Highlights from Tom Allen’s radio show

After a bye-week hiatus, the Inside IU Football radio show returned to the airwaves Wednesday night, with Tom Allen recapping the past few weeks and looking ahead to the final three-game stretch.

Highlights from Allen’s appearance follow:

— On how his players took advantage of the bye week: “I think they were in need of some time off. We practiced three days last week, then gave them Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. Encouraged them to get away or go with families of guys that live closer. A lot of them were able to do that. I think we came back refreshed Sunday night.”

— On the team’s response in practice this week: “You kind of judge it on Monday. The Monday morning workout is a big one in how they attack the weight room. To watch them in there and talk to Coach (David) Ballou and get his thoughts, I’m really encouraged with how they attacked it. The guys just looked refreshed.”

— On the Minnesota game: “It seems like it’s been forever ago since we played. Basically, you had a first half where we kicked three field goals and they scored three touchdowns. That was the difference. Wasn’t at all pleased with how we played. It was situational parts that didn’t play well and kind of got exposed. We found ourselves in position where we challenged our guys and, down 22, our guys came roaring back. … They didn’t give up. They kept on fighting. That’s a great thing. Then you get to the end and it’s a whole new ballgame and you got to be able to finish.”

— When reviewing the plays that led to IU’s three first-half field goals, Allen said, in hindsight, IU shouldn’t have settled for the second field goal. “It was fourth-and-four. At the same time, you don’t try to second-guess, you just try to re-evaluate. … But you gotta convert. You don’t win road games by kicking field goals.”

— On Mike Hart being nominated for the Broyles Award: “Mike’s done a tremendous job when you look at our running back room and the adversity they faced this year losing our top two running backs for two different reasons to start the season. To have Stevie Scott come here as a true freshman that Mike Hart recruited, and to come to Indiana and have the season he’s had under Mike Hart’s leadership is pretty impressive. … Really proud of him and the job he’s done and the job he continues to do.”

— On Logan Justus’ addition to the Groza Award watch list: “That’s an awesome thing (to have) a guy like that, that came here as a walk-on and persevered and stayed the course and continued to improve. He’s gotten a little bit better each year. We had the competition this year and it could’ve gone either way. … He won that competition and has continued to do a great job. Really proud of him and his ability to stay the course and see it through.”

— On Luke Timian being nominated for the Burlsworth Trophy: “He’s one of my all-time favorites because of the spirit he has, the work ethic he has. … He earned a scholarship and he’s not a guy that has a small role. He has a major role. Even better person. First-class person.”

— On Maryland and the turmoil it has faced in recent months: “Your heart breaks for the family of the young man that was lost. It’s a tragedy. … I have a lot of respect for their coaching staff to keep things together. Coach (Matt) Canada is a guy that I know. When he was here as coach, I was a high school coach at Ben Davis and we spent a lot of time together. He recruited a lot of our guys and got to know him through that process.”

— On his points of emphasis this week: “You have a system that you do and that you have committed to. It’s no different from that perspective. They run the ball extremely well and we have to stop the run. They’re extremely multiple in regard to movement shifts, formations and the kind of offense you’re used to seeing. … For us, it’s about creating explosive plays on offense, getting the ball downfield and being aggressive in that regard.”

— A listener asked whether IU’s players from the south think it’s cold: “Not really. It’s not really been that cold yet, from my perspective. Some of them think it’s colder, but I don’t think so. Like I tell them, if you just dress appropriately it’s really not that big a deal.”

— A listener asked if the bye week was relaxing: “I wouldn’t use that word. You get more rest. You try not to be at the office as late. But relaxing? No. Not a word I would use.”

— A listener asked if Allen liked the timing of the bye: “I’d have liked to see it sooner. We were the only team in the Big Ten that went that long. I think it’d be more ideal to have it in the middle of the season.”

— A listener asked Allen which player or group has matured the most: “I would have to say, as a complete group, I like how our receivers have come together. It’s a group that we had expectations for, but as we went through and developed, they did a good job of making plays. We’ve had some guys injured and in and out.”

