiah Cave and Mikayla Cowling were waived on May 3, and now Buss departs as the Sun continue to trim down their roster.

It is likely Buss will now look into professional basketball opportunities overseas.


  1. Not shocked..miller was doing buss the favor he felt he owed her. Expect she will do well overseas. Hard for her to make an impact in less than 40 min

  2. Who cares if she fits in with the veterans? Why does it seem to me that the NBA(and, likely, the WNBA) are becoming more like fraternity/sorority leagues? If you truly cared about bottom line, you’d put this young women on a roster. Turn your back on ticket sales….? Signing Buss would result in the fandom and hoopla similar to what was created when the Pacers signed Oladipo. Hell, put her on the FEVER! This lady is pure marketability.

    But the NBA and WNBA are becoming so country club(ish) and “elite” it’s more driven by the players “wants” than expanded opportunity and product vitality.
    I honestly find it very inexplicable to believe execs don’t see the $$$ potential in Tyra Buss. I’d put her on an NBA team tomorrow….but what do I know?

    1. Connecticut has no problem supporting women’s basketball. Plenty of good wbb to watch there. They are at the top of the league. Everyone wants to play for the sun. The fever just signed the best PG in the country/B1G so tyra wouldn’t see the floor on either team. Miller felt bad about what transpired here at iu so he signed her to a training camp contract when nobody else was going to. Tyra was good but she wasn’t even the top pg in the conference (k Mitchell, flaherty, scaife)

        1. Well those seats are already filled at Mohegan Sun, can’t say the same about bankers life. Could be due to sharply declining team performance since the Stephanie white era

  3. I should have mentioned the stupendous photography work capturing the pure grit and determination emanating from Buss as she drives to the basket…Chris Howell? I would put Tyra on an NBA roster simply based on what Howell captured in the photo. That may be a slightly undersized guard…but I see the blond hair flowing and the fearlessness …. And the Sun released her? The irony of fools when the ‘Sun’ can’t see her flame.
    I see Buss as a lion charging in the tall grass. Her hair serving as the camouflage against the maple hardwood hallucinations of a golden sunstruck field she is one. She dances to the rhythm and stride of a game she has mastered. Always charging. The eyes of a hungry winner.
    Masterful work, Mr. Howell.

  4. T.B. may play or maybe not a little WNBA ball (it would be very little). She can probably play overseas. However, it is rare for a player as T.B. to walk on the ceiling as she did at IU. She had a great mentor and coach for her. She self actualized her potential and ability. Eventually, though early in her case (because of overseas if she is interested) sometimes one has to call it a day and move on.

    1. She would have benefited greatly from playing under a great coach. She was really almost done a disservice which is catching up to her now that she has pro aspirations

        1. Good, bad, or indifferent, Moren is the best women’s basketball coach to ever coach at Indiana and it’s not close.

          This is the golden era of women’s basketball at IU.

  5. Yes, Chet and I think new heights for T. Moren is on the horizon (it is just the beginning).

    1. Actually she’s been here for awhile now. And new heights *are* on the horizon

  6. t, you are right on in your comments about Moren. The future looks bright, her recruiting is becoming “high quality” to say the least! Next year we will have three 5 star recruits (Penn & Patberg & Berger) on the floor for the first time in program history and a 4 strar recruit on the way (Allen) the following year. At no time in program history have we had this kind of talent coming to our campus. Yes, things are going well in Bloomington. Now, if we can just get those people who watched the WNIT games in Bloomington to keep coming to our games, it would be “Great”!! Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Great try Tyra! Keep on “Truck’n” Tyra! Go to Europe, brush up on your foreign language skills, play your heart out, show them your indomitable drive, have some fun, and make some money. The Hoosier Nation loves you and “B”!

