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Hoosiers hope bye week break does the trick
More freshmen could see field down the stretch
It all goes back to Indiana for Canada
Hoosiers aim to finish down the stretch
4 storylines for IU’s game vs. Maryland


  1. IU playing many young players on defense. So does this mean that by the time these players are juniors and seniors that the defense will give up 5 yards per play average instead of 10 yards per play average against opponents?

  2. On Sunday the soccer team plays for the soccer championship against Michigan. Ready for basketball to kick in. Football is done.

  3. not looking good today…the offensive is going to fast, defense is not getting any rest. Let see if Tom Allen statement about visiting teams settling for field goals losing to the home team.

  4. He may be a really nice guy. I don’t know the man. He isn’t a good fit. Get rid of DeBord

    1. HI,
      Did you not pay any attention at all to the first half of the PSU game??? The DeBord offense changed radically when MP went in. The problem DeBord has had all year long is PR is not a B1G caliber QB. The situation is no different than when Wilson said you can only call what you can block. DeBord can only call what the QB he has to work with can do. The problem is PR has a very limited QB skill set and that severely limits your offense to a dink and dunk passing game which is not much more than a glorified running game.

      I can only conclude you did not see the first half of the PSU game or you wouldn’t fussing about DeBord. Until we know who made the decision to go with PR all year, you can’t blame DeBord. If it comes out it was his decision, then you can’t fault him. Otherwise the blame rests on TA’s shoulders because when MP was at the controls you had all the makings of a very high power offense.

      1. “high power offense”….? IU?
        Com’on, thinkaboutit..Penix was too frail to run this offense against the Murderer’s Row of the East. He needed another year to get his body ready. A couple throws near a downfield receiver doesn’t necessarily make for a high-powered offense.
        Penix is certainly more skilled than Ramsey, but he has a ‘Little League” outfielder physique. Not yet built for 27 degree weather while being assaulted by a Michigan linebacker. Hopefully, he’ll be beefed up for next year.

        1. H4H,
          Not going to let you get away with this one, that was a load a certain kind of ———- and you know it. Penix didn’t get hurt because he was too frail. He got hurt trying to do too much. He had not been properly prepared for such extended play during the season up to that point, Could be DeBord’s fault or maybe TA’s, depends on how many first team reps he was getting in practice and who made that decision.

          1. You’re probably correct…Had he not gotten hurt trying to extend a play, he would have likely gotten hurt in a future game because he was a year behind in physical development. Maybe if he played D-II football….but for the BigTen, he just appeared way underweight.

            I call it as I see it…..My glimpse of him early in the season did not include a quality close still shot(as was provided by a fine HT photographer). My goodness…I never realized he had such little meat on the bones. He was in greater danger than Zander a couple seasons ago. Guys have to be physically ready for this conference….and for what can be brutally cold weather. Haven’t you discussed such weather issues?
            His legs looked like they would snap like icicles. Don’t know if he was in a weight room…but it didn’t work. He’s got to put on some pounds and muscle mass during the off season.

      2. Ate you watching the game?

        I’ve been as critical of PR as anyone but he has been the difference so far for IU.

    2. H4H,
      I apologize for the harshness of that comment, it was over the top even by my standards..

  5. DeBord “Da-Smorgas-Bord”….calling up an entire buffet of plays for Ramsey!

    Touch Down Hoosiers!

  6. Giving credit where credit is due…the reason Indiana is ahead in this game has been the quarterback play.

    Ramsey is playing waaay at better than his Maryland counterpart so far.

    1. Ramsey doing a great job at disguising the play options…He’s Ram-zebra today!

      Touch down #3 Hoosiers!

  7. Da-Smorgas-Bord© is now the property of H4H.

    Touch down #2 for Hoosiers!!!! Da-Smorgas-Bord!

    DJ White….spacing out at the moment. Whatever happened to DJ?

