IU bests Wake Forest in ACC/Big Ten Challenge, 87-73

Ali Patberg and Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers to an 87-73 win over Wake Forest in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Wednesday.

Patberg, the junior, set a new career high with 30 points, while the sophomore Penn tied a career best with 25 points.

It was a high-scoring affair, especially in the first half. The Hoosiers (6-0) got out to a 33-28 lead in the first quarter, hitting 76 percent of their shots. At half, IU led 50-43.

For the night, IU hit 50 percent of its shots, while the Demon Deacons (3-4) connected on 45 percent of their attempts. Wake Forest just stubbed itself in the toe with 24 turnovers, 11 more errors than the Hoosiers.

IU took advantage of those mistakes, coming away with a 23-5 advantage in points off turnovers. The Hoosiers also outscored Wake Forest in the paint, 40-18. 

Elissa Penna led the Demon Deacons with 22 points. Gina Conti finished with 18 points, while Ivana Raca added 17.

Patberg was not only 8-of-11 from the floor, including a perfect 3-of-3 from beyond the arc. The Notre Dame transfer also hit on 11-of-11 from the free throw line, topping her previous career best of 20 points logged against North Florida. Prior to this season, her first for the Hoosiers, Patberg’s best scoring mark was six points.

Penn was efficient in her 28 minutes played, connecting on 11-of-19 shots. The 5-foot-10 guard scored 25 points last year in the WNIT opener against UT-Martin.

The Hoosiers outscored the Demon Deacons, 20-13, in the third quarter to take a 70-56 lead into the final 10 minutes. A 3-pointer by Conti cut the IU advantage to 74-63 with 6:20 remaining, but Penn answered with a 3-pointer. Wake Forest hit two free throws, and a Penn layup and a Patberg three-point play pushed the Hoosier lead back to 83-65 with 1:46 left in the game.


  1. We played a pretty decent game although we were not very good defensively again in the first half. We gave up 43 points in the first half as Wake Forest shot 60% from the floor. In the second half Wake shot 9 for 28 from the floor for 32%. Why IU has so much trouble defensively in first halves is a bit disturbing? This needs to be rectified as the season moves on if we are to remain successful. We shot 52 % for the game which is really good and have been around 50% or over the last 4 games. Again our balance was the key for the game even though Ali and Jaelynn were exceptional with Ali having a career high and Jaeylnn tying a career high. Bendu really struggled going 2 for 12 from the floor. we were outrebounded for the second time this year; 35-29. All in all, it was a nice win on the road. Now, on to UCLA for our strongest test of the young season. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Even when we are not playing good defense in the first half like tonight, Yeaney usually slows down the other team’s best player tonight that did not happen. Penna seemed too big and too hot for Bendu to handle. So it was a good thing that Patberg and Penn were both hot or we might have lost this game. It was so good for Penn to find her shot tonight as she had been struggling and was frustrated with her game because of it. I may not be able to watch UCLA game as it seems ATT UVERSE wont be handling the pac12 channels as of Dec 2. I may be listening to Gregg Murray for that one.

  3. Any win on the road is a good win. Bendu had an off game and we won. Marchese , Berger & Warthen combined to go 1 for 8 from the line ( some of those free throws were Ugly) and we won. We missed wide open fast break lay ups, assorted bunnies and left a lot of points on the table and won. We were out rebounded and won. I have stated before that this team has the potential to be very successful and compete for the conference title. They are talented, athletic, well coached, and have shown grit but they need to excel at the basic fundamentals of the game and play savvy basketball to move on to the next level.

  4. A big CONGRATS to Ali Patberg for a nearly perfect game. 8-11 FGP. 3-3 FROM 3 PT RANGE. 11-11 FROM THE FREE THROW LINE. 30 PTS. I bet she had to stick that right arm in ice-water after the game to cool it down.

  5. Dont be fooled by UCLA’s 3-4 record. Three of those 4 losses were to teams who are ranked or have ranking pts. They lost to 25th ranked Ky. by 1 point , also lost to South Florida and N. Carolina. They obviously have played a much tougher schedule than IU and are undefeated at Pauley Pavilion.

  6. What I saw

    Decons .. players looked like a P5 team.. not all that good but decent .

    # 1 .. She went out and played hard took too many outside shots wasn’t her best game ..but , kid is a producer and will produce.

    # 2 .. More minutes would of been cool.

    # 10 .. Bit intimidated down low but kid is so athletic. Body is really a stretch 4..
    Came out of nowhere leap out of the building for a bound over a Decon.
    Kid has a nice touch shooting.