  8. I wish Tyra all the best. She was an outstanding Hoosier, a great college basketball player, and she appears to be a first class human being (from everything I’ve read and seen). But relative to the WNBA, she simply does not pass the eye test. She’s too thin, too slight. Most of the women playing in the WNBA are very big women, “thick” if you will, but still have a lot of quickness. And not to mention, many of them are a lot taller than Tyra. Tyra may have as much or more skill and stamina as those big girls, but she’d get physically dominated in that league and probably “beat up” physically. I think her size is her only limiting factor, and she deserves great credit for getting everything she could out of that slight frame. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see her making a WNBA roster. If she plays overseas for a few years, sees the world and makes some money, that would be a wonderful way for her to end her basketball career. It’s not as if the best WNBA players are making millions playing in that league.

  9. Tyra Buss was much loved by Hoosier Nation and still is . The WNBA was just too steep of a wall to climb, but at least she did get the opportunity. This was not a surprise to most anyone who follows womens basketball. When you look back at this season at how bleak it looked early on with the freshmen with “deer in the headlights look” and so much falling on the shoulders of Buss and Cahill and the improvement of Royster and then came the improvement from the freshmen, 8 game win streak in the B1G and finishing with and NIT Banner,, great job team and coaching staff. An effort worthy of coach of the year. I have mentioned discreetly that [no disrespect to the current team] next year will be better before we won the nit. Tyra hoosier nation loves you , never forget that, good luck in the road ahead.

  10. I wish Tyra much success at whatever she decides to do.
    As for the current state of the IUWBB program all indications are that it has never been better. A WNIT championship, 3 consecutive post season appearances, 3 consecutive 20+ win seasons, record setting attendance figures and players that serve the community and are great role models. All of this has happened even though Coach Moren’s third full recruiting cycle class hasn’t even arrived on campus yet. With the type of talent that is on the roster and on the way, along with the continued growth of the coaching staff, I’m confident that new records will be set in the near future. In fact I believe that this upcoming season’s team has the potential to be a sweet 16 team.
    Keep on keepin on!

  11. Playing in Europe is far from a step down. Every single WNBA team has players who also play in Europe.

    An elite WNBA player stands to make FIFTEEN TIMES her WNBA salary playing in Europe.

    Live in a Mediterranean country and get paid a queens ransom instead of some rust city belt playing for rent money?

    Sign me up.

  12. I continue to go back on occasion on iuhoosier.com and watch the clips of the nit championship and I especially love the net cutting clips . I have to admit it brings out the emotions and I cant hold it back. Now on to bigger and better things next season with a newer cast.

  13. scwarzie, you make good points, but even though attendance at IU women’s games was up this year, IU home game attendance was still pretty dismal. We have a long way to go before we’ll be able to feel good about attendance at IU women’s BB games. Until then, we’ll just have to be satisfied that the program is making progress.

  14. Podunker, you are all over it about the attendance. Through the regular season we averaged between 2,500 & 3,000 on a good night. Attendance only picked up after we got to the final 8 in the WNIT. I only hope that the thousands that came for the final 3 games that had not attended a women’s game liked what they saw and will return next year. The WNIT championship run may hopefully turn the attendance issue around for the upcoming regular season. Since we finally got “Hoosier Nation” out to see what this program can be, maybe we have turned the corner? We can only hope? Go Hoosiers!!

  15. IU ladies blog though several repeats rivals men’s basketball and football…paradigm shift in that interest has grown substantially over the last three years.

  16. Why is their so much complaining about Tyra Buss not being able to make the WNBA? She was a great college player and has acquitted herself quite well in her years at IU. Let me ask this question, would there be this much fussing if it had been a men’s BB player? I ask this question because this week there is an article on Jordan Hulls in the Indy Star. Similar gritty hard working player just like Tyra Buss.

    Guess what? Jordan Hulls didn’t make the NBA either and is playing in Europe. Tyra Buss is a great story of determination and effort, but what works on one level doesn’t always pan out at the next. She will do fine overseas and will probably do better than had she made the WNBA. Why in the world do we need to blame everything from the WNBA to the IU coaching staff for her abilities not being WNBA level? Are we blaming the NBA for Jordan Hulls abilities not being NBA level?

