4 things we learned from IU’s loss to Purdue

1. The season ended in fitting fashion.

The problems Indiana wrestled with Saturday were not at all new.

There were missed tackles, stalled drives and thoughtless penalties in key situations, common themes throughout the fall. IU had plenty of chances to earn the kind of win that could’ve changed the tenor of the season, but ultimately came undone by the same mistakes.

That simple truth offers a view of where Indiana football stands in 2018. It wasn’t a hopeless season — there were encouraging signs, such as running back Stevie Scott’s emergence and the arrival of several freshmen playmakers — but IU took no meaningful steps forward in Tom Allen’s second season. The evidence is there on the field, and right now it’s hard not to see a program sliding in the wrong direction.

That’s not to say the head coach is or should be on the hot seat. Not at all. Indiana could use some stability, and Allen and his staff have built on the recruiting gains made by his predecessor. But before long, recruiting potential must manifest itself in Big Ten wins. This was a very unconvincing season from the Hoosiers, and the blame should be shared from the top down, shouldered by both coaches and players.

The biggest thing we learned about Indiana football this season is that it, yet again, was incapable of rising to the moment. Saturday was one final, fitting example.

2. Tom Allen is open to change.

Since 2011, Indiana has been willing to move forward with head coaches who’ve had to learn on the job. That’s come at a cost.

To Allen’s credit, he’s clear-eyed and honest. He’s also been flexible and open to altering his approach based on what has and has not worked, even during the course of a season. Allen now has two years worth of evidence to consider in the coming weeks and months, setting up a crucial offseason for himself and IU’s program.

What works? What doesn’t?

Some staffing changes wouldn’t be surprising.

That could start with Allen, who confirmed after Saturday’s game that he’s considered delegating the defensive coordinator duties to someone else so that he can focus solely on being the head coach. In his two seasons at the helm, Allen has juggled both the coordinator and head coaching roles, sometimes to his own detriment. That’s a lot of responsibility for any coach, let alone one with no previous college head coaching experience to rely on. Allen doesn’t want to spread himself too thin.

Linebackers coach Kane Wommack has past experience as a defensive coordinator, having occupied the role both at South Alabama and Eastern Illinois. Defensive line coach Mark Hagen also holds the title of co-defensive coordinator for Indiana, and could be a candidate for promotion.

Allen will also have to evaluate the directions of his offensive and special teams units, and decide the course he wishes to take.

After a season where the Hoosiers were haunted by the same shortcomings and mistakes throughout the year, it doesn’t seem that Indiana can afford to maintain the same approach.

3. Indiana never established an offensive identity.

It’s not clear exactly what IU wants its offense to be.

Sure, we know that the Hoosiers want a mobile quarterback and a backfield capable of picking up tough yards. But beyond that, the complexion of Indiana’s offense is muddled.

The Hoosiers displayed more aggression offensively late in the season, but certainly not enough Saturday. Too often in 2018, IU’s offense was a mixed bag that failed to dictate what it wanted to do with the ball in its hands.

Part of it was playcalling and management. Just look at the way IU started the second half across the course of the season. The Hoosiers scored only a single touchdown on their first possession of the second half this season, going three-and-out to begin seven of the 12 third quarters.

Another part of it was the seemingly low ceiling of some of IU’s offensive playmakers. More dynamic play at quarterback is a necessity moving forward. Losing receiver Whop Philyor, IU’s most electric offensive player, certainly hurt the Hoosiers’ offensive upside.

At the same time, it feels like IU didn’t maximize the abilities of Reese Taylor. The freshman athlete had only five catches for 42 yards across the final month of action. Part of that, to be fair, seemed to be a product of Indiana’s desire to protect him as its backup quarterback after Michael Penix’s season-ending injury.

Indiana also demonstrated that it could move the ball between the 30s this season, with Saturday the latest example. But IU needs more big, explosive plays — the kinds that stretch the field and take advantage of athletes in space.

Until they get those plays — and the players capable of making them — the Hoosiers’ offense will struggle to keep up in today’s modern offensive game.

