IU adds long snapper to 2019 recruiting class

Indiana’s flurry of football commitments continued Tuesday with the Hoosiers adding a verbal pledge from Ohio long snapper Sean Wracher.

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound specialist is considered the No. 4 snapper in the 2019 recruiting class by Kohl’s Kicking Camps, which is considered the top training organization for high school specialists.

“I am beyond blessed to announce that I am 100% committed to continuing my academic and athletic careers on scholarship at Indiana University,” Wracher wrote in a message posted to his Twitter account.

According to Kohl’s, Air Force also offered a scholarship to Wracher, who received additional preferred walk-on offers from Penn State, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Toledo.

“He has a massive frame with room to develop and grow physically,” Kohl’s writes in its scouting report on Wracher. “He attended the Kohl’s Underclassmen Challenge and snapped with confidence and precision the entire weekend. He finished the weekend with the second and third best overall charting scores for the 2019 class. Not only was he a force at the Underclassmen Challenge but he also won the snapping competition at the Kohl’s Eastern Showcase. Wracher is a prospect that has all the attributes a coach is looking for in a snapper.”

Wracher is also considered the second-ranked high school snapper nationally by 247 Sports.

He’s expected to fill an immediate need for Indiana, which will graduate senior long snapper Dan Godsil following the 2018 season. Godsil has served as IU’s long snapper in all 38 games since arriving in Bloomington, taking over for Matt Dooley at the start of the 2015 season.

Wracher is IU’s sixth commitment since Friday. The Hoosiers’ current nine-man class is ranked No. 41 nationally and No. 11 in the Big Ten.


  1. Sean is clearly 1 of the top 3 long snappers in the class of 2019. His 2 star rating is a joke. He is at least a 3 star, maybe a 4 star. He will be in the field for 4 years, playing every FG attempt and every punt in every game. This is a very smart move by Coach Allen and staff!

  2. A flurry only by IU standards. IU fb gets 4 or 5 commits (and not 4 star plus) as they are behind almost all other major league /big ten schools in recruiting. Another Disney World imaginative comment; making recruits seem better than what they are rated. Two star recruits should be or will be a 4 star, a 3 star just wait he is going to be an all American, a 3 star qb is going Heisman bound. Reality is they are rated at what they are for reasons based on accomplished performance and ability level etc. The joke is on the malnourished and starved IU fb fan until proven otherwise. Thus, the challenges of IU fb tradition and those that take their turn.

    1. t,
      I’m beginning to wonder if Ranger 67 may be right about you and your bashing of everything IU. Take a look at some other decent B1G teams recruiting and you will find most of their recruits are also 3 stars with maybe a 4 star or two. Wisconsin and Northwestern both had only one 4 star and no 5 star recruits by 247 in their 2018 class. Both featured heavy recruiting of 3 star players. If you look around the country, unless you are an elite FB school this is going to be basic recruiting. As with everything it is as much what you do with your recruits as it is with who you recruit.

      1. Speaking of stars, didn’t NASA send the Ranger 67 to search for new worlds beyond our solar system….?

        And why am I getting all of these pop-up adds on my Scoop page for astronomy studies at IU?

        There’s a rather easy argument to be made that pollyannaism does far more harm to IU than any singular blogger on some obscure site simply being a realist. There’s also an easy argument to be made that any true Purdue fan would come on here with pollyannasim(forever acting as if everything is hunky-dory at IU)because it’s the easiest manipulative tactic in the world to garner support from brainless fans too gullible to understand that its such selling of complacency and making mountains out of molehill improvements that allows other BIG programs even more separation from our stagnant history.

