Allen offers injury updates ahead of Penn State game

Tom Allen is optimistic that his offense will return to health in time for Saturday’s game against Penn State.

The Indiana coach said Monday that he hopes left tackle Coy Cronk and receiver Whop Philyor will be ready to return to the lineup after missing recent action due to injuries.

“I think we have a chance to be healthier this weekend,” Allen said.

Philyor, who suffered an unspecified injury on Sept. 22 against Michigan State, dressed for last week’s loss to Iowa but only played a couple snaps. The sophomore had a career-best effort against the Spartans, matching a personal high with 13 catches for a career-best 148 yards in the conference opener.

“He was out there today running routes,” Allen said on Monday morning. “Still the process continues to get him full speed.”

Cronk, meanwhile, got hurt while making a tackle following a second-half interception on Oct. 6 at Ohio State. He did not dress for the Iowa game, leaving the starting duties to senior Delroy Baker.

“We’re hoping to get Coy back full bore,” Allen said. “I think that looks good, promising at this point.”

Allen said he’ll also be monitoring both Devon Matthews, a freshman safety, and sophomore linebacker T.D. Roof as the week continues.

“I know Devon Matthews is a guy we ended up sitting out, hoping to get him back last weekend, we did not,” Allen said. “He needs to continue to get healthier in order for him to play. Then continue to monitor T.D. Roof, see that he’s able to get his body back ready to go. (Along with Cronk), those would be the three guys that we’re looking at. Not to mention Whop and his ability to get back.”


  1. So this team clearly has taken a step back. Do you throw in Penix this week from the start to shake things up?

    1. Put Allen on a bus to shake things up….He still won’t go downfield but he’ll learn how to go down the road. Pack a suitcase of dink and dunk…and throw it in the trunk. “Breakthrough” the Monroe County border and just keep going. Find the meaning of life over a safe stack of pancakes at a truck stop in Kentucky.

  2. I wouldn’t, I would save Penix for the last two games, there’s no need to use Penix now in a game with Penn State. Go with Ramsey and take your best chances with him. This season, unless a there the greatest turn around in I U Football history isn’t going to result in six wins. I would be more interested in saving a year of eligibility. My opinion and one dollar can get you a cup of cheap coffee.

  3. The Penix redshirt is the last thing IU football should worry about and should have always been 100% no consideration all season long. Penix should have been playing yesterday and the yesterday before that all season as soon as you started noticing the ceiling on PR and offense. Other players have to make PR look better. Could MP make others look better and they make him look better.

  4. The problem is I U has 7 yesterdays gone and only 5 tomorrows to go. PR after the first half of the Ohio State game hasn’t produced and that was 2 1/2 yesterdays ago.

  5. PR has not significantly produced all year except for a moment here and there and dinks and dunks that I first mentioned well over a month ago. To easy to contain IU offense with qb with inability to go down field with hardly any consistency given running game IU has. Successfully going down field would help running game. With or without Gest and Ellison this should have started last spring and the qb’s should have competed in that perspective. This whole PR debacle was set up for failure from the beginning as soon as competition level increased. Plus it didn’t have to increase as much as it did. Except for Ball State IU didn’t dominate their pre conference schedule nor Rutgers.

  6. By this coaching to PR (TA talking about players respect and belief in him) dink and dunk strategy that started early on, are some players feeling they have been duped by coaching staff sales job only to getting frustrated?

  7. Here is the issue. When players know you are not playing someone that is better than the person you are playing, there is going to be lack of trust going forward. They see in practice who is better and gives them a better chance. This will not end good for TA. Players are not naive at this stage and they want to win as well.

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