    # 11.. Played hard and made some plays down low .. MikeC ( his comment on # 11 ) could be right this game.
    Nice double pump for a bucket. Going to get her pts and bounds ( her avg )

    # 12.. Kid has zero fear of anyone.. played tough hard nosed .. nasty blue collar hoop .. might not be a stat stuffer
    but she has the will not letting her player score or bound. Has a nice slip to get open backside. Playing with
    sprained wheel. ( every b10 team .. needs one kid like this )

    # 13.. Made noise and let this team to victory .. her shot was on and produced big time.. # 13 is going to be a pro. nothing bothers her on the floor. just smooth..

    # 14 .. Man this kid just keeps doing her thing at a high level . This team so far fits her personality and hoop personality to the T.
    She’s a cagy player that is always hustling to make things happen for her team not necessary for her. ( she is the general )

    # 34 . Ok .. this kid is going to get her points no matter what.. she has it in her mind she is going to score every time she touches the ball.
    and she does.. so far

    # 50.. Has the will never to be outworked of out played . Just a soft accurate shot from the outside. Again crazy high hoop IQ. does not make
    a lot of mental errors.. 50 & 14 .. heart of this team .. so far. Has came out just about every game to set the tempo with her outside shot ( scoring )

    IU .. better coached .. better players .. they all gel really well together and play well together no matter the lineup they have.. they all have the will not to loose ( so far )

    I always try to roll with Positives .. I’ll let the other guys roll with the breakdown.. all in all .. we kicked their ass..

  7. Wow…Have wanted UCLA on the men’s schedule for years. Good on Moren for actually doing some unique and challenging scheduling.

  8. Fan you are spot on as usual. UCLA has good length and is athletic. They are also trying to find their identity as a team as most are this early in the season. Our ladies have won 12 in a row and 21 of their last 23 games dating back to last season and this game will be a good test. There are a lot of distractions in LA.

  9. As T.Moren stated before first game or not to long afterwards IU ladies will be able to score. Athletic skill players are at higher level for team over all. Just a team that really likes to play. However, how good are they against more of a lockdown defense and can IU ladies play more of a mentally tough lockdown defense themselves? Right now IU ladies are feeling pretty good loosely. As competition increases so must IU ladies focus; defense, taking care of ball, ft shooting and rebounding. I suppose most teams could say this. So far IU ladies have that Indiana mindset of will to win as a team. It is nice to see 3 (a stable) of centers that have their own game. High potential level.

  10. IU is and will be a hard team to defend going forward, there is great balance. Moren said early on she wouldnt be surprised to have a different person high score every game, could happen. No doubt now UCLA will try their best to hold Ali down which should free the road for other players. Moren also commented more than once about Warthen’s improvement but she is not backing up her words as Key is hardly getting on the floor,, so is she or is she not improved.

  11. Warthen’s minutes have reverted back to last years. If things dont change for her next years incoming class will make it even tougher for Key , decisions may have to be made by the end of season.

    1. I completely agree. I feel like Warthen can give us a great energy off of the bench and would allow us to rest our other guards a little more than we currently are. Right now Patberg is averaging 34 minutes per game and Yeaney is averaging just over 30. Give Warthen a chance to spell them at times and give her more than just a few possessions here or there each game.

  12. One early trend that has me a little worried is the letdown our ladies seem to show in the 2nd period.
    If you look at the scoring breakdowns for each period, we have scored 25 fewer points in the 2nd period than any of the other periods. The breakdown (so far) goes 129, 94, 119, 121.
    And that scoring dip in the second corresponds to a surge in scoring by our opponents. By the period, our opponents are scoring 88, 92, 83, 97.
    We are outscoring our opponents by 20 to 30 points in every period, except for in the 2nd.
    We are letting some teams get back into the game and this could definitely come back to bite us later in the season.
    Now the last couple of games have shown some improvement in this area, but hopefully we will see our scoring differentials even out between the periods.

  13. UCLA is 3-0 at home this season and has won 49 of the last 52 games at Pauley Pavilion, creating a winning percentage of .942.
    A great challenge lies ahead . Embrace it and make a statement ladies.

  14. Yes as I previously mentioned UCLA is undefeated at Pauley Pavilion and even though they are not ranked, dont even currently have any ranking points, this could be a statement win on the road in storied Pauley. This will be the most important game of IU’s young BBall season. No one is looking at IU but a win could open some eyes. Go Hoosiers!

  15. Some of you may remember when IU recruited or tried to recruit Lindsey Corsaro out of roncalli high school. She ended up going to UCLA and she is still there. She has injury and medical problems to where she now has been awarded a medical waiver which gives her a second “R fresman” year in a row. Never heard of that before. She also had an ACL tear in her junior year at roncalli. Corsaro was runner up miss indiana basketball and a macdonald all american.

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