        t is right…If the star rankings don’t mean anything because Pollyanna IU fans(a.k.a. Purdue grads and Purdue fans bamboozling true IU fans into thinking everything is better than it seems) want to claim only IU recruits are underrated, then what’s the point of even listing the star ranking next to the name? Maybe the sports journalists of Scoop should simply eliminate mentioning the star ranking if its such a lousy predictor of a recruits potential.
        Let’s give stars back to Galileo, Carl Sagan, NASA, Hubble…Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Dancing with the Stars, George Lucas….and the IU Astronomy Department. And most of all, let’s give “star” status back to only the greatest athletes of history. There shouldn’t be any such thing as a 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, 5-star….. You’re either a star or not a star. I am not a star. Are you a star? When I got C’s on my report card in high school, I don’t recall my parents referring to me as bringing home a 3-star report card. “Star” wouldn’t come into a discussion if I was basically middle of the road in my sample set.
        Star? A reference so terribly overused that the word is worn out and become trivial….And the blogger known as ‘t’ is only reaffirming just how disrespectful such designation has become to the true and few “stars” of history once and history to be. Let’s dissect frogs and leave the designation of a “star” as a singular thing not broken down….When our star explodes it will not leave behind a fragmented 3-star…Only dust will remain.

        You’re either dust or you’re a star.

    2. t-you are foolish. None of the traditional rating services know anything about long-snappers. The speciality camp personnel do. Re-read the article. You might learn something!

  3. t, we get it! You’re not impressed, you don’t think much of IU football and you’re not optimistic about the future of the program. But your comments on this subject, expressed after almost every piece of news about football recruiting, are redundant and therefore boring. Do you have anything else to say about IU Football?

  4. think….Lack of perspective. Didn’t say anything about OTHER teams recruits in post you are responding to. Merely stating that your imagination and Po and a few others run wild in recruiting STARDOM.
    Happy day dreams.

  5. I like to think this renewed emphasis on special teams will help the team win a game or two they lost by a close score in the past. Knowing that specialist were recruited has to help the attitude about special teams and making them special enough to win games.

    According to Kohl’s site that rates specialist IE LS, K, and P has Whacher as a 5 star player.

  6. t, if it turns out that IU’s 2019 recruiting class is ranked in the Top 34 classes in FBS and in the top 10 within the Big Ten (I’d love to see us at #7 in the Big), that will represent significant improvement and momentum! If IU were to maintain that level of recruiting for two more seasons, and continue to pick up a few quality graduate transfers like we have this year, it is logical to project such improved personnel producing a break through and then consecutive winning seasons. And of course, producing winning seasons improves recruiting even more!

    1. Several winning seasons for Fitz at NU? He is 87-65 in thirteen years at NU. Seven of them were winners, and in his second year he was 6-6. Eight bowl games (3-5). Twice second in the West Div. and once third in the Legends (ugh, remember those dumb names?). I’d trade the hat I stole off of Woody Hayes head at the 1978 IU-OSU game for a record like that.

  7. I agree. As that happened it would be nice to see one pretty quality (not elite) pre big ten schedule game. Plus it would still be super challenge in big ten east. There is a happy medium. IU football is not quite as lack of quality as it may look. It is a program that has among its competition in conference the excellent to elite programs.

  8. Overall, I believe the Football program is in really good hands with T.A. as head coach. Hope his Offensive Coordinator can compliment him and deliver a better-than-average QB and consistent production. If he does, IU will not only break-through, but we’ll produce winning seasons on a regular basis. Improved facilities, a coach who teaches his players to love each other and then walks his talk, and a recruiting pipeline from Florida. Now all we need are some more fans to show up, fill the seats, and stay in them for the entire game.

  9. Indeed v13, it’s good to see special teams are no longer an afterthought as they appeared to be under Wilson.

    1. I hope he can be developed to be plugged into the O or D regularly to support justifying the priority of a scholarship for such narrow duties as LS. Different philosophies for different programs. This scholarship may have been better used in other positions to add depth to cover for injuries. Now ST’s has a dedicated coordinator to focus full time on practicing, drilling and developing specialists may render these dedicated ST scholarships unnecessary. Lots of programs ST’s thrive year after year by developing walkons into specialists. Either way the balancing of scholarships in FB is a ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ exercise.