    1. If only Mark Cuban owned a WNBA team…? She’d be a lock….to get a desk job and sexually harassed by top executives in an elevator.

      She is far better off in Europe than in this regressive culture only getting more regressive and repulsive thanks to the corporate and political climate fostered by despicable creatures of greed meets tastelessness in power positions. We are bombarded everyday by stories of those in positions of power using their powers with malicious intent to strip a person of their dignity.

      Considering the culture many women have to endure in this country(exemplified by the horrific misogynistic environment culture present in Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks offices), I’m surprised we don’t dress WNBA players like Barbie Dolls and hire Rick Pitino as the WNBA president.

      And here we have a blog mostly purveyed by men once again claiming what is best for a young woman. Assessing her…..Telling her what is best for her. And now she’s Jordy Hulls with slightly different junk in the overseas trunk. After being released by two NBA teams, Yogi Ferrell found an organization where qualifications mean very little.
      Trya now enters the same world….of a ruling class of men who couldn’t play a decent game of hoops on their best day. Now they know what’s best for her. Heaven forbid opening equal opportunity in their corporate boardroom men’s clubs. Where’s the female exec in the WNBA …possibly a graduate of IU…willing to give Tyra an extra shot and an extra few hundred grand on a losing team as a service to her own narcissism and phony fandom for an alma mater? Oh, never mind…Now it’s about qualifications and bottom lines.

  17. I think playing women’s basketball in Europe is much more attractive for a lady than playing in the wnba because of opportunities to travel in Europe at a young age. That said, I don’t know that much about it.

  18. I like how everyone insults the wnba since she was cut. It doesn’t pay The most obviously but it is The most elite wbb league in The world. The truth is once the wnba has enough of our support to expand there likely will be room for tyra on a roster. Once she gets away from her parents she will possibly gain more weight and muscle and be able to afford to be a little more physical. Watched a video the sun posted of her standing with sun PG Jasmine Thomas and they really had about the same build but Thomas had 2 or 3 inches on her.

    1. Yes, the WNBA is probably the most elite league in the world just like the NBA. Unfortunately, neither Tyra nor Jordan were good enough. It is just that simple, 2 or 3 inches in basketball can be a night and day difference. Unless you are an elite skill level athlete one cannot give up such a height advantage. All other things being equal, the height does make a difference.

      If the WNBA attracts a large enough audience maybe they will be able to expand, but that’s not a guarantee for Tyra. Remember there are a lot of other players not good enough for the WNBA now playing overseas. Let’s see how well she does against that level of competition before getting our hopes up. This is no knock on Tyra or Jordan Hulls (who I mentioned in an earlier post) for that matter. Both made the most of the abilities they had and were outstanding representatives for IUBB.

      In my book that counts for a whole lot more than whether or not they are able to play in the most elite professional leagues.

      1. She’s dollars in the seats…and money in the bank. Jordan Hulls didn’t have her personality. It’s not a knock on Jordy, it just is what it is.

        Personality sells…and this young woman would sell tickets.
        Mark Cuban must not know any IU alumni who are WNBA execs….? Otherwise, I’m sure he’d put in a call and find her a 10-day contract to show her stuff.

        1. Yeah, you are right H4H. She is dollars in seats, I can’t disagree with that logic at all. You know kind of like VO and the Pacers, right?

  19. Hordy Julls….Just felt like sayin’ it. How come we haven’t had any Hordy Julls ‘Updates from Poland’ on Scoop? How’s the Hordy doin’?
    Hordy wasn’t NBA material…? He couldn’t have done any worse than Zody Celler. Zody Celler should have been playing in Europe. Hatt Moward (on Butler during Stad Brevens’ Final Four teams) would have had a stronger NBA career than Zody.
    This stuff isn’t an exact science. Let’s stop acting like it is. Timing, favoritism, hype machine based on team’s success, connections(Cuban/Yogi) , etc, etc. all plays into the inexactness of the science.

