Jackson-Davis commits to Indiana

A long-coveted Indiana recruiting target is staying home.

Trayce Jackson-Davis, the five-star Center Grove center considered to be the No. 16 overall recruit in the country in the 247 Sports composite, has signed with IU.

It’s a major recruiting victory for Indiana, which lands the potential McDonald’s All-American and Indiana Mr. Basketball contender less than a year after signing blue-chip guard Romeo Langford. Jackson-Davis’ recruitment has been a priority for IU coach Archie Miller and his staff since Miller’s hiring in March 2017, and Jackson-Davis’ commitment gives the Hoosiers a signature piece for next year’s frontcourt, with Juwan Morgan set to graduate.

The 6-foot-10, 235-pound center chose Indiana over Michigan State and UCLA.

He’s ranked as the No. 4 center in the country and the No. 2 recruit in the state, one spot ahead of La Lumiere forward Keion Brooks, who is now Indiana’s top recruiting priority for current signing class.

Jackson-Davis and Center Grove will play Cathedral at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Cathedral features IU’s only other signee in guard Armaan Franklin.

Of the seven players to commit to Miller since last summer, five are native Hoosiers.

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  1. High level Indiana kids warming up to A.M. representing Indiana Hoosiers.
    A.M. focused recruiting Indiana then outward. Getting a bunch of 4 and 5 star recruits playing together as a team will make A.M. look a whole lot better.
    A.M. is effectively and efficiently landing high level recruits in a timely manner.

  2. Well, we needed this good news after the drubbing we took at Duke. And it was so nice to beat out MSU again after years of them raiding the state for top talent. Keep signing them, Archie.


    Unlike the last numbskull, Archie gets it.
    Recruit Indiana!

    Attaboy, Archie. Keep it up. So many high level recruit from this state were lost during the Crean debacle. A true ….”new beginning” for IU Basketball has arrived without all the hollow marketing and talk that didn’t back it up.

    Wonderful news and a wake-up call to the rest of the Midwest. The sleeping giant is getting up from his 10-year nap.

  4. Congratulations to Archie and IU fans. This is a huge get, a big man with great skills! Let’s see if Brooks is the next to sign. Add a shooting guard and watch out for next year! Archie has the plan, just needs a few years to change the roster to his players. This has to be an eye/opener to Indiana high school players and to the country in general!

  5. Add Brooks and we just need Romeo to stay another year. That would be a team. Good job CAM and staff.

    1. I wish, but Romeo can’t turn on a television without hearing he is going to be a lottery pick next year.

      It has seemingly taken on a life of its own. He is told by talking heads every day that this is preordained.

      If he decides to stay another year it will impress the $hit out of me. Not that he doesn’t do that every time the tip goes up.

      1. Quick thoughts on that… If Romeo stays then we probably don’t have room for Brooks. We only lose 2 scholarship seniors and there is clearly no other player ready to go pro than Romeo.

        I just think Archie is trying to create a true culture of family at IU, and doubt anyone will transfer out based on pressure he applies… it would have to be out of their own dissatisfaction.

        Bottom line, in my opinion, gaining a Brooks (or anyone else) mean losing a Romeo.

        1. Keep your ‘quick thoughts’ at Inside the Halitosis. We at Scoop also try to build a ‘culture of family.’
          If you don’t understand the quality leap provided by HT/Scoop compared to your new blogging trailer park, I highly doubt we gain much insight from your challenged basketball opinions.

          If you do come back to the Scoop ‘family,’ double up on your Listerine washes for two weeks before breathing leftover halitosis opinions from the site that censors more than China.

          How’s the wife and family?

          1. HA! Duly noted… Needed the Scoop to quit with all the football coverage and get back to what I care about. We were lucky to get even 1 basketball write-up per month for a while.

            Fam is good… I took a coaching gig at the local HS so Grayson would grow up in a program. Enjoying the 360° B-ball life…

            How you doin?

        2. Correct, 2 Seniors in this group and 2 Seniors the next year and only 3 Seniors in the next class. With 6 in RL’s recruiting class CAM may need a little attrition other than Romeo to better balance recruiting #’s. If Hunter or someone else from 2018 ends up RSing it gets stickier yet.

        3. Doing fine, Geoff….Very tired all of the time. Can hardly keep my eyes open while I type this. Stick around…(I’m sure you realize I was just joking above).

  6. Would love to see Brooks sign, makings of another great recruiting class. Can remember where I saw it, but there was a report out there that TJD was still trying to recruit Stewart. Wouldn’t that make a great class!

  7. Great day and great pick-up. Tonight the soccer Hoosiers win over ND and going back to college cup. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!

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