Heralded point guard DJ Carton lists IU in top 3

One of the top players in the 2019 recruiting class is keeping Indiana on his list of top three schools.

D.J. Carton, a five-star point guard from Iowa, lists IU, Michigan and Ohio State as the final three programs left in his recruitment.

Carton recently completed official visits to Indiana and Michigan. The Bettendorf, Iowa native is considered the No. 2 point guard and the No. 2 overall prospect in his class in the 247 Sports Composite.

Last summers highlights:


    1. t,
      You raise an interesting question on a bigger center. When we say center these days, what are we actually looking for? The game is changing and so is the prototypical description of a center. The college game still has a number of the big but slow 7+ guys, but the nba is changing. The mobility factor is becoming more important than ever. I think this change is already having an impact in the college game. So what fits into Archie’s overall strategy for a center?

  1. The photo at the top of this post is sort of fun…..Is Archie screaming because of his glowing hot hand? Coffee spill? …or a sign? The fact that the white glow off the top of Archie’s hand is in perfect alignment with the Indiana logo on a fan’s sweatshirt could indicate banner glow…..from ‘the chosen hand’ so long awaited to guide us to the promise land?

    Prediction: IU 2019 National Champion.

    1. HC,
      I’m with you on this, Coach Miller has shown me nothing that would lessen the confidence I have in his ability to get IUBB back where it belongs. I haven’t had this much confidence in the direction of the BB program since the early 70s. So much so that a certain bad call at a pivotal point in the ’73 final four semifinal still hurts.

      1. thinkaboutit- Where were you during the last 10 years to express not having so much confidence? Sadly, there were only a handful on Scoop not very confident when the program was being insulted with empty jargon and a decade of mediocrity …along with ridiculous contract extensions.
        I hope we see Final Four trips in the near future…But, regardless of such hopes, thank the heavens above that we now have a coach will bring accountability, authenticity, and a genuine ability to teach the game.

      2. You mean when the mouth Bill Walton ran over Steve Downing raised his hand because he knew he had charged. The deficit was four I believe after being down almost 20 at half and then the wizard got help and a block was called and Downing fouled out. That call!

        1. Yup, that’s the one. If memory serves it would have been Walton’s 5th, but it became Downing’s 4th. Long time ago and memories get sketchy, but part of the reason for the comeback was Downing’s aggressiveness in the paint. After the 4th he had to scale it back and the momentum was lost. Walton fouled out not too long after as did Downing. Would have probably won the game with Walton out and Downing with only 3, they couldn’t stop him. Likely cost IU a championship as UCLA won the final I believe with relative ease.

          Like I said, that was nearly 50 years ago and the memory gets fuzzy. So if I got it wrong, please correct the recollection.

          1. Steve Downing was handed his 5th foul with 8 minutes to play. He had already scored 26 points on the big redhead who was heralded as the best center in the country. Downing would have likely had 36 without a bogus call…that would have fouled out Walton(a defensive foul on Downing that was an obvious elbow and charge on Walton).
            Downing manhandled Walton….Downing was screwed in a game that was fixed.

          2. There was no “scaling it back”….After Downing’s fourth foul(the bogus call that should have fouled out Walton with a charge), Downing was out of the game after the fifth foul was called one minute later. It was Walton who had to be scaled back because he had no answer for Downing’s agility…much of which was baseline moves and outside the paint.

          3. H4H,
            Thanks for clearing up some of the fuzzy memories. I can see by your response, the 4th foul still hurts just as bad after all these years. I know many times things like this get wrote off to the “breaks of the game.” I look at this one differently due to the blantency of the call. Not just because it was IU. I can’t stand such officiating regardless of whether it is my team or one I dislike.

          4. I sort of built a blogging name on Downing’s 5th foul (previous to H4H).
            Another day….There’s an old abandon beach hut. No ship in a bottle. No history of a time where blogging sailed with men of wild fantasy and freedoms….and pen. I believe the hut and all primary coconuts washed out to sea…. It is gone in space but not in memory.
            She was the Island of Basketblog. Buried treasures mostly of a Hoosier by way of Hoosier…and a Hoosier by way of Seattle. Maybe not treasures….Nonetheless, my desire to make such treasure is gone with the relentless sands of time and the vast sea pounding against the hull of the ‘Grandiloquent.’
            Doubt this modern censorship chamber will ever bring out the best castaway who made the island so wonderfully unique, But dangle your toes into the waters and trust of good fortune and meaningfulness will find all lost ships in the night.
            Downing’s 5th

          5. In the spirit of randomness….it’s another PRIME DAY (7/11)!
            Go out and find a nice cut of steak! Now I’ll stop butchering this thread…..lol.

          6. But one final thought on the ’73 game….Bob Knight’s masterful abilities cannot be ignored. If you watch the few highlights available on YouTube, his orchestrated movements in the offensive possessions is rare beauty on a basketball court. His offensive was the perfect complement to Downing’s agility and pace. Walton was often lost as if stuck in some maze of mirrors and false directions….
            Masterful coaching along with a very gritty and clutch bunch of Hoosiers (Buckner(IL), Green(IN), Laskowski(IN), Downing(IN), Ritter(IN)). There were 14 Indiana kids on that ’73 Final Four roster. And to even think McGinnis(IN) could have been the 15th from Indiana with that bunch….?

  2. Downing was very mobile….but what a bust for the Celtics.

    Has there ever been an NBA center not extremely mobile? Trying to think of one and I can’t. It is the NBA after all. Quickness and explosiveness….along with a lot of versatility(ability to take the game farther from the basket) may be the overwhelming factor determining separation from college game to next level(and whether a stud in college will find a better fit in the NBA or in Europe).