    1. Hulls is just back from his season in Germany with Bremerhaven. Best shooting season of his career:
      15.5 PPG, 53.1 FG%, 51.5 3PFG%, 97.7 FT% (85-87), 4.2 apg, 3.7 rpg, 1.2 spg.

      We should catch up with him soon as his annual camp in Bloomington is just a few weeks away.

      1. Look forward to your upcoming interview.
        Wow…Those are great numbers. I shall have Wiener Schnitzel sandwiches on Wonder Bread buns tonight! Topped with a few sliced dill pickles and Heinz ketchup.
        Recipe: Veal cutlets pounded very thin. Bread with saltine cracker crumbs(after dipping in a couple whisked eggs and milk). Deep fry in vegetable shortening. Serve hot on freshest ‘Wonder Bread’ hamburger buns you can find. (I like to squirt a bit of ketchup on the veal and add a couple sliced pickles). My mom used to make these when I was a kid. I’d gobble up three or four …The veal is so delicate and light. Money!

  20. Stad Brevens could put Hordy in the Coston Beltics backcourt and still likely beat JeBron Lames and the Ceveland Clavs.

  21. I watched Buss for several years and quite honestly she was a very selfish player. Shot about 40 times a game in H.S. the remainder of so called team never had the chance to score. The whole Buss machine runs the school system and coaching system. Tyra was smart and went to a major college with a mid major women’s bb program. The attention she must have as a player would have lasted about 5 minutes at a UCONN. She does not have WNBA talent. She struggles with mid range shot and up until the end of this season her 3 pt. % was really weak over her career.

  22. Selfish player? I would call her the CONSUMMATE TEAM PLAYER.
    Good grief!
    Tell it like it is does NOT tell it like it is.

  23. Tyra shot 33% from 3, 41% from 2 and made a living flopping to get to the line. In the WNBA she will not get the “feel sorry for the little girl that falls to the floor” touched or untouched on every attempted drive to the basket. Her outside shot is simply not good enough for WNBA. She is too small period. Does she have drive and a motor the answer is yes. However that does not always translate to success. Miller should have just stayed away from this one as he knew she was not good enough and was going to be cut. As far as dollars in the seats comments-that’s just hot air lots of hot air. She would never play so no one will be paying to see that. There were far too many players above Tyra’s talent level that went undrafted.

  24. If you dreamers were all correct in your very gracious assessments then Tyra would be in the WNBA and she would have been drafted. So all the scouts of all the teams must all be wrong and should have listened to a bunch of cheerleaders. All the cheerleading in the world will not land her on a WNBA team ( as a player)

  25. No troll here, just simply stating facts, welcome you to dispute them.

  26. So you label someone a troll that doesn’t agree with a small group of cheerleaders feeding off each other. Making a IU women’s bb player larger in life than she is. The more you go on about her the better she gets.

  27. Tell It Like It Is. I would ask Are you crazy? However simply said…YOU ARE CRAZY…and no more value than a troll.

  28. Tell it like it is, most “real Hoosier women’s fans on this website have said all along that Tyra was not good enough for the WNBA. You refer to her as selfish? And you say that we should look at the stats, you do realize that she averages around 5 assists a game this year leading the team and IS the career assist leader for IU? So I guess that is selfish? I watched many of her high school videos when she verbaled to IU, the team she played on was equivalent to a class a team in Indiana and had very, very few talented players on it’s roster! For you to even compare her to anyone on U-Conn’s roster is ludicrous! Several things you stated are true, lack of size and strength being a couple and it is true she is not as talented as most WNBA guards, I don’t think I have seen any of her fans dispute that? But, what you can’t take away from her was her desire to become a great college player and her terrific leadership on and off the court. And you speaking of her stats proves that she will to this point in time be the greatest IU women’s player in program history! Her desire and mental toughness were exhibited on the court throughout her career. You kind of contradict yourself in a way. Her lack of strength and limited size lead to her being knocked to the floor time and time again when she drove to the basket and was fouled. She was never deterred by constantly being hit while driving which produced her being at the free throw line again and again. Her intelligence by her doing so produced point after point to help her team win. Just wondering why you would lash out at her like this? What her and Amanda Cahill have done for IU basketball is simply more than one can comprehend! They have turned this once dormant program around and given the IU women’s fan a great source of PRIDE! Tell it like it is, sounds like you have some kind of agenda going on here?

