1. I usually skip them, too, but I keep checking occasionally in the hope that someone can figure out how to operate a microphone. Optimism, you will have to agree, is the sine qua non of an IUFB fan.

  1. I agree, always aggravates the fire out of me too. On some questions you lose the entire context of the conversation.

  2. I enjoy them for the body language and to study the comfort level in addressing questions/reporters…. Hate to bring up a certain basketball coach on a “football thread” again, but without the videos, a world of priceless facial contortions, bumbling lingo(“it moves, it just moves”), fidgety behavior, etc, etc, would have left fans with no comic relief during such a painful era of hoops ineptitude.
    …. Most of these guys are spin doctors and lingo masters. Only on rare occasions is there any meaningful content. The best way to unclog this fan’s eardrums is to start winning some important football games(against top ‘East’ opponents) and some big NCAA tournament games. I’d rather listen to elevator music rather than podium gibberish from lingo masters who can’t seem to “breakthrough” anything except going from six figures to making millions without truly moving the needle of sustained improvement(especially in terms of Indiana on the prestigious national stages for basketball and football).
    We’ve had a lot of “walk loudly and carry no stick”….at Indiana during the last decade.

  3. I just had a Dustin Dopirak flashback.. Would sure love a ScoopTalk guest appearance from Dustin sometime. Dustin loved to use the word “schtick.”

    Indiana coaches: “Walk softly and carry a big schtick…..”

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