      1. Clarion, you don’t “train” a distance runner to throw the javalin. IU averages 5-9 punts/game and 3-4 FG’s/game. That is 8-13 key plays/game. That is for 4 full years. This is a great use of a scholarship! Learn the importance of special teams for football success. They do know it in the NFL!

        1. How many distance runners and javelin throwers have you seen perform in a FB game? I’m not in the tree you’re barking at.

          1. You are in a shrub. No offensive line coach can “make” a long snapper out of a HS athlete in 2-3 years!

  10. Pat Fitzgerald/Northwestern seems like a coach to player to staff that love goes all ways with high character. Tom Allen is a coach to player to staff that love goes all ways with high character emphasized that (almost all players of higher character) will want to play for kinda like Fitzgerald who is one of my very favorite coaches. Great opportunity for T.A. and IU in relationship to where IU fb program finds itself. As first year T.A. won 5. He has a chance if things progress to retire with a winning record. It will take considerable improvement in performance due to competition level. In the end will love and character blend in with ability to win more than lose.

    1. t,
      I want to compliment you on a very astute perspective. There is nothing wrong with being critical of a situation, as long it is constructive. Destructive criticism on the other hand, is quite counterproductive and does nothing to help a bad situation, only make it worse. You are absolutely correct in your comparison of Fitzgerald and Allen. The questions remains, as you quite eloquently stated, will this similarity translate in to wins for Coach Allen as it has for Coach Fitzgerald?

  11. HC, you make a good point. A long snapper does seem like a “wasted” scholarship IF a dedicated special teams coach can turn another player into such a creature. It might be harder than it would seem. Pro teams have much smaller rosters and carry a long snapper (sounds like some species of fish). True, the pros can go to the taxi squad if they need a replacement, but they can only dress forty-six dudes on game day and one of those dudes is always the long snapper.

  12. It’s not a wasted scholarship if you need a Long Snapper and don’t have any player on your roster, or any targeted recruits that can be developed into a Long Snapper. So I assume T.A. looked at his roster and the recruits he’s targeting and decided, “I have to have a guy who can do this.” Hence the scholarship.

    Hopefully, IU will be in many close games over the next five seasons. If that turns out to be true, punting and field-goal kicking could make the difference between winning or losing those games, and having a reliable long-snapper is essential. I have no problem with this kid getting a scholarship. Now he has to get bigger, stronger and develop into a consistently excellent specialist.

  13. IU had several close games over the last 5 years. Given things the way they were what I seen as the biggest problem in close games was IU inability to run the ball after getting lead later in 3rd quarter and all of 4th quarter. Inability to get some first downs at that stage of games and then being forced to pass provided opponents quick turn around possessions to get the opponents offense on field often scoring against a worn defense thus IU losing game. Season went from 6 or 7, even 8 wins to 6 or less wins. However, it must be noted that IU won a close game here and there that they could have lost so does it play itself out in the end and reality is the record of wins and loses is what it is. Coaching staff has a plan for scholarship given and to them that is valid which is one reason what they are paid to do. Then, it becomes implementation and execution.

  14. t, one of the issues with the OL players recruited and the scheme run under Wilson was the inability to run the ball in short yardage situations [Dan Feeney was an exception]. We will have to wait and see if this coaching staff can bring in OL men that can drive teams off the ball and establish a short yardage offense when needed. One thing I see with coach Hiller’s recruits, they are bigger and more physical in HS ball. Will that translate at the college level I don’t know but hope it does. Spread teams have to have the ability to run the ball inside when teams are trying to stop the run if they are to win close games against opponents with comparable or better talent.

  15. In recent years (now several years) that is a difference that I watch Northwestern being able to do. This adds so many other options for their offense. It is fun to watch their execution against really good teams. Northwestern still has losing season sometimes. However, they have several winning seasons since Gary Barnett thru Pat Fitzgerald.

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