4. IU’s backfield will be intriguing to watch next season.

If this group stays together, there won’t be any lack of talent.

Stevie Scott capped the best freshman rushing season in program history with his sixth 100-yard performance on the ground. His powerful, determined running gave IU a much-needed presence on the ground after a lackluster 2017 from the Hoosier ground game.

With that, give credit to Indiana’s offensive line, which turned in a pretty solid season after an uneven start to September. The challenge now will be finding replacements for guard Wes Martin and right tackle Brandon Knight, as well as establishing depth behind the starting group.

With proper blocking, IU could have the playmakers to further enhance its offense in 2019. Freshman Ronnie Walker, a former four-star recruit, demonstrated flashes of potential while operating as a change-of-pace option behind Scott.

Indiana will also return speedy upperclassman Cole Gest, who lost the past year to an ACL injury suffered in the opener. IU is also poised to sign four-star Avon prospect Sampson James to round out the bunch.

WHAT’S NEXT: vs. Ball State, Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Hoosiers have a lot to digest this offseason after failing to meet their goals in 2018. The first order of business will be signing a recruiting class that ranks 41st nationally and 10th in the Big Ten, per 247 Sports. From there, spring practice and offseason workouts will be pivotal times for IU to get its roster up to speed.


  1. Fair and honest.

    In my experience one of the biggest downfalls of inexperienced management is the tendency to micromanage.

    Delegate or die.

    1. You just said a mouthful. Hire 2 new coordinators. Articulate to them strong attainable goals and their accountability of results. Carrot and stick. Then get out of the way and let them fire hard.

  2. Tough decisions ahead….
    Difficult to let a guy go who loves Indiana as much as Tom Allen. But I’d be far from shocked if a change is made sooner rather than later.
    The program is suffering in direction. Whatever momentum was witnessed under Wilson (e.g. at the most basic level, a positive aura surrounding a far more exciting;/fast pace game with some signature talent capable of playing football at the next level) has evaporated.

    Not sure if Allen can infuse the needed life into a downcast fan base….once again left with a lot of selling and little results. Seems like the program needs more than coach-speak therapy….and more of the same outlining how the ‘breakthrough’ is just around the bend.
    The patient known as Hoosier Football needs shock treatment. It needs talent to take a notice. It needs a level of excitement that brings a turn of the head from finer recruits. It needs infused energy that brings diehards back to the workplace water cooler with some wow factor news to share on a morning break …
    I don’t see any other means in getting the patient some hope other than through massive changes. I like Allen…but I think the door has closed.

    1. You act like they went 1-11 or 2-10. The fans will show up when they start winning (have they ever showed up anyway?) Cutting bait on Allen after two seasons isn’t going to help anything. Give him his four years to make his mark. After that if nothing has changed then maybe I’ll be right there with you screaming “off with his head!”

      1. I’d keep Allen as a coordinator…Too late.
        Fred mismanaged the whole thing….leaving us with another bigger mess than after he let Wilson go.

        Better to let him go now and make it look rather unjust…If he falls short after another season or two, he may be back to coaching high school. I don’t believe he’ll be as sought after as Wilson. Now? Maybe….But not after two more seasons of ground lost.

  3. Who thinks Harbaugh will be fired? National playoff opportunity lost. Completely embarrassed by an OSU team previously shown to have weaknesses. He was to be the dreamy hire with all those ties to his home state and alma mater…..
    Shows how low an Indiana Football bar. This man leads his team to nearly going undefeated, and because of one shellacking at the hands of a rival, is considered to be under his heaviest scrutiny to date.

    We lose 7 of 9 conference games and get manhandled at home by our most despised rival from the state ….and we are still in tinker mode. This is how insecure we our. Is there any head coach out there any better than Allen who would want us? Jim Harbaugh would rather be dragged by his toes to a guillotine in Ann Arbor than coach the Hoosiers for one day.

    Fire coordinators? I’m stunned they simply don’t walk away while retaining any amount of dignity or positives on their resume. There is no amount of Tide …or setting on the wash cycle to remove a resume stain that contains the follies in futility that is Hoosier Football….unless you’re Kevin Wilson.

