IUWBB: Indiana beats Northern Illinois, 91-73

Indiana took three-of-three on its homestand with a 91-73 win over Northern Illinois on Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Sophomore Bendu Yeaney led the way with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Ali Patberg, the junior, had 19 points with seven rebounds and five assists. Brenna Wise added 18 points.

IU was able to establish a 9-0 lead in the first quarter, spurred by five points from Yeaney. The sophomore guard went on to score 15 points in the first half.

But the Huskies were able to close the distance with their 3-point shot, down just 18-17 heading into the second quarter.

That was a theme in the first half, as NIU hit 7-of-14 from beyond the arc in the first two quarters. Gabby Nikitinaite helped fuel a 9-0 run at the end of the second quarter, hitting a 3-pointer with 44 seconds left in the first half. Myia Starks was then able to get to the free throw line with five seconds left to give NIU a lead.

IU was efficient offensively, as well. The Hoosiers were 15-of-30 from the floor. But their own turnovers — 10 of them in the first half — gave the Huskies additional chances. NIU also gained additional chances with seven first-half offensive rebounds.

But the Hoosiers limited each of those negative categories in the third quarter. They had two turnovers, allowed no offensive rebounds, and the Huskies were 1-of-3 from beyond the arc. With continued good shooting, the Hoosiers outscored NIU 29-14 in the third period, including a 15-3 run in the final 5:18.

That run continued into the fourth quarter, as the Hoosiers went out to a 76-56 lead with 8:33 remaining in the game.


  1. My first women’s game this year. IU team is an impressive group. As Jon noted, the first half was close with constant whistles, lot of travel calls. Midway through the 3rd quarter IU Ladies started pulling away. Seemed to be a pretty good crowd. Hey, parking is much easier and some lady handed me a ticket as I walked in. Really enjoyed it and those Lady Hoosiers are working hard.

  2. As coach Moren stated in her post-game press conference the difference in the second half was IU’s defensive pressure to shut down Northern Illinois 3 point shooting. After hitting 7 for 14 in the first half, they only hit 3 for 9 in the second half, a marked improvement defensively! Our offense was strong all day shooting 50% for the second game in a row. Our shooting percentage has really picked up the last 3 games, in our first 2 games I was wondering if we were going to be a poor shooting team but, in the last 3 games we have shot; 49%, 50% and 50% from the floor. Great balance again with 5 players in double figures and one other player 1 point shy of double figure scoring. Bendu Yeany again showed her defensive presence by holding Illinois’s leading scorer Courtney Woods to 2 for 12 shooting and 10 points. Not bad when you consider she is averaging 20 points a game. IU outscored Illinois 50 to 31 in the second half. We did another terrific job on the boards outrebounding them 52-29. We have only been outrebounded once this year in the first game and that was only 42-37. So, with a team that doesn’t have great size we are doing a good job there.
    We had another good crowd today of 3,415. It will be interesting to see how we handle the next 2 games as we go on the road to Wake Forest and UCLA? Go Hoosiers!!

  3. IU beating Wake + UCLA on road should put IU ladies in top 25. That would be a momentum builder. Or will momentum be denied?

  4. Another strong game by freshman Aleksa Gulbe with 12 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks in only 18 minutes. The next 2 games will be a good test for the continued growth of this team. Really looking forward to UCLA at Pauley .

  5. Nice win, but this team is still not getting their defensive hats on soon enough in the game. As for Aleksa Gulbe no matter how many minutes she gets I always want to see more of her.

  6. scwartzie and Steve W, I mentioned before the season that I thought Gulbe was going to be really good for us. And everything I have seen so far proves that she is going to be an impact player for us. Steve W, I agree that we definitely need to see more of her on the floor! Marchese and Royster but, Gulbe appears to have great timing inside defensively. She is getting around 2 blocks a game. I love her offensive game, nice pull up shooter in the lane and certainly can stretch the floor out to the 3 point line. It looks like she is getting more comfortable with the team. Go Hoosiers!!

    1. They also are not shooters and are limited to scoring at the low block. Gulbe can also handle the ball very well for a big and yesterday IU was a better team with her on the floor.

  7. Mike c. Yes its good to see Gulbe fit in and feel like she is a true working part of this team which she is. She is an inside outside threat which Marchese and Royster will never be. To be truthful Gulbe maybe should start with Royster off the bench, but that wont happen as she has paid her dues. Still it is great fun watching this team develop and become even more of a team with each successive game. We need to pull off some road wins,, Go Hoosiers!

  8. For anyone interested in watching the UCLA game this Sunday on the Pac12 network. The streaming TV service fubo has the Pac12 network as part of their basic package. You can sign up for a 7 day free trial at http://www.fubo.tv

  9. Who wins a national championship, make it to the final 4 first? IU men vs IU women?
    UConn ladies looks like a decent small college men’s team.

  10. For anyone wanting to watch the UCLA game on sunday heres another option pac-12.com. I went there and tested it out tonight on a live game, no signup or anything just watch, it is a live stream so no delay or on demand that I could see.

    We havent yet seen a team put on a full court or 3/4 press against us at least not a good one , it will be interesting to see how our girls handle that when it comes.

  11. Milwaukee 2-4
    Oakland 2-4
    N.FL 2-2
    FL 0-5
    N.IL 2-2

    We have not beat a team with a winning record . We don’t know what we have till B10

    Wake 3-3 Lost , VCU , XAVIER , East Carolina.

    I am not sold yet , I do know how each one of our players on last yrs team plays against B10 ..competition..

