IUWBB: Hoosiers lock in 2019 recruiting class

On Tuesday, Bedford North Lawrence’s Jorie Allen spent her night surrounded by two or three defenders at a time.

Par for the course for a 6-foot-1 star at the high school level.

“She’s used to that, two or three defenders,” her father and coach, Jeff Allen, said after a win at Bloomington South. “I think she’ll really enjoy when she gets to IU and maybe only has to get guarded by one person. I told her to just wait.”

A day after producing 26 points and 15 rebounds in Bloomington, Allen and the rest of the Class of 2019 got a little closer to their college basketball dreams. The BNL forward signed her letter of intent with Indiana on Wednesday, along with Warren Central’s Shaila Beeler and out-of-state prospects Mackenzie Holmes (Gorham, Maine) and Arielle Wisne (Thornton, Colo.).

The class remains at four, as previously reported, and it brings in two highly touted in-state prospects. Beeler, a point guard, led the Warriors to a state title in 2018. She is ranked as the No. 22 player in the country by Prospects Nation. Her AAU teammate, Allen, is the site’s No. 72 prospect.

The Hoosiers went for some out-of-state size. Holmes, a 6-2 post, was somewhat of a late-riser for recruiting analysts. While she is unranked by Prospects Nation, ESPN has Holmes as the No. 53 recruit in the country, just behind Allen. Conversely, Beeler is not in ESPN’s top 100.

Whether the pair is Allen-Beeler or Allen-Holmes, the Hoosiers are nabbing at least two blue-chip recruits, according to recruiting experts, and the 6-5 Wisne adds more of a project. When she committed in January, Wisne said it was likely she would redshirt her freshman season. Wisne averaged 4.5 points, 6.4 rebounds and 2.6 blocks per game as a junior at Horizon High School.

All-Star Girls Report has IU’s haul as the No. 18 class in the country, including Beeler (No. 33) and Allen (No. 77) as top 100 recruits. Holmes (No. 132) and Wisne (No. 287) round things out.

In her fifth season as coach, IU’s Teri Moren is starting to accumulate some highly rated talent. In this year’s freshman class, Grace Berger’s final ranking from Prospects Nation was No. 72.  Current sophomore Jaelynn Penn was No. 48 in the 2017 class. Redshirt junior Ali Patberg, the 2015 winner of Indiana’s Miss Basketball, was the No. 17 player in the nation when she graduated from Columbus North.


  1. This is an exceptional class that Moren has signed! I really think that the Holmes girl is the real prize in this class. Her very physical inside play will be something really needed by IU. She will be a real difference maker for the Hoosiers! Allen will also be instrumental in next year’s team. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. I won’t blast her for her recruiting, but I’ll gladly blast her for kissing up to Tom Crean….Silly.

    “Poor, Tom Crean. Soooooooo unjustly treated…while pocketing 30 million over 9 very looooooooooonnnnnnnnng years. How terrible…So sad. Such an unreasonable fan base. Such a good man. Such bad basketball…but such a decent holy man(whimper whimper sniffle sniffle).”

    1. Harv if you keep digging up memories of the previous men’s coach it’s going to drive me back into therapy. It’s time to flush those bad memories from our minds , climb aboard the present and put your shades on.

    1. Hasn’t happened yet. A certain person with fan in their name has always seemed to be able to find something to complain about.

        1. Yep. Watched both her and her sister play throughout their high school years. Both are really good kids, good students.

  3. bvance, we all know who you are talking about and it is amazing how he becomes strangely quite when articles like this are posted? He didn’t have much to say last year when we won the WNIT although I think he hinted it shouldn’t count because they were all home games if my memory serves correct and that our AD bought us the championship, he just can’t help himself??

  4. Mike c is correct , at least I agree with his assessment of Holmes. Her improvement has been incredible. Even her coaches have remarked about her outlet pass being incredible, a beast on the inside. I think she is underrated at 53 and most likely will move up before her senior year is over. J. Allen is also the real deal every time Ive seen her play always requires a double team , one on one forget it.

    1. The ESPN write-up on Holmes says they expect the same – that her ranking will definitely improve.

      And as someone who has the opportunity to watch Jorie Allen at every home game – we are getting someone who can score and push through tough match-ups. She is definitely a different type of player than her sister, Jenna, who plays at Michigan State.

  5. Always, a supporter T.Moren. At the very least in category of one of best hires IU has made. Listening to her talk, drawing up a play for Danielle Williams against Minny instead of going outside or for bad shot that IU ladies failed to execute that gave IU ladies a chance to win early on that IU lost, getting players to maximize potential, the focus on what she wants program to be, and then there is the recruiting…I understood and understand the significance of T. Moren in IU ladies basketball program.

  6. Strange rating system. Beeler ranked #22 by one service yet not in the top-100 by ESPN? Goes to show you can’t gauge a player by ranking.

    Martinsville had one of the girls picking up a scholarship at 5’1. Watched one of her games last year, reminds me of a water bug, here, there and everywhere.

    Good job Coach Moren.

  7. Good point…..
    It just sorta looked like she disregards a fan base knowing the difference between well-coached basketball and the culmination of nine seasons ending with cue card instructions.
    I was in tears when I saw the cue cards….and zilch in the way of Indiana recruits in the pipeline.
    Just seems oblivious to sell what happened to Crean as unjust….Sounds Establishment.

  8. T.M. Trying to be ladily correct as part of establishment as she will with A.M. of sometimes ladies (men to) like a goofy Crean.

  9. My God Harvard, it is quite obvious you know very little about our girls program but, you just can’t help yourself when you have to interject Crean criticism into the conversation. Not that I am defending Crean but, this is supposed to be a women’s basketball conversation…..please?????

      1. Any video making tech whizzes around here…?
        I would love it if somebody could sync the dialogue from the Star Trek ‘Bones’ clip above to a full ensemble of Dr. J highlights (Julius Erving for those too young to know).
        If someone could do that for me and put it on YouTube, I would promise to never return to a women’s basketball thread.

    1. You used “girls program” and “women’s basketball” in the same paragraph. I’d stick with women’s basketball or women’s program. It would be just as strange to hear someone say “boys program” for our men’s team.

  10. Good grief Harvard, if you don’t have anything to add to the women’s team conversation…….three in a row and no added basketball conversation to help us with….?

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