Morgan returning for senior season

Juwan Morgan will return to Indiana for his senior season.

After flirting with the NBA during the past month and a half, the Indiana forward announced via Instagram on Tuesday night that he is coming back to Bloomington. Morgan, who declared for the 2018 NBA Draft on April 12 but did not hire an agent, had until midnight Wednesday to withdraw his name from the pool.

Now, coach Archie Miller’s Hoosiers have the pieces to contend in a wide-open Big Ten.

“It’s been a great process,” Morgan said, “and I thank all the teams for their feedback, but after talking with my family, coaches and closest friends, it is in my best interest to return to IU. It has always been a goal of mine to play basketball at the highest level and that hasn’t changed.”

The All-Big Ten Second Team honoree product took advantage of a two-year-old rule that allows underclassmen the option to declare for the NBA Draft while retaining their eligibility as long as they don’t hire an agent. Morgan was not invited to the NBA Draft Combine, but did participate in at least one team workout when he visited with the Atlanta Hawks on Friday.

Morgan was not expected to be selected in next month’s NBA Draft, and he’ll now have an opportunity to build his pro stock during his final year of eligibility at IU.

Morgan was one of the most improved players in the Big Ten this past season, leading the Hoosiers with 16.5 points and 7.4 rebounds. Morgan improved his scoring by 8.8 points from his sophomore season, while shooting 57.9 percent from the field and posting 1.4 blocks and 1.2 steals per game.

Demonstrating a better outside shooting touch could go a long way for Morgan, who shot 30 percent from beyond the arc last season. Either way, the 6-foot-8 forward will be a nice complement to blue chip shooting guard Romeo Langford, who officially signed with IU earlier this month

With an elite scoring prospect such as Langford and a solid all-around contributor in Morgan, the Hoosiers have a serious 1-2 punch for Miller’s second season at the helm.

And as much as IU will need Morgan’s presence and talent on the court, he also gives Indiana a trusted and respected leader off of it.


  1. Could be an interesting season. On another subject, does a company promoting – Bakini Line Hair Removal – see this site as an appropriate target?

    1. I hate to break it to you but most internet ads target the individual and their browsing history, not the site they appear on. So…there you go.

      1. Is it possible Ron was searching for a landscaping company or a tree removal service to rid an ugly overgrown bush from his property….?

        1. I get some pretty weird ads. Portuguese reindeer enema kits and such. I don’t recall looking for those.

  2. Yes, this is good news, but I hope JM is not too disappointed or that he will have trouble getting excited to play his final season at IU. I never thought he had any chance of getting drafted this year, so the announcement was a formality. IU was not successful enough last season, and even though he was a great “warrior” for IU, he was playing out of position and required to do a lot of things that he was not best suited for. It never gave the NBA scouts a chance to evaluate his true skill set. With a better supporting cast this season, JM will have a better opportunity to impress NBA scouts this season. I just pray that he stays healthy.

  3. Glad he’s coming back…I hope he stays healthy, but that’s the risk all athletes take from the moment any love for playing a sport is born. I hope he and our other Hoosiers play the game unselfishly with one ultimate goal in mind(having nothing to do with the NBA). The ultimate goal for an Indiana University college basketball team is to end the forty year banner drought(at minimum, get to a Final Four). I pray for understanding that a team is merely a smaller example of the planet. It’s a finite space Ours is a finite time. Be unselfish to the planet and do what things you can to help save her and leave her better for future generations. Be unselfish to your teammates and do what things you can to help save the candy stripes and leave her better for future generations. Though the sun looks extremely close, it isn’t. It’s a very hot star. You are not. You are the blessings of the star. You are given air to breath and clean waters to drink because earth rotates at a perfect distance from the star. The rest of everything you have in life is gravy.
    Basketball is a very tiny ladle of that gravy. It is a stage to be a grateful participant on a team. A team is a sort of lucky place where togetherness can give birth to a rather harmless version of selfishness as the end goal is not your own but in collective winning; an opportunity to destroy every opponent in your pathway while still preserving the earth, the air, the water, and a certain amount of perspective/unselfishness. I pray all Hoosiers find the blessings of the untouchable force and passion to accomplish something together bigger than anything they’ll every accomplish as a single breathing organism. Don’t be fooled. There’s only one star that makes it all happen. It’s the one our planet revolves around.

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