  29. She’s money in the bank…and dollars in the seats.

    And why we slobbering on UConn. …? They got no Jackie Young from Princeton, Indiana. Jackie is the hottest ticket in college basketball. …but don’t count Tyra out.

  30. Wow..ESPN had Tyra ranked #21 in scoring for 2108. Certainly nothing to sneeze at. #4 in scoring in the Big Ten.

    She is leaving Indiana with career records for points, assists, steals and free throws made. Among active players in the NCAA, she is fifth, 11th, 13th and second in those respective categories(courtesy: Indy Star).


    Buss can “run for days,” Moren said. That is measurable, too. Buss was a high school track star, running 800 meters in 2:14 and finishing fourth in Illinois in the 300-meter hurdles (with a time that would been second in Indiana)….(courtesy: Indy Star).

    Money in the bank…Dollars in the seats.

  31. Probably one of you know who’s buddies helping him talk trash about Hoosier athletes.

  32. Been working in yard all day, not hiding from you all. Like I said she was a flopper in HS and College. Yes, it got her to the line she scored over a 1000 pts on just free throws alone in HS. Yes, as I said she has a motor and is determined but she is a selfish all about “Tyra” player. Harvard- Yes, she shot 600 times this year, and played almost every minute, with her flopping style she averaged 20 , should have been 30 if she could shoot. Yes she leads in several areas. But 5 assists isn’t that great should have been 10. She made sure she padded stats every game. If another player say a talented FRESHMAN was the leading scorer going into 3rd qtr. then Tyra would start her flopping and going FT line. Coach would leave her in till end even if they were up 25. Saw it several times. I never said she wasn’t a good athlete. She broke IU scoring record however the previous leader stated it very well ” Its sad it took all these years to do it.” meaning IU Women’s BB has been weak for years. Yes, Tyra came at a great time she is a mid major excellent player. But not this incredible player. Harvard- I mean really comparing what she would do to ticket sales to Victor? He is a NBA All Star. Tyra wasn’t even a Espn top 100 player in HS even though the “set up” she was in with the FAMILY allowed her to score 2nd most points in HS history. Doesn’t that in itself tell you something. She didn’t get a sniff on a WNBA team other than Curt’s complimentary come see what its like to be around the real deals for the week. That whole invite was suspicious knowing he was never gonna put her on the roster. Just because her teammates were weaker players in HS doesn’t mean she shouldn’t try to make them better. That she didn’t do. It was the Tyra show every game. I would say that team of underclassmen and parents were so glad to see her go. She never did anything in post season except win the weak regional in southern Illinois. The next round equal to our Regional Teutopolis beat them 4 years in a row. Why? Because they had no team it was a one man band. But as long as Tyra got 50 all was good. Harvard – Jackie Young was a UCONN type player Buss not even close. Yes, I am counting Buss out. Hey Harvard it never hurts to be a “Dreamer”. Mike C- haven’t been able to stand to watch a game since she arrived sorry. No agenda just glad she is moving on to bigger and better things – Right? I am an IU Fan of Women’s and Men’s BB and have been for years. But its been tough the last 4 in Women’s to watch, sorry you wont convince me otherwise. Looking forward to seeing better teams in future, also for the circus to leave town.

