Hoosiers taking quick break for Thanksgiving

Tom Allen has coached places where the entire football program sits down together for a big Thanksgiving meal.

That’s not his plan at Indiana.

Allen prefers more personal Thanksgiving plans for his players and staffers at IU. So from Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon, Allen sends his Hoosiers home. Players that live within a 2 1/2-hour radius are permitted to go home for a Thanksgiving meal, while those who live a bit farther away accompany teammates that live within that circle. Others go home with IU coaches.

“Every single person on our team is in someone else’s home tomorrow for Thanksgiving meal,” Allen said on his weekly radio show Wednesday. “I think that’s a big deal. You talk about being family, but that’s something that we put a lot of work into. We coordinate everybody’s schedules and get everybody squared away. It’s just a neat time.”

While reworking the schedule to accommodate Thanksgiving plans, Allen said his team won’t miss preparation time. Allen rescheduled position meetings from Wednesday night to Thursday night, after players and coaches return to campus around 5 p.m.

In the meantime, there’s a holiday to celebrate.

Allen said he and his wife, Tracy, will bring in four players, in addition to their son, Thomas, a redshirt freshman linebacker.

“I just show up and eat,” Allen said. “My wife does an amazing job.”

Linebackers coach Kane Wommack and his family are hosting at least eight players, Allen said.

“We started working on this a week and a half ago to where we had it finalized a week ago, to where we knew exactly where every single player is going to be, that they all have a home-cooked meal to be there and to get that family feel that we want,” Allen said.

“I’ve been places where you bring the whole group together and have a meal with the whole group on Thanksgiving Day, but I think it’s more personal when you get them in homes.”


      1. Yeah…about that.

        The kids are all over and we were all together a couple times in the last month with one wedding and the first grandchild.

        So, a dear friend invited us to spend a stress filled holiday with their family back in Colorado. We said we would love to but we were going to be out of town.

        So…we went out of town. To Santa Fe.

        Santa Fe is as beautiful a city as there is. We had a wonderful dinner served to us.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all Hoosier fans, players and coaches. We are blessed to be able to follow our teams this year.

    1. Back atcha.

      Let’s face it. Going into the last game of the season with bowl eligibility on on the line is better than what we grew up with.

  2. Nobody can say Coach Allen doesn’t run a class show. I believe IUFB in general has done something along these lines for many years. Little things get noticed with respect. W or L I’m remain all in.

  3. One thing for IU football to be thankful for is that T.A. will always honestly (try) to run program in good faith. May not sound like much but it is. Not every; university/college/coach can honestly say that.

  4. Hoosier Clarion. Have you been smoking something in Sante Fe. Go back to the Indian Resevation and keep gambling

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