    Wasn’t that long ago when Matt Howard was a major factor in getting Butler to the title game….Quickness, explosiveness, versatility….? Still a bit shy for NBA level. And then there’s Mitch McGary of Michigan also part of recent NCAA Final Four history. Could have played in Europe if he could get his sh___ together.

    I actually think Morgan will be even more efficient the post this year….A year under the belt for Justin Smith and the long kid with outside shot from St. Mary’s will free Morgan more inside. Archie’s greatest fortune in Year-2 may actually reside more in Morgan’s return than the landing of Romeo. I believe Romeo knew of Morgan’s decision before ultimately making his decision…

  3. H4H: Is 2019 just a prediction as a fortune teller? or are you willing to bet on IU and give away the rest of the field for unlimited amounts of money? Would you even pay your gambling debt?

  4. I think it’s a real possibility, t. Trust the glowing, white-hot hand of Archie.

    Not sure of gambling debts in the future, but all of our basketball debts/ misdeeds surely had to be settled via the incarceration of McCracken from 2008 thru 2017.
    Don’t you feel like IU hoops is now free and liberated? Authenticity is almost as sweet as a sixth banner….The rest is icing on the cake.

  5. But in an attempt to exhibit some tiny level of fairness toward Crean (though very reluctantly because there is no way to balance the good with the bamboozling of the program), he did not have any player as important as Morgan stay for four years.
    Crean’s average to better-than-average inside players continually transferred or left early to play in G-League games. I believe he was also obligated to take A-Hope projects from Adams to remain in good favor with Indiana Elite/Zeller. Archie is getting a 4-year inside threat in only his second season as a coach. Crean couldn’t keep an inside talent for a full 4-year stint in candy stripes over the course of his being at the helm of the program for a decade. Devin Davis? Nope. Perea? Nope. Guy-Marc? Nope. Zeller? Nope. Vonleh? Nope. Luke Fischer? Nope. Holt? Nope.
    Bryant? Nope.
    Morgan? Yup.

  6. T.C. is in a more suitable (best situation to max out his potential) in uncelebrated bb part of Southeast conference to win 15 to 20 games yearly until a decision will be made and a few more million made. Great gig if you can get it.
    Yes, IU bb is free from mediocrity snare/trap and things are moving in a righted ship direction. Not quite sure I am ready to give Archie Way a free or not free pass yet. However, there are several legitimate reasons to jump on the IU bb bandwagon and is going to self actualize and Center Grove Jackson – Davis will join in the fun. 2019? 2020? 2021? 2022? 2023? Crystal ball says there will be bands playing on fall hayrides as football transitions into basketball in Monroe County and surrounding areas.

  7. The mutual crying over spilled beer session with H4H and the ’73 Final Four reminded me of something. The string was getting a little thin and we may have played this before but the “coulda, woulda, and shouldas, of IUbb.

    In reverse order under the shoulda: the afore mention ’73 officiating fiasco and ’92 officiating team swapping to Duke shirts = 2 possible lost championships

    under the woulda: ’75 team bad break of Scott May arm, terrible loss of Landon Turner’s automobile accident – how many woulda IU had? Woulda Larry Bird stayed at IU in the fall of ’76 and teamed with another up and coming player, Mike Woodson, how many championships woulda IU had?

    under the coulda: If everything had played out, IU coulda had a basketball dynasty.

    Havin fun on a hot lazy Wednesday afternoon.

  8. Then, there are those that could have been lost. So theoretically it all averages out to what it realistically is.
    Example: IU fb could have won 1, 2 or even 3 that they lost. However, they could have lost 1, 2 or even 3 that they won. It is what it is, realistically.

    1. Since the ’73 team, ’87 maybe. ’76 & ’81 – not happening, extremely dominate teams in the tournament, no doubt they would win. Even the ’81 team with all the losses came together at the right time and steamrolled the entire tournament field. Only exeception was the ’76 game against Alabama, way too close to losing that one.

  9. Coulda Woulda Zella shoulda ….stuck around for Noah and brought home a banner.
    McGinnis lost his father so I can understand the pressures to provide for his family….though he has still expressed sizable regrets for departing college early and not beating up on UCLA with Downing.

  10. You would have needed a real anti-IU agenda to bet against Isiah in ’81. Now that’s what I would call a very safe bet….and not much of a prediction.
    We’ll never see another point guard like Isiah….

    1. And when did the term “point guard” really come into vogue? I think we stopped playing in Finals around the adoption of such designations in the backcourt. Was Smart the “point guard” in ’87? Power forward…small forward…wing….post player?
      Guards, forwards, center. Seems like winning championships at Indiana has become as complicated on deciding what to call a basketball player.

      A 6-11 Durant can do just about anything he wants on the basketball court. I guess he’s basketball’s version of a powerpoint presentation …

  11. Interesting Tweet from Rabjohn just a few moments ago:

    “Interesting: Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann is here at the Peach Jam while five-star guard DJ Carton is on his OSU official visit.”

  12. From CBS Sports……Pre-season IU listed at #25 (and a 7 seed)……Ranked #68 in College Athletics for last year (Take away the ladies NIT and IU would be scrapping bottom)…….Kansas subpoenaed FBI probe.

  13. DJ Carton going to Ohio State. Its nice to be named in the final three school, I didn’t see Carton as a necessary recruit with the limited scholarships available and the availability of some big(height wise) Indiana players on I U want list.

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