Another Fitzner chooses Indiana

The Fitzners are making this a family affair.

Indiana announced Thursday that Emily Fitzner, the sister of Indiana basketball forward Evan Fitzner, has signed a National Letter of Intent to play volleyball for the Hoosiers in 2019.

Fitzner is an exceptional athlete in her own right, coming to IU as the first AVCA First Team Under Armour All-American in Indiana volleyball program history. She follows Evan, a graduate transfer from St. Mary’s, to Bloomington.

“It’s a special day for the Indiana Volleyball program,” IU head coach Steve Aird said in a statement. “Emily is a First Team All-American and an elite talent. She comes from a very athletic and hard-working family that values competition at the highest level. She has been trained and coached exceptionally well at her high school and club and has experience with the USA Volleyball pipeline.”

Fitzner plays high school volleyball at Torrey Pines, one of the most successful programs in the San Diego area. Going into the last week of her regular season with Torrey Pines, Fitzner had racked up 841 kills, 159 blocks, 1,263 assists, 404 digs and 133 aces and a .349 hitting percentage.

Fitzner is a member of the USA Women’s Junior A1 National Training Team and a No. 88 Senior Ace on PrepVolleyball.Com.


  1. She should help the VB program which seemed to be – unexciting? – the last few years. At least since Benson’s daughter graduated . And a nice smile, (I’m over 70 so I can safely comment).
    And San Diego to Bloomington. Welcome but maybe some weather shock?

    And speaking of her brother, IU BB has had success with graduate transfers. Seems they fit into the program well, excel at what is asked of them and seem to want to stick around for a year or two. Maybe wish they had started here? Hope the word gets around from these guys. Maybe not so much with football.

  2. There are a lot of highly talented athletes in Southern California who would love to attend IU, if they only got recruited and given a chance to see how beautiful the IU-B campus really is. And unlike so many universities in California, IU-B is a traditional college campus located in a classic college town. Not too many of those in California! And those universities that have great campuses (Stanford, Cal-Berkley, UCLA, USC) are extremely difficult to get in to. Obviously, her brother feels good about his decision to attend IU.

    1. Po-Dunk, how do you know “there are a lot of highly talented athletes in S CA who would love to attend IU”? Our coaches are recruiting every part of the USA. If any kid, male or female, is good and has a real interest in IU, let the coaches know. They will be recruited! Most state universities are hard to “get in to” for regular out of state students. For recruited athletes, not so much.

  3. Speaking of great smiles….I still say we should offer McCracken’s granddaughter a basketball scholarship.

    Welcome Fitzners!

    There are plenty of great athletes in southern California…I watched one get completely outplayed and schooled by Steve Downing at a 1973 Final Four. He was a big redheaded hippy…I think old accounts say he reeked of homegrown grass. Sort of lumbered around on the court and not nearly as naturally smooth as Downing. Can’t recall his name. I also heard he was a great whistler…or did he collect referee whistles? Bill …somebody? Bill Waltzinclodhopper?

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