— A listener asked what he sees in Maryland’s offense: “Jet motion. Their receivers and running backs go in motion across the formation. They’ll go to one side, then back across. … They run the ball a lot and do play-action passes off that running.”

— A listener asked if Allen will add plays for Reese Taylor at quarterback: “Step No. 1 was to be able to get a good grasp of the offense. That’s been the emphasis because he played that position in a very small way in the beginning of the year. It’s to make sure he’s ready if called upon. … That’s been the first goal. You try to fit things that match his skill set so he can be very effective.”


  1. I think someone should call in and ask Tom: What is your favorite color or do you listen to Air Supply on the way home after a tough loss. Those are the questions that need to be answered.

  2. Someone should have asked him, “Coach Allen, are you aware that a growing number of Hoosier fans are becoming more and more critical of almost every aspect of your team’s performance and believe the program is going in the wrong direction?” Perhaps Hoosiers are just too polite to ask such honest questions.

  3. Are tough questions allowed? It has become about fall colors, raking leaves, chill in the air, shorter days and anything else irrelevant.

    1. Radio shows are largely the remnants of days gone by. Questions are cherry-picked from social media except for the occasional loyalist in attendance lobbing softballs, but it does give the coach a chance to update injuries and occasionally both coach and player get a chance to display some personality away from the court, so there’s that.

  4. Guess I’m kind of lucky, football is just something to watch until basketball starts, HT Guys, does the IU women’s coach do some kind of weekly update similar to Coach Allen and Miller ?

  5. Like the tough questions that used to get posed to RMK on his show?

    That was some biting journalism.

    1. He is both hopeful and confident, and with his second season fast approaching, Allen, a devoutly religious man, points to a passage from Galatians 6:9 as a guiding light.

      “We can do it here if we stay the course and stay true to who we are,” he said. “‘Don’t get weary in doing what is right.’ It’s a biblical principle. ‘If you do not quit, you will reap a harvest.’ I believe in that. It’s my job to keep that vision alive.”(courtesy: Hoosier Sports Report)

      Yeah, I’m gonna sling arrows at that guy? Galatians 6:9? Wish we had more highly galactic multiple star-rated 6-9 tight ends with guided light feet to keep Ramsey’s limited downfield vision alive…..

  6. Three banners does offer a bit of cover….and ‘kiss-ass’.

    We all know why Crean got cover(and it might be the same reason with Allen). Who wants to be hit over the head with the ‘Good Book’…? You simply can’t offer anything “tough” to the ‘Good Christian’ Club.

    Knight had nothing other than his arrogance backed by success. He didn’t need other cheap shields(Joyce and faith quotes…”God helps us at halftime,” etc) or other “wreckers”/villains of Indiana to target.

    Bullying is so much easier when you cozy yourself up to purity. Was Knight a tyrant for perfection? Probably. Did he have temper control issues? Duh. Did he shield himself with purity? I’ll always love him for the comfortable tyrant he honestly held true. Most his former players considered him to be pretty guiding in principles that helped build their own successes.

  7. He was indeed…..And he put a tucked away Hippy Valley (not to be confused with ‘Happy Valley’) on the world stage of basketball. Not a bad sitcom.

    Journalists are not scared of Allen…And they certainly weren’t afraid of Crean. It’s the aura of purity they refuse to invade.
    Bob Knight? Yes, most were afraid of Bob Knight. Journalists were not “tough” because they were fearful of a superior basketball mind(as it should be coming from a legit coach) and a superior wit. One would lose their control of the “gotcha moment” when holding the mic to The General.
    Because he did not care to exude purity, he was judged solely on basketball and the rawness of his personality. Those in the Establishment wanted nothing more than to bring him down, emphasize the lack of eloquence and etiquette, when longer droughts between Final Fours were a featured and obsessed anomaly.

  8. When this season wraps up at 4-8 Allen will be well served to read: “thou I walk thru the valley of death I will fear no evil” ( or getting canned).

    There is only ONE statistical category that truly indicates both coaching ineptitude and poor player effort; Kickoff return coverage. IU is 125th.

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