    1. So, the past four years, despite being the best in the history of the program, have been tough to watch.

      Maybe from up there in West Laffy.

  33. Me thinks Tell it like it is doth protest too much, and takes his moniker a little too seriously.

  34. Sorry Chet not a Purdue fan, IU is who I have always followed. Agree this has been best seasons in a long but its relative. IU Women’s BB has been weak for a long time. There schedule is decent but not strong. If they play a Notre Dame they get ran over. They have a long long way to go. I hope they get there . Now that the circus has left town I think they are on their way. Keep in mind they never made it to the Ncaa tourney this year. The NIT was good to win but after the top 64 go to big dance the next 64 are weak again its relative. Women’s BB still lacking the parity the men tourneys has. Also have no problem with Cahill and her play. I will say again, not a fan at all of Buss and her style. I do not wear the rose colored glasses some of you appear to wear. Harvard you surely have more than “She’s money in the bank thingey? But again maybe that is all you have. The thing is we will never know about the money in the bank will we, cause it isn’t going to happen.

  35. I see Buss as a lion charging in the tall grass. Her hair serving as the camouflage against the maple hardwood hallucinations of a golden sunstruck field she is one. She dances to the rhythm and stride of a game she has mastered. Always charging. The eyes of a hungry winner.

    She’s money in the bank….and dollars in the seats.

    Are you a hungry winner?

    1. The NCAA does not select the best 64 teams for the tournament. What gave you that idea?

      There are plenty of teams in the NIT each year that could beat teams in the Big Dance.

      Do you really think Mercer or Little Rock or NC A&T would beat Virginia Tech or Michigan State or Alabama?

  36. Chet- Probably not however by in large the best teams are in the big dance no disputing that. A case is made every year about a few teams that would have , should have ect. IU, I mean come on, played every single game at home. That’s quite an advantage and should not be allowed. But the NIT is what it is a second rate tourney that has to find a school with a large enough budget to host tourney . I agree it worked out well and IU overall had a great following. Keep in mind last years roster would have no chance at NIT. With the addition of the 2 skilled freshman playing very well helped IU tremendously especially from the land of the 3, an area where Buss struggled. At times against good teams Buss would be 4-16 and wasn’t deferring to young talent, had to get double figures late in the fourth qtr. ( but wasn’t selfish ) when she should have been benched. I am not knocking IU Women’s BB. Like I said didn’t like and will never like Buss ball. Once again glad circus has left town and IU Women’s BB will be better moving forward with the circus gone.

  37. Tell it like it is, what a bunch of crap! You contend to be a Hoosier men and women’s fan but admit you stop going to women’s games when Tyra arrived? So how in the hell do you know so much about the way she plays? You break down her style of play but don’t watch her. You state several of her so-called deficiencies by saying “I saw it several times”, now, you either watched the games or you didn’t, which is it? This certainly tells a lot about being a “so called Hoosier fan” when you refuse to attend the games! Doesn’t say much about your integrity when you will not attend the games because of your hatred of a single player? You couldn’t support the other players on the team or the program in general? This program has had their best 4 year run in history and you can’t bring yourself to support it in general, what a pathetic excuse for calling yourself a Hoosier fan! And by the way, when we attended the NCAA regional in South Bend a couple of years ago after beating Georgia in the first game, we competed in a really good game against Notre Dame that was competitive all the way until they pulled away midway through the 4th quarter. You need to get your facts straight. And as someone on this website mentioned, your moniker is quite suspect since you undoubtedly gave it to yourself in a time of inspiring self praise……?? You tend to think very highly of yourself although as it seems, the majority of others don’t.
    And BTW, you referred to IU’s weak schedule, their RPI was 40 this year among 349 other schools, seems pretty strong to me! As Podunker pointed out, “Me thinks you do protest to much”!!