    Did Wilson draw up the strategy that dismantled Michigan? Anyone on this board still suggesting he’s overwhelmed at OSU? lol.

    1. Who thinks Harbaugh is getting fired? Maybe a small group of disgruntled Michigan fans but they’ll get over it. He isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

      Seth Littrell seems to be doing ok with that that nasty stain on his resume.

  4. The decisions coach Allen makes this off-season will be his most important as IU’s coach. There needs to be some shake up in the staff and they need to land another higher rated QB this 2019 class. The QB room is in dire need of strong armed dual threat players. Also this class needs to be finished with quality OL men to go with the ones now committed to IU. It wouldn’t hurt to get a talented offensive player that is special as IU is lacking in that department.

    I think the building blocks are in place with the current group of freshmen and the 2019 class. Bringing in the S&C staff was necessary and people that didn’t see increased speed need to watch Crawford running step for step with Moore on his touchdown catch. It is important that coach Allen sees the shortcomings of offense IE lack of explosiveness and realizes Penix needs to start if he is healthy at the start of the season. He also needs to see coach DeBord was too timid in play calling for a second year – I still think that is more a reflection of Ramsey’s play, and hires a dynamic OC to build some momentum for 2019.

  5. Penix needs to start if he is healthy at the start of the season

    Assuming Penix stays…
    Assuming his coach still doesn’t think Ramsey is the cat’s pajamas…
    Assuming Penix is fully recovered from his knee surgery…
    And, finally, assuming …he put on 30 pounds of muscle/beef….

    Might be easier to overhaul the entire product. Get a headliner coach…and a new hotshot freshman qb. Whoever on the roster chooses to stay, can stay. Penix may be much happier with a new coach. Finally putting him into a game(PSU) when it was more a desperation move, probably makes that knee injury seem doubly frustrating.

  6. Whether Dawkins was trying to get his head on straight or not wasn’t advertised until Ramsey named starter. Playing behind Ramsey within that offense would make one’s head crooked.

    1. Agree with that totally….That’s why I believe the oddly early full endorsement of Ramsey put things in a tailspin before we had one opportunity to watch Dawkins at work. It would certainly add to making “one’s head crooked.”

  7. Baylor was 1-11 last year. Matt Rhule is an actual football coach. Guess who is going bowling this year. He is a high energy guy as well but the difference is results. He actually gets results instead of talking about it. Most of the posters on this thread are apologists. And no, coach Allen is not the next Mark Stoops so don’t go there.

    1. I’m so glad you brought that up. Tell me why in the hell Tom Allen can’t match what Mark Stoops has done at Kentucky?

  8. Responding to some inter3esting comments from above:
    1. Jeff H, you are absolutely correct in your comment about “Most posters on this site” being apologists. I’d take it a bit father though! Most Hoosier fans are apologists when it comes to football. As I’ve written before, hen it comes to football, we’re like a large group of people suffering from battered spouse syndrome.
    2. fishspinners, IU can’t afford to give Allen two more years! The program will be a shambles in his fourth year if he does not produce a winning season in 2019! We just completed our 11th consecutive losing season. When it comes to IU Football, patience is no longer a virtue.
    3. v13, you’ve done a nice job identifying IU Football’s Christmas list for recruiting, but the way IU finished the year makes it all the less likely that T.A. will sign a talented dual-threat quarterback, quality O-linemen or any other highly sought after talent for the 2019 recruiting class. I won’t be surprised if IU’s best verbal commits start bailing out. And even if we keep all out best recruits, they’re not, as freshman, going to have enough of an impact to produce a winning season in 2019. Freshmen that are exceptionally talented skill position players can have a significant impact in their first year, but I don’t see any of those amongst IU’s verbally committed recruits for the 2019 class.
    4. How is T.A. going to upgrade his coaching staff when the best coaching candidates are wondering if T.A. is a short-timer at IU? The talk is already out there, as it always is when a head coach continues to produce consecutive losing seasons, that T.A. may not be head-coaching material, or that he may not be IU’s head coach beyond 2019! And what quality D-Coordinator or O-Coordinator, who has as much if not more experience and success as T.A. does, is going to want to work for a man who is still on the head-coach learning curve? That’s why I say Fred Glass needs to be the person fired, and I mean immediately. McRobbie should be searching for a new A.D. right now! He needs to be searching for a man or women who is committed to establishing a winning football program and increasing IU’s Athletic Department revenue from football. It’s not going to happen, but all I want for Christmas is a new Athletic Director at IU.

