Highlights from Archie Miller’s radio show

Archie Miller recapped the offseason and looked ahead to this week’s season-opening slate Monday night on his second radio show of the year.

Highlight from Miller’s appearance follow:

— On his reflections from the exhibition against Southern Indiana: “I think early in the game, defense to offense was the best thing we had going on. When our defense was locked in, we had the opportunity to get out in transition. I didn’t think we did a good job at all in the first half offensively. … But second half — it was the tale of two halves. We were much more dialed in offensively, being able to get the ball inside and play inside-out. Transition defense and the ball screen coverages we were in in the second half, we didn’t do a very good job. We didn’t finish the game well. Now that we’re through those two (preseason) opportunities, we know enough about how we’re going to have to play.”

— On Rob Phinisee’s performance in the exhibition: “He was able to not only run the team, but he made some plays for others. He was strong with the ball, which was huge for him. Rob’s goal should be assist-to-turnover ratio. Just keep it simple. He has that type of game where it’s not high-risk, but it’s efficient. … Hopefully we can get some support for him where we have some rest for him.”

— On the injuries that IU has been dealing with for the past week: “We were going strong there for a good three weeks where we were starting to really improve and we had a competitive environment. But slowly buy surely, the injury bug caught up with us. In time, our health is gonna get better with time and rest.”

— On Devonte Green’s status: “We’ll get Devonte back. He’s done a nice job with his rehab on his thigh contusion. He went non-impact yesterday and went full-go today. It’s really important because, as we got into games, we had no ability to sub Robert out or Romeo out. It wasn’t feasible.”

— On IU’s defensive length: “From a defensive perspective, we’re very long, rangy and quick. We have a lot of quickness on the floor. As we get better and better defensively, we should be a tough team to score on. Zach (McRoberts is) long. Romeo’s getting better defensively. We should be a team that works for deflections. Hopefully that helps us be good at transition offense. It’s a team that can be pretty good on defense. Our young guys got to get caught up to speed and, hopefully, we can continue to evolve.”

— On De’Ron Davis’ injury rehabilitation: “De’Ron was probably the best he’s been today, in terms of how he feels. He’s fully cleared and everything’s good. It’s a battle of conditioning. … The more minutes he can grab in a game, the better conditioning he’s going to be in.”

— On IU’s free throw shooting: “We have to be a good free throw shooting team because I think we aspire to get fouled. I think Juwan is a better free throw shooter than he was a year ago. Romeo has a chance to get to the line a ton. Robert is a very good free throw shooter. I think we’re a better free throw shooting team.”

— On Chicago State: “They have a lot of new players and they’re sort of starting over. They played multiple Big Ten teams a year ago. … We could see a lot of changing defenses and a lot of zone.”

— On Montana State: “They’re coming in with a philosophy that is very similar to Oregon. He’s brought that Dana Altman style of play, which we’ll see later in the year in Illinois. It’s a wheel system and … more concerning, they play a matchup zone. As we prepare for Friday, it’s that change of style in two days. How quickly can we get adapted?

— On whether he’ll redshirt anyone: “Part of the problem is our health. If everyone was healthy, we’d have a decent gauge. But because of our health, we don’t have the affordability to do that.”

— On whether he’d like to see the redshirt rule changed in college basketball: “I wish we had football’s rule. I think that’d be awesome for basketball for guys playing limited minutes early in the year (where) you don’t see it working out and you have the ability to redshirt them. But (under the current rule), you can’t play in a regular season game. Anyone who checks in is not eligible (for a redshirt).”

— On Justin Smith’s development: “He’s much stronger and in much better physical condition than he was in a year ago. He’s an older guy. The one thing is he spent a lot of time on his perimeter jump shot and if he’s open, he’s going to be confident to shoot it. … He’s much more aggressive in going to the basket. The other thing is he can put the ball on the floor and pass it.”

— A listener asked how soon Miller watches film after games: “It all depends. You gotta take the temperature. Sometimes you’re angry and you’re not gonna sleep. Sometimes you take a deep breath and you have to wait. We always watch games as a staff the morning after. Road trips are easy. You can always watch them on your way back.”

— A listener asked if Miller played any other sports in high school: “I never played another organized sport. Never. Nothing. Just basketball. Always basketball. I always had the grand idea to go out and play football, but it never happened.”

— On whether Rob Phinisee and Devonte Green will share the floor at times: “Yes, that’s gonna happen. Quite frankly, it’ll happen a lot here early in the year. It’s something where you can have two good ball handlers. Sometimes, with Devonte playing off the ball, he can look for his shot a little more. But no question those two will play together.”

— Miller said he wants his players to drive to pass as much as he wants them to drive to score.

— A listener asked which players host visiting recruits: “Sometimes a veteran player is the answer because they know what’s going on and they can communicate it. But from our standpoint, a lot of these guys know each other. … We’ve used our freshmen a ton this year in terms of entertaining kids and whatnot because I feel like they have a feel for the regional guys they’ve played against. But it all depends on that kid and their family and what we have going on.”

— Who is IU’s best free throw shooter so far? “If I had to put my money on practice, I’d say Evan Fitzner is probably our best free throw shooter by percentage in practice.”