  12. As I said before Wake Forrest can be watched on espnwatch for free. espn.com/watch , schedule & replays, all sports, ncaa women basketball,, upcoming,, dec. 28. scroll to the game

  13. I can assure you I am not hoosier fan.

    Mike C and couple of others know that ..

    Been posting for years…

    I just stated the truth we have not played a winning team yet .

    You can take that anyway you want ..

    B10 ball is a whole different animal ..

    I dig the way this team looks but one has to be honest at this time we have played weak competition ..

  14. Fan,, mostly what you say is true , although Northern Illinois had a 2-1 record before they faced us. But thats not what I wish to discuss. Currently Minn. is ranked 20th,, why. have beaten only one winning team,,, New Hamp. 1-5 Xavier -4-1 San Diego-2-3 Ark Pine Bluff 0-3 Cornell 2-3 Xavier is not ranked nor do they have points. So is it because Lindsey Whalen is now their coach, sorry I am not convinced of their quick lofty ranking.

  15. I will say this ..

    # 1… Solid proven and proven in the B10. Can do so many things athletically.Knows attacking the rim for layups .. her bread / butter. Defense has been solid

    # 2 … Man, like to see her get more minutes to show what she has ..

    # 10 .. Brings a solid new dimension to this team . I dig her all around game.

    # 11.. Proven and proven in the B10 .. will have great games and then tail off a bit in others. Going to need her in the B10

    # 12 . Proven and proven in the B10 with just a nasty toughness to her game on a consistent bases .. scoring has improved. Does not make many mental mistakes. Most definitely needed in the B10

    # 13 .. Crazy proven and has not unleashed her best games but , its on the verge of busting out

    # 14 .. Demonstrated so far why she can be a true leader of this team and her high caliber play. Very good floor general so far.

    # 34.. I dig her game , its not lighting fast but , she has a scorer mentality . Will attack the rim to get her buckets with a decent outside shot.

    # 50 .. Her outside shooting has been on target , very smooth one hand shot , always attacking the rim trying to get bounds and putbacks . Wants to be the leader , Very high hoop IQ..
    just like 14..

    1. One of the things that I am seeing that I like is the connection the Wise and Patberg seem to have on the floor. They are already making some of the same type of plays that Cahill and Buss were making during their last two years on the team.

  16. SteveW,

    Don’t even look at ranking till middle of B10 season. That’s when you get a really good feel for your team when its not a upper elite team ..

    1. I agree with FAN. This is the same for men’s hoops. Rankings mean very little until, at least, halfway through a BigTen season. I’m not sure if they even matter a hell of a lot at that point.
      The only thing that matters is what you do with your ranking…and that you don’t let any high ranking go to your team’s head(collectively sorta speaking).

      We saw lots of high rankings in our men’s program over the last decade…Rankings created a lot of empty hype and attention, but we could never even get into the second weekend of the NCAA tournament (topping out at Sweet 16 appearances).

      I wonder if Moren will get to her first Sweet 16 as women’s Hoosier coach before Archie gets the men’s team back? Might be a fun wager…

      1. Harv I’ll take Coach Moren . The women’s program is 2 or 3 years ahead of the men’s. Give Archie 4 full recruiting classes.

  17. FAN employs quite the exaggerated use of white space. There’s white space…and then there’s white space (if you get my drift).
    Nice passion for women’s hoops over here…Does anyone realize our men’s team is playing a likely Final Four team tonight? Their name is Duke….It’s a school in North Carolina….They have a coach whose last name starts with the same first letter of a rather legendary coach at Indiana. Yup, you guessed it…K. Anyway, if any of you women’s hoops fans get a chance, it’s on at 9:30 pm tonight. Doubt if Dan Dakich will get the announcing gig…Poor Dan. Probably be Bilas or some other Establishment dork. You can always put Don Fischer on the radio ….and turn down the volume on the television/streaming device (sometimes they don’t sync too well).
    Note the minimal use of white space in this comment….Hi, MikeC. Hope you’re doing well.

  18. Fan, I agree with your assessment of the schedule, so far very weak. I also agree with your assessment of the roster, you are spot on except I really am not that confident in Royster, I think she is very “soft” physically and gets pushed around a lot. I would have thought that she would have gotten much tougher over the years? Steve W, I agree with starting Gulbe, I think she gives us more than Royster. Although I understand starting Royster because Gulbe I believe gives us more coming off the bench than Royster would?

    1. I would say keeping Gulbe on the bench may keep her hungrier for minutes on the court and make her play harder while she is out there.
      Kinda like a few years ago when Curt Miller would play McBride off of the bench even though she was a better shooter than the person ahead of her.
      She always came off the bench hot and seemed to quickly find a three pointer.

      I see Gulbe coming off the same way, except not only is she coming out looking for points, but she is also looking for a block or two as well.

  19. As far as the Royster & Gulbe debate goes just keep in mind that Royster is a 5 and Gulbe is primarily a 4 that can play the 5 in a pinch just as Wise is a 4 that can play the 3. It’s all about matchups and situations but the flexibility it allows our team is an advantage to use when needed. Marchese will be a big factor at the 5 during conference play when things become more physical.

  20. These are all nice options and lineups Moren has at her disposal to play with and see what works given then current situation. Keep in mind Yeaney [our ace shutdown] and Penn are not yet 100% from their injuries and in time will become even more of a force for other teams. Next on the list how will we do on the road ACC-B1G CHALLENGE. WF is undefeated at home.

  21. Wake Forest is averaging 330 fans per game at home this season. Hopefully our ladies can overcome such a raucous and hostile crowd. Get the popcorn ready and buckle up!

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