  9. I just don’t think Tom Allen has the intellect to be a winning head coach. You watch his poor clock management, poor player development, poor halftime adjustments, lack of self-control on the sidelines, emotional outbursts- kicking trashcans and slamming desks — there’s just not much there to think he is ever going to mastermind a winning program.

  10. 123, I’ve had the same thought ever since T.A. addressed the media about losing Dawkins. The way he justified making Ramsey the starter and the things he said after Dawkins left the team were just stupid. And that impression has been reinforced numerous times this year while watching his team play! And he too often behaves like a rookie high school coach on the sidelines, jumping around and over-celebrating a relatively minor accomplishment. I appreciate his passion, but as the team’s leader, he needs to exhibit that passion when his team achieves something significant, like becoming bowl eligible or producing a winning season. Tom Allen appears to be a very good man, but he is not a Big Ten head coach.

    Fire Fred Glass now!

    1. Highest paid AD in college? Jack Swarbrick at ND ($3.05m/annum). Second most moolah? Jim Phillips at NU ($1.57m). (Don’t know how accurate these figures are since both are private schools, but that’s what was reported in the Chgo. Sun-Times this week.) So what does Phillips do to earn his keep? 99% graduation rate for football players; 98% graduation rate for all varsity student-athletes (tied for first in the country. Football team has won 15/16 of its most recent Big Ten games and, overall, 35 games in the past four years. But putting fans in the stands is not one of Phillips’ accomplishments; NU was last in B1G home attendance in ’15, ’16, ’17 (35, 35, 33k). IUFB was 44, 43, 44k those years (for those of you keeping score at home). 2018 numbers not reported by the NCAA yet, but I imagine they’ll not change much. Glass earns $561k/annum, by the way, but I’m sure PO’s on top of that.

      Here’s one for everybody. What will four conf. wins in three years get you? A two-year extension to your six-year, $21,000,000.00 contract if you’re Lovie Smith, that’s what.

  11. Fire Fred Glass now? Fire him 5 times 365 days yesterday for encouraging all of you to apologize for the charlatan he kept at McCracken…..If we’re talking of “apologists.”

  12. fishspinners-

    It appears someone is advocating the guillotine for the fattest head in our athletic department. How do you feel about Podunker screaming “off with the Fred head!”…? Do you keep the head football coach after removing the AD?

    1. If there were a new AD, I’d expect Allen’s leash to be shortened to just one year instead of the two year leash I’m expecting. I wouldn’t expect the new AD to just come and boot Allen unless he had a major splash hire lined up.

  13. They said during the game Purdue was laughing because our offense was so predictable. Clock goes to 8 seconds PR checks over to the sideline and they run a quick out or slant that gets them 2-3 yards every time. The problem is they needed 8-9 yards and gave time for Purdue to be ready for the play. No sense of urgency. Very basic.

    1. Who is the “they said”? Why not the honest “I think”? No team can ever win with a 60-80% 2-3 yard passing attack offense and no true burner like Moore to break it open for a TD. If it is 3rd and 7, you must throw the ball 8 yards or more in the air! If you throw it 3 yards even if you get 5 on the play, you can never make the first down consistently. If these are the only plays that Peyton can make, then he can not be your starting QB. But I think that he can do more. So give him the opportunity!

  14. The negative posters don’t see the problem with the roster. Why did they need to use so many freshman on defense? Why is the QB room so thin and the TE position all soph or freshman except Dorris? I have coached a young team after going to the state championship followed by an 11-2 team decimated by administration decision on suspending a QB only defending himself, followed by a 4-7 team which turned into a 12-2 state championship team due to top juniors and a few seniors with a couple talented sophs. We didn’t beat the top teams in our conference but won against good teams and a couple of poor couple of teams. Don’t forget that doing it in HS is easier than in the B1G East.