  38. ‘Tell it like it is’…(May I call you ‘Tilii’ for short…?) is entitled to her/his opinion. We all have certain lenses/glasses that we look through in arriving at our conclusions. We close the books on certain people/players/coaches for reasons that are never fair or completely honest(often, not remotely honest). Let’s not pretend any of us are innocent of such biases and skewed interpretations outside of the “normal” or popular viewpoint.

    I merely thought Chris Howell’s photo was a gem…and it appeared to show a fierce competitor. Whether or not Tyra is a narcissist …a ball hog…overrated..or the ringmaster of her own “circus act,” I doubt anyone can deny her drive.

  39. I will add that it’s hard to totally buy into any singular player being selfish when a team wins an NIT championship. Sure, it’s not the NCAA and ‘the Big Dance’ is where it’s at…but teams rarely excel to any degree when play of any “star” is overly selfish. They usually bottom out far below a level of hype, don’t even make an NIT…or have large numbers of transfers(or actions that get players kicked off). Selfishness by one is an ugly thing on a basketball team….but weakness by four or more is even uglier.
    For one player to be exceedingly selfish requires some very meek teammates allowing their futures and the team’s future to be hijacked. If they allowed such selfishness by Buss to go unaddressed, it’s more of an indictment to their personalities.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. I have to agree with H4H. Selfishness has a way of finding your not very popular with your teammates. I tend to believe that TELL IT LIKE IT IS didn’t attend many, if any, of IU’s games. She had no qualms about who scored and was a willing passer to any teammate who was open and only had the ball mostly in her hands, when the shot clock would get down to
      just seconds. We who watched her will miss her but I am looking forward to next year. GO HOOSIERS.

  40. Tell it, you obviously know tyra and her family quite well . Couldn’t have said it better myself .

  41. H4H, I don’t always agree with you but, your explanation of selfishness was excellent! And of course before this was all over with, you had to know that Nathan would jump in with his usual Buss bashing. He just can,t help himself. There are always a minority of bashers in a crowd no matter where you are. As I stated a couple of months ago, just try to tell the 13, 007 that turned out for the WNIT championship game about what a detriment Tyra was to our program? The proof is in the pudding so to speak! The REAL women’s Hoosier basketball fans know the truth. Go Hoosiers!

  42. Sorry all, that your upset to read my opinion. But you can’t make all the little victories into a great success. MIKE C- Notre Dame dismantled IU a few years by 17. Lindsey Allen made Tyra look like a grade school player. Buss was 3-16 Allen was 10-13 a true point guard. I Wish we could magically make the NIT equal to the NCAA but its just not. It might be in all of the cheerleaders eyes here until someone comes along and states differently. You are all smarter than that. But hey if it feels good to be in the land of all is good then so be it keep on living there. Sorry I said it was “tough to watch” and “haven’t been able to stand to watch” I never said I didn’t watch. All I can say is keep watching Tyra and wearing those rose colored glasses cause you gonna need them.

    1. All I am going to say to this is that you must not be a long time fan of this team. If you found the last 4 years hard to watch, then what would you say to the last 2 to 3 years of Legitte-Jack’s and the first year of Miller’s time at IN?
      Those years were hard to watch as we routinely could not compete against even mediocre teams.

    2. WNIT success for IU would not have happened in 2018 if Tyra Buss had played somewhere else. To little girls of Hoosier persuasion who have gone to see her play Tyra is a positive example. IUWBB was fortunate to have had her 4 years of energetic, dedicated performance.

      1. We won the WNIT because indiana paid the most money to the WNIT. We bid more than anyone else so that we could play every game at assembly. In a real post season tourney like the ncaa, the right to even play the first and second rounds at home is based off merit, not money. The WNIT and NIT have always been heavily slanted towards teams that have a lot of money to throw at their sports program. I just can’t act like we won something significant when we paid a bunch of money to make CTM look like she coached a better season and gave buss a chance to break more personal records. Also I do not know nathan Jessup or “tell it like it is” I assume that more than one of you wanted tom cream fired..did you all know each other personally outside the forum??? Such a silly notion to assume that everyone that doesn’t agree with you is in some sort of clan together.