  8. Chet – you are absolutely correct…Ramsey looks a lot better today. Debord is actually play calling a decent game. Now the question is can Indiana “FINISH”

  9. Going downfield helps and Ramsey looks refreshed. Question 1. is why wasn’t IU ready to go down early in season? 2. Will Ramsey play continue and will IU continue going downfield mixed in with rest of offense? Answer: Interception by Maryland.

  10. This game has changed, with the quarterback change. This game is going to rip the heart out of Indiana fans. Defense giving up to many yards on the ground

    1. Maryland was eating up huge chunks of ground when the starting quarterback was in, too. Not sure how much difference it made.

      The defense needs to contain the edge or Maryland will have 450 yards rushing today.

  11. Rocky Lombardi has swagger….Now that’s a qb with enthusiasm. Not a deer in headlights like most IU qbs.

  12. Whatever FG does, he needs to keep this dynamic coaching staff together. Great offensive play calls and only 250 yards given up rushing in the first half. Stay the course.
    Besides the incompency, Allen behaves like a parent at a Little League baseball game. Where’s Les Miles?

    1. LES MILES?????

      If you can’t win big at LSU you can’t coach, period. That’s as bad as hiring DiNardo, how’d that one work out?

  13. Gutsy call by Tom Allen to go for it on 4th and 3….Way to go Peyton Ramsey. The ref’s gave Indiana a touchdown. Great drive to come out of halftime and overcome all the penalties.

  14. Funny how you all loved it when Crean clapped and paraded like a Little League parent….Allen is far more competent in his profession than the Georgia peanut farmer.

  15. Well, IU usually has a substantial big game once every year. This was that game. Congrats. Also offensively speaking HARD HEADED TA stayed with Ramsey and offense. It speaks to his conviction and is a positive for a head coach. However, this season it seemed IU coach and offensive staff is slow in offensive strategy development and design. Plus this includes special teams. IU coaching staff thinks to slow on their feet which rubs off on players. Why wasn’t Peyton Ramsey and offense more effectively executing downfield in passing game early in season that actually began during spring ball. It would have helped running game. Plus a more focused commitment going downfield would have been so much more advanced by this time of season helping running game and whole offense. Another win or two?

  16. The question is does IU offense at this time in game go into a turtle shell or keep things going intelligently?

  17. Sub qbs come in games for opponents and are very effective against IU.
    IU leaves their sub qbs on bench though it is said they have packages for them. Lack of creativity and coach thinking depth.

  18. Our coaching makes Bill Lynch look like a genius. They run the same play 3 times in a row. Left too much clock with inept defense

  19. Indiana was very physical today and got very lucky with Maryland committing a lot of forced turnovers. Kudos to the defense for creating the turnovers.

  20. Ramsey and Terrapin turnovers own this W. PR can throw the long ball consistently. After 22 games DeBord finally found out. What a maroon.

  21. Got to give the team credit, they “hung on” to beat another Big Ten team that had a winning record entering this game. I mean, this Maryland team did beat Texas earlier this year! I guess we can conclude with some satisfaction that we’re not the worst, or even the second worst team in the Big Ten.

    Another sparse crowd in Memorial Stadium. Probably too cold or maybe the sunlight was too intense. Attendance at home games continues to be an embarrassment.

    Obviously, IU did not practice tackling during their week off. But it was nice to see an IU receiver catch a ball that traveled more than 20 yards in the air. Those nice throws must have surprised the heck out of Maryland’s defenders. Glad Ramsey played well, cause he’s all we got. No way RT could have lead IU to victory today.

    1. The tackling was horrific. On their 4th down conversion the running back was hit three yards deep in the backfield. Whiff.

    2. 2017: 6 Home Games: 263,715 paid: 43,953 average.

      2016: 7 Home Games: 301,190 paid: 43,027 average.

      Maybe I’ll do a full breakdown for all Indiana teams one day. One thing for certain is almost all teams are having declines. What is funny about Indiana is we open a new end zone and can’t even fill what we have. What a waste.