    IU faces national teams that have players rated higher than IU’s but played OSU tough for 3 quarters, leading UM at half and hanging tough for 3 quarters and having more yards than anyone until OSU, played PSU close, and MSU close for almost all of the 4th quarter, played Minnesota to a tie game then giving up a long TD pass due to biting on a move, played Purdue close, and soundly beat a BSU team ND struggled with, beat Maryland loaded with 4 star players and only the Iowa game was laying an egg. This is what young teams do. Yes, Minnesota had a younger team by just a fewer players but how many played compared to IU’s, plus their freshman back up QB had a much stronger arm than Ramsey.

    The lack of offensive adjustments is why I would like a new OC. Defensively you are limited with so many new and young players with adjustments but don’t forget the freshmen created and recovered most of the take-aways.

    Remember, next year’s schedule is much harder than this year. If Penix is healthy he needs to be the starter next year and we need to wait and see what happens with changes coming this off-season. There are coaches that get excited on the sideline so get over Allen’s excitement. He understands he needs to give up the DC and work to be a HC. When this freshman class and the incoming class have two more years the IU team could be much better.

    H4H, Penix is already 206 and many D1 QBs and there are a number no bigger than that, even in the B1G. I expect he will be 220 by next season and the WRs, I hope will push for him to be the starter, if he is 100% by then. Based on Ramsey’s demeanor on the sideline when Penix went in I think the coaches were wanting him to start from then on or play major minutes each game. For all the check down throws I still say that is on Ramsey and especially since he missed seeing wide open receivers up the field. It doesn’t take big separation from DBs for a really good QB to get the ball to them. Our receivers showed real frustration with Ramsey this year due to being very open and not getting a look.

    1. v13- That weight has to be grossly exaggerated….Did you see the shot of him on Scoop from the PSU game? He’s a rail.

    2. Strange, I observed very little frustration with Ramsey. I did see a lot of frustration over dropped passes. The OL(who has begun to run block better) owns as much of the blame for the middling air attack as Ramsey or the WR’s do. But the weakling is DeBord. He is no more than gum after the flavor is gone.

    3. V13- Your argument doesn’t hold water. IU lost 2 games they should have won- the first was Minnesota which has a roster dominated by freshmen and the second was to Purdue who’s 4 year recruiting average is almost 10 spots lower than IU. So stop with the ‘talent’s too young’ and ‘roster doesn’t have enough talent’ arguments. The difference is coaching. Both of those schools went with proven coaches and IU, yet again, went with an unproven coordinator as did Rutgers and Maryland. Enough with the excuses. Tom Allen has shown he isn’t a head coach.

  15. I hope the exit interview with players graduation point out the issues with Ramsey because he hurt not only the receivers but also made the OL look bad by bailing out when not needed. Notice when Penix was in he didn’t bail out and the OL didn’t change.

    Coach Allen understands he needs to coach the coaches because they aren’t doing the making the right decisions on personnel. Some coaches need to be changed IE not just Sheridan but I question Shelby a lot because IU corners don’t look for the ball most of the time. Coach Inge was a failure as ST coach but may improve with this experience. I doubt he would have done any better with the LBs this year due to playing several new LBs.

    1. Penix threw well during the PSU game. No doubt. But Ramsey also threw well against PSU and engineered the scores. No doubt.

    2. v13- How many minutes out of the entire season was Penix in a game? You’re going on a very small sample set…I think he came in for 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter ..and 9 minutes of the start of 4th against FIU. Two other outings with with the most minutes likely against PSU.

      I don’t think he would have made it through an entire season against the entirety of the BigTen. We’ll know more once he gets some meat on his bones(hopefully).

      His limited minutes were not necessarily the result of faulty decisions based on a wrong choice for who can open up the offense. The limited minutes were based on protecting a young kid whose body was simply not ready for constant BigTen level hits.
      Penn State was a desperation situation….and Allen finally caving to no other options than to risk Penix’s ability to not get crushed. Keep in mind that he is 6-3 tall. The 205 lbs is exaggerated weight. My guess is that he’s not celery stick more than 180 lbs.