        1. It is biased idiocy to think winning the WNIT is insignificant to this IU program. Hell a bid is made every time an offer is extended for a desired coach. Building a successful program is what AD Glass and Moren are focused on. The WNIT is another solid and proper step in the right direction.

  43. Team played whoever was on their schedule and knocked them down one at a time. They had zero control of who and where they played.
    So debating throwing money around to get home court is meaningless and quite frankly its was awesome for the program. (Thats a zero debate right there)

    Go back and listen to the VT coach and why they lost. He knows why his players were not all dancing and jiving in the locker room after the game….. ( that should put to rest what type of player buss was )

    Buss was damn good and damn good for the program . Why don’t people just sit back and chill .. See where she rolls and how she rolls ..

    My personal opinion is ,, B.. played with ice in her veins.. ( That kid right there ..is a winner )

    1. No, buddy, if you go back and look at the WNIT bracket all the big $$ teams are placed just so that they advance at least to the semis. Why would it be in the interest of the WNIT to have their biggest donors with best attendance losing in the first rounds?? And you do have control of where you play esp if you have more spending money on athletics than any other program.. And if chet was claiming I’m a Purdue fan..That’s laughable versyp, moren, and Vandys coach are all cut from the same cloth

  44. Can this blog Crack a 100 posts? Most popular thing going on at IU, currently. This is thanks to T.Moren and staff, T.Buss, A. Cahill and teammates, F . Glass, and those involved with IU ladies basketball program…And a bright sunny future ahead. Yes, some valid points made (example, home court advantage wnit), however you can almost always make arguments about whoever wins any tournament men or women for whatever reasons against winner of tournaments. So, in conclusion set back, relax, and enjoy IU LADIES BASKETBALL PROGRAM SUCCESS BROUGHT TO YOU BY T.MOREN AND STAFF, T.BUSS, A . CAHILL AND TEAMMATES, F. GLASS AND THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE IU LADIES BASKETBALL PROGRAM.

  45. Listen up fan, I know how the process roll’s and if you paid attention: I said the team. The TEAM plays whoever is in front of them. ( they have zero voice in this ) They knocked them down one at a time.

  46. This thread went from Tyra Buss to Tired Blunderbusses.

    If only comment boxes were safety deposit boxes?

    I turn my words to cash on all her yellow flowing locks

    Tyra’s money in the bank….now my dollars in the seats!

    Disparaging words coined with “send” and golden tweets!

  47. This will interest those true hardcore women’s basketball fans. Those fans know that Chanel Wilson coming in next season had an ACL in her junior year missed much of her junior year and most of her senior year. I just watched a game in which was her second game back from injury and it was played in late Jan. She did not start was on limited action. Wearing a brace on the repaired knee looked like she was feeling her way in the first half. In the second half still did not start but had a run where she blocked a potential layup , then went down hit a 3, next time down had a move that would make M. Jordan smile. She did start the 4th , she is quick, athletic and some hops. I saw some of what the coaching staff must have seen with her. Will be glad for her to get to Bloomington so coaches can work with building her strength and hopefully will be past the injury. ESPN has her as a 3 star player but only evaluate her thru 2016 because of the injury. She also looks bigger than her listed 5′ 6″ .

  48. Thanks for the scouting report Steve W.
    Sure hope Chanel can reach her potential.
    Sounds like she has some!

  49. I know its early, but sometime in the near future I would love to see Jon and Jeremy do a vid on the upcoming season. Would love to hear their thoughts on how the incoming new recruits will or wont mesh chemistry wise. With the new recruits, Chanel Wilson, Grace Berger , and the Latvia girl Gulbe and even how Ali Patberg and Brenna Wise will add to the mix. Definitely a new era coming next season.

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