IU football adds trio of commitments

The commitments continue to roll in for the Indiana University football class of 2019.

The Hoosiers picked up a pair of commitments on Sunday and another on Monday, bringing the total of commitments to eight with five of those coming in a span of four days.

The most recent of those is Alabama defensive tackle C.J. Person, a three-star recruit according to 247sports.com. The 6-foot-2, 295-pounder from Montgomery Catholic Preparatory chose IU over offers from Purdue, Duke, Mississippi State, Arkansas State, Florida Atlantic, Troy, Memphis, Navy and numerous others.

On Sunday, offensive lineman Michael Katic of Gibsonia, Pa., and defensive back Larry Tracy from Decatur Central in Indianapolis made their commitments.

Tracy was first up, as the 5-10, 175-pound standout chose Indiana over Cincinnati, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and Syracuse, among others. He is a three-star recruits who had 86 tackles, five fumble recoveries, three forced fumbles and three interceptions at Decatur Central last season.

Katic, a 6-4, 270-pounder is listed as an offensive guard by 247sports.com but currently has no rating. He picked IU over Boston College, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Virginia and more.


  1. IUFB continues its momentum in commitments this past weekend. They are hitting the lines hard with just a few skilled positions committed so far. Looking at the tape of these players I like the physical play they show along with their lack of quit on plays. If the S&C coaches can improve these recruits as much as they have the current players IU has a shot at some real gems in the 2019 class.

    Matt Rhea, PhD 2 players running 23mph, 14 players at 22mph, 9 players at 21mph, and 13 players at 20mph. Compare that to where they were in January 38 now 20 mph or faster compared to 8 before.
    “We challenged our guys in January to trust the system, give us their best effort, and transform our team speed. Last fall: 3 guys > 21 mph; 5 > 20 mph.”

    1. V13,
      I don’t know how these numbers compare with other programs in the B1G and across the country. If they are as favorable as you indicate this could be as HC said, “solid progress.” I would certainly like to know how these speeds compare, if you can enlighten us in a general sense. I am sure judging by t & H4H posts on the Bedford commitment article, they would be very interested as well.

      What I am trying to figure out is has IUFB stumbled on to something revolutionary after all these miserable years with the S&C program? Are we seeing something which for example, can enhance a 3 star into a 4 star? Obviously, if so, it won’t take the rest of the FB world long to catch up and it will balance out. However, if window of opportunity stays open long enough, it could buy IUFB a chance to reach sustainable respectability. I know it is a long shot, but FB fortunes have been transformed by revolutionary systems many times in history. I think the Bill Walsh SF 49ers and the NE Patriots are prime examples and there are similar stories in College football as well.

      I know we are all so jaded by the woeful IU FB history that such a miracle would be hard to envision due to the many, many, many, many hopes dashed over the years. Did I say many years? That was 4 times for you H4H and I know it may all be wishful thinking. If the Cubbies can do it after a 100 years, why can’t IU?

    2. V- what we don’t know about the increase in team speed is it because they were trained to run like sprinters or is this an increase in functional speed? Every year, guys going to the combine hire track coaches to improve their running technique to lower their 40 times. But just because they know how run like a sprinter doesn’t mean they will play faster during games. It will be interesting to see if there’s a noticeable change in team speed for the first game.

  2. One dose of PED’s in my butt and I could find these sorts of speeds…
    There’s a lot more to making a Michael Jordan or a Lynn Swann than matching physical attributes….How do you match instincts, savvy, composure under pressure, body control, hand-eye coordination, responsiveness, anticipation…and the other myriad of factors that separate good athletes from great performers?
    Is it possible that once we hit the ability to clone football players we’ll finally be merely a couple decades away from mirroring any OSU starter….? Unfortunately, OSU will likely be blending rhinoceros and gazelle DNA into their test tubes and we’ll still be way behind the curve.

    The only evidence I’ve seen in turning an ‘Average Joe’ into a “Six Million Dollar Man’ overnight is when Indiana hires an average coach.

    1. H4H,
      In theory I agree with you sentiments that there is a lot more to making a Michael Jordan or Lynn Swan than meets the eye. However, I also believe certain training regiments can enhance one’s abilities beyond their inherent talents. A great example of this philosophy comes from one of the great if not the greatest wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice. One could hardly argue with the physical gifting in his DNA. However, if we study the training regiment he used, it is one of particular intensity designed to further enhance his own natural abilities.