    1. T,
      You just summed up the problem this season in a single sentence. Needed the O to carry an inexperience D, and it didn’t happen because of the reason you just gave.

      PS That’s the Cliff Note version for you 123

    2. Agree…but without more weight, Zander was as well. He was fortunate to have not sustained a truly dangerous hit. It was terrifying watching him run for his life. It was like watching an 8th-grader running from bulls on a narrow street in Pamplona. Please don’t die….

  16. The general theme of ALL comments come to the following conclusions: Program is at best sideways: Coaching at almost every level is mostly inferior to opposition: Head coach may be over his head: Recruiting is marginally adequate with specific depth needs not being met now or in 2019.
    This scenario does not spell success. IU needs to cut bait and if even over the short term secure the services of a head coach that will win no less than 6 games a year. Cudos to Kansas and North Carolina. At least they realized the severity of the woes and did something drastic, even if its in the short run.

  17. Brad the last thing IUFB needs is to cut bait and start over. The two recruiting classes [the first two classes of this staff as 2017 were left from the Wilson staff], if the current recruits follow through, are very good no matter the rating. Just look at the freshman who played this year to see how good that class is. Yes they were young and made mistakes but their talent is obvious. That leads me to believe the 2019 class will be the same way. The 2019 class isn’t finished and the coaches are working hard on a couple more OL and getting a QB, what other depth issues aren’t being addressed. Coach Allen is very aware of the need for balanced classes but has to recruit based on roster shortcomings. I don’t think coach Allen is in over his head because he learns from each season and is willing to change to improve. He is willing to give up the DC job and I hope he does this year to focus more on being a HC being more in tune with the whole team. Give these players and coaches [most of them anyway] time to develop their team before deciding on a change like successful programs do. The job this staff has done is only different than what coach Wilson did except PU was much worse. He had clock issues, couldn’t score often inside the red zone, had terrible losses with the team going up and down losing games they shouldn’t have IE 3 out of 4 against BSU, beating Missouri and losing the nest week to BGU. We will never forget the Rutgers game or the loss to MN.

    Yes, I want to change OC and get someone that calls a more dynamic offense. The RPO just doesn’t do enough for the offense and Penix showed when he was in that getting the ball upfield helped the offense. Yes, you still throw some short passes but because of the deep threat those short pass go for more yards as receivers have more room to run. Eliminate RPOs and focus on throwing some seam routes that can quickly become TD passes after the catch.

    1. v13- When you say “upfield”….does that mean “downfield” in relation to how everyone else has been describing the need to utilize deeper passes/routes?

      Just another note: Don’t you think our ‘up-tempo’ game was terrible? Even when we went no-huddle, it seemed like it took far too long for Ramsey to get the ball snapped(due to guys moving into new positions, delays/uncertainty in play to call, etc)? Sort of defeats the whole purpose of up-tempo. Isn’t that on the coach? I don’t remember such a glaring issue with going truly up-tempo (fast snaps…bang-bang) when Wilson was running his hurry-up game….

    2. V13: I do not disagree with much of your analysis. The problem is none of these changes were manifested in 2 years, 24 games. The only noticeable changes were a poorer defense and a legion of untimely player penalties. Secondly, you and others keep to referring to Wilson, Johns and others as if this has anything to do with the past 24 games. I never was a fan of Wilson’s work. I’m not into 6’6″ immobile quarterbacks. The most notable thing Wilson accomplished was running Tre Roberson out of here (he just help win the Gray Cup as a DB) and give Jordan Howard a place to play. Restaurants close all of the time for a myriad of reasons; Location, food selection, quality of food preparation, cleanliness, price, poor service etc etc. This team and its leadership have shown that too many things are wrong to believe it will succeed, even by IU lowly standards. Allen’s apparent ineptitude and unwillingess to change on the fly indicate any improvements will not be enough. As for possibly losing verbal commits,…huh! IU might lose some of those highly rated QB’s they have lined up…not. Glass doesn’t need to tweek the menu, he needs to start over.