  22. fish, we’re all enjoying the win, but we can do that while recognizing that this team has some massive flaws which will prevent it from breaking through and generating six or seven wins this season. IU’s defense displayed terrible tackling today. It was horrendous. That should not be happening this late in the season, especially by a defense coached by T.A.

    Personally, it bothers me that while this IU team has better athletes on defense, they are not performing the fundamentals as well as T.A.’s two previous defenses did. This year’s defense is supposed to have better athletes, but it’s tackling performance is worse. You can forgive such flaws when they happen in the first two games of the season, but not in the 10th game coming after a week of rest and re-focusing. I mean IU got four “take-aways” and still almost lost the game. If a team gets four take-aways in a game, they should win in a blow-out.

  23. That’s the great thing about IU football, kind of pulls all the fans together as they savor Victory…..

  24. Mockingbird, there are two issues regarding IU’s home football game attendance. The first is “paid” attendance. With attendance at 43,000 and change, it’s about 10,000 short of Memorial Stadium’s small capacity. The second issue is the number of people who actually enter the stadium and watch the game. And that number is far less than the number of people who bought tickets. The result of both issues is a significant loss of revenue for IU and really bad optics for people watching on TV. You see all those empty seats and you’d think you were watching two teams from a mid-major conference.

    Even if people are buying tickets, when they don’t go to the game, park in the lot, or enter the stadium, it’s costing IU a lot of money. And it is embarrassing. What’s it going to take to sell out Memorial Stadium and have everyone who bought a ticket enter the stadium?

    1. I believe the only way to fix it is when the stigma of IU Football wears off and we are winning games we’re supposed to win. I’ll also add it will likely take a series of consecutive years and not just a fluke year to gain confidence in fans and draw in new ones.

      It’s a missed opportunity for sure. I’ve always heard programs with successful football and basketball programs have more flexibility of getting the staff they want. (More cash to go around). I don’t know what our bottom line on cash is but apparently it isn’t enough to pull in the cream of the crop.

      We might as well hang onto Allen. Getting rid of him would likely set the program back to Lynch years. Getting a top name is a pipe dream. It’s fun to dream of Nick Saban coming to Indiana (yeah right) and giving it the boost it needs but let’s face it, it’s a graveyard and we all know it.

  25. Can anyone explain Purdue? Look amazing versus OSU and Iowa, but crappy against MSU and Minny.

    1. Football’s a game of energy and emotion. Purdue peaked for Ohio State and then had nothing left for MSU, came back and peaked against Iowa and then had nothing left for Minnesota. IU did the same thing- played well against Ohio State and Penn State only to lay eggs against Iowa and Minnesota. One of the big problems with going for signature wins is it can lead to signature loses the next week.

  26. Mockingbird, no one is suggesting IU can or should try to hire a “top name” football coach. We just need to find a guy who has proven he can build a winner with a team from mid-major conference. I doubt any “top name” coach from any Power-five conference program would ever consider coaching at IU. Their be a “re-tread” out there that wants to coach again, but I would suggest we go back to the plan used to hire Pont, Corso, Mallory or Hep. All had won at mid-major programs and considered the IU job an advance in their career. Seth Latrell would be a good candidate if Glass was willing to pay him at the Big Ten’s average.

    1. I’m not convinced Glass would pony up the money to do so. Allen came cheap and he did after all change the culture of IU defense. He had that going for him at least.

      Perhaps I’ve been left behind but I’ve always thought it’s unfair to judge the coach before the previous regimes players have been replaced. Let him get his all of his talent under his belt. I think much of our sour grapes comes from Fred Glass. I assume Allen does the best he can with the meager budget he’s given.

      I understand your approach finding a coach, but I have a hard time seeing a hotshot up and coming coach ready to cash in his chips to come coach Indiana football. Need some stability and long-term credibility.

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