      If however, the S&C program has the potential to revolutionize training regiments then it could be valuable. No, it won’t make a 5 star out of a 3 star, but it could enhance the 3 star capabilities enough to increase competitiveness. Doesn’t guarantee more IUFB wins, but it could be a part of the overall formula for success. Even if the advantage is only short lived, it gives the IU FB program a chance to establish something more sustainable in the long term. Know it sounds like the magic bullet, but a little luck sometimes is about all you can hope for.

  3. Dr Rhea definitely focuses on functional speed and has the players working on movement skills. He is not working on sprinting speed with the drills they are doing. He commented on one of his tweets that 23mph was NFL speed and 21mph or better were top 10% at the B1G level.

    thinkaboutit, it would be nice if other schools posted their speeds so we could compare how IU rates. This is why I say we will have to wait and see how this increase shows up in games. I hope IU surprises teams with the increase in speed they are developing.

  4. Compared to the days when IU went head-to-head with MAC and other mid-major conference schools to sign players, these are Halcyon days for IU Football recruiting. When you’re beating out other Big Ten and Power-Five Conference schools to sign a kid, it represents significant progress relative to the past. What we’ve missed for most of the last decade, and what will make the biggest difference in the outcome of our seasons going forward, are really good quarterbacks. Here’s my logic. We have a very good defensive coach who should continue to field good (i.e., well above average defenses). With a defense that keeps IU in games, we need good quarterbacks (more than one) to run an efficient offense. From what I’m seeing, TA is going after the players we need. My biggest concern is IU’s Offensive Line. If we can sustain an above average O-line, it won’t matter how talented the QBs are.

  5. Purdue, Minnesota and Iowa were the Big Ten teams in the mix for a couple of these recruits. Maybe they picked Indiana because they were probably going to be challenged to start for middle tier BIG programs. Is it improvement from the past…? Miniscule at best.

  6. Quick question for t from a long time fan who went to the Rose Bowl 50 years ago last January.

    Are you really an IU fan or are you a Purdue fan in disguise? You are so damn negative and you post the same old crap in the comment section of every new article that I really get sick of reading your comments. If you really cared about IU football, you would take a hiatus from posting and see how the season, both on the field and recruiting for 2019 plays out, before you open your mouth again with the same BS! You must get pleasure in trying to ruin everyones day and in trying to convince fans to give up all hope for ever having a decent team. Why is this your goal?

    I am a realist and I know the odds of IU having a winning season this year are probably 50-50 at best, but I do think TA has hired two cutting edge strength and speed coaches , and has continued the upward trend in recruiting better talent. Sure, so far we only have one 4*, but Rivals has us up to 37th in the country which is way better than we were doing a few years ago.

    Give it a break!

  7. I enjoy t’s opinions and don’t find him to be overly pessimistic. I also enjoy his very astute macro view of sports and his honest perceptions of trends toward elitism infecting many aspects of our favorite pastimes. There is far too much polyannaism going around in IU Sports. I think there are distorted motives in keeping certain coaches that go far beyond their qualifications to build a winning program. Political doctrines and faith ideologies have entered in as armor to shield coaches from the normal scrutiny and standards of accountability that would otherwise be present.
    Decades of losing should produce outrage. And though much may be erroneously displaced on relatively new coaches, they should have a bit of empathy and understand fans have heard every excuse in the book. I don’t care how “devout” a coach is…I care how devoted he is to making real progress instead of building cheap fan support via cheap tactics.

  8. Gonso to AL Gage in end zone. Touchdown Indiana. Oh,he dropped the ball. USC vs IU Rose Bowl. Yes, PU solidly physically dominated IU last year. Range, I realistically balance out the unrealistic imaginary crap that you seem to be gagging on in your mouth.

  9. Flag on Rager67 for unsportsmanlike conduct! This site is a lot of fun until people start telling other people what to think and write. Yeah, I roll my eyes at some of the same old same old, then shrug and keep scrolling. How difficult is that? The ad hominem stuff is way down lately and this forum is better off for it. Walk it back fifteen yards, but no ejection- keep posting everybody!

  10. I Apologize to Range; for unnecessary and in poor taste part of comment “crap that you seem to be gagging on in your mouth.”

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