  18. Report from Louisville news source that Brohm and U of L Athletic Director met in central Indiana, Tues and maybe an announcement Wed.

  19. I think Allen was given his fair shot…For two years he’s been suggesting “breakthrough.” If anything, the program has regressed.

    He completely mismanaged the open competition for qb. He recruited a quality qb 2000 miles away from Bloomington and didn’t give the fans an opportunity to see his game. I don’t care if Ramsey was loved more by teammates or marginally better in practice…How much better? You’ve got to name Dawkins…If Dawkins proves not to be as good as advertised in the opening game, then go to your pedestrian dunk and dink guy to save the day.
    It’s not that complicated. And the 3rd string qb should have just been redshirted from the beginning. His body wasn’t ready.

    Allen is a good guy…but the qb mismanagement show odd loyalty and signs of just being aloof to how you get to “breakthrough.” It is cut bait time. Get a name that will turn a few heads. We, the fans, deserve that opportunity.

    1. Dawkins got his opportunity. But when it was indisputably displayed during the competition he couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a handful of beans he lost traction. It worked out the only way it was going to. It cost IU zero.

      1. Ramsey cost us zero dangerous offense….and his arm strength so severely inadequate that he couldn’t throw a handful of bean across a locker room.

        Keep living the dream with him….You have zero idea what Dawkins would have done in a game. Some guys look like world-beaters in practice and then win you 2 conference games. And if he’s as bad as you say he was, then it was a grotesque error in judgement to deceive him and bring him 2000 miles for nothing.

  20. 4 things learned after each game is a horrible heading after each IU game. Didn’t learn anything that wasn’t already known. That goes for almost every game even from the very beginning of season. All you had to do is to watch offensive plays, special teams, and a young defense. The dink and dunk game just compounded what played out.

  21. Our only hope is if Allen picks “Lose” for his mantra next year. Year 1 was “Breakthrough” and they only broke apart. Year 2 was “Finish” and they routinely lost in the 4th quarter. So maybe if he starts screaming “Lose!” they ‘ll go undefeated.

    1. Maybe he should start quoting movies…instead of Bible passages?

      Go with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’…instead of ‘Galloper of the Galatians’…?

  22. Commenting on new Coordinators, which QBs should start, etc. is like commenting on where the deck chairs should be located on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. IU’s football program was water tight and moving in the right direction two years ago after going to two consecutive bowl games and playing well in both. Now the program is adrift and taking on water on water.

    Forget about replacing Coordinators, who the QB will be and all that other trivia. IU needs new leadership in its athletic department. It needs an A.D. who is committed to transforming the football program into a winner. It needs an A.D. who knows how to identify a good head coach nd who has the courage to recruit him to IU. IU needs an A.D. who knows how to raise the money necessary to attract high quality up and coming coaches who would see the job at IU to be a major step up in their career.

    If IU waits another year or two, there won’t be any need to fire Fred Glass. The football program will once again be the floor mat of the Big Ten and Fred will have created a self-fulfilling prophecy when he states publicly that “there are no experienced head coaches who would even consider taking the IU job.” Fred’s a loser, and 11 consecutive losing seasons in football prove it.

    Check out today’s USA Today’s Sports section. They discuss college football coaches and the importance of A.D.’s hiring the right men for the job. It all starts with the school’s A.D., and unfortunately IU has a really weak one.

  23. Three words will solve alot of problems: Debord must go!
    1) Having an O that can captialize off the takeaways generated by the D alone will win more games. It keeps opposing Ds on the field longer and wears them down. Even field goals instead of nothing keeps the pressure on.
    2) The D will flourish BECAUSE the O won’t squander away addl opportunities mentioned above. The D will stay rested for longer and morale will be higher.
    3) Both of the above will add up to Indiana squeak out a few more wins they wouldn’t otherwise get. Think the losses to Minnesota, Purdue, even Michigan (a bit of a stretch but still). Even two of those wins gets Indiana back bowling again, maybe even a halfway decent one.
    4) All the above will fuel recruiting, and help Indiana get a more sustainable system that isn’t so vulnerable to devasting loses when we lose our stars.

