OL Bedford commits to Hoosiers

Indiana picked up its fifth commitment in the class of 2019 and second this week when three-star offensive lineman Matthew Bedford of Memphis, Tenn. made his pledge for the Hoosiers on Saturday.

Bedford, a 6-foot-5, 260-pound offensive tackle chose IU over offers from Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, Austin Peay, Chattanooga, Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee-Martin. He is ranked as the No. 81 offensive tackle in the country by 247sports.com.

The Cordova High School standout is also the cousin of freshman Indiana wide receiver Jacolby Hewitt. Bedford announced his decision via Twitter. “I have committed to Indiana University,”he said with a picture of himself in an IU uniform.


  1. Good to see this pick up as he seems to have a lot of upside. He is tall and has a good base but needs to improve his upper body although he seems to handle defensive players quite well. This is #5 for the Hoosiers and a few more are projected for this coming weekend.

    1. It’s been a good weekend for recruiting! It is interesting that Bedford is a low to mid 3* with a high upside due to his athleticism, while the latest commit, Michael Katic has many more quality offers, but doesn’t seem to have a star rating as of yet. How Katic is still unrated makes absolutely no sense.

      Hopefully Bedford can develop into a quality Big10 tackle. It bodes well that he was on the radar of several quality programs and likely would have received more offers as the summer progresses, but Hiller and Inge were able to get him to commit now.

      1. Katic is a 3 Star on Rivals. I’m sure he’ll be the same on 247 when they get around to him.

  2. Can anyone tell me the highest ranked lineman that IU has ever recruited(since ranking services did this sort of thing)?

    Has IU Football ever recruited a top 10 high school player at any position?

    Can anyone tell me the highest ranked incoming class ever recruited?

    Would a true pedigree coach be able to change the numbers drastically?

    Austin Peay….Chattanooga…Middle Tenn. St….? How would those programs do with a Big Ten East schedule?

  3. Recruits ratings = pretty average by big ten standards. Yes, they will be coached and trained well. So will many other players that play on the level of big ten programs. Conclusion: IU fb is what it is. Maybe IU fb will have a good season or two and struggle to do it and that is ok. However, IU football will always struggle to be average in big ten.

    1. Last season IU was 5-7. If we had a good healthy QB we would have been 7-5. We will have 3 good healthy QB’s this season. I like it.

  4. I am still intrigued with the body types that TA & staff are seemingly recruiting. May turn out to be much ado about nothing, but coupled with the new S&C program it is interesting. If V13 is correct regarding the cutting edge nature of the S&C program, then there may be cause for some keen interest in how this plays out. No way to know for a couple years if this will have a measurable effect, but it is sure worth watching. Only way to know for sure if TA’s strategy is working is to put it on the field of competition.

  5. There have been a few strategies played out over the years including what you mention above. No way to know for a couple years, improve and develop, upside, get better and better, for a couple years is IU football tradition. They can be big and tall body types but if they can’t run fast enough to catch the other guy, tackle, or break tackles, throw and catch, block and run it gets a pretty limited amount of wins. This includes how many and wins over who.

  6. “No way to know for a couple years”….seems to be a recurring theme for IU Football. To be fair, it was also a recurring theme with the basketball program while fans were told to sit tight with slogans like “everything hinges.”
    Just add another slogan and buy more time…..We’re Back…New Generation…Hoosier Rising….Everything Hinges…The Movement…Win Today….Breakthrough Season….Yoga Cross-training Hoosiers, etc., etc., etc…..
    Meanwhile, the slow carousel moves in circles(along with new coaches) with the same AD. Nothing is really heading down the tracks with any real signs of vast improvement.
    Soon we’ll be told that the new cross-training stuff had nothing to do with physical fitness…but more a reference to having a program led by a devout something or other.
    There is a lot of hope with the addition of Romeo….That hope naturally spreads into football program hope(along with, potentially, the same old complacency and buying into new gimmicks/slogans/need for patience). Fact remains, our once misfit reputation only reserved for the follies in football has morphed into two major sputtering sports programs. They are marketed with catchy slogans and hope sold on the backs of mostly singular recruits…(Cody, Romeo, ….or a football QB transfer from a better-than-average faraway program sold as a late bloomer).

    We’ve likely spent over sixty million in coaching salaries over the last decade for the same old, same old in football…and nothing better than a Sweet 16 in hoops. Fans have turned beyond complacent and I have no real expectation that they’ll ever demand results that match the ridiculous money spent on slogans, lingo, marketing gibberish, and “historical” excuses.

  7. Jimmy Cricket, Donald Duck, Minnie and Mickey Mouse; it is the Wonderful World of Color/Disney Land and then there is IU football tradition.

  8. ‘Mr. Roarke’ and a rather short dude with a raspy voice named ‘Tattoo’ used to run a sort of mini camp for IU Football fans living an island dream.

  9. “Offensive tackle” + “athleticism” = conversion to tight end? Variable: hands.

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