    1. You are right about the difference with a dynamic offense but it still needs a dynamic QB which Ramsey isn’t. Ramsey has a lot of good traits for football but dynamic he isn’t and IU’s offense needs a dynamic QB.

      Complaints by others about the defense taking a step back is ridiculous with losing 8 starters and not having real depth behind most. In 2017 after losing some starters the defense still was very good because there were good back ups to move up.

      1. V13,
        I find it amazing how the obvious answer can be right in front of so many, and yet they want to look at everything else. There is only one question about this season and one alone, because everything else was affected by this one question. IUFB did not have the dynamic QB you mentioned, WHY? The answer to that question addresses all other issues of the season. Who made the decision to go with PR and why was there no other option? Don’t waste our time with any other blather, the QB position had to carry everything and it did not to the level needed.

        As for the constant crying about the level of coaching and the AD. Until you deal with the current IU Trustees and the President of IU, this will never be fixed. Unless the Trustees demand excellence in this area and take action if there is not, nothing will change. With Gonzo and Buckner on the board, I cannot understand why those two are not making more noise in this area. If IU had this kind of failure in other areas of the university, I have to believe the other members of the board would be having fits.

        1. With PR being 1 of the best 5 players(that # includes the P & FGK)on the team there is no doubt way more negatives visual than just QB. The #1 negative sits in the booth above the field every game. There is also no doubt MP has a stronger throwing arm than Peyton. But last pass of the season travelled 50 yd. in the air on target to the WR who caught it for a TD. So yes we all have visuals of the positives and negatives delivered by Ramsey. But what is missing in this hand wringing is the inevitable negative plays a physically talented Frosh QB must mature through.

          1. Can’t agree with you on this one HC, not without knowing who kept Penix off the field until PSU. You can’t have it both ways, I remember your raving about Penix having seen him firsthand at the PSU game. Also remember your criticism wanting to know why he hadn’t been on the field already. Problem is, those who saw the PSU game live or on TV, saw the drastic change in the O when Penix went in. Same OC, different QBs, much different looking offense.

            A lot of people can throw the ball 50 yards, but how much velocity in on the ball? It is all about velocity, and that is all the difference in the world between a D1 and D3 QB arm. Velocity makes a huge difference on the passing attack whether it is a short pass or a deep one. PR is a good and tough kid, but he is not a B1G QB. His dink and dunk style of passing attack can only do one thing, get your receivers hurt, and that was proven conclusively with this season’s injuries.

            No OC is going to risk their receivers unnecessarily in this dink and dunk style of game unless they have no choice. The 1st half of the PSU game proved this beyond a reasonable doubt. When a B1G caliber arm was at QB, the play calling changed radically and that is the season in a nutshell. The big question remains, “Why was the so-called open QB competition, not an open competition?”

          2. I’ve stated here in print MP has a stronger arm than PR. I maybe would agree if Peyton was a DIII talent. Which he is not. Ramsey has thrown enough passes in his college career proving he can throw downfield. You have to have somebody call those plays to the field. The problem is in the booth and the offensive results are the proof.

  24. Side note: 3 star Dual threat QB David Baldwin and two high 3 star OT prospects will be on campus Friday. Dec 7th there will be 13 kids coming in for an official visit (six uncommitted including David Bell). With who has already committed and what’s left on their board, IU has a very real chance of signing their highest rated class ever. The future in Bloomington is bright. #intomallenitrust

  25. I finally agree with some on this blog that the problem starts at the top (the administrations – McRobbie, Board of Trustee and the Athletic Director) …..I feel or believe that this administration is so conservative (STATUS QUO) and afraid of hiring the wrong coaches (football, basketball. etc). What do I mean?? The last thing that this administrations wants is some kind of scandal (sports related) involving Indiana University. I truly feel this is the reason Kevin Wilson was released (potential for some kind of scandal) and Tom Allen was hired. Tom Allen (conservative (scandal free) coach) was the safe hire, give TA 4-5 years to try and establish and